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YearCoachNo. of GamesWLTMass.Opp.vs. McKState PlayoffsNational Ranking
2023Nate Moore161600618116WDiv II PO Top 25; Top 25; USAToday Top 25
2022Nate Moore141220495248WDiv II PO 3rd
2021Nate Moore141130468259WDiv II PO 5th
2020Nate Moore121020338172WDiv II PO Top 100
2019Nate Moore151410605177WDiv II PO Top 50; Top 50
2018Nate Moore151410670224WDiv II PO Top 50; Top 50
2017Nate Moore141040402342WDiv II PO 3rd
2016Nate Moore11830375242WDiv II PO 17th
2015Nate Moore10460309320L
2014Jason Hall11740346256WDiv II PO 17th
2013Jason Hall12930383215W
2012Jason Hall131120530294W WDiv I PO 5th
2011Jason Hall10730289153L
2010Jason Hall11740322216LDiv I PO 17th
2009Jason Hall141040360248L WDiv I PO 3rd
2008Jason Hall11650308195W
2007Tom Stacy10640320191W
2006Tom Stacy12750368216W
2005Tom Stacy151320488204L WDiv I PO 2nd
2004Rick Shepas10460284227L
2003Rick Shepas10460201269L
2002Rick Shepas141130557151WDiv I PO 3rd
2001Rick Shepas141220554237W WDiv I PO 3rd
2000Rick Shepas11830333204WDiv I PO 17th
1999Rick Shepas111010311164WDiv I PO 17th
1998Rick Shepas10460150210L
1997Jack Rose10730291129L
1996Jack Rose11920277136LDiv I PO 9th
1995Jack Rose10730238180W
1994Jack Rose121020301187W LDiv I PO 5th
1993Jack Rose121020504133LDiv I PO 5th
1992Jack Rose10550234153L
1991Lee Owens131030464182WDiv I PO 3rd
1990Lee Owens12840335159LDiv I PO 5th
1989Lee Owens131030343198WDiv I PO 3rd
1988Lee Owens10730236129W
1987John Maronto10640237146L
1986John Maronto1073023570L
1985John Maronto10730180109L
1984Mike Currence10640182149L
1983Mike Currence1091028257W
1982Mike Currence131210369110WDiv I PO 2nd
1981Mike Currence1073021294L
1980Mike Currence131021335166L WDiv I PO 2nd
1979Mike Currence11101030236WDiv I PO 3rd
1978Mike Currence1090127839W
1977Mike Currence1082028195W
1976Mike Currence1082012151W
1975Chuck Shuff1063116851L
1974Chuck Shuff10640277136W
1973Bob Commings1081124574L
1972Bob Commings11101019346WDiv. I PO 3rd
1971Bob Commings1082030033W
1970Bob Commings10100041229WAP 1st
1969Bob Commings10721298107L
1968Bob Seaman10730226135L
1967Bob Seaman1091020079W
1966Bob Seaman10451142135L
1965Earl Bruce10100024778WAP 1st2nd
1964Earl Bruce10100029748WAP 1st2nd
1963Leo Strang1091033447W WAP 2nd
1962Leo Strang11650269164
1961Leo Strang11110033264WAP 1st1st
1960Leo Strang11101034893WAP 1st7th
1959Leo Strang10100043146WAP 1st1st
1958Leo Strang1081122045WAP 4th
1957Lee Tressel981022147WAP 2nd
1956Lee Tressel10820237103LAP 8th
1955Tom Harp1081126299LAP 2nd
1954Tom Harp1091029566WAP 1st
1953Chuck Mather10100039955WAP 1st1st
1952Chuck Mather10100044093WAP 1st1st
1951Chuck Mather1091031665WAP 1st
1950Chuck Mather10100040737WAP 1st1st
1949Chuck Mather1091039593WAP 1st
1948Chuck Mather1091027195WAP 1st
1947Bud Houghton10640138107L
1946Bud Houghton10622166103T
1945Augie Morningstar1050516838T
1944Elwood Kammer1073017592L
1943Elwood Kammer10100027812WP.A. 1st
1942Elwood Kammer1091028280LP.A. 3rd
1941Bud Houghton1090131437WP.A. 1st
1940Paul Brown1010004776WP.A. 1st1st
1939Paul Brown10100046025WP.A. 1st1st
1938Paul Brown10100030260WP.A. 1st
1937Paul Brown1081122850WP.A. 1st
1936Paul Brown10100044314WP.A. 1st1st
1935Paul Brown10100048313WP.A. 1st1st
1934Paul Brown1091042721LP.A. 2nd
1933Paul Brown1082031152LP.A. 4th
1932Paul Brown105417998L
1931Elmer McGrew1026239152W
1930Elmer McGrew1063114252W
1929Elmer McGrew1073021958W
1928Elmer McGrew105417660L
1927Dave Atkinson93515896L
1926Dave Atkinson952214614T
1925Dave Stewart972014929L
1924Dave Stewart981032028W
1923Dave Stewart1082032572W
1922Dave Stewart10100037928WP.A. 1st
1921Dave Stewart9540104172W
1920Elmer Snyder834188105L
1919John Snavely981021147W
1918John Snavely622217762
1917John Snavely972013761W
1916John Snavely10100031835WP.A. 1st
1915John Snavely98102127L
1914John Snavely86209347W
1913Sidney Jones944113974T
1912Sidney Jones10550219152L
1911Hap Fugate1064018638
1910Hap Fugate1154213754
1909Hap Fugate1090115513W WP.A. - 1st
1908Ralph Hall1138099193L W
1907Ralph Hall1036137116T L
1906Stewart (Mgr.)61502672L L
1905Verne Benedict311165
1904Tucker (Mgr.)83413779L L
1903Tucker (Mgr.)82603277L L
1900Arthur Sonnhalter (Mgr.)2020051L L
1899Andy Kell (Mgr.)73316054
1896Prescott Burton (Mgr.)101006
1895Andy Kell (Mgr.)32101010L
1894Andy Kell (Mgr.)30301448L L
1891Elmer Gleitsman (Mgr.)32101338