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The Massillon Football Booster Club has an immediate opening for two volunteers to identify and record live game statistics during all home and away varsity football games.  The statisticians will be trained during the 2022 season and then assume the primary roles thereafter.

Statisticians will use a software program called “Statcrew” for entering all game statistical data and printing detailed and summary statistics sheets.  The program also interacts with the stadium scoreboard by transmitting live game statistics.

Statisticians analyze each play and enter offensive, defensive and special teams information into Statcrew.  Three crew are used in order to assure that the data is as correct as possible.

  • One crew (spotter) calls out the play.
  • One crew enters the play information into Statcrew.
  • One crew provides a written backup record in event of a problem entering data (fumble, interception, late decision by an official or other event that complicates entering data into Statcrew).

Statisticians possess the following capabilities:

  • Basic computer skills, including a comfort level with using canned software programs.
  • Sufficient football knowledge to enable accurate identification and recording of football statistics.
  • Some familiarity with the standard guidelines for recording statistics.

Duties and responsibilities

Prior to the season:

  • Prepare Statcrew for the new season (schedule, Massillon roster, etc.).  Note: This task usually takes several hours.

During the week of the game:

  • Provide latest player and team statistics to the media as requested.
  • Obtain the latest opponent roster and enter player names and numbers into Statcrew.  Note: This task usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the format used by the opponent.
  • Enter general game information into Statcrew.

On game-day and prior to kickoff:

  • Arrive at the stadium 1-1/2 hours prior to kickoff.
  • Transport the computer and printer to the press box.
  • Verify the accuracy of all preparatory data and make corrections if necessary.
  • Establish and confirm the connection between the computer and the scoreboard.

During the game:

  • Record the game statistics into Statcrew.
  • Coordinate with the press box crew.
  • Print and provide a statistics summary to the media at the end of each quarter.
  • Print and provide a statistics summary to the Massillon coaching staff at halftime.

Following the game:

  • Print and provide a final statistics summary to the media.
  • Print and provide final detailed statistics to the Massillon coaching staff.
  • Email final detailed statistics and up-to-date season summaries in html format to the Massillon Tiger Booster Club Website Operator.
  • Email final detailed statistics and up-to-date season summaries in pdf format to the Press Box Manager.
  • Remove the computer and printer from the press box.

Following the season:

  • Update the statistics in the event errors are discovered in the data.  This is normally performed following a review of the game film or via discussions with the coaching staff to verify the error.
  • Coordinate with the Booster Club Website Operator to identify the achievement of all player game, season and career records and all team game and season records for entry into the Website.  Note: Records information is computed automatically within Statcrew.

Interested parties should contact Jim Barkan at (330) 417-6917.