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Help Wanted – Game Statisticians

The Massillon Football Booster Club has an immediate opening for two volunteers to identify and record live game statistics during all home and away varsity football games.  The statisticians will be trained during the 2022 season and then assume the primary roles thereafter.

Statisticians will use a software program called “Statcrew” for entering all game statistical data and printing detailed and summary statistics sheets.  The program also interacts with the stadium scoreboard by transmitting live game statistics.

Statisticians analyze each play and enter offensive, defensive and special teams information into Statcrew.  Three crew are used in order to assure that the data is as correct as possible.

  • One crew (spotter) calls out the play.
  • One crew enters the play information into Statcrew.
  • One crew provides a written backup record in event of a problem entering data (fumble, interception, late decision by an official or other event that complicates entering data into Statcrew).

Statisticians possess the following capabilities:

  • Basic computer skills, including a comfort level with using canned software programs.
  • Sufficient football knowledge to enable accurate identification and recording of football statistics.
  • Some familiarity with the standard guidelines for recording statistics.

Duties and responsibilities

Prior to the season:

  • Prepare Statcrew for the new season (schedule, Massillon roster, etc.).  Note: This task usually takes several hours.

During the week of the game:

  • Provide latest player and team statistics to the media as requested.
  • Obtain the latest opponent roster and enter player names and numbers into Statcrew.  Note: This task usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the format used by the opponent.
  • Enter general game information into Statcrew.

On game-day and prior to kickoff:

  • Arrive at the stadium 1-1/2 hours prior to kickoff.
  • Transport the computer and printer to the press box.
  • Verify the accuracy of all preparatory data and make corrections if necessary.
  • Establish and confirm the connection between the computer and the scoreboard.

During the game:

  • Record the game statistics into Statcrew.
  • Coordinate with the press box crew.
  • Print and provide a statistics summary to the media at the end of each quarter.
  • Print and provide a statistics summary to the Massillon coaching staff at halftime.

Following the game:

  • Print and provide a final statistics summary to the media.
  • Print and provide final detailed statistics to the Massillon coaching staff.
  • Email final detailed statistics and up-to-date season summaries in html format to the Massillon Tiger Booster Club Website Operator.
  • Email final detailed statistics and up-to-date season summaries in pdf format to the Press Box Manager.
  • Remove the computer and printer from the press box.

Following the season:

  • Update the statistics in the event errors are discovered in the data.  This is normally performed following a review of the game film or via discussions with the coaching staff to verify the error.
  • Coordinate with the Booster Club Website Operator to identify the achievement of all player game, season and career records and all team game and season records for entry into the Website.  Note: Records information is computed automatically within Statcrew.

Interested parties should contact Jim Barkan at (330) 417-6917.

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IMPORTANT: Beat McKinley Parade Information

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McKinley Week is just few short weeks away. The culminating event prior to Saturday’s game is the annual Beat McKinley parade. The parade is scheduled to begin at 7pm Friday October 22nd with the route going right through the heart of downtown. Staging on 8th street will begin at 5:30pm

Below you will find an interactive map showing the planned route and planned drop off area. The staging area will be on 8th street and the drop off area is noted within the interactive map.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you would like to participate in the Beat McKinley parade, please send an email to register for your participation to

Please include the following in the body of the email (COPY and PASTE the detail below):

Your name: 
# of people in your party :
vehicle type: 
license plate: 
email address:

This information is REQUIRED for participation in the parade.

All parade registrants must positively promote the Massillon Tiger Football Program, Massillon City Schools, Massillon Athletics and the City of Massillon.




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******Beat McKinley Parade Information******

We are very happy to announce that this year’s Beat McKinley Parade WILL go down Lincoln Way!

As opposed to previous years the parade will stage on 8th St NE between State St and Lincoln Way. The map of the parade route along with maps of the staging area is included in this post. We’ll continue to use this post for any questions throughout the week.

The staging area will be blocked off by the city at 5:30pm on Friday night and the parade will kickoff at 7:00. We’ll go down Lincoln Way to 1st St NW and end at the Rec Center for the traditional Pep Rally and Bonfire.

It will be important for everyone to understand WHERE they’ll line up if they are in the parade, and maps are attached to this post.

The Color Guard, Tiger Swing Band, and the parents of the Tiger Swing Band will line up on 8th St between Lincoln Way and Federal.

The Mayor, Homecoming Court, Cheerleaders, and Corvette Club will line up on 8th St between Federal and North St.

The flat bed trucks carrying Tiger Moms, Reserve/Freshman Cheerleaders, Boys and Girls Club teams and Cheerleaders, and 4th Grade thru 9th Grade Football will line up on 8th St between North St and Andrew Ave. Flat beds will also offload on Tommy Henrich Blvd after they’ve passed Eagles 190 to help ensure a constant traffic flow. PLEASE DO NOT jump off your flat bed while it’s still moving.

The general public who would like to enter the parade will enter the staging area at State St and 8th and will line up at Andrew Ave and 8th St.

As a reminder, please register for the parade by emailing us at with your name and vehicle type.


The parade is for our kids and to celebrate this great rivalry we get to be a part of. Have fun, be safe, and BEAT MCKINLEY!

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2018 Massillon Tiger Football Banquet – Award Winners

The following is a list of the awards given out at the 2018 Massillon Tiger Football Banquet.

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Team MVP: Jamir Thomas

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Special Teams Player of the Year: Seth Jefferson

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Tom Harp Coaches Award: Tyree Broyles (Presented by Tom Harp)

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Scout Team Player of the Year (Defense): Corey Campbell

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Scout Team Player of the Year (Offense): Jerron Hodges

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Lifter of the Year: Hunter Wantz

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Offensive Player of the Year: Aidan Longwell

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Defensive Player of the Year: Dean Clark

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Paul David Memorial Academic Award: Cameron Sunkle

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Captains Award: Jamir Thomas, Aidan Longwell, Tre’Von Morgan, Justin Gaddis, Dean Clark, Deon Williams

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Ducky Schroeder Outstanding Offensive Lineman Award: Deon Williams

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Coach Lee Tressel Citizenship Award: Aydan Burgess

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Bob Smith/Bill Snyder Sportsmanship Award: Brock Orr

2018 Massillon Tiger Football Award Winner: Thayer Munford A.C.T. Award: Jamir Thomas


Massillon football celebrates special season one more time
Jan 17, 2019 9:51 PM
By Alex Tichenor Independent sports writer

MASSILLON The state championship game is still fresh in the minds of Massillon football players.

And it probably will be for a long time. But not necessarily in a bad way.

“There’s a lot of things I would go back and change, but it’s already happened, so I can’t go back and change it,” senior wide receiver Tre’Von Morgan said. “You have to think about it and cherish all the (good) moments we had in that game. … It was fun. We’re kids. We gotta have fun.”

They remember the comeback. How McKinley’s home, Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, turned into a version of Paul Brown Tiger Stadium for a night. How pandemonium ensued when Aydrik Ford took Aidan Longwell’s pass 67 yards to the house to bring the Tigers within six points after trailing by four touchdowns at halftime.

The teenagers sitting in banquet hall of the Massillon Knights of Columbus accomplished something few Massillon teams of recent memory have. Not all end-of-the-season banquets are created equal, but the Tigers certainly had reason to celebrate like no other team in Stark County this season. And they did just that, once more as a team.

Of course, there was much more to reminisce on that the state championship game for the Tigers. Head coach Nate Moore detailed almost every one of Massillon’s 14 wins from the podium as players, coaches, parents and fans polished off their ice cream.

There was the 46-40 win over East St. Louis, the closest anyone came to ruining Massillon’s perfect regular season. And the 101-point game against Sun Valley the very next week, the furthest anyone came to ruining Massillon’s perfect season.

“Apparently there were some people around the country who weren’t happy about that,” Moore said of the 101-6 win. “And when that last touchdown happened, I cringed, but I’m never gonna tell a kid to not play his tail off.”

And of course, the McKinley game. Most players in the room had never lost to McKinley as varsity lettermen. In fact, Jamir Thomas was the only player who lettered on the 2015 team, the last one to lose to the Bulldogs.

As often as the Tigers’ state title game run came up, beating McKinley followed.

“(Beating McKinley) is one of the best feelings you can feel in high school football,” senior linebacker Cameron Sunkle said.

But what set this Massillon team apart from many of the teams of decade’s past was the run to Canton. These Tigers were the fourth team to make it all the way to the state championship game since, joining the 1980,1982 and 2005 Tigers.

It was a run that brought hundreds of Tigers fans out to Lincoln Way whenever they traveled home from playoff games.

“Coming home from a playoff game was pretty much the best feeling you could ever have,” junior running back Zion Phifer said. “It doesn’t get better than Massillon.”

It was a run that spawned unlikely heroes, like Zach Catrone’s three-touchdown performance off the bench when the starting QB Longwell went down, and grew the stars of Division I college recruits like Thomas and Morgan.

And it was a run that ultimately came up short, but still ended in a thrilling main event against Akron Archbishop Hoban, bringing out 16,213 fans to Benson Stadium on a rainy November Thursday night.

Even though Hoban ended the night as the state champion, everybody on the Massillon sideline will remember the explosion when Ford scored to make it a one-score game early in the fourth quarter first.

“It was crazy,” senior linebacker Kyshad Mack said. “I thought we were gonna win it right there. … It’s something I’ll probably never forget in my life.”

And even those most devastated by the loss can take heart in one thing: they left the program in better shape than when they entered it.

“I feel like we laid the groundwork for the younger guys,” senior safety Dean Clark said. “We showed them how to win, how to do things right and how to get to that level. If anything, we laid that down for them. But it still would have been nice to win.”

Reach Alex at 330-775-1129 or

On Twitter: @atichenorINDE

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Newborn Footballs

If you are a Tiger fan and have a newborn in your family and you did not receive a miniature football, the Booster Club would be glad to make sure your newborn gets an official Tiger Football.

Your newborn can receive a football from the Booster Club by contacting this year’s President, Ben Lieberman, at 330-564-6265.  Or you can email him at He will see that you get a football from the Booster Club.

Proud of our Traditions! Go Tigers!

Mini-football given to newborn Massillonians
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Booster Club Report – Week 1

President Ben Leiberman called the meeting to order.

Booster Club Officers for 2018 are Bruce Gallagher (Vice President), Eric Smith (Vice President), Rick Dalsky (Secretary), Vince Pedro (Treasurer), Bob Marks (Associate Treasurer), Gary Vogt (Historian), Brock Herring (Touchdown Club Chairman), Phil Elum (Orangemen Chairman), Mark Fair (Sideliners Co-Chairman), Anthony Repp (Sideliners Co-Chairman), Ron Prunty (Videographer) and Bob Hollender (Obie Crew Chairman).  Steve Berecek is the outgoing Booster Club President.

Every Massillon football team recorded a victory last weekend:

  • Varsity: Massillon 25, Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary 7
  • Junior Varsity: Massillon 35, Akron  St. St. Vincent-St. Mary 13
  • Freshmen: Massillon19, Mansfield 13
  • 8th Grade: Massillon 36, Mansfield 16
  • 7th Grade: Massillon 8, Mansfield 6
  • 6th Grade Varsity: Massillon Black 7, Green Black 0
  • 6th Grade JV: Massillon Black vs. Green Black: won
  • 4/5th Grade Varsity: Massillon 7, Canton Saints 0
  • 4/5th Grade JV: Massillon vs. Canton Saints: won

Game schedule for this week:

  • Varsity: Canton GlenOak, Away, Friday, 7:00 pm
  • Junior Varsity: Canton GlenOak, Home, Saturday, 12:00 n
  • Freshmen: Canton GlenOak, Home, Saturday, 10:00 am
  • 8th Grade: Oakwood Middle School, Home (Massillon Middle School), Saturday, 10:00 am
  • 7th Grade: Fairless, Home (Massillon MIddle School), Tuesday, 5:00 pm
  • 6th Grade Varsity: Green Orange, Home (Massillon MIddle School), Saturday, 3:00 pm
  • 6th Grade JV: Green Orange, Home (Massillon MIddle School), Saturday, 4:30 pm
  • 4/5th Grade Varsity: Green Orange: Away (Green Arris 1), Saturday, 1:00 pm
  • 4/5th Grade JV: Green Orange: Away (Green Arris 2), Saturday, 2:30 pm

Per Bill Brown, buses will be available for the Louisville game for the cost of $20.  This does not include the game ticket.  Bus tickets can be purchased at Keller’s Office Furniture.

A big thank you to Bill Dorman for leading the effort to secure a new scoreboard.  Definitely has the “wow” factor.

The Booster Club Website ( set a new record last Friday for page views in a single day with 9,600.  The Tiger Facebook page numbers are in the thousands.  It is unknown at this time how many people viewed last Friday’s game online, but it believed to be a significant number.

The Booster Club is raffling off 2 club seat tickets to the Cleveland Browns game on September 20, 2018 vs. the New York Jets at First Energy Stadium – kickoff at 8:20 PM.  Raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20.Tickets will be available at the weekly Booster Club meeting, Touchdown Club luncheons and Sideliner dinners. The winning ticket will be drawn at the September 17th Booster Club meeting.

The Booster Club is collecting Bonanza coupons, which can be cut out from Friday’s Independent or Repository.  The winning school receives $2,000 for its booster club.  Last year Massillon was victorious in this effort and needs your support to repeat.

The canned food drive contest between Massillon and Canton McKinley is well underway.  Monetary donations are also accepted and are factored in at 7 lbs. for a dollar.

Kyshad Mack, Tyree Broyles and Tre’van Morgan were the guest co-captains.  Each spoke about the St. Vincent game and this week’s opponent, Canton GlenOak.

The guest coach was Jason Jarvis.  He noted that the special teams played very well, especially during the kickoff return by Broyles for a touchdown.  The return is something he anticipated based on the Irish scouting report.  Jarvis applauded Magnus Haines for his directional punts.

Jarvis summed up the defensive effort by saying the players were “fast, physical and hungry.”

Head Coach Nate Moore stated that “last Friday’s game was a “good victory against a good opponent.  But this week we’re starting over.  I’m proud of the kids.  The kids played hard.  It was a good performance.”

Following the film review, Coach Jarvis mentioned that the Massillon defense is the same as last year.  Only this year the players are more disciplined.  Everybody is where they need to be when they need to be.  “Our kids are experienced,” he said.  The defense played so well that St. Vincent’s star running back, Terrence Keyes, who gained 198 yards last year, was held to just 10 yards in 11 carries, the longest run being just four yards.

Coach Moore gave the scouting report for GlenOak, this week’s opponent.  He said that quarterback, Kindel Richardson is their best player.  Although considered an average passer, he is very dangerous running the ball.  They have a couple of good receivers with speed, who will get their opportunities in this big-play offense.  Look for lots of empty set formations.  The defense has converted from a 3-4 underfront to odd stack 3-3.  Seven players go both ways and up to eight sophomores see action.


Tiger Signs Are Ready for the 2018 Season

Each spring a group of dedicated Massillon Tiger Football Booster Club members spends several evenings at the old Massillon High School making signs to support the Tiger program.  Throughout the season, these signs are displayed in the windows of the various Massillon merchants.

Tiger sign making assembly lIne

Henry Ford would be proud of the assembly line precision on display during the production of several thousand signs.  On a given evening, two lines are in operation.  Each is crewed by 4-5 workers who are constantly in motion to complete the silk-screening of over 600 signs.  One worker feeds the silk-screening frame, a second does the actual silk-screening, a third removes the completed signs and others stack the signs in racks for drying.

Some signs are devoted to specific games (i.e., “Beat Akron St. Vincent”), while others are general (i.e., “Go Tigers Go”).  While most have single color lettering, some have two colors and are run through the assembly line twice, once for each color.

Chairman Paul Ream and his crew do a remarkable job completing around 5,000 signs by end of the spring.  “I’ve been doing this as a committee chair about six years,” Paul said.  “We have probably about twelve guys each day.  We go through one night a week and do two signs a week.”  The best part of doing this according to Paul: “Just getting together with guys from the Booster Club.  For all the Tiger fans.  For the kids.  Something we can take pride in.”

Each week during the season over 400 businesses receive signs honoring the Massillon football program.  Be sure to support them.

Silk screening Tiger signs
Completed signs



Massillon Tigers Letter Logo


Today May 19th, 2018 the Massillon Tiger Football team will be out in the city at various businesses selling discount cards. If you see these young men, please stop to support them and help them achieve their goals. Your support of the Massillon Tiger Football program and our local supporting businesses is greatly appreciated

Click above to make a donation.

Your donation of ANY amount goes toward to support of the Massillon Tiger Football Program. Your donation is used to feed our players, provide the safest and most up to date equipment needed for our kids to play and learn the game safely, and to educate and train them through various outside activities including football camps and training camps.

Wendy’s – Lincoln Way by the stadium
Wendy’s – by Walmart
Dairy Queen – Wales
Dairy Queen – West on Lincoln Way
Kraus’- Amherst
Kraus – Lincoln Way West
Howards Tiger Rags – downtown
Simon Says Promotions – Downtown
The Recreation Center
The Cameo Grill
Gioninno’s – Amherst
Express Lube – Lincoln Way West

Massillon Football can not exist without the support of the greatest fans, friends and family of the Massillon Tigers!

Go Tigers!


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Football Banquet Set for January 3

The 2017 Massillon Tigers Football Banquet will be held on Wednesday, January 3, 2018, at the St. George Cultural Center, located at 363 1st St. SE in Massillon.

Tickets are $25.00 per person and can be purchased at the WHS Ticket Office or at Keller’s Office Furniture downtown.

Engraved beverage glasses will be on sale for $10 each.

Doors will open at 5:30 pm and dinner will be served at 6:00 pm.

Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of the 2017 Tigers!

Walk of Pride 2017

Secure Your Football Fan Legacy at the Walk of…

The 2017 football season was a banner year for the Tigers as they advanced to the state semi-finals. A fitting tribute to an individual Tiger player or loyal Tiger fan would be to purchase a brick in the Walk of Pride. Be part of one of the most distinctive features of Paul Brown Tiger Stadium. The entrance to the stadium consists of personalized bricks, which form a walkway for our fans.  Named the Tiger “Walk of Pride,” the walkway captures our tradition of excellence.  Tiger Football has produced outstanding athletes and the best fans in the nation.

The Tiger “Walk of Pride” provides a unique opportunity to leave an enduring symbol of your support for Washington High School athletics.The bricks are available in 4″x 8″ for $100.00 or 8″x 12 ” for $250.00.

Your order will be processed quickly and you will have your choice of placement. Contact John Liebermann  @ 330-445-9250 or if interested.