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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1917: Massillon 0, New Philadelphia 28

Poor Passing and Fumbling Gives New Philadelphia a Chance to Register Victory

Red and black clad gridiron warriors of New Philadelphia high school won revenge Saturday afternoon over the orange and black of Massillon high school. The Tuscarawas county lads defeated the local aggregation 27 to 0 in a stiff battle on the M. B. A. C. lot.

Poor passing, causing numerous fumbles, gave New Philadelphia its opportunity to score all but one of its four touchdowns. The orange and black, although outweighed by the down staters, who put on the field the heaviest team that has represented New Philadelphia for many seasons, was far superior to the red and black as long as it played together and played football.

But Coach Snavely’s green team which was stacking up against its first real opponent, probably was a little excited and unable to hold together its machine-like play, for it only showed its ability in streaks and then New Philadelphia was hard put to stop it.

Besides erratic passing the orange and black showed a decided tendency to tackle high and furnished little opposition for the men who attempted to advance the ball. “Swig” Thomas, one of the veterans of the team, ran New Philadelphia’s ends several times for substantial gains, but “Swig” was compelled to skirt the red and black wingmen with practically no interference.

New Philadelphia’s first touchdown came after six minutes of play. New Philadelphia received but was forced to punt. Thomas reeled off a first down for Massillon around left end, but then came a bad pass and a fumble, and the locals lost 15 yards. Archbold dropped back for a punt but the pass from center went over his head and New Philadelphia covered on the 18 yard line. Smashes at the line carried the ball to the one yard line from which Warner bucked it over for the first score. Gross kicked goal.

Toward the end of the first quarter a bad pass to Thomas, causing him to drop the ball, which was covered by New Philadelphia on Massillon’s 25 yard line, put the down staters in position to score. Harris and Gross negotiated a first down on a forward pass and the red and black plowed up the line for another 10 yards putting the ball on the five yard line as the quarter ended. Massillon tried hard to hold its opponents but the visitors, with their heavy line and backfield resorted to the old game of line plunging and on the second play in the second quarter, Harris went through center for New Philadelphia’s second touchdown. Gross kicked goal.

During the balance of the second and the third quarters and for the great part of the fourth, Massillon battled its foe on even terms, at times opening up and playing brilliantly. Had the orange and black depended upon open formations for its gains instead of line plays it probably would have fared better. Coach Snavely’s boys worked a number of long forwards and gained many yards around the red and black ends.

New Philadelphia’s last 13 points came in the last three minutes of play. The red and black covered a Massillon fumble and several line smashes brought the ball within striking distance and Warner carried it over, Gross kicking another goal. Massillon received and attempted a forward pass which was intercepted by Gross who ran 20 yards for the fourth touchdown. He missed goal. Massillon made a desperate effort to score in the last few seconds of play and worked the ball to the 15-yard line but the whistle ended the contest.


Massillon – 0. Pos. New Phila. – 27.

Myers le Gross

Cheney lt Stoller

Edwards lg Limbach

C. Graybill c Mathias

Harrison rg Burris

Ertle rt Freeman

Howells re Horger

Fulton q Harris

Thomas lh Hartman

Converse rh Moore

Archbold f Warner

Touchdowns – Warner 2, Harris, Gross.
Goals from touchdown – Gross 3.

Referee – Maurer of Wooster.
Umpire – Miller of Massillon.
Timer – Copenhaver.

Time of quarters – 12 ½ and 15.

Substitutions – Massillon: Miller for Meyers, Ertle for C. Graybill, C. Graybill for Ertle, Taylor for Ertle, Kemp for Taylor, Archbold for Howells, E. Grabill for Fulton, Wittmann for Archbold, Greenfelder for Converse. New Philadelphia: Hansen for Moore.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1916: Massillon 28, New Philadelphia 0


New Philadelphia and Massillon high schools met on the gridiron at Tuscora park, New Philadelphia, Saturday afternoon in their annual football game and after 50 minutes of play Massillon high was returned the victor by a 28 to 0 score.

It was the first time Massillon defeated New Philadelphia on its own grounds. It was the same kind of a struggle that has marked all the games between the orange and black and red and black—a hard fought contest with both sides putting forth its best efforts to defeat its rival—but the classy performance of Coach Snavely’s group of gridiron lights so far outshone the work of the Tuscarawas county eleven that there was no comparison possible between the two teams.

Massillon won because it had the better team. It simply outclassed its southern foes and at no time was it in any actual danger of being scored upon. True, New Philadelphia worked the ball to within striking distance several times and the red and black tried to score by the drop kick route, but it had no drop kicker and therefore failed utterly. As for scoring a touchdown New Philadelphia might just as well have tried to take wings and fly as rush the ball across the orange and black’s goal line.

Massillon’s defense was wonderful. The line was like a stone wall and time after time the down staters would plunge into Massillon’s forward wall of defense only to be stopped without a gain or be thrown for a loss. New Philadelphia gained some ground by the forward pass but it was not enough to worry the youthful Tigers.

Coach Snavely’s pupils played just as brilliantly on offense as they did on defense. The interference which the team furnished the man with the ball was well nigh impregnable and it spilled red and black clothed warriors all over the field. Stults played a prominent part in forming interference and dumping would be tacklers.

While Massillon’s play was not as smooth Saturday as it was a week ago, it brought some brilliant results. New Philadelphia’s defense crumbled before the orange and black’s attack at the very outset and from the start it was evident the Tuscarawas county lads would be numbered among the “also rans.”

New Philadelphia rooters seemed resigned to the fact that Massillon was too strong for their favorites and instead of cheering for a victory they pleaded with the red and black to hold the invading hosts to a low score and if possible score themselves, but when they saw their team so hopelessly outclassed they began to marvel at Massillon’s brilliant machine-like play and praised the orange and black for its splendid team.

Massillon scored three minutes after the game began. New Philadelphia received, but was held for downs and punted, Massillon getting the ball in midfield. McLaughlin tore off 25 yards around left end and then made 30 more on a play outside of right tackle. On the next play he went over the line for a touchdown and kicked goal.

Massillon brought the ball to within three yards of New Philadelphia’s goal a few minutes later but McLaughlin fumbled, the red and black recovering. A pass allowed the ball to go over a New Philadelphia man’s head, bouncing across the goal line. He recovered but it was a safety for Massillon and two more points.

Thomas scored Massillon’s second touchdown by a brilliant end run of 45 yards. He was given splendid interference and did some fine dodging and running. McLaughlin kicked goal, bringing Massillon’s total up to 16. This was all the scoring in the first half.

A forward pass from McLaughlin to Bischoff gained 20 yards and placed Massillon in position to score early in the third quarter. Bischoff made a pretty catch of the ball. Stults then bucked it over from the six yard line. Goal was missed.

The last touchdown came in the last quarter when Chester Archbold blocked a New Philadelphia punt on New Philadelphia’s 10 yard line and picked up the ball and raced for a touchdown. Goal was again missed.

Massillon Scored 19 first downs to New Philadelphia’s six.

The lineup and summary:

Five Straight

Massillon – 28. Pos. New Phila. – 0.

Harrold le Hartman

Chayney lt Cables

Ertle lg Freeman

Zepp c Mathias

Oberlin rg Maus

C. Archbold rt Stoller

Bischoff re Robinson

McLaughlin qb Gross

Thomas lhb Harris

Fulton rhb Fisher

Stults fb Wills

Score by quarters:
Massillon 16 0 6 6
New Philadelphia 0 0 0 0

Touchdowns – McLaughlin, Thomas, Stults, C. Archbold.
Goals after touchdowns – McLaughlin 2 out of 4.
Safety – Massillon.

Substitutions – Massillon: Stoner for Chayney, Graybill for Stoner, Underwood for Oberlin, Edwards for Underwood, Converse for Fulton, H. Archbold for Thomas. New Philadelphia: Maus for Cables, Cables for Maus, Barri for Mous, Rufenacht for Robinson, Warner for Fisher.

Referee – Van Allman.
Umpire – Fleming.
Head linesman – Ritter.
Timers – Warner and Copenhaver.

Time of quarters – 12 ½ all.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1915: Massillon 13, New Philadelphia 0

M. H. S. Defeats New Philadelphia In Whirlwind Battle, Saturday Afternoon, 13-0


Fighting as if their very lives depended upon achieving victory, 11 orange and black clad warriors hailing from Massillon high school, Saturday afternoon defeated New Philadelphia high 13 to 0 on the driving park gridiron.

Untold numbers of brilliant football games have been played on local fields but never before was a contest of the caliber of the one Saturday placed on exhibition.

Playing with a determination to defeat its old enemy, the orange and black was there with colors flying in the pinches and once when New Philadelphia succeeded in getting the ball to within one foot of the goal line, held the Tuscarawas county lads for three straight downs without a gain, taking the ball when the red and black failed to make the necessary gain. This is just one sample of the kind of playing Massillon high did Saturday.

Massillon scored after four and a half minutes of play. Houriet pounded upon a New Philadelphia fumble and line plunges and end runs by McLaughlin, Zorger and Roderick brought the ball to the one yard line from where Roderick bucked it over. McLaughlin kicked goal.

The last touchdown came in the third quarter, Zorger carrying the ball over from the two yard line. New Philadelphia sent to Massillon a band, rooters and a sterling football team, but without McIntosh the down staters would have been like a ship without a rudder. In the last half he carried the ball on nearly every play but was so closely watched by the orange and black warriors that he failed to make many noticeable gains. At hurling the forward pass, New Philadelphia greatly excelled the local team, but Massillon showed up well at running the ends. Bischoff and Graybill played great defensive games while Roderick, McLaughlin and Zorger showed up well carrying the ball.


M. H. S. – 13. Pos. N. P. H. S. – 0.
Harrold le Stiffler (c)

Archbold lt Cable

E. Stultz lg Stroller

Bischoff c Mathias

Graybill rg Smith

H. Stultz rt Robinson

Houriet (c) re Hartman

Hollinger qb Helmick

McLaughlin lhb Fisher

Roderick fb McIntosh

Zorger rhb Eckert

Score by quarters:
Massillon 7 0 6 0
New Philadelphia 0 0 0 0

Touchdowns – Roderick, Zorger. Referee – Plott, Fostoria. Umpire – Getz, New Philadelphia. Head linesman – Boerner. Timers – Copenhaver, Ritter. Goals – McLaughlin 1. Time of quarters – 12 m. Substitutes – Massillon: Stoner for H. Stultz; New Philadelphia: Gross for Helmick.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1914: Massillon 12, New Philadelphia 21

Score Was 21 to 12
Massillon Lacked Its Usual Spirited Attack and Put Up Its Worst Exhibition of Football McIntosh, New Philadelphia Fullback, Was the Star

Playing a listless, ragged game and displaying the poorest football it has shown this fall, Massillon high went down to defeat Saturday afternoon at New Philadelphia, before the onslaught of the scrappy Tuscarawas county lads by the score of 21 to 12.

The local eleven Saturday afternoon learned two things: First, that over confidence in its ability and past records will never win a football game but hard fighting; second, a new way to spell the word defeat. The new version of the word was not found in Webster’s dictionary but on the gridiron at Tuscora Park, New Philadelphia.

It was spelled M-c-I-n-t-o-s-h. Although the new version does not look or sound anything like the old, it meant the same thing to the orange and black.

This black-haired individual, bearing the name of McIntosh, did more to defeat Massillon high than the combined efforts of the rest of the New Philadelphia team. He made two of New Philadelphia’s touchdowns, was largely responsible for the third, carried the ball on nearly every play with ease, captured their forward passes and in fact was the whole New Philadelphia team.

That the orange and black put up such a weird exhibition of football is largely due to the fact that Captain Smith was not in the game. The scrappy leader was on the sidelines, unable to get into the contest on account of an injured knee. His fighting spirit and ability to break the opposing team’s interference was sadly missed and without him in the game the local squad was like a ship without a rudder. It floundered about and finally dashed head-long up the rocks.

New Philadelphia, on the other hand, was bound to win the game if at all possible. It fought like a Tiger, it never gave up and in the end, conquered. Massillon high was superior to its opponents. The orange and black could display more football ability in a minute than New Philadelphia could in an hour but it failed to do it. It was completely at sea, every place it moved it was confronted by the same individual – McIntosh. The other 10 players did not matter, they were easily enough disposed of, but McIntosh was a hoo-doo. Had Massillon stopped this player, it would have won, even if it had not played such a good game.

The game was started with Massillon kicking to New Philadelphia. In three minutes the Tuscarawas county team scored a touchdown. McIntosh received the ball from the kickoff. He advanced it 15 yards before being downed. On the next play he made 25 yards around right end. A line buck netted three yards. McIntosh carrying the ball around left end made 20 yards. A line play failed. On the next play McIntosh carried the ball over from the six-yard line. Stiffler kicked goal.

Massillon’s first score came in about the same length of time. On the kickoff Harrold received the ball and returned it 15 yards. Hollinger made eight yards but fumbled. Zorger recovered. Hollinger advanced the ball nine yards. Bunker made first down. Hollinger failed to gain. Eckstein went through for 10 yards. New Philadelphia’s line was weak, the local backs gaining easily through the line. On the next play Bunker skirted around left end and ran 35 yards for a touchdown. It was a brilliant run and the speedy halfback eluded several tacklers. Hollinger missed goal.

New Philadelphia’s second touchdown came in the first quarter. Massillon kicked to New Philadelphia. The local boys got down to business and held for downs. New Philadelphia punted to Hollinger who returned the oval five yards. Rapid end runs, line bucks and forward passes placed the ball on the 25-yard line from where Eckstein tried a placekick. The kick was blocked and Zorger recovered the ball. On the next play Hollinger tried a forward pass. McIntosh, always on the job, spied the oval sailing through the air, jumped, caught it and sprinted 60 yards to the goal. Stiffler kicked. The quarter was over. Score 14 to 6 in favor of New Philadelphia.

Massillon made its last touchdown in the second quarter. New Philadelphia kicked to the local team. Big end runs by Hollinger, Bunker and H. Smith, who had replaced Zorger, soon brought the ball within the shadow of the New Philadelphia goal posts. H. Smith took the ball over from the five-yard line. Hollinger missed goal. There was no more scoring in this quarter. Score 14 to 12 in favor of New Philadelphia.

During the first half the orange and black line had out played New Philadelphia. The red and black could not stop the Massillon backs, neither could their wing men stop the end runs and forward passes. Massillon was weak on breaking interference. New Philadelphia having good interference for its end runs. The work of Hollinger, Bunker and H. Smith on carrying the ball and the defensive work of Theis and Clay were the bright spots in the first half.

The second half witnessed a change. The local team instead of showing an improvement in its work in the first half as it usually does seemed to go to pieces. New Philadelphia kicked to Massillon, which was held for downs and forced to punt. Two forward passes was enough to score another touchdown for the red and black. Both averaged 20 yards and the ball traveled from the hand of McIntosh to left end, Stiffler. Stiffler kicked goal. The orange and black did not threaten at all in the second half.

There were more Massillon rooters at the game than New Philadelphia supporters. The high school band filled the air with harmony, while the others shouted themselves hoarse but to no avail for the orange and black lacked the pep needed to defeat the scrappy New Philadelphia aggregation. It was the second defeat for the orange and black this season.

Following are the line up and summary.
M.H.S. – 12 Pos. N.P.H.S. – 21
Harrold le Stiffler
Theis lt Watkins
Snyder lg Hill
Spuhler c Rangeler
Clay rg Smith
H. Stultz rt Evans
Houriet re Hartman
Hollinger qb Kelly
Zorger lhb Wills
Eckstein fb McIntosh
Bunker rhb Helmick

Score by quarters:
N.P.H.S. 14 0 7 0 14
M.H.S. 6 6 0 0 12

Massillon – Bunker; H. Smith.
New Philadelphia – McIntosh 2; Stiffler.

New Philadelphia – Stiffler 3.

Massillon – Graybill for Snyder; Snyder for E. Stultz; E. Stultz for Clay; H. Smith for Zorger; Zorger for H. Smith; Henry for Eckstein.

Referee – Ferrell.
Umpire – Roderick.
Head Linesman – Ritter.

Timers: Steese; Brown.

Time of periods: 12 minutes.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1913: Massillon 14, New Philadelphia 0


Massillon high added another victory to its list Saturday afternoon, when it defeated New Philadelphia 14 to 0 on the local grounds. New Philadelphia out played the varsity during the first half, using only line bucks. The New Philadelphia team tore up the local line repeatedly for substantial gains. In the second half the tide turned and Massillon asserted itself and played New Philadelphia off its feet.

Hollinger was the shining light in Saturday’s contest, making both touchdowns and playing a strong defensive game. The first score was made in the third quarter when Holly captured a New Philadelphia forward and raced 25 yards for a touchdown. Kester kicked goal. The second touchdown was made in the last quarter on a forward pass from Kester to Hollinger, who ran 45 yards for the down. Kester kicked goal.

Kester still continues to boot the ball. He easily out punted his opponent Saturday. Jake rammed the line with terrific force, being the only player to make any gains through the New Philadelphia line. Kester is also good at throwing the forward pass.

Smith played a strong defensive game, the little whitehead being in on every play. Theis at the other tackle also gave a good exhibition of defensive work. Rider at quarter ran the team in good style. Rogers was off form Saturday, not playing the game he is capable of. It is hoped he will play a better game next Saturday. McLaughlin and Rudy made several good end runs while Spidle, Albright and Houriet at guards and Spuhler at center were in every play.

For New Philadelphia, Wallick and Scott were the shining lights.

The teams were evenly matched in weight and play was kept in the center of the field during the greater part of the game. Massillon gave a good exhibition of open football trying many forwards, several of which worked, the trouble being the inability of the man receiving the pass to hold the ball. Several more touchdowns would have been added had the ball been held.

Rider tried several drops from difficult angles, one of which crossed the bars.

New Philadelphia used straight football, continually ramming the line and making good gains the first half, but the local team took a good brace in the second half and stopped all attempts at piercing the line.

Following the line up and summary
Massillon – 14 Pos. New Phila. – 0
Rogers le Stiffler
Theis lt Anderson
Spidle, Albright lg Hill
Spuhler c Rangler
Houriet rg Evans
Paroz, Smith rt Watkins
Hollinger re Wallick (c)
Rider qb Scott
McLaughlin lhb Wills
Rudy (c) rhb Stevenson
Kester fb Kelly

Massillon – Hollinger 2.

Goals from touchdowns:
Massillon – Kester 2.

Referee – Bast.
Umpire – Fry.
Head Linesman – Yingling.

Time of quarters – 13 minutes.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1912: Massillon 6, New Philadelphia 13

Trimmed By
New Philadelphia High, 13 to 6
Massillon Team Lacks Life
Players Play As Though Afraid of Being Injured
Make Touchdown In Last Three minutes of Play

In an interesting game that abounded with open playing, Massillon high lost to New Philadelphia high Saturday afternoon at New Philadelphia, by a score of 13 to 6. Massillon made its only touchdown in the last three minutes of play, when the team was playing sensational ball and had there been a few more minutes the score might have been a tie.

The Massillon team put up a poor exhibition of football. The New Philadelphia team was clearly inferior to the local squad but the playing was lifeless and the individual players acted as though afraid of being injured. The local line did not hold and at times the backs were tackled before they would get started.

Rudy made the only touchdown for Massillon, when he plunged through the line after the ball had been worked into New Philadelphia territory on a series of line bucks.

The line up and summary
New Philadelphia Pos. Massillon
R. Winkler le Limbach
Anderson lt Eckstein
Sweitzer lg Theis
Nungesser c Rider
Evans rg Baer
Church rt Becker
Getz re Smith
Broadhurst qb Hollnger
MacIntosh lh Miller
Wallick fb Kester
E. Winkler rh Rudy

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1911: Massillon 41, New Philadelphia 0

Orange and Black
Defeated New Philadelphia 41 to 0
The Two Heavy Massillon Backs Were Not Allowed to Play Until Visitors Began Hammering Wide Gaps in Local Line Albright Saved Day in Long Runs

Massillon high school won back Saturday the laurels wrested from the orange and black at Shaw high, Cleveland, one week previous. The conflict with New Philadelphia was for the first three minutes of the first quarter very thick, Massillon seeming to have lost all football sense as the visiting backs ploughed holes at will through the local line.

Following out the trick acquired at the Shaw game, the utility men were kept on the sidelines until the opportune moment came. Kester and Heyman were not entered at the beginning of the game, both men being pretty well worked out and the coach wanted them to rest for the coming games.

The New Philadelphia tactics were different from what Massillon had expected and as the visitors were hammering down the field for a touchdown the two Massillon backs were trotted out on the field and from this point on the game was played entirely in a different light.

Massillon kicked to Philadelphia, the ball being put in play on the 20-yard line. It was rapidly advanced down the field to within 25 yards of the home goal. Wagoner and Rudy were taken from the backfield and given their old places while Kester was run in at full and Heyman at half.

Miller and Heyman worked wonderfully against the red and black, plowing up twenty and thirty yard furrows around both ends. Heyman carried the ball over for the first touchdown.

Miller followed close suit and two other times afterward carried the ball over for five points, Heyman kicked goals each time.

During the second half a little light shone into the gloomy future which seemed inevitable to the New Philadelphia players. While Captain Arther was playing his men on the visitors’ one-yard line, the ball was fumbled and Hendershot, visiting tackle, recovered the ball without being noticed and broke on a trot down the field.

The sidelines went almost wild when Albright, Massillon’s lightest player and the newest football material in the high school, but a mighty runner, ran down the player and threw him on the one-yard line. It was the most worthy play made during the entire game. Entirely outplayed, New Philadelphia was given this one chance and lost.

The visitors returned the favor shown them by fate and almost immediately after the long run was made after Massillon fumbled, the New Philadelphia back dropped the pigskin, Rider recovering and beating his way up the field for a touchdown.

The lineup and summary
Massillon Pos New Philadelphia
Miller le Kuntz
Baer lt Rangler
Weymer lg Helmick
Rider c Hughes
Limbach rg Schweitzer
Wells rt Hendershot
Stearns re Wallick
Arther (capt.) qb Broadhurst, Winkler, Ringer
Heyman, Rudy lhb Bowers
Kester, Wagoner fb Getz (capt.)
Batlzly rhb Winkler

Massillon – Heyman 2; Miller 3; Kester 1; Rider 1.

Massillon – Heyman 6.

Referee – Bast; Faro.

Times of periods – 10; 12y.

Time of game: 2:45.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1910: Massillon 0, New Philadelphia 2

Defeated by Score of 2 to 0 by New Philadelphia

Safety Scored in Second Period Makes Only Points in Game
Ball Generally in New Philadelphia’s Territory
Several Drop Kicks Tried

With the Massillon team outplaying the New Philadelphia team in every point of the game, except the score, the local high school lost to New Philadelphia at that place Saturday by a score of 2 to 0.

New Philadelphia’s two points were made on a safety when Heyman punted, but the punt was blocked and the ball rolled behind the line, where Heyman fell on it. The Massillon team was there on the jump and played a good game. It was mainly played in New Philadelphia’s territory. Several times Massillon almost pushed the ball over, but the New Philadelphia line held. Heyman tried for several drop kicks but the field was covered with grass and made perfect kicking difficult. One of the kicks missed the bars by only about a yard.

The game began at about 3 o’clock. Massillon kicked to New Philadelphia and the runner was downed after a short run. New Philadelphia rushed the ball down the field and it changed hands several times. When the period closed it was near the Massillon goal. In the next period the ball see-sawed back and forth and about the middle of the period a safety was made against Massillon. Then the game took on a different aspect and the ball was taken to New Philadelphia’s territory, when Heyman tried for a drop kick but failed.

In the second half Massillon again kicked to New Philadelphia, but it was held for downs and punted. With the ball in its possession the Massillon team started up the field, smashing the line for good gains, and working some fine forward passes. On one of the passes Zintsmaster almost got away for a touchdown, but the New Philadelphia end was too near and he was downed. After several downs Heyman tried for another drop kick but failed by a yard. During the third period the game was played furiously by both teams and when the smoke of battle cleared away New Philadelphia had two points and Massillon had to be satisfied with a goose egg.

The New Philadelphia school spirit did not show up to an advantage on Saturday and the little handful of Massillon rooters made almost as much noise as the combined efforts of the fair sex of the New Philadelphia high school. The spirit of the sidelines was manifested when the Massillon rooters started to give some yells between the periods and New Philadelphia immediately started shoving and threatened to do something worse. One individual was persistent in his threats to clean up the entire Massillon aggregation. The Massillon rooters were well satisfied with the game the entire team put up.

The line-up:

Massillon Pos. New Philadelphia
Kester le Broadhurst
Reinoehl lt Melborn
Wagner lg Lemick
Arthur c Boyd
Huffman rg Wilkin
Keeton rt Batterschell
Zintsmaster re Smith
Miller qb Getz
Custer lh Bowers
Sonnhalter(capt.) rh McPherson (capt.)
Heyman fb Lehmer

Referee and umpire, alternating:
Bast, of Massillon.
Farrell, of New Philadelphia.

Field Judge – Ebright.
Head Linesman – Merwin of Massillon

Time of periods – 10 minutes.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1909: Massillon 21 New Philadelphia 5

New Philadelphia Beaten Thursday 21 to 5

The Visitors Played a Fast, Open Game,
but Were No Match for Massillon’s Weight, Speed and Skill
Massillon Scored on in Last Gasp

The Massillon high school football team today lays claim to the championship of Ohio.

The Massillon high school football team capped the climax of an unbroken series of victories and cleared its claim to the state title by defeating New Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day afternoon at the Massillon ball park by the score of 21 to 5.

The game was played before the largest Massillon crowd that ever witnessed a high school game.  Two thousand people packed the bleachers and filled the sidelines of four sides of the field.

The game, although perhaps the most erratic played this season, was never-the-less the prettiest in point of real interest and good open new style football.  Both teams had a series of open shifts and double passes which kept the game in the air from start to finish and put the defensive eleven off its guard at all times.  The forward pass was worked time and again for large gains by both teams, although Massillon was least successful with this new style game against the lightning New Philadelphia defense than against any other team which they have met this season.   The first five minutes of play was perhaps the fastest and most exciting five minutes the Massillon squad has been through this season.  New Philadelphia tore about the field at a great rate and it was some time before the Massillon team could see through their slight attack of over confidence and realize that they  were once more up against it.

Slowly the Massillon team by great effort pulled itself together and worked itself into the old time form which had cleaned up the large mid-season games in such perfect and invincible manner.  The machine which through nine long games had upheld and carried to victory the orange and black against the strongest teams in this part of the state, was soon in working order.  It had allowed New Philadelphia to carry the ball to within thirty yards of the goal while Massillon was getting into the game.  Here Massillon held and then the tables turned.  Massillon’s one hundred and fifty-eight pound touchdown machine had come to its own.  By a few of the great assortment, by end runs, double passes, forward passes,  the plays from every conceivable formation the ball with little resistance was carried down the field.

When Massillon’s team came to its own there the complexion of the game changed completely.  Instead of fighting a nip and tuck game for the goal the Massillon team soon outgeneraled and outplayed New Philadelphia for the rest of the first half.  After the first touchdown Massillon hardly punted once.  The ball was carried to the three yard line and Wells went over for the first touchdown through right tackle.  The teams changed and in a short time Blackburn was forced over for the second.  A few minutes later Blackburn kicked a perfect goal from the thirty yard line and before the half ended Wells went over for the last score Massillon was destined to make Blackburn kicked three faultless goals.
In the second half the complexion of the game again changed.  Massillon after winning the game beyond a doubt started to take things easy.  The game was as fast and exciting as ever.  New Philadelphia playing to the limit of its power and endurance and ringing in every resource in the shape of fake plays.  Massillon seemed to be attempting only to hold its own.  Toward the end of the second half the climax of the game arrived.  On a long end run from a place kick formation Giligan broke around right end for a run within two yards of the goal.  After pushing off one tackle after another he was nailed by Atwater.  Excitement was intense.  The crowd surrounded the players in a howling mob. New Philadelphia’s small crowd of rooters shouted themselves hoarse for a touchdown, while with Massillon it was one desperate, “Hold! Hold! Hold!”  New Philadelphia was desperate and Massillon in the hour of trial was weak.  A crashing fullback plunge through right tackle placed the ball over the line for the only score made through Massillon’s hitherto invincible line on straight football.  Goal was lost on the kick out and the game ended.

Massillon did not play her best game against New Philadelphia but it was above the average, and more than that it was sufficient.

Following is the line-up:

Massillon – 21                 Pos.               Phila. – 5
Miller                                le                 Broadhurst
Erb                                    lt                 McPherson
Heyman                            lg                 Melhorn
Leahy                                c                 Boyd
Clay, McConnell               rg                 Lahmer
Wagner                             rt                 Gintz
Ellis, Zintsmaster               re                 Smith
Atwater                            qb                Myers
Wells                                lh                 Englehart
Blackburn                         rh                 Schwab
Sonnhalter                         fb                 Giligan

Massillon – Wells  2; Blackburn  1.
New Philadelphia – Giligan  1.

Goals from touchdown:
Massillon – Blackburn  3.

Umpire – Garvin, of Wooster.
Referee – Johnson, of Wooster.
Timekeeper – Coleman.
Head Linesman – Bast.

Time of halves – 25 minutes.


1907: Massillon 4 New Philadelphia 17


Well, who’d have thought it?  With megaphones working overtime and with pennants gaily flung to the breeze, the Massillon High school football team, with a large, confident crowd of supporters, took all manner of vehicles to New Philadelphia Saturday afternoon.  When this same crowd came back to Massillon in the evening, the pennants were at half mast, the silenced megaphones had found a last lowly resting place in the ditch, and the entire crowd discussed the weather, the crops, anything but football.

New Philadelphia High won the game on end runs.  Practically every gain that was made during the game by the winning eleven was on long, dashing end runs.  The average weight practically the same, but Massillon allowed their opponents to gain hardly a yard through the line.  The pluck was not lacking, but the local eleven was out generaled.  The principal gains were on fake line bucks, which drew the ends in and left a free field for a long skirting end run.  Also, with several exceptions, Massillon High’s tackling was not up to the usual standard.  New Philadelphia was greatly out-classed in punting, Captain Grinnell always punting at least ten yards farther than Olmstead or O’Connell.

At 3 o’clock Grinnell kicked to O’Connell.  Immediately O’Connell and Olmstead gained large hunks of territory by long end runs.  In about four minutes Empfield made the first touchdown after an end run.  Olmstead kicked a beautiful goal.  Score 6 to 0.

A second time Grinnell kicked to O’Connell.  Dow recovered the ball on a fumble and Massillon scored its four lone points on a clever drop kick from field by Captain Grinnell from the thirty-five yard line.

Grinnell kicked to Empfield and a long series of end runs by New Philadelphia followed.  Snavely and Wagner did some clever tackling behind the line.  Massillon received the ball on a fumble and punts were exchanged.  The half ended without more scoring.

No radical change in the lineups occurred in the second half and O’Connell kicked off to Grinnell.  Punts were exchanged.  Several attempts at forward passes from Grinnell to Wells failed.  Olmstead failed at an attempt for field goal and Massillon punted out.  After several plays Olmstead got away from the crowd and made a touchdown after an end run.  Olmstead kicked goal.  Score 12 to 4.

Grinnell kicked to Olmstead and with the New Philadelphia rooters throwing fit after fit of pure unadulterated joy, Empfield ran three-fourths the length of the gridiron for the third and last touchdown.  The goal kick went wide.  Score 17 to 4.  The game was called in several minutes.

The lineups were as follows:

Massillon                   Pos.                     New Philadelphia
Wells                          le                       Empfield
Baer                            lt                       Reed
Carr                            lg                       Gilgan-Miller
Sonnhalter                   c                       Galbraith
Snavely                       rg                       Battershull and R. Wilkin
Richeimer                    rt                       J. Wilkin (capt.)
Atwater-Dudley          re                       Doerchuck
K. Miller                    qb                      O’Connell
Dow                          rhb                      Olmstead
Wagner                      lhb                      Bowers
Grinnell (capt.)            fb                       Gints

Touchdowns:  New Philadelphia – Empfield  2; Olmstead  2.

Field goals:  Massillon – Grinnell.

Time of halves – Thirty minutes.

Referee and umpire; alternating –       Townsend of New Philadelphia.
Reed of Massillon

Timekeepers –     McIlvaine of New Philadelphia.
Hall of Massillon

Head Linesman – Faro of New Philadelphia.