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Orange and Black
Defeated New Philadelphia 41 to 0
The Two Heavy Massillon Backs Were Not Allowed to Play Until Visitors Began Hammering Wide Gaps in Local Line Albright Saved Day in Long Runs

Massillon high school won back Saturday the laurels wrested from the orange and black at Shaw high, Cleveland, one week previous. The conflict with New Philadelphia was for the first three minutes of the first quarter very thick, Massillon seeming to have lost all football sense as the visiting backs ploughed holes at will through the local line.

Following out the trick acquired at the Shaw game, the utility men were kept on the sidelines until the opportune moment came. Kester and Heyman were not entered at the beginning of the game, both men being pretty well worked out and the coach wanted them to rest for the coming games.

The New Philadelphia tactics were different from what Massillon had expected and as the visitors were hammering down the field for a touchdown the two Massillon backs were trotted out on the field and from this point on the game was played entirely in a different light.

Massillon kicked to Philadelphia, the ball being put in play on the 20-yard line. It was rapidly advanced down the field to within 25 yards of the home goal. Wagoner and Rudy were taken from the backfield and given their old places while Kester was run in at full and Heyman at half.

Miller and Heyman worked wonderfully against the red and black, plowing up twenty and thirty yard furrows around both ends. Heyman carried the ball over for the first touchdown.

Miller followed close suit and two other times afterward carried the ball over for five points, Heyman kicked goals each time.

During the second half a little light shone into the gloomy future which seemed inevitable to the New Philadelphia players. While Captain Arther was playing his men on the visitors’ one-yard line, the ball was fumbled and Hendershot, visiting tackle, recovered the ball without being noticed and broke on a trot down the field.

The sidelines went almost wild when Albright, Massillon’s lightest player and the newest football material in the high school, but a mighty runner, ran down the player and threw him on the one-yard line. It was the most worthy play made during the entire game. Entirely outplayed, New Philadelphia was given this one chance and lost.

The visitors returned the favor shown them by fate and almost immediately after the long run was made after Massillon fumbled, the New Philadelphia back dropped the pigskin, Rider recovering and beating his way up the field for a touchdown.

The lineup and summary
Massillon Pos New Philadelphia
Miller le Kuntz
Baer lt Rangler
Weymer lg Helmick
Rider c Hughes
Limbach rg Schweitzer
Wells rt Hendershot
Stearns re Wallick
Arther (capt.) qb Broadhurst, Winkler, Ringer
Heyman, Rudy lhb Bowers
Kester, Wagoner fb Getz (capt.)
Batlzly rhb Winkler

Massillon – Heyman 2; Miller 3; Kester 1; Rider 1.

Massillon – Heyman 6.

Referee – Bast; Faro.

Times of periods – 10; 12y.

Time of game: 2:45.