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Trimmed By
New Philadelphia High, 13 to 6
Massillon Team Lacks Life
Players Play As Though Afraid of Being Injured
Make Touchdown In Last Three minutes of Play

In an interesting game that abounded with open playing, Massillon high lost to New Philadelphia high Saturday afternoon at New Philadelphia, by a score of 13 to 6. Massillon made its only touchdown in the last three minutes of play, when the team was playing sensational ball and had there been a few more minutes the score might have been a tie.

The Massillon team put up a poor exhibition of football. The New Philadelphia team was clearly inferior to the local squad but the playing was lifeless and the individual players acted as though afraid of being injured. The local line did not hold and at times the backs were tackled before they would get started.

Rudy made the only touchdown for Massillon, when he plunged through the line after the ball had been worked into New Philadelphia territory on a series of line bucks.

The line up and summary
New Philadelphia Pos. Massillon
R. Winkler le Limbach
Anderson lt Eckstein
Sweitzer lg Theis
Nungesser c Rider
Evans rg Baer
Church rt Becker
Getz re Smith
Broadhurst qb Hollnger
MacIntosh lh Miller
Wallick fb Kester
E. Winkler rh Rudy