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Score Was 21 to 12
Massillon Lacked Its Usual Spirited Attack and Put Up Its Worst Exhibition of Football McIntosh, New Philadelphia Fullback, Was the Star

Playing a listless, ragged game and displaying the poorest football it has shown this fall, Massillon high went down to defeat Saturday afternoon at New Philadelphia, before the onslaught of the scrappy Tuscarawas county lads by the score of 21 to 12.

The local eleven Saturday afternoon learned two things: First, that over confidence in its ability and past records will never win a football game but hard fighting; second, a new way to spell the word defeat. The new version of the word was not found in Webster’s dictionary but on the gridiron at Tuscora Park, New Philadelphia.

It was spelled M-c-I-n-t-o-s-h. Although the new version does not look or sound anything like the old, it meant the same thing to the orange and black.

This black-haired individual, bearing the name of McIntosh, did more to defeat Massillon high than the combined efforts of the rest of the New Philadelphia team. He made two of New Philadelphia’s touchdowns, was largely responsible for the third, carried the ball on nearly every play with ease, captured their forward passes and in fact was the whole New Philadelphia team.

That the orange and black put up such a weird exhibition of football is largely due to the fact that Captain Smith was not in the game. The scrappy leader was on the sidelines, unable to get into the contest on account of an injured knee. His fighting spirit and ability to break the opposing team’s interference was sadly missed and without him in the game the local squad was like a ship without a rudder. It floundered about and finally dashed head-long up the rocks.

New Philadelphia, on the other hand, was bound to win the game if at all possible. It fought like a Tiger, it never gave up and in the end, conquered. Massillon high was superior to its opponents. The orange and black could display more football ability in a minute than New Philadelphia could in an hour but it failed to do it. It was completely at sea, every place it moved it was confronted by the same individual – McIntosh. The other 10 players did not matter, they were easily enough disposed of, but McIntosh was a hoo-doo. Had Massillon stopped this player, it would have won, even if it had not played such a good game.

The game was started with Massillon kicking to New Philadelphia. In three minutes the Tuscarawas county team scored a touchdown. McIntosh received the ball from the kickoff. He advanced it 15 yards before being downed. On the next play he made 25 yards around right end. A line buck netted three yards. McIntosh carrying the ball around left end made 20 yards. A line play failed. On the next play McIntosh carried the ball over from the six-yard line. Stiffler kicked goal.

Massillon’s first score came in about the same length of time. On the kickoff Harrold received the ball and returned it 15 yards. Hollinger made eight yards but fumbled. Zorger recovered. Hollinger advanced the ball nine yards. Bunker made first down. Hollinger failed to gain. Eckstein went through for 10 yards. New Philadelphia’s line was weak, the local backs gaining easily through the line. On the next play Bunker skirted around left end and ran 35 yards for a touchdown. It was a brilliant run and the speedy halfback eluded several tacklers. Hollinger missed goal.

New Philadelphia’s second touchdown came in the first quarter. Massillon kicked to New Philadelphia. The local boys got down to business and held for downs. New Philadelphia punted to Hollinger who returned the oval five yards. Rapid end runs, line bucks and forward passes placed the ball on the 25-yard line from where Eckstein tried a placekick. The kick was blocked and Zorger recovered the ball. On the next play Hollinger tried a forward pass. McIntosh, always on the job, spied the oval sailing through the air, jumped, caught it and sprinted 60 yards to the goal. Stiffler kicked. The quarter was over. Score 14 to 6 in favor of New Philadelphia.

Massillon made its last touchdown in the second quarter. New Philadelphia kicked to the local team. Big end runs by Hollinger, Bunker and H. Smith, who had replaced Zorger, soon brought the ball within the shadow of the New Philadelphia goal posts. H. Smith took the ball over from the five-yard line. Hollinger missed goal. There was no more scoring in this quarter. Score 14 to 12 in favor of New Philadelphia.

During the first half the orange and black line had out played New Philadelphia. The red and black could not stop the Massillon backs, neither could their wing men stop the end runs and forward passes. Massillon was weak on breaking interference. New Philadelphia having good interference for its end runs. The work of Hollinger, Bunker and H. Smith on carrying the ball and the defensive work of Theis and Clay were the bright spots in the first half.

The second half witnessed a change. The local team instead of showing an improvement in its work in the first half as it usually does seemed to go to pieces. New Philadelphia kicked to Massillon, which was held for downs and forced to punt. Two forward passes was enough to score another touchdown for the red and black. Both averaged 20 yards and the ball traveled from the hand of McIntosh to left end, Stiffler. Stiffler kicked goal. The orange and black did not threaten at all in the second half.

There were more Massillon rooters at the game than New Philadelphia supporters. The high school band filled the air with harmony, while the others shouted themselves hoarse but to no avail for the orange and black lacked the pep needed to defeat the scrappy New Philadelphia aggregation. It was the second defeat for the orange and black this season.

Following are the line up and summary.
M.H.S. – 12 Pos. N.P.H.S. – 21
Harrold le Stiffler
Theis lt Watkins
Snyder lg Hill
Spuhler c Rangeler
Clay rg Smith
H. Stultz rt Evans
Houriet re Hartman
Hollinger qb Kelly
Zorger lhb Wills
Eckstein fb McIntosh
Bunker rhb Helmick

Score by quarters:
N.P.H.S. 14 0 7 0 14
M.H.S. 6 6 0 0 12

Massillon – Bunker; H. Smith.
New Philadelphia – McIntosh 2; Stiffler.

New Philadelphia – Stiffler 3.

Massillon – Graybill for Snyder; Snyder for E. Stultz; E. Stultz for Clay; H. Smith for Zorger; Zorger for H. Smith; Henry for Eckstein.

Referee – Ferrell.
Umpire – Roderick.
Head Linesman – Ritter.

Timers: Steese; Brown.

Time of periods: 12 minutes.