Well, who’d have thought it?  With megaphones working overtime and with pennants gaily flung to the breeze, the Massillon High school football team, with a large, confident crowd of supporters, took all manner of vehicles to New Philadelphia Saturday afternoon.  When this same crowd came back to Massillon in the evening, the pennants were at half mast, the silenced megaphones had found a last lowly resting place in the ditch, and the entire crowd discussed the weather, the crops, anything but football.

New Philadelphia High won the game on end runs.  Practically every gain that was made during the game by the winning eleven was on long, dashing end runs.  The average weight practically the same, but Massillon allowed their opponents to gain hardly a yard through the line.  The pluck was not lacking, but the local eleven was out generaled.  The principal gains were on fake line bucks, which drew the ends in and left a free field for a long skirting end run.  Also, with several exceptions, Massillon High’s tackling was not up to the usual standard.  New Philadelphia was greatly out-classed in punting, Captain Grinnell always punting at least ten yards farther than Olmstead or O’Connell.

At 3 o’clock Grinnell kicked to O’Connell.  Immediately O’Connell and Olmstead gained large hunks of territory by long end runs.  In about four minutes Empfield made the first touchdown after an end run.  Olmstead kicked a beautiful goal.  Score 6 to 0.

A second time Grinnell kicked to O’Connell.  Dow recovered the ball on a fumble and Massillon scored its four lone points on a clever drop kick from field by Captain Grinnell from the thirty-five yard line.

Grinnell kicked to Empfield and a long series of end runs by New Philadelphia followed.  Snavely and Wagner did some clever tackling behind the line.  Massillon received the ball on a fumble and punts were exchanged.  The half ended without more scoring.

No radical change in the lineups occurred in the second half and O’Connell kicked off to Grinnell.  Punts were exchanged.  Several attempts at forward passes from Grinnell to Wells failed.  Olmstead failed at an attempt for field goal and Massillon punted out.  After several plays Olmstead got away from the crowd and made a touchdown after an end run.  Olmstead kicked goal.  Score 12 to 4.

Grinnell kicked to Olmstead and with the New Philadelphia rooters throwing fit after fit of pure unadulterated joy, Empfield ran three-fourths the length of the gridiron for the third and last touchdown.  The goal kick went wide.  Score 17 to 4.  The game was called in several minutes.

The lineups were as follows:

Massillon                   Pos.                     New Philadelphia
Wells                          le                       Empfield
Baer                            lt                       Reed
Carr                            lg                       Gilgan-Miller
Sonnhalter                   c                       Galbraith
Snavely                       rg                       Battershull and R. Wilkin
Richeimer                    rt                       J. Wilkin (capt.)
Atwater-Dudley          re                       Doerchuck
K. Miller                    qb                      O’Connell
Dow                          rhb                      Olmstead
Wagner                      lhb                      Bowers
Grinnell (capt.)            fb                       Gints

Touchdowns:  New Philadelphia – Empfield  2; Olmstead  2.

Field goals:  Massillon – Grinnell.

Time of halves – Thirty minutes.

Referee and umpire; alternating –       Townsend of New Philadelphia.
Reed of Massillon

Timekeepers –     McIlvaine of New Philadelphia.
Hall of Massillon

Head Linesman – Faro of New Philadelphia.