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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1923: Massillon 82, Salem 0


Running with machine-like precision, the orange and black eleven of Washington high school, Saturday, displayed the same smooth attack and stalwart defense that carried the 1922 eleven to the state scholastic championship, when the present eleven smothered the gridders of Salem high, (unreadable text) champions of Columbiana county, 82 to 0 on the Pearl Street gridiron.

From the initial kickoff until the final whistle, athletes of the South hill street institution kept the orange and black steam roller in action and (unreadable text) was made until the oval had been carried across the visitor’s goal line. Twelve times during the melee the orange and black started offensives and each time a touchdown was the result.

Coach David B. Stewart sent practically his entire first string squad into the fracas but no matter upon whom he called they delivered with a vengeance much to the woe of the Salem outfit. True, the Salem eleven was outweighed, but regardless of the avoirdupois proposition it would have taken more than beef and brawn to stop the local aggregation’s attack.

The orange and black squad of Saturday appeared to be an entirely different eleven than the outfit which defeated Wooster high 29 to 7 in the opening tilt of the season a week ago. The engagement with the Wayne county school just bought out the rough spots in the orange and black play and the exhibition Saturday proved that during the past week Coach Stewart has smoothed these rough edges.

Especially did the “green” men in the orange and black squad show improvement, with the work of Price the Brewster lad stationed at the pivot position, standing out more prominently than any other individual. Under fire of a high school eleven for the first time in his career a week ago against Wooster, the Brewster youth appeared nervous and was somewhat uneasy in directing th squad. Against Salem his performance appeared more like that of a veteran.

Grant, basketball star of last season, also showed well at the pivot position, while vast improvement was noticeable in the play of McCarty, V. Define and Schrader in the back field. Ries and Murdock, second stringers of last season, also showed themselves worthy of backfield berths. While practically all the backfield men were able to make substantial gains, it was Massillon’s forward wall that opened large gaps in the visitor’s line, both on offense and defense.

Five of last seasons’ champions did not start the fray against Salem, Coach Stewart keeping Edwards, Boerner, J. Define, Rohr and Potts on the sidelines. During the first two periods of the onslaught the wing positions were held down capably by Thomas and Quigley and their manner of turning in runners and busting up plays proved to Coach Stewart that he has two capable understudies in Potts and Rohr.

It was not long after the game opened that the orange and black scoring machine got into action. After an exchange of punts, Massillon was in possession of the oval on the 42-yard line by virtue of a 32-yard return by Price. Schrader and Borza hit the line for a first down and a pass, Price to Thomas netted 15 yard more. McCarty plunged through the line for 10 yards and Borza scored on the next play. Pflug placed kicked for the extra points.

From then on the orange and black piled up points reaching the peak of the scoring in the third period, when five touchdowns were registered. Before play in the first period had been concluded a second touchdown was scored when Scrader crossed the goal after a march of 46 yards. Pflug again added the extra point.

Shortly after the second period opened, Cox, Salem left half, found a hole in the Massillon line and plunged eight yards before being stopped. Another down and the visitors had registered a first down, the only time they made the required 10 yards during the entire game, while Massillon was credited with 23 first downs.

Before the second period was over, Schrader and Grant registered touchdowns, with Pflug adding an additional point after Schrader’s score. In the third period the orange and black offensive was under full sway and it was just a matter of plowing through the visitors for touchdowns, with Borza registering twice and V. Define, J. Define and Hise each registering once. Hise’s touchdown followed Edwards’ block of a Salem kick, the ball rolling behind the goal line, where Hise covered it.

Three more touchdowns were added in the final period, Borza featuring the scoring with an 81-yard run through a broken field for a marker. Price also made a sensational dash for points from midfield. The third score of the period was made by V. Define.
Steaming Up

Massillon – 82 Position Salem – 0
Flectcher L.E. Lodge
Harris L.T. Hauser
Miller L.G. Judge
Hise C Simone
Pflug R.G. Stahlsmith
Brooks R.T. Corso
Thomas R.E. Konter
Price Q Bovo
Borza L.H. Cox
McCarty R.H. Bingham
Schrader F Sartick

Score by periods:
Massillon 14 13 34 21 82

Massillon – V. Define for McCarty, Grant for Price, Murdock for Schrader, Quigley for Thomas, Leroy for Borza, Rohr for Quigley, Potts for Fletcher, J. Define for V. Define, Edwards for Harris, Price for Grant, Grant for Murdock, Borza for Leroy, Harris for Brooks, Fletcher for Edwards, Ries for Borza.

Salem – Krepps for Lodge, Yoder for Judge, Cosgrove for Cox, Bush for Stahlsmith, Lodge for Hauser.

Touchdowns – Borza 4, Schrader 2, Price 2, V. Define 2, Grant, Hise.

Goal from touchdown – Pflug 8, Edwards 2.

Referee – Maurer (Wooster).
Head Linesman – Boerner.

Time of periods – 15 minutes.

Carl “Ducky” Schroeder
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1916: Massillon 41, Salem 6


Massillon high’s unbeaten football team annexed its ninth straight victory of the season Saturday afternoon on the driving park gridiron, in its final appearance on the home field when it trounced Salem high 41 to 6.

Massillon was expected to win in easy fashion but Salem was not at all expected to score, and so it was a big surprise to the fans when Right Tackle Kille, of Salem broke through the line in the second period and bounced on a Massillon fumble behind its own goal line for a touchdown.

As he had planned, Coach Snavely sent most of his second string men into the fray and saved his regulars for the Canton game next Saturday, but the substitutes did not show the dash and attack of the regulars and Salem played Massillon nearly on even terms during the first half.

The orange and black scored only one touchdown in the first two periods, that coming in the first quarter, when Converse broke through right tackle and ran 25 yards for the score. The score at the end of the first half was 7 to 6, favor of Massillon.

But in the second half things changed. Mainly because McLaughlin, Massillon’s star pivot man, and the brains of Coach Snavely’s outfit, took the helm of the youthful Tiger’s ship. In the last two periods the orange and black did almost as it pleased with the Columbiana boys, piling up 35 points, resulting from five touchdowns and four goals. Massillon, in this half, showed plenty of the ability that has made it the team it is.

The prominent features of the last half of the contest were Thomas’ interception of a forward pass and his brilliant 85 yard run through the entire Salem team for a touchdown; Bischoff’s interception of a Salem pass and his 50 yard dash for a score, and McLaughlin’s great 55 yard run through the visiting eleven for a touchdown after receiving a punt on his 45 yard line.

With most of the regulars in the game in the second half, the orange and black looked more like the team that has come through the season with nine victories. Had the entire first team been in the entire game there is no telling how big a score would have been run up but Massillon still faces its hardest opponent of the season next Saturday in Canton, and the youthful Tigers must work with might and main this week.

Salem was clearly outclassed. They made only one first down, that coming through a penalty. Massillon made 12. The Salemites punted 14 times to Massillon’s eight.


Massillon – 41. Pos. Salem – 6.

Harrold le Kyle

Johnson lt Sterling

Harrison lg Knisely

Zepp c Burce

Stoner rg Finnar

Graybill rt Kille

Ertle re Lanpher

Fulton qb Kelly

Converse lhb Seeds

Wittmann fb Chappel

H. Archbold rhb Hutson
Score by quarters:
Massillon 7 0 14 20 – 41
Salem 0 6 0 0 – 6

Touchdowns – McLaughlin 2, Thomas 2, Converse, Bischoff, Kille.
Goals – McLaughlin 4, Wittmann 1.

Substitutions – Massillon: Bischoff for Harrold, Chaney for Johnson, Underwood for Harrison, Harrison for Underwood, Oberlin for Stoner, C. Archbold for Graybill, McLaughlin for Fulton, Graybill for Converse, Thomas for Wittmann.

Referee – Arthur, Rutgers.
Umpire – Hayes, Muhlenburg.
Head linesman – Graybill.
Timers – Coleman, Copenhaver.

Time of quarters – 10, 12, 10, 12

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1915: Massillon 7, Salem 0


A touchdown near the end of the first quarter, resulting from a forward pass which traveled from Quarterback Hollinger to Left End Harrold, who sprinted 20 yards to the goal brought victory to Massillon high Saturday afternoon in its initial contest of the season with Salem high at the latter place. McLaughlin kicked goal, making the score 7 to 0.

After the first quarter the orange and black clothed warriors were not able to score although they gained nearly three times as much ground as their opponents. Fumbles at critical moments spoiled Massillon’s chances to make a larger score.

Coach Snavely’s pupils swept the Columbiana boys off their feet at times by long end runs in which Captain Houriet, McLaughlin and Hollinger played the principal parts. Houriet skirted Salem’s ends several times for gains averaging from 40 to 55 yards, while McLaughlin and Hollinger seldom failed to gain when carrying the ball.

The orange and black team played a consistent game for its first attempt, but several faults were noticeable, the biggest of which was fumbling. These, no doubt, will be taken care of by Coach Snavely this week.

Salem did not threaten to score. Massillon’s line stopped all attempts at line plunging and repeatedly smashed through Salem’s defense and nailed the man with the ball behind his own line for a loss. The ends stopped end runs and attempted forward passes. As a whole the team showed up well and should be able to win a majority of its games this fall.

Williman, Salem’s left halfback, proved to be the east enders’ best ground gainer and defense man. Both teams were nearly equal in weight.

M. H. S. – 7 Pos. S. H. S. – 0
Harrold          le    Kyle
Johnson        lt     Whinnery
E. Stultz        lg     Logan
Bischoff         c     Faylen
Graybill        rg     Connors
H. Stultz       rt      Lampher
Houriet   (c) re     W. Reed
Hollinger     qb     Crushank
McLaughlin lhb    Williams
Roderick     fb      Bailey-Myers
Zorger       rhb     Reed-Barley

Score by quarters:
M. H. S………………………………………………………………………… 7…… 0…… 0…… 0
S. H. S…………………………………………………………………………. 0…… 0…… 0…… 0

Touchdowns – Harrold
Goals – McLaughlin

Referee – Connors
Umpire – Johns
Head linesman – Boerner

Time of periods – 10-12 minutes
Time of game – 44 minutes

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1914: Massillon 10, Salem 0

SCORE 10 – 0
Orange and Black Wins
Hard Fought Game From Fast Salem Team
Hollinger Star of Contest
Speedy Quarter Shows Up Well
in Carrying Ball for Local Aggregation

Another victory was tucked away in the folds of the orange and black Saturday afternoon when the high school defeated the crack Salem high team on Longfellow school grounds by the score of 10 to 0. The local team put up a great game of football Saturday but lost several chances to score by fumbling. Fumbles alone marred the playing of the orange and black warriors.
To Hollinger goes the honor of being the star of the contest. The speedy quarterback was a demon in a broken field. Seldom did he fail to gain when carrying the ball. Dodging here and there, he eluded tackler after tackler, making gains anywhere from 5 to 55 yards. His 55-yard run, early in the second quarter, was the feature of the game. On returning punts, he showed up well, bringing the ball back close to where it was kicked from.
Coach Snavely’s boys were in the game every minute. They outplayed the Salem warriors and had they not fumbled the ball at critical stages of the contest, the score would have been larger. They missed three chances to score by the air route in the first half. Hollinger threw the ball once to Smith and twice to Houriet and all three passes would have been good for touchdowns had not the players stepped out of bounds in receiving the ball.

Massillon scored its only touchdown in the first quarter. Salem was held for downs on the 35-yard line and forced to punt. Theis, left tackle, always on the job, broke through the line, blocked the kick and sent the ball spinning into the hands of Captain Smith, who raced 35 yards to the goal for a touchdown. Hollinger kicked goal.

Shortly after the third quarter started, Eckstein dropped the ball over from placement from the 30-yard line. It was a pretty kick.

On the ends Zorger, Moody and Houriet put up a great game. Houriet played his usually brilliant game. He grabbed a Salem forward pass in the last quarter and ran 50 yards before being downed.

Theis and H. Stultz at the tackles, stopped all attempts at line plunging. Stultz did some fine punting. Snyder, E. Stultz, Graybill and Clay outplayed their opponents and were continually breaking through and nailing the man. Spuhler at center was a big cog in the local team’s defense. Hollinger at quarter, ran the team in fine shape. In the backfield R. Smith, Eckstein, Hille and H. Smith presented an array of players hard to beat. Good at line plunging and running the ends, they bewildered the Salem team.
The red and black team of Salem played a good game. It did fine team work and its attack kept the orange and black guessing. Windell, captain and quarterback on the Salem team, was the star. He played a good game. His punting was one of the features of the contest. His kicks were high and averaged nearly 50 yards.

Following is the line up and summary
Massillon – 10 Pos. Salem – 0
Zorger le Cavanaugh
Theis lt Whinnery
Snyder lg Logan
Spuhler c McClery
Graybill rg Cosgrove
H. Stultz rt Lamphard
Houriet re Turner
Hollinger qb Windell (c)
Hille lhb Williman
Eckstein fb Baillie
R. Smith (c) rhb Hagen

Score by quarters:
Salem 0 0 0 0 0
Massillon 7 0 3 0 10

Massillon – R. Smith.

Massillon – Hollinger 1.

Goal from placement:
Massillon – Eckstein.

Massillon – Moody for Zorger; E. Stultz for Snyder; Graybill for E. Stultz; Clay for Graybill; H. Smith for R. Smith; Zorger for Hille.
Salem – Baillie for Cavanaugh; Vollman for Lamphard; Baillie for Grinner.

Referee – Roderick
Umpire – Rudy.
Head Linesman – Boerner.

Timers: Kester; Leyda.

Time of periods: 12½ minutes.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1913: Massillon 12, Salem 6

Game Played on Wet and Muddy Field
Both Teams Evenly Matched,
But Massillon Puts Up Better Class of Sport

Fumbles and Penalties Frequent
Salem Scores in First Quarter
Outplayed During the Rest of the Game by Massillon Team

Mud and glory covered the gridiron heroes of M.H.S., Saturday, for they defeated Saelm 12 to 6 at Salem on a field that resembled a young lake. Fast play and forward passes were impossible on account of the wet and slippery field. Straight football was used and after the first two downs the players were almost beyond recognition.

Despite the bad weather the game was interesting. Salem started out with a rush, pushing Massillon back to the shadow of the goal posts and with a supreme effort placed the ball over the line for a touchdown. Massillon took a decided brace on the next kickoff. The ball was returned to midfield by Rider and McLaughlin went around end for 30 yards. The ball was advanced to Salem’s ten-yard line where it was fumbled. Massillon was playing stronger and soon had the ball within striking distance when it was penalized for holding. About the middle of the second quarter, Kester went through the line for the first touchdown. He missed goal.

During the second half the varsity rushed Salem off its feet, but when the ball was about to be put over the line, a fumble or penalty interfered.

In the third quarter Paroz blocked a punt which Kester recovered and ran 15 yards for the last touchdown.
Fumbles and penalties were responsible for the low score made by the local team. Connors and Johns seemed to be the whole Salem team, Johnson stopping Massillon runners time after time. The whole Massillon team played an exceptionally good game. On end Rider and Rogers busted up everything that came their way. Theis and Clay at tackles were impregnable.

It was Clay’s first game of football and he certainly put up a fine game. Smith, Houriet and Paroz played good games at guard, Spidle at center proved to be a regular stumbling block for his opponents. Hollinger at quarter, ran the team in great style, picking out the weak spots and hammering that place for good gains. McLaughlin tore around the Salem ends for large gains whenever called upon. Rudy plowed through the line like a demon. Kester at full, scored all the points and was too much for the Salem team to stop.

The line-up and summary
M.H.S. Pos. Salem
Rogers le Boone
Theis lt Scott
Paroz lg Logan
Spidle c McCleary
Houriet, Smith rg Whinnery
Clay rt Gwinner
Rider re Turner
Hollinger qb Windle
McLaughlin lhb Willaman
Rudy rhb Johnson
Kester fb Connors

Massillon – Kester 2.
Salem – Johnson.

Referee – Gibson (Mt. Union).
Umpire – Allen.
Head Linesman – Duchenbroda.

Time of quarters – 13 minutes.


1908: Massillon 0 Salem 18

Massillon Lost to the Salem Team, Saturday.

Loose Playing on the Part of the Local Team Allowed Its Opponents Three Touchdowns
Salem Played Well Together and With Spirit.

While holding its own a good share of the time and occasionally making progress forward, the Massillon high school team, by steaks of loose playing, allowed Salem high to pile up 18 points on them, on the high school grounds, Saturday afternoon.  In spite of the score the game was not altogether one-sided.  The two teams were about evenly matched.  Salem outweighed Massillon several pounds to the man but that is not what won the game.  The Salem men got together on the kickoff and stayed together throughout the game.  They played a fast game on defense.  Once in a while Massillon could get through and break up a play before it started, but on the whole the Salemites were too fast and smashed the line before Massillon had a chance to brace.  On defense Salem’s heavy line played low and all attempts at the forward pass or other tricks were watched carefully.

On the other hand Massillon’s playing was erratic. The great form which the team is capable of was not in evidence throughout the game.  Had it been, the two teams would probably have played each other to a standstill.  As it was Massillon was unable to get together. Except, at times the team work and forward pass failed to pan out in the proper proportions.  Once the forward pass was worked successfully but was called back as players were in motion on a line shift when the ball was put in play.  During the latter part of the first half and parts of the second, Massillon held her own.  Once a grand rally was made which almost carried the ball over for a score.

Working Sonnhalter on off tackle bucks continually the ball was carried straight up the field toward the goal, Massillon making her yards time and again.  When but four yards from the goal, Salem took a mighty brace and held for downs.  A punt by Salem got the ball out of danger.  Once again Massillon came within a few yards of scoring on an onside kick from the center of the field.  The ball was kicked by Heyman and went bounding along on the right side of the field.  It was missed by the Salem back and bounded backward.  Two Massillon players made attempts to secure it but Salem players at last fell on it five yards from the goal.  A delayed pass carried the ball out of danger.

Salem in general played a good game, but one player stood out of the team work and distinguished himself by his individual playing.  This was Heis, at right half back, who carried the ball for substantial gains time and again, without any interference by his clever dodging in a broken field.  He ran back punts in the same manner.  Whinnery, Salem’s fullback, although he played a good game and bucked the line in good shape, did not equal Sonnhalter in the general game.  But for Sonnhalter, who blocked up the line in the rear the game might have gone much more to the bad than it did.  Moody, who began the game at right tackle, played hard and blocked his position in good shape.  Clay, arriving in time for the second half, took Moody’s place.  As individuals little can be said against the Massillon team.  In a game like that played Saturday it is team work which counts.  Sonnhalter’s heavy line bucks were responsible for most of Massillon’s gains.  Snavely played a good game and carried back punts well.  Heyman and Erb held the left side well on defensive, while Blackburn, although he had his hands full, handled the 220 pound Lynn in good shape.  Kelly played hard at end.

A crowd numbering five hundred, including the two hundred high school students, turned out to the game and supported the home team to the last gasp.  Songs and yells stirred on the laggard spirits but it was of no avail.  Salem scored two touchdowns in the first half and one in the second.  Goals were kicked each time.

Following is the line-up:

Massillon – 0                  Pos.     Salem – 18
Kelley            le            Rogers
Erb                 lt      McConner
Heyman         lg               Lynn
Davis              c         Tollerton
Blackburn      rg           Shelton
Moody, Clay  rt              Cook
Wells             re             Karey
Atwater        qb                Nuff
Hammersmith lh         Williman
Snavely         rh                Heis
Sonnhalter     fb        Whinnery

Time of halves – 25 minutes.

Touchdowns:  Salem – Heis; Williman; Whinnery.

Goals from touchdowns:  Salem – Muff  3.

Referee – Wittmann.
Linesman – Bloomberg.
Timekeepers – Hall and Coleman.


1908: Massillon 0 Salem 37

Massillon – 0        Salem – 37

In a sea of mud and in a downpour of rain, Massillon’s high school football team went down to defeat Saturday at Salem by the score of 37 to 0.  The condition of the field was such that little or nothing of the open and spectacular game could be attempted.  Heavy and plodding playing was the only kind which could make the ground and in this particular the Salem eleven excelled.  The forward pass could not be worked to any advantage at all.  Massillon lost the ball several times on this.  In summing up the game, however, it may be said that it was won by team work.  Salem in general playing together, especially in running interference.  Massillon played hard but could avail little.

Some good playing, however, was done by Massillon.  Almost every tackle made by Massillon was a good one and few which were not so low as possible were as effective.  After the first touchdown in the first half the general trend of the game was seen and Hammersmith went in to stop up the breach.  He played a hard and fast game, making most of Massillon’s few gains.  The only play by which Massillon was able to make substantial gains was a fake end run on a trick tackle play.  This worked several times for good distances.  Snavely and Hammersmith carried the ball on these.  Salem’s line of baby elephants held too hard for gains in this direction.  Dave Reese, Massillon’s 120 pound center, played to good advantage against his 190 pound opponent.  Salem’s biggest Shelton, a 210 pound guard.  These played no defensive game but blocked the holes effectively.

Massillon’s one objection was to the refereeing of Salem’s official, who in certain cases seemed to have it in for Massillon.  In one case the ball was carried back on an unsuccessful forward pass and put into play at the place from which the scrimmage started instead of being carried back fifteen yards.  Other cases were patent.  This would not of course have won the game but it may have changed the score considerably.  Objection was futile as Massillon had no official on the field.  In other ways Massillon was fairly well treated but the players accepted the situation with good grace and have no kick to register.

Following is the way the teams lined up:

Salem        Pos.        Massillon
Hise              re          Atwater
Grice              rt               Clay
Shelton          rg       Blackburn
Tolerton          c             Leahy
Lynn              lg               Carr
McConnor      lt                 Erb
Rogers           le Richards, Wells
Muff             qb           Bowers
Willaman       rh           Snavely
Cray              lh              Wells, Hammersmith
Theiff             fb              Davis


1907: Massillon 6 Salem 0

Salem High School Went Home
Without a Score
Massillon  6                  Salem  0

Rain Prevented All-Massillon-Panhandle Game Sunday – Other Games Which Were Scheduled Were Postponed – Business College Wins at Canal Fulton.

The Massillon High School football team has redeemed itself, as was confidently expected;  although the score was made on a mistake by the Salem High School team.  It was only made possible by the excellent spirit shown by every one of the Massillon players and the do-or-die determination with which they entered the game.  Not a trace of the loose work which was evidenced in the Canton game was to be seen, every man made clean tackles and made them hard, bringing the Salem runner to the sod with a sickening thud.  It hardly seemed like the same team that was defeated by Canton High last Saturday by that discouraging score.  Massillon seemed to be especially strong in the very department of the game where formerly it had been weak.  On several occasions, long, flying tackles by Massillon’s ends and backs sent cheer after cheer rolling from one end of the field to the other.

Hammersmith’s touchdown in the first part of the second half will be remembered long after the football togs are laid away in the garret for next year.  It was near the first part of the second half and things were looking rather gloomy for the Massillon students.  Salem High had punted and the ball was on Massillon’s five yard line, so, of course, Captain Grinnell returned the punt immediately.  It went to Rogers, but he fumbled it and as it dropped to the ground Hammersmith was down on him like a flash, had gathered up the oval, tucked it under his wing and was off down the field all in one movement.  Exultation burst forth from Massillon’s frenzied rooters for John has quite a reputation in the sprinting line.  Backed up by Grinnell, Wagner and Dow, who warded off presumptuous tacklers, he increased the lead between him and his pursuers and pandemonium reigned among the Massillon students.  As Hammersmith crossed the line between the bars for the first touchdown for Massillon High this season, hats, pennants and canes were in the air, girls embraced each other and men slapped each other on the back and howled.  John was given “three times three and a Tiger” until the crowd was hoarse.  Captain Grinnell then did his duty by stretching out his lengthy leg and lifted the ball between the bars, making the score 6 to 0.

The games was attended by but a small crowd of Massillon enthusiasts but now that the team has started on its winning way, they may feel assured that there will be no coolness in the enthusiasm of the rooters.  As is usually the case, the fair contingent were on hand with their rooting caps on and the songs and cheers made the Salem players nervous and the Salem rooters envious.

The game was called at 3:15, and Captain Grinnell kicked to Whitnnery, who, by clever dodging, passed all of Massillon’s players but Keeley Miller, who downed him on the fifty yard line.  Salem attempted at forward pass, but Hammersmith got the ball.  Salem got the ball on downs and punted to Grinnell, who lost it when tackled, and Salem recovered the ball.  Wagner downed the man behind the line.  Massillon receiving the ball, Sonnhalter made several good line bucks.  Willaman got Wagner behind the line and also received the ball on a punt by Grinnell.  Sonnhalter made a flying tackle in the open field.  Massillon received the ball on a forward pass and Grinnell punted to Whinnerly.  Willaman gained twenty yards on an end run.  Massillon’s ball on downs.  Grinnell punted thirty yards to Willaman, who was downed in his tracks by Dow.  Whinnerly again passed all but Keeley Miller, who made a good tackle.

Massillon High played a punting game, for as soon as he received it, Captain Grinnell punted to Rogers.  Wagner downed him in his tracks.  Whinnerly gained well on an end run, but Hammersmith received the ball on a forward pass.  Again Grinnell punted to Montgomery.  Massillon receiving the ball, K. Miller makes good end run with interference, and the half ends without a score.

Willaman kicked off to Wagner, who gains ten yards.  Grinnell hit the line well for short gains.  Salem received the ball and punted to Sonnhalter, who received the ball on Massillon’s five yard line.  The touchdown, the story of which has already been told, now took place.

After the goal was kicked, Grinnell kicked to Montgomery, who carried the ball fifteen yards.  Whinnerly for a third time got away from all but Massillon’s quarter back. The ball was far down in Massillon’s territory when Grinnell received the ball on Salem’s attempt at a forward pass.  The ball was now passed back and forth, Massillon High punting and Salem high losing it on failures of forward passes.  Grinnell receiving the ball on a punt, commenced a series of line bucks, which gained from five to twenty yards.  He attempted a field goal but the ball was blocked and lost.  Dow and Wells got their men behind the line.  Whinnerly punted to Sonnhalter and the game ended with the ball in the middle of the field.

The line ups were as follows:

Massillon   Pos.             Salem
Dow              le        Willaman
W. Miller        lt       O’Connor
Baer              lg        Augustine
Blantz             c         Tollerton
Carr              rg             Picker
Wells-Hammersmith rt               Price
Hammersmith-Wells             re            Turner
K. Miller      qb    Moff (capt.)
Wagner        lhb            Rogers
Grinnell (capt.) rhb  Whinnerly
Sonnhalter     fb   Montgomery

Touchdown:  Massillon – Hammersmith.

Goal kicked:  Massillon – Grinnell.

Referee – Merwin.
Timer – Hall.
Head Linesman – Garrett.

Time of halves – Twenty minutes.

Attendance – 150.