Massillon – 0        Salem – 37

In a sea of mud and in a downpour of rain, Massillon’s high school football team went down to defeat Saturday at Salem by the score of 37 to 0.  The condition of the field was such that little or nothing of the open and spectacular game could be attempted.  Heavy and plodding playing was the only kind which could make the ground and in this particular the Salem eleven excelled.  The forward pass could not be worked to any advantage at all.  Massillon lost the ball several times on this.  In summing up the game, however, it may be said that it was won by team work.  Salem in general playing together, especially in running interference.  Massillon played hard but could avail little.

Some good playing, however, was done by Massillon.  Almost every tackle made by Massillon was a good one and few which were not so low as possible were as effective.  After the first touchdown in the first half the general trend of the game was seen and Hammersmith went in to stop up the breach.  He played a hard and fast game, making most of Massillon’s few gains.  The only play by which Massillon was able to make substantial gains was a fake end run on a trick tackle play.  This worked several times for good distances.  Snavely and Hammersmith carried the ball on these.  Salem’s line of baby elephants held too hard for gains in this direction.  Dave Reese, Massillon’s 120 pound center, played to good advantage against his 190 pound opponent.  Salem’s biggest Shelton, a 210 pound guard.  These played no defensive game but blocked the holes effectively.

Massillon’s one objection was to the refereeing of Salem’s official, who in certain cases seemed to have it in for Massillon.  In one case the ball was carried back on an unsuccessful forward pass and put into play at the place from which the scrimmage started instead of being carried back fifteen yards.  Other cases were patent.  This would not of course have won the game but it may have changed the score considerably.  Objection was futile as Massillon had no official on the field.  In other ways Massillon was fairly well treated but the players accepted the situation with good grace and have no kick to register.

Following is the way the teams lined up:

Salem        Pos.        Massillon
Hise              re          Atwater
Grice              rt               Clay
Shelton          rg       Blackburn
Tolerton          c             Leahy
Lynn              lg               Carr
McConnor      lt                 Erb
Rogers           le Richards, Wells
Muff             qb           Bowers
Willaman       rh           Snavely
Cray              lh              Wells, Hammersmith
Theiff             fb              Davis