Salem High School Went Home
Without a Score
Massillon  6                  Salem  0

Rain Prevented All-Massillon-Panhandle Game Sunday – Other Games Which Were Scheduled Were Postponed – Business College Wins at Canal Fulton.

The Massillon High School football team has redeemed itself, as was confidently expected;  although the score was made on a mistake by the Salem High School team.  It was only made possible by the excellent spirit shown by every one of the Massillon players and the do-or-die determination with which they entered the game.  Not a trace of the loose work which was evidenced in the Canton game was to be seen, every man made clean tackles and made them hard, bringing the Salem runner to the sod with a sickening thud.  It hardly seemed like the same team that was defeated by Canton High last Saturday by that discouraging score.  Massillon seemed to be especially strong in the very department of the game where formerly it had been weak.  On several occasions, long, flying tackles by Massillon’s ends and backs sent cheer after cheer rolling from one end of the field to the other.

Hammersmith’s touchdown in the first part of the second half will be remembered long after the football togs are laid away in the garret for next year.  It was near the first part of the second half and things were looking rather gloomy for the Massillon students.  Salem High had punted and the ball was on Massillon’s five yard line, so, of course, Captain Grinnell returned the punt immediately.  It went to Rogers, but he fumbled it and as it dropped to the ground Hammersmith was down on him like a flash, had gathered up the oval, tucked it under his wing and was off down the field all in one movement.  Exultation burst forth from Massillon’s frenzied rooters for John has quite a reputation in the sprinting line.  Backed up by Grinnell, Wagner and Dow, who warded off presumptuous tacklers, he increased the lead between him and his pursuers and pandemonium reigned among the Massillon students.  As Hammersmith crossed the line between the bars for the first touchdown for Massillon High this season, hats, pennants and canes were in the air, girls embraced each other and men slapped each other on the back and howled.  John was given “three times three and a Tiger” until the crowd was hoarse.  Captain Grinnell then did his duty by stretching out his lengthy leg and lifted the ball between the bars, making the score 6 to 0.

The games was attended by but a small crowd of Massillon enthusiasts but now that the team has started on its winning way, they may feel assured that there will be no coolness in the enthusiasm of the rooters.  As is usually the case, the fair contingent were on hand with their rooting caps on and the songs and cheers made the Salem players nervous and the Salem rooters envious.

The game was called at 3:15, and Captain Grinnell kicked to Whitnnery, who, by clever dodging, passed all of Massillon’s players but Keeley Miller, who downed him on the fifty yard line.  Salem attempted at forward pass, but Hammersmith got the ball.  Salem got the ball on downs and punted to Grinnell, who lost it when tackled, and Salem recovered the ball.  Wagner downed the man behind the line.  Massillon receiving the ball, Sonnhalter made several good line bucks.  Willaman got Wagner behind the line and also received the ball on a punt by Grinnell.  Sonnhalter made a flying tackle in the open field.  Massillon received the ball on a forward pass and Grinnell punted to Whinnerly.  Willaman gained twenty yards on an end run.  Massillon’s ball on downs.  Grinnell punted thirty yards to Willaman, who was downed in his tracks by Dow.  Whinnerly again passed all but Keeley Miller, who made a good tackle.

Massillon High played a punting game, for as soon as he received it, Captain Grinnell punted to Rogers.  Wagner downed him in his tracks.  Whinnerly gained well on an end run, but Hammersmith received the ball on a forward pass.  Again Grinnell punted to Montgomery.  Massillon receiving the ball, K. Miller makes good end run with interference, and the half ends without a score.

Willaman kicked off to Wagner, who gains ten yards.  Grinnell hit the line well for short gains.  Salem received the ball and punted to Sonnhalter, who received the ball on Massillon’s five yard line.  The touchdown, the story of which has already been told, now took place.

After the goal was kicked, Grinnell kicked to Montgomery, who carried the ball fifteen yards.  Whinnerly for a third time got away from all but Massillon’s quarter back. The ball was far down in Massillon’s territory when Grinnell received the ball on Salem’s attempt at a forward pass.  The ball was now passed back and forth, Massillon High punting and Salem high losing it on failures of forward passes.  Grinnell receiving the ball on a punt, commenced a series of line bucks, which gained from five to twenty yards.  He attempted a field goal but the ball was blocked and lost.  Dow and Wells got their men behind the line.  Whinnerly punted to Sonnhalter and the game ended with the ball in the middle of the field.

The line ups were as follows:

Massillon   Pos.             Salem
Dow              le        Willaman
W. Miller        lt       O’Connor
Baer              lg        Augustine
Blantz             c         Tollerton
Carr              rg             Picker
Wells-Hammersmith rt               Price
Hammersmith-Wells             re            Turner
K. Miller      qb    Moff (capt.)
Wagner        lhb            Rogers
Grinnell (capt.) rhb  Whinnerly
Sonnhalter     fb   Montgomery

Touchdown:  Massillon – Hammersmith.

Goal kicked:  Massillon – Grinnell.

Referee – Merwin.
Timer – Hall.
Head Linesman – Garrett.

Time of halves – Twenty minutes.

Attendance – 150.