Massillon Lost to the Salem Team, Saturday.

Loose Playing on the Part of the Local Team Allowed Its Opponents Three Touchdowns
Salem Played Well Together and With Spirit.

While holding its own a good share of the time and occasionally making progress forward, the Massillon high school team, by steaks of loose playing, allowed Salem high to pile up 18 points on them, on the high school grounds, Saturday afternoon.  In spite of the score the game was not altogether one-sided.  The two teams were about evenly matched.  Salem outweighed Massillon several pounds to the man but that is not what won the game.  The Salem men got together on the kickoff and stayed together throughout the game.  They played a fast game on defense.  Once in a while Massillon could get through and break up a play before it started, but on the whole the Salemites were too fast and smashed the line before Massillon had a chance to brace.  On defense Salem’s heavy line played low and all attempts at the forward pass or other tricks were watched carefully.

On the other hand Massillon’s playing was erratic. The great form which the team is capable of was not in evidence throughout the game.  Had it been, the two teams would probably have played each other to a standstill.  As it was Massillon was unable to get together. Except, at times the team work and forward pass failed to pan out in the proper proportions.  Once the forward pass was worked successfully but was called back as players were in motion on a line shift when the ball was put in play.  During the latter part of the first half and parts of the second, Massillon held her own.  Once a grand rally was made which almost carried the ball over for a score.

Working Sonnhalter on off tackle bucks continually the ball was carried straight up the field toward the goal, Massillon making her yards time and again.  When but four yards from the goal, Salem took a mighty brace and held for downs.  A punt by Salem got the ball out of danger.  Once again Massillon came within a few yards of scoring on an onside kick from the center of the field.  The ball was kicked by Heyman and went bounding along on the right side of the field.  It was missed by the Salem back and bounded backward.  Two Massillon players made attempts to secure it but Salem players at last fell on it five yards from the goal.  A delayed pass carried the ball out of danger.

Salem in general played a good game, but one player stood out of the team work and distinguished himself by his individual playing.  This was Heis, at right half back, who carried the ball for substantial gains time and again, without any interference by his clever dodging in a broken field.  He ran back punts in the same manner.  Whinnery, Salem’s fullback, although he played a good game and bucked the line in good shape, did not equal Sonnhalter in the general game.  But for Sonnhalter, who blocked up the line in the rear the game might have gone much more to the bad than it did.  Moody, who began the game at right tackle, played hard and blocked his position in good shape.  Clay, arriving in time for the second half, took Moody’s place.  As individuals little can be said against the Massillon team.  In a game like that played Saturday it is team work which counts.  Sonnhalter’s heavy line bucks were responsible for most of Massillon’s gains.  Snavely played a good game and carried back punts well.  Heyman and Erb held the left side well on defensive, while Blackburn, although he had his hands full, handled the 220 pound Lynn in good shape.  Kelly played hard at end.

A crowd numbering five hundred, including the two hundred high school students, turned out to the game and supported the home team to the last gasp.  Songs and yells stirred on the laggard spirits but it was of no avail.  Salem scored two touchdowns in the first half and one in the second.  Goals were kicked each time.

Following is the line-up:

Massillon – 0                  Pos.     Salem – 18
Kelley            le            Rogers
Erb                 lt      McConner
Heyman         lg               Lynn
Davis              c         Tollerton
Blackburn      rg           Shelton
Moody, Clay  rt              Cook
Wells             re             Karey
Atwater        qb                Nuff
Hammersmith lh         Williman
Snavely         rh                Heis
Sonnhalter     fb        Whinnery

Time of halves – 25 minutes.

Touchdowns:  Salem – Heis; Williman; Whinnery.

Goals from touchdowns:  Salem – Muff  3.

Referee – Wittmann.
Linesman – Bloomberg.
Timekeepers – Hall and Coleman.