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SCORE 10 – 0
Orange and Black Wins
Hard Fought Game From Fast Salem Team
Hollinger Star of Contest
Speedy Quarter Shows Up Well
in Carrying Ball for Local Aggregation

Another victory was tucked away in the folds of the orange and black Saturday afternoon when the high school defeated the crack Salem high team on Longfellow school grounds by the score of 10 to 0. The local team put up a great game of football Saturday but lost several chances to score by fumbling. Fumbles alone marred the playing of the orange and black warriors.
To Hollinger goes the honor of being the star of the contest. The speedy quarterback was a demon in a broken field. Seldom did he fail to gain when carrying the ball. Dodging here and there, he eluded tackler after tackler, making gains anywhere from 5 to 55 yards. His 55-yard run, early in the second quarter, was the feature of the game. On returning punts, he showed up well, bringing the ball back close to where it was kicked from.
Coach Snavely’s boys were in the game every minute. They outplayed the Salem warriors and had they not fumbled the ball at critical stages of the contest, the score would have been larger. They missed three chances to score by the air route in the first half. Hollinger threw the ball once to Smith and twice to Houriet and all three passes would have been good for touchdowns had not the players stepped out of bounds in receiving the ball.

Massillon scored its only touchdown in the first quarter. Salem was held for downs on the 35-yard line and forced to punt. Theis, left tackle, always on the job, broke through the line, blocked the kick and sent the ball spinning into the hands of Captain Smith, who raced 35 yards to the goal for a touchdown. Hollinger kicked goal.

Shortly after the third quarter started, Eckstein dropped the ball over from placement from the 30-yard line. It was a pretty kick.

On the ends Zorger, Moody and Houriet put up a great game. Houriet played his usually brilliant game. He grabbed a Salem forward pass in the last quarter and ran 50 yards before being downed.

Theis and H. Stultz at the tackles, stopped all attempts at line plunging. Stultz did some fine punting. Snyder, E. Stultz, Graybill and Clay outplayed their opponents and were continually breaking through and nailing the man. Spuhler at center was a big cog in the local team’s defense. Hollinger at quarter, ran the team in fine shape. In the backfield R. Smith, Eckstein, Hille and H. Smith presented an array of players hard to beat. Good at line plunging and running the ends, they bewildered the Salem team.
The red and black team of Salem played a good game. It did fine team work and its attack kept the orange and black guessing. Windell, captain and quarterback on the Salem team, was the star. He played a good game. His punting was one of the features of the contest. His kicks were high and averaged nearly 50 yards.

Following is the line up and summary
Massillon – 10 Pos. Salem – 0
Zorger le Cavanaugh
Theis lt Whinnery
Snyder lg Logan
Spuhler c McClery
Graybill rg Cosgrove
H. Stultz rt Lamphard
Houriet re Turner
Hollinger qb Windell (c)
Hille lhb Williman
Eckstein fb Baillie
R. Smith (c) rhb Hagen

Score by quarters:
Salem 0 0 0 0 0
Massillon 7 0 3 0 10

Massillon – R. Smith.

Massillon – Hollinger 1.

Goal from placement:
Massillon – Eckstein.

Massillon – Moody for Zorger; E. Stultz for Snyder; Graybill for E. Stultz; Clay for Graybill; H. Smith for R. Smith; Zorger for Hille.
Salem – Baillie for Cavanaugh; Vollman for Lamphard; Baillie for Grinner.

Referee – Roderick
Umpire – Rudy.
Head Linesman – Boerner.

Timers: Kester; Leyda.

Time of periods: 12½ minutes.