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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

2005: Massillon 34, Dover 0



There was a lot to like for Massillon Tiger partisans in the season-opening demolition of the Dover Tornadoes.

But it was Tornado head coach Dan Ifft who sounded a note of caution.

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“I don’t know that we were an indicator for them,” Ifft said after his team trudged off the field at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium on the short end of a 34-0 tally.

A better indicator will come one week from today when the Tigers journey south to the Queen City to take on Cincinnati Elder in the third game of the Prep Classic at Paul Brown Stadium.

“We’re going to play a better team next week,” Tiger coach Tom Stacy said moments after his head coaching debut in Massillon. “Dover is a good football team but Cincinnati Elder will be a much tougher test for us.

“It was a great way to start but let’s take it from here.”

Clearly the Tigers have the makings of a dominating defense. They possess size, speed and athleticism on that side of the football and have a fine coordinator in Steve Kovacs and an another unheralded but highly thought-of assistant in Mike Babics to mentor the defense.

That said, there were one or two opening game breakdowns, especially in the secondary. Fortunately there were also a couple of inaccurate passes when the Tornado receivers did find a seam, and a big-time play by Andrew Dailey, stripping the football away from a Dover wideout after a 30-yard catch and run.

Against Elder, the Tigers won’t have the overwhelming size advantage they enjoyed against Dover. Massillon will have to stop the running game first, and that will be quite a test of their manhood by a program that has back-to-back state championships to its credit this decade.

But you had to like the fact Massillon did nothing to hurt itself on Thursday night.

Penalties were kept to a minimum, with five overall but only one in the first half when the starters were on the field.

Even more important, the Tigers did not have a turnover in the first half with their frontline players.

“That’s pretty good coaching,” Ifft observed. “For the short amount of time Tom has had them, they appear to be very disciplined.”

For all of their success during the previous seven years – and let’s not forget the Tigers reached the state semifinals twice under Rick Shepas – they were a penalty-prone football team most of the time and one that turned the ball over more often than you’d like.

They were able to overcome those shortcomings most of the time but – for whatever reason – never seemed inclined to address the problem, especially the flurry of penalty flags that seemed to follow them from game to game.

The good news is the Tigers have an extra day to prepare for Elder – call it a going away present from Shepas, who scheduled the Thursday night opener – and they may need it as they venture into enemy territory to take on a worthy foe.

One thing is for sure, if the Tigers are anywhere near as successful in Week Two as they were in Week One, people around the state of Ohio will sit up and take notice that Massillon football is back and in a big way.


Antonio James
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1932: Massillon 0, Dover 18



Doc and Spider Kelker, of the Dover high school football team, almost single handed defeated the Washington high Tigers 18-0 Friday afternoon before an Armistice Day crowd of 3,000 at the Dover fair grounds.

The celebration angle was taken out of the game for the Massillon boys as the Crimson romped to a touchdown in the first quarter and struck back to score again in the third and fourth periods.

Run 67 and 80 Yards For Scores
It was the stalwart work of the colored brethren that gave the Crimson the advantage. Doc Kelker romped 67 yards to a touchdown in the double reverse end around play which was heralded before the game but which other elevens besides Massillon have been unable to stop and Spider after getting away for several long gains, finally snared a Massillon pass and twisted his way for a run of 80 yards and a touchdown.

Dover’s offense was built around these two boys and their defensive playing likewise twice stopped possible Massillon touchdowns when they brought down Andy Heben, Tiger halfback, after he had eluded all others with his fleet footwork.

As has been the case in most instances this season, the Tigers lacked drive hear the goal line and saw two good scoring chances fade away as Dover held for downs. The power just wasn’t there.

With the Kilkers lugging the ball most of the time, Dover unleashed its withering attack in the second half after being played on comparatively even terms the first two periods.

Dover Scores Early
In fact the showing of the first stringers against the Crimson in the first half, led many Massillon fans to believe the Tigers would come back after intermission to win the game in the third period. Just the opposite occurred, however, and the hopes of the Massillon supporters faded as Dover cashed through for a touchdown in the first few minutes of the quarter.

Dover’s score in the third period came almost as suddenly as its initial marker in the first quarter, when a fleet of Massillon substitutes were in the game.

Coach Brown decided to try a bit of strategy yesterday and started his substitutes expecting to wear down the Crimson to the point where the regulars could go in and crash through for a touchdown.

The subs, however, though warned repeatedly, allowed Dover’s double reverse with Doc Kelker coming around from his end position to fool them and the elongated, long stepping wingman ambled 67 yards for a touchdown. Less than half the period had expired when the score was made. In went the Massillon regulars and neither team threatened throughout the remainder of the half, though Andy Heben nearly got away once, dashing around left end from midfield to Dover’s 22-yard line.

Punt Causes Trouble
A poor punt against a high wind that went to Dover on the Massillon 35-yard line placed the Crimson in position for its rapid thrust of the third quarter.

Doc Kelker on the double reverse end around play carried for a first down on the Massillon 19-yard line. Spider lost a yard and a half. Don Godfrey hit for three yards and Spider came back to wiggle through within six inches of a first down. Maurer plunged through for a first down on the Massillon eight-yard line. On the first play, Godfrey plunged to the one-yard line from which point he went over for a touchdown. He attempted to pass for the extra point but it was knocked down by Knowlton.

Heben brought the Tiger fans to their feet in the fourth period with the longest Massillon run of the day, when he scooped up a Dover punt, emerged from a huddle of players and dashed up the sidelines 48 yards before being brought down 24 yards short of the Dover goal. Heben struck through right tackle for seven yards and Krier plunged for a first down on the 14-yard line. Krier carried on the next four attempts and failed to make a first down by a foot; Dover getting the ball on its own four-yard line.

Spider Intercepts Pass
Dover punt out safely to its own 35-yard line and Knowlton stepped back to shoot a pass in an attempt to score, but Spider Kelker was on the job snared the ball and set sail along the south sideline for the longest and prettiest run of the day. Catching the ball on his own 20-yard line he slipped along the sideline until near midfield when he reversed his field and aided by fine interference, outran the Massillon team to cross the goal line in the northwest corner of the field. The attempted kick for the extra point was wide of the posts.

The victory was Dover’s eighth of the season and 16th consecutive triumph, the team havhing closed its 1931 season with eight in a row.

The Crimson would only be another football team without the Kelker brothers, but with the Kelkers appears to have the second best eleven in the N.E.O. Big Ten league, with Alliance its only superior.

The Crimson made 13 first downs to Massillon’s eight and completely stopped the Tigers passing attack. Only one Massillon pass was completed and that as a result of interference on the part of the Dover secondary, a Dover man grabbing Bray by the arm to keep him from snaring a pass from Knowlton. The umpire caught the violation.

Line up and summary:
Massillon Pos. Dover
Brinker le Mason
Bray lt Dale Godfrey
Snavely lg Mizer
Hoyman c Rose
Critchfield rg Benfer
Monroe rt Seibert

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1931: Massillon 0, Dover 6

Dover Hands Washington High 6-0 Defeat
Fourth Quarter Touchdown Gives Tuscarawas County Lads Victory


Washington high gridders were tossed about on a Crimson wave from Dover Saturday afternoon and submerged 6-0 in as good a game as the local eleven has been seen in this year. The scarlet swell was at high tide in the fourth quarter and flowed over the goal line to score the only touchdown of the game but it was sufficient to give Dover the first victory every recorded over a Washington high school eleven.

The Tigers, fighting hard at times and at intervals showing flashes of the type of offensive power they should be capable of producing, were outplayed more than half the game, however by the visitors.

Though threatening and several times they had the ball within the 20-yard line, the local team could not muster sufficient drive to produce a touchdown. Once in the first half it fell just a yard short of a first down on the 10-yard line and three times in the second half was within striking distance of the last scarlet stripe but could not pierce that scrappy Crimson forward wall for any points.

Dover, boasting the best football team it has placed on the field in years, and incidentally a large portion of that team is composed of sophomores, staged its big attack in the fourth quarter.

Getting the ball on their own 20-yard line, the Crimson forwards pushed back the Massillon line as the Dover backs ripped off yard after yard to carry the ball for a first down on the Tigers’ 13-yard line. A 25-yard run by Foutz and a pass on the fourth down, Godfrey to Kelker were instrumental in advancing the ball. The latter play netted the first down on the 13-yard line.

Dover’s defensive line dominated and its offense gained ground with smash-mouth running in a 1931 victory over Massillon.

The Tigers stopped to talk things over but Dover wasn’t to be stopped. Zuchegno, who has been an in and outer all year plunged through for eight yards, and Foutz went through for a touchdown on the next play. Foutz’s attempted placekick traveled wide of the goal posts.

That ended the scoring but Dover made one more flash that took the ball well into Massillon territory before the gun barked the end of the game.

Washington high again showed lack of interference for ball carriers, and practically no protection was given Clendening when he attempted to pass the ball. Dover out-gained the Tigers on the field, making 13 first downs to the local team’s six.

The big throne in the side of the Tigers Saturday afternoon was Bees, Dover center, who couldn’t be taken out of the play. He made a large percentage of the tackles and possessed an uncanny knack of diagnosing a play. Foutz was the visitors’ big ground gainer.

Clendening picked up most of the yards gathered by the Tigers.

The game Saturday was an N.E.O. league affair, and as a result of the defeat, Washington high, football champion of the Big Ten in 1930 finished the season at the bottom of the standings.

Dover had as many supporters in the stands as the local school, some 1,000 fans accompanying the Crimson here.

Massillon Pos Dover
Getz LE Mason
Schott LT Espenschied
Krug LG Dale Godfrey
Hoyman C Rees
Adams RG Archinol
Price RT Horn
Brunker RE F. Kelker
Knowlton QB Don Godfrey
Kester LH Foutz
Buhecker RH Maurer
Singer FB Zuchegno

Score by periods:
Dover 0 0 0 6 6

Substitutions: Massillon – Clendening for Buhecker; Williams for Singer; Singer for Krug; Heisler for Brunker; Brunker for Hesiler; W. Monore for Price; Gump for Brunker; Ripple for Krug.

Dover – Foutz.

Referee – Zollars (Hiram).
Umpire – Ellis (Springfield, Mass.).
Head Linesman – Ruffini (Otterbein).


Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1930: Massillon 46, Dover 0



BIG Bob Willison, piloted his Washington high Tigers over a quiet sea at Dover Saturday afternoon, and the Crimson wave that was expected to block his progress, was parted in twain as the Massillon bark rode to a 46-0 victory and a tie for the N.E.O. league title.

Played under the threatening skies that at intervals seemed ready to drench spectators and gridders, the game from a standpoint of open enthusiasm was the most listless contest in which the Tigers have played this year.

Tigers on Touchdown Spree
Dover, apparently beaten from the start, lacked spirit while touchdowns appeared to come so easy for Washington high that the Massillon fans took them as a matter of routine and did not bellow forth with the lusty cheers that the brand of play put forth by the orange and black deserved.

The play of the Massillon gridders was anything but listless, and though Dover had little and gave less, the local team showed an offensive attack that smashed the Crimson front line batteries into bits.

Injuries Hit Both Teams
Hampered by injuries, the teams started the game with revamped lineups. Washington high had Bordner, Hess and Roderick on the bench. Dover was even harder hit, four of its linemen being either too ill or too badly used up by past opponents to take part in the team’s hardest game of the season Saturday with Washington high.

There is little doubt but Washington high was the strongest eleven faced by the Crimson this season. The score proved that but never-the-less only a small crowd turned out for the game, Massillon’s delegation being none too representative for this city.

Starting off in convincing fashion, the Washington high team drove to a touchdown in the first two minutes of play, and threatened continually the remainder of the game. Another was scored in the second period and several other touchdowns might have been tallied had not 70 yards of penalties in the first half interfered with the Tigers attack. In those first two periods Dover had the ball in its possession for only a couple of minutes, and then was forced to play in its own backyard. Once the Crimson managed to get up to its own 40 where the Tigers held, forcing a punt.

Crimson Swamped In Second Half
The score at the end of the first half, 14-0, forecast what could be expected in the next two periods and it came with a bang. It was kind of a Thanksgiving game for the Tigers anyhow, so they fattened themselves on points, boosting their total by 26 in the third period and then polishing off the day’s work with a lone touchdown in the final period of play.

It was in this fourth period that Dover flashed its only offense of the day, registering two first downs in succession and carrying the ball to the 18-yard line. But those first downs were as useful to Dover as tails on a dress suit, and the rally came to an abrupt end when Singer intercepted a pass on the 15-yard line and dashed back to the Massillon 45-yard stripe before his legs were pulled from beneath him.

Against Dover’s two first downs, the Tigers rolled up 23 of those 10-yard distances and might have made many more had not Coach Elmer McGrew elected to use a set of reserve backs during a large portion of the second half.

Dover Strong On Ends
Dover presented a scrappy team which looked strong on the flanks, Smith and Kelker playing a commendable game. In fact Dover’s defense was weakened considerably when Kelker was taken out of the game with injuries for in most instances during the afternoon he had succeeded in turning in the charges around his end or sifting through the interference to nab the runner. Smith even outshone Kelker on the other wing, and was found under most every play.

The loss of Hartman, who although ordinarily a fullback was used at center Saturday, also was felt by Gus Peterka’s team. In fact before more than half the game was over, Washington high was playing a Dover team made up largely of reserve players. Peterka took no chances with his gridders Saturday. As soon as a player showed signs of an injury he was yanked from the game since Dover has a far more important contest 10 days in the future – the annual battle with New Philadelphia for the Tuscarawas county championship. McGrew likewise spared his regulars as much as possible Saturday, filling the ranks freely with substitutes many of whom were given their first taste of varsity football competition.

Will Share N.E.O. Title
In defeating Dover, the Washington high gridders at least earned a tie for first place in the N.E.O. Big Ten football league. Alliance and Salem, league teams are still undefeated. They meet Thanksgiving Day. Should they tie, then Washington high will have undisputed possession of first place in the league. Otherwise the winner will share the honor with the Tigers. Wooster, which was reported last week as having a chance for the title, is out of the running, for a defeat suffered at the hands of New Philadelphia, was overlooked when the standings were drawn up.

Besides Dover, Washington high has defeated both Barberton and Warren in league play. Barberton was swamped 20 to 0, while Warren was even handled more roughly, the red and white losing by a 27-0 score. Warren has filed a protest on that game with State Athletic Commissioner Townsend, charging that the referee, Ricker, was incapable. A copy of the protest has been sent to the president of the N.E.O. league. It is doubtful, however, if Warren’s protest will in any way affect the standing of the league, for though the red and white may have a right to argue one decision made by the referee there was no question as to Massillon being the superior tam on the field.

While Washington high may have shown Dover how to play football, the latter school showed the Massillonians how to put a band on the field. The Dover band, twice the size of that of the local school and uniformly dressed furnished the only color to the game with peppy music and a drill between halves. While Washington high has been struggling along from year to year trying to find enough interested students to form a band, Dover has built up a fine organization that is a credit to a school of its size.

Fumble Leads To Touchdown
A recovered fumble was responsible for the orange and black’s first touchdown Saturday.
The local team had kicked off and a Crimson player muffed the ball on the first play. Worthington and Getz recovering it on the Dover 31-yard line. Clendening ripped through left tackle for eight yards and Kester cut in for eight more and a first down on the 15-yard line. Williams picked up four yards on a fake and Kester got a yard at left tackle. Clendening hit for six and in two more plays Kester carried the ball across for a touchdown. Williams plunged for the extra point.

The second scoring march was launched from the Dover 45-yard line where the Tigers got the ball on a punt. Three drives at the Crimson line netted a first down on the 32-yard line. Kester slipped through for a dash to the 21-yard line. The teams changed locations at the end of the quarter and the Tigers continued their spurt. It took two plunges by Williams to make a first down on the 11-yard line and three more lunges through the right side of the Dover line for a touchdown. Clendening kicked the extra point.

On the next kickoff the Tigers crossed up the Crimson by successfully working a short kick, but penalties ended the local team’s bid for a touchdown. Schott, Massillon center, and Seibert, Dover tackle, were ejected from the game by the referee.

On Scoring Spree
The slaughter took place in the second half. A poor punt by Dover carried out of bounds on the 10-yard line. Four plays were necessary to score, Clendening going over for the touchdown. His kick was wide of the posts.

Williams did most of the ball lugging to bring the fourth score of the day. He started things when he intercepted Godfrey’s pass on Dover’s 47-yard line. Straight football with Williams carrying the ball three out of four times, took the pigskin to the three-yard line from which point the Massillon fullback plunged across. Smith fumbled the next kickoff. Getz recovering for Massillon on the Dover 18-yard line. Clendening and Kester got a first down in two plays and two plays later he went over for the touchdown. Clendening kicked goal.

Passes were responsible for the next. Kester to Getz gained 35 yards and a first down on the 18-yard line. Another brought a first on the seven yard line, Kester plunging across for the touchdown. Clendening missed the kick.

The last touchdown was scored by the Tiger subs. Singer ended a Dover rally by intercepting a pass on the 15-yard line and carrying it back to the Massillon 45-yard line. Clendening got loose for a dash to the 36-yard line and Singer and Foster in three attempts got a first down on the 25-yard line.

The same two boys kept plunging away until Foster succeeded in plunging over for a touchdown. Clendening’s kick was wide of the goal.

Line up and summary:
Massillon Pos. Dover
Getz LE Smith
Willison LT Selbert
Snodgrass LG Horn
Hoyman C Hartman
Monroe RG Herman
Price RT Gordon
Singer RE Kelker
Kester QB Godfrey
Clendening LH Sauers
Foster RH Maurer
Williams FB Fautz

Score by periods:
Massillon 7 7 26 6 46

Massillon – Mudd for Snodgrass; Worthington for Singer; Singer for Foster; Schott for Hoyman; Assmus for Schott; Foster for Williams; Toles for Monroe; Shattuck for Kester; Suttle for Price; Richardson for Toles; Buhecker for Shattuck; Nelson for Getz; Appleby for Suttle; Heisler for Worthington.
Dover – Espenschied for Hartman; Archinal for Seibert; Graves for Kelker; Mason for Sauers; Lindamood for Kaurman.

Massillon – Kester 2; Williams 2; Clendening 2; Foster.

Point after touchdown:
Massillon – Clendening 3 (placekick); Williams (linebuck).

Watkins (Harvard).
M’Haffey (Cornell).
Kuffini (Oberlin).

John Kester
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1929: Massillon 41, Dover 0

Washington High Scores 41-0 Win Over Dover


The ball was on the 47-yard line. Clendening dropped back as the teams lined up, and with the snap of the ball was off on a run around left end. Dover thought he would whip a lateral pass to Kester, but instead he suddenly cut across the line of scrimmage, and although twice apparently tackled, broke away and raced across the Crimson goal line.

The clouds that occasionally spat raindrops on the fans were no more sullen Saturday afternoon than the Dover football team after that run of Clendening’s. One previous touchdown had been made, on straight football, but whatever hope Dover had of winning after the first score, was crushed to earth with this feature dash of the day. Broken in spirit the Crimson gridders yielded yards easily to the touchdown thirsty Tigers and by the end of the game the score was 41 to 0.

Dover Never Threatened
Forty-one to nothing. That is a new record for the orange and black this season and represents the highest score a Washington high team has made since the middle of the 1926 season when Akron Garfield was defeated by half a hundred points.

Forty-one points tells the strength of the Tigers offense Saturday and it might have been a dozen or so greater had they elected to make it such. “Nothing” bespeaks the power of the forward wall, and even had the Massillon goal been moved up 27 yards for Dover to shoot at a big zero would still have been the visitors score, for never did the Crimson squad get any nearer the Tigers’ goal line than the 27-yard stripe.

Admittedly outweighed by their Tiger opponents, the Dover boys were completely outplayed in every department of the game The Massillon attack flashed brilliantly at the start of the game, and after rolling up four touchdowns in quick succession was at its peak when in the middle of the second period, Coach Elmer McGrew sent in his shock troops, thus putting an end to the scoring and placing the teams on a more even basis in a matter of strength. Two more touchdowns were scored in the second half when the regulars went back into the game.

Team Shows Strength
Clendening made the feature runs of the afternoon, but his play was no more brilliant than the line plunging of Williams, the all around ability of John Kester, and the blocking of Worthington, the fourth member of the backfield. The Tiger line as a whole seldom wrinkled under the thrusts of the Dover backs, and its ability to push back the front ranks of the visitors, gave the Tiger ball carriers a broken field for their running.

Standing head and shoulders above their teammates, Baker, Foutz and Rees were the shining lights on the Dover squad. Followed closely by the orange and black, Baker, groomed as the big threat of the Crimson, failed to make an impressive showing until late in the second period, when with many Massillon substitutes on the field, he reeled off a series of end runs that gave his schoolmates the only thing they had to rejoice over all afternoon. However, his play was marred with slugging on his part and he was ejected from the game in the fourth period by Referee Lobach. Foutz, was the visitors’ chief ground gainer on the plunges while Jimmy Rees was the greatest menace on the Dover line to Tiger ball carriers.

Clendening Shines
Clendening with runs of 47, 30 and 19 yards for touchdowns was the Tigers’ chief scorer for the day. In addition to his long runs he kicked five extra points from placement after touchdowns, giving him a total of 23 points for the day. Williams, Kester and Worthington, each contributed six points to the Massillon collection.

The first touchdown was made by John Kester in the middle of the first period on a straight march of 77 yards. The second came in the closing minutes of the period on Clendening’s 47-yard run.

The second quarter had no more than opened until Worthington bucked through left guard for four yards after a parade of 65 yards up the field. The fourth set of points was another of those scintillating dashes of the colored boy this time from the 30-yard line. The fifth scored in the middle of the third period was the direct result of the terrific line plunging of Glenn Williams during which he carried the ball three out of four times while driving the Dover team backward 55 yards across its goal line. Clendening scored the sixth and final touchdown in the fourth period on a 19-yard wiggle and snake run.

15 First Downs
In a matter of first downs, the local team had 15 to Dover’s six. The Tigers tried two passes and both failed. Dover completed four out of eight throws for a gain of 24 yards, having four incomplete passes. Massillon was penalized 45 yards and Dover the same distance.

If Dover had anything to boast about it was its band, and the generous support of its fans. The Dover band outnumbered and outplayed the Massillon musicians, and drilled on the field between halves. If a count had been made it probably would have been found that Dover had as many fans in the stands as Massillon which means that approximately 1,000 attended the game from the Tuscarawas county city.

To the surprise of many spectators, as well as reporters, the first kickoff was made 12 minutes earlier than the time given to the newspapers for announcement Friday. As a result many of the fans who chose to watch the progress of the World Series baseball game until a few minutes before the start of the football contest found the first period nearly half over when they reached the high school field. Officials fearing that darkness would not permit completion of the game started it ahead of schedule and the late arriving spectators were the losers.

Baker kicked off toe Kester who returned to the 13-yard line. Williams made six yards in two plunges. Kester punted to his own 46-yard line. Riefensnyder and Baker failed to gain and a pass Teglo to Lahmers was good for but three yards. Baker punted to Clendening who returned to his 25-yard line. Williams made a first down in three plays on his own 40-yard line. A lateral pass, Clendening to Williams gained five yards and Clendening reeled off five more for a first down in midfield. Kester ripped off another first down on the Dover 40-yard line and Williams and Worthington plunged for another on the 30-yard line. Williams slipped through for a gain of seven yards and Kester found a hole for eight more and a first down on the 15-yard line. The Tigers were penalized 15 yards but Kester got off to a 23-yard run and Clendening made it a first down on the four-yard stripe, Kester took it over on his second attempt, a run around right end. Clendening place-kicked the extra point.

Kester kicked to Dover on the 35-yard line, and when three plays netted but seven yards Baker punted short to Clendening on the 48-yard line. Worthington made a yard and on the next play Clendening slipped around left end for a run of 47 yards and a touchdown. His place kick was wide of the goal posts. Score: Massillon 13; Dover 0.

Kester was downed with Dover’s kickoff on the 35-yard line. Williams made seven yards and Clendening two, but Massillon was penalized five yards. Williams made up for the loss by hitting center for a first down on his own 45-yard line, as the quarter closed with the local team leading 13-0.

Second Period
Clendening broke away for a run to Dover’s 30-yard line. Williams picked up nine yards and Worthington made it a first down on the 18-yard line. Williams rammed center for five yards and then made a first down on the four-yard line. He fumbled but recovered without gain. Worthington slipped through left guard for the third touchdown and Clenedning place-kicked the extra point. Score: Massillon 20; Dover 0.

Kester kicked to Baker who was downed on Dover’s 26-yard line. Thomas, Baker and Teglo picked up but seven yards and Baker after getting a poor center pass punted quickly, almost laterally and out of bounds on his own 30-yard line. On the next play Clendening broke away for a touchdown, and place kicked the extra point. Coach McGrew then began shooting his subs into the fray. Score: Massillon 27; Dover 0.

Massillon kicked to Dover on the 35-yard line. Thomas made two yards but Baker lost three around right end. When Thomas failed to gain, Baker punted short to his own
42-yard line. Kester got five yards but the Tigers were penalized the same distance. Clendening slipped through for five and Rice made 10 yards but a penalty of 15 yards was inflicted on the locals for failing to halt on a shift play. Kester then punted 55 yards over the Dover goal line. Dover took the ball on the Massillon 20-yard line. Thomas and Foutz each gained three yards and Thomas picked up but one more after which Baker punted out of bounds on his own 45-yard line. The game was delayed frequently through the substitution of players. Kester made four yards, Singer a yard, but Little lost a yard. Mudd punted over the Dover goal line, and Dover was given the ball. Foutz failed to gain, but Baker got away for his team’s first down, carrying the ball to his own 38-yard line. Foutz gained six yards in two attempts and Thomas picked up a yard. Baker slipped through the Massillon line for a first down on the local’s 34-yard line. Foutz made two yards and Baker five more but the ball was called back and Dover penalized 15 yards. Fourtz passed to Smith for a gain of seven yards and Baker was held without gain. Houriet blocked Foutz’s pass and the visitors surrendered the ball on downs. Bordner fumbled on the next play but recovered as the first half ended with the locals leading 27 to 0.

Massillon tried a short kick but Dover covered on its own 45-yard line. Thomas fumbled and the local team recovered on the 49-yard line. Williams and Clendening made eight yards. Kester fumbled but recovered for a loss of two. Kester punted out of bounds on the 18-yard line. Thomas got a yard but Baker lost two. Baker punted short to Kester on the 35-yard line who returned to the 25-yard line. Rice failed to gain and the Tigers were penalized five yards. Two passes were incompleted bringing a five-yard penalty and Kester punted over the goal line. With the ball on the 20-yard line, Foutz and Riefensnyder plunged for a first down on three plays. Three more plays failed to gain more than three yards and Baker punted out of bounds on the Massillon 45-yard line Williams gained nine yards on two plunges and Kester waded through for a first down on the Dover 40-yard line. Rice stumbled and lost three yards but Williams plunged for a first down in two drives at the line, stopping at the 21-yard stripe. He was hurt on the play but continued in the game. Kester made a yard and a cross pass, Kester to Clendening brought a first down on the
10-yard line. Williams took the ball over in four plays, and Clendening added the extra point from placement. Score: Massillon 34, Dover 0.

Kester kicked off to Thomas who returned to the 26-yard line. Foutz carried for eight yards as the quarter ended.

Fourth Quarter
Foutz plunged for a first down on his own 38-yard line. Thomas got a yard, Baker six, Foutz a yard and then Foutz slipped through for another first down in mid-field. Baker failed to gain but Teglo passed 13 yards to Lahmers for a first down on the Massillon 37-yard line. Dover was penalized five yards and a pass was incomplete. A second pass Teglo to Baker gained but two yards and a third pass went for naught. Baker punted to Kester, and was caught slugging a Massillon player who was running interference for Kester. Baker was ejected from the game and Dover penalized half the distance to the goal line, giving the Tigers the ball on the 24-yard line Kester found a hole for four yards and Clendening took the ball from Williams and ran 19 yards for the last touchdown of the game. He kicked goal. Score: Massillon 41, Dover 0.

Kester kicked off to the Dover 34-yard line. Foutz gained but four yards in two plays and Kester returned a Dover punt from his 15-yard line to the 35-yard line. Williams and Rice gained six yards and Clendening was stopped in his tracks. Kester punted out of bounds on Dover’s 28-yard line. Foutz failed to gain and Teglo’s pass was grounded. He gained two yards at center. Kester took the return punt on the Massillon 40 yard line and was held without return. Kester was thrown for a loss of three yards. The game ended soon after.

Line up and summary:
Massillon Position Dover
Toles LE Sauers
Willison LT Rausch
Pfister LG Horn
Lewis C Rees
Herman RG Davis
Blatz RT Schlelper
Houriet RE Lahmers
Kester QB Riefensynder
Clendening LH Baker
Worthington RH Teglo
Williams FB Thomas

Score by periods:
Massillon 13 14 7 7 41

Massillon – Rice, rh; Snodgrass, lg; Getz, le; Price, rg; Mudd, fb; Knowlton, lh; Hoyman, c; Little, lh; Bordner, rh; Hoagland, rt.
Dover – Foutz, rh; Smith, re; Godfrey, lg; D. Godfrey, lt.

Massillon – Kester; Clendening 3; Worthington; Williams.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Clendening 5 (placekick)

Referee – Lobach.
Umpire – Clark.
Head Linesman – Weise.

Time – 12 minute halves.

Alfred Lewis
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1913: Massillon 67, Dover 0


Massillon High made its initial appearance upon the gridiron Saturday afternoon, defeating Dover High by the overwhelming score of 67 to 0. Dover was outclassed in all departments of the game and Massillon’s goal was never in danger.

End runs, forward passes and line plunges were all worked successfully by the varsity. The result of three weeks’ hard practice and scrimmage was shown. Massillon worked like a machine, the rapid teamwork and fast playing of the locals completely bewildered their opponents.

McLaughlin scored the first touchdown of the game after five minutes of play. After that it was easy, Massillon not being forced to punt during the entire game, while the best gain that Dover could make was three first downs in succession. Forward passes were worked to good advantage, Rider registering five touchdowns on forwards received from Hollinger, making four of them in succession. End runs were also good ground gainers.

It would be hard to pick the star of the game. Every player did his level best. At the end Rider and Rogers played a brilliant game. Rider caught one forward pass after another and made large gains. Rogers on the other end continually broke down the defense and nailing the man carrying the ball. Rudy and Theis at tackle stopped all attempts at line plunges. Rudy shifted to halfback during the second half, tore up the Dover line for big gains. Paroz and Houriet at guard were in the game every minute, breaking up plays and opening large holes for the backs to plow through. Spidle at center played the game of his life.

Hollinger ran the team in great style, pulling off the right play at the right time and making several good gains himself. The backfield, composed of McLaughlin, Kester, Smith Rudy and Vogt, tore through the Dover line at will. Kester played the stellar role in tackling, backing up the line in fine style and often downing the man in his tracks. McLaughlin’s specialty was in making end runs, it taking usually half of the opposing team to down him. Smith and Vogt hit the line like men weighing 180 pounds instead of only 130.

With the fine showing made in Saturday’s game, the prospects for a championship team this fall are very bright. A large crowd witnessed the opening game. The high school rooters were out in force and with the assistance of cheerleader Johnny Archibold, kept up a continual line of yells during the contest.

Following is the line-up and summary
M.H.S. Pos. D.H.S.
Rogers le Riley
Theis lt Tressel
Paroz lg Freid
Spidle c Gannon
Houriet rg Forney
Rudy, Kester rt Straub
Rider re Chase
Hollinger qb Jenkins
Smith, Vogt rhb Nugent
McLaughlin lhb Baker
Kester, Rudy (c) fb Swanger (c)

Massillon – Rider; McLaughlin 2; Rudy 1; Smith 1; Hollinger 1.

Massillon – Kester 7 out of 10.

Time of quarters: – 12 and 10 minutes.

Referee – Bast.
Umpire – Pfouts.
Head Linesman – Yingling.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1909: Massillon 26 Dover 0

The Home Team Put Up a Game Fight.
SCORE:  MASSILLON   26,        DOVER   0

The Local Team was Too Heavy
for Their Light and Speedy Opponents
Dover Gained Little Through Massillon’s Defense
Rain Fell During Game

The Canal Dover high school football team, outweighed perhaps twelve pounds to the man, was defeated on its own grounds by the Massillon high school by the score of 26 to 0.  Against a team of its own weight Dover could evidently have put up a first class game of football, but at no time did it have a show against the Massillon team, which combined weight with a certain amount of speed, a combination hard to beat. Against a hopeless handicap the smaller team put up a scrappy game to the end.  It contested every inch of ground to the last ditch, and died game.  Strange to say, the heavier team came out of the game considerably more battered than its opponents, who were almost unscathed.

On account of the drizzly weather the attendance at the game, which was played at the fair grounds, was small.  Although the field was wet the sod prevented it from becoming slippery. Rain fell during the second half.

The first half of the game, was by far the fastest and most interesting.  Both teams started off with a rush, but soon settled down to business.  Massillon received and began by smashing Dover’s light line which yielded, although not as easily as might be expected.  Both teams resorted to kicking, although Dover was forced to punt more often than Massillon.  Massillon played hard and aggressive ball in the first half.  They were seldom held for downs in the first division of the game and succeeded in pushing three touchdowns, and one drop kick by Blackburn over the line.  Heavy line plunges could always be depended upon to carry the ball out of a tight space, but it was her speedy, open play and tricks which gained the ground.  The first touchdown was made by Miller on a fake line buck which developed into a double pass around end.  This play worked several times to good effect, when Dover’s entire strength was drawn in to stop the line buck.

Dover’s own fake punt which worked so successfully against Massillon last year, was cast into its teeth by the Massillon bunch, who worked it several times for large gains.  Dover tried the same play unsuccessfully.  Both Erb and Wagner were worked hard on tackle through tackle plays and neither failed at any time to deliver the goods.  Massillon also worked to good effect a silent signal series of three plays, which involved a successful forward pass from Miller to Zintsmaster.  Massillon’s defense, although amply sufficient, was not impregnable.  Dover gained its yards one or two and at one time.  Tracht broke around right end for twenty-five yards.  Aside from this, Dover was never once within striking distance of the goal.

Dover’s offense showed speed and skill, but was unable to assert itself.  Practically none of its plays were successful.  Massillon’s defense was prepared for everything.  Beside the fake punt Dover had a forward pass and a play in which center carried the ball back from the line of scrimmage.  Dover’s one surprise consisted of a play from punt formation in which the fullback, flanked by the halves, carried the ball through center.  The play gained three yards, the only time it was worked, but Dover lost the ball on downs immediately after.  Bentz and Peters put up good games in the backfield, and Rice and Brooks starred at the ends.

In the last half of the game Dover came back fresh as ever, and Massillon wilted under the reduced pressure.  Moody replaced McConnell at guard and Ellis at end changed places with Zintsmaster, at guard.  After a few minutes of play Wagner was forced to leave the game with an injured nose.  He was replaced by Ellis, who was in turn replaced by Heyman, regular guard, who was on the sidelines for emergency.  In this condition with part of the backfield unable to carry the ball and part mixing the signal, Massillon finished the game rather listlessly.

Following is the summary:

Massillon – 25              Position            Dover – 0
Miller                              L.E.               Rice
Erb                                 L.T.               Herzog
Zinstmaster-Heyman       L.G.               Lindberg
Leahy                                C                 Harbaugh
McConnell-Moody         R.G.              Wagner
Wagner-Ellis                   R.T.               Wendling
Ellis-Zintsmaster              R.E.               Brucks
Atwater                            Q.                McKean
Wells                              L.H.               Tracht
Blackburn                       R.H.              Bence
Sonnhalter                       F.B.               Peters

Massillon – Miller   2; Wagner; Wells.

Goals kicked:
Massillon – Blackburn   3.

Drop kick:
Massillon – Blackburn.

Referee – Bast.
Umpire – Ress.

Time of halves – 20 minutes.


1908: Massillon 0 Dover 26

DOVER  26                 MASSILLON   0

Nothing was added to the percentage of the Massillon High School football team nor to its unenviable reputation on the gridiron by the game played at Canal Dover, Saturday.  Massillon was defeated by a team weighing much less, and showing much less practice in the playing of the game; and not only this, but by a score much higher than it had any cause whatever to be.  The score was 26 to 0.  The Massillon team was confident perhaps over confident, as to the outcome of the game, but it had reason to be.  Massillon was equal to the task of beating Dover but when weighed in the balance something was lacking.  The local team did not play so badly as it did listlessly and therein lies the cause of defeat.

Massillon weight helped some, and there was some individual playing but not enough.  The snap and vim with which Dover played was almost wholly lacking in the other team.  Dover’s readiness to take advantage of Massillon’s drowsiness and failure to see through trick plays was the most important factor in Massillon’s defeat.  Massillon did not seem to ginger into the game until the second half when its real form was shown to excellent advantage but it was then too late.

Dover made five touchdowns, three in the first and two in the second half.  A little trick which started Massillon up in the air was a short side kick on the kick-off which was recovered by a Dover man.  The first touchdown was made after, twelve minutes of play.  Not more than two of Dover’s touchdowns were forced over on straight football.  Most of the gains were made by tricks and running in the open field, all of which should have been stopped by Massillon players.  At the most a half-hearted attempt was made when a little extra effort would have stopped the play.  Massillon tacklers were staved off with the greatest ease.

In the second half after being stepped on to pretty good advantage, the Massillon players began to get hot under the collar.  In certain spots during this part of the game they showed form which should have won the game for them had it been apparent during the entire game.  At times the ball was carried along for substantial gains, but Dover’s nervy playing usually took the starch out of any attempts at a touchdown.  Once, however, the ball was run straight up the field to within one yard of the goal.  Erb was called back from his tackle to put the ball over the line which he would have done with the greatest case had not Bowers, who was playing quarter, fumbled.  Dover secured the ball and punted out.  The Massillon team lost its last chance to save itself for a whitewash.


1908: Massillon 7 Dover 5

Hammersmith Participated in Defeat of Dover.

MASSILLON  7        DOVER   5

Massillon Outweighed Visitors Ten Pounds to the Man
and Had Greater Endurance
Local Eleven Exhibited Ginger and Strength but Little Science.

It was Johnnie Hammersmith, Massillon’s thunder and lightning halfback who played the winning game Saturday against Dover high school football team, on the high school grounds.  Hammer was in the game from start to finish and played the whole second half with a cramp known as a Charley Horse among the initiated, in his left leg.  The injury was not received in the game but was due to overexertion of single muscles in practice.  In the first half Hammer was first down the field on the second kick off and downed the Dover man behind the line, scoring Massillon’s first two points on a safety.  In the second half it was Hammer who carried the ball over the line on an end run from the ten yard line, scoring five more points and winning the game.  After fifteen minutes of play in the first half Dover made its only five points.  After netting thirty-five yards on a forward pass and bucking the line for five yards, Klar carried the ball over for Dover in a mass play on left tackle.

In general the two teams were evenly matched.  Massillon outweighed Dover perhaps ten pounds to the man, but Dover has been practicing for a month to Massillon’s week and a half and it showed it.  In the matter of endurance Massillon again had the advantage.  Dover started off like a whirlwind but before the end of the first half Massillon had it so completely fogged that time was taken out four times by the Dover team, which was penalized two yards for the last time, each team being allowed to call time out but three times in a half.  The deciding factor in the game, however, was Massillon’s invincible determination to win the first game.  Much depended upon the outcome.  There is a project on foot among the citizens of Massillon to back the team financially and to purchase a complete outfit for the team in place it makes good.  Between the halves Superintendent Cronebaugh told the team there was $200 in sight if it won the game.  Coach Hall exhorted each player to his mightiest deeds and Massillon went out and won.  It was do or die, and they did.

Considering the recent organization of the Massillon team and the number of new men in the lineup, their playing was excellent.  But five, Erb, Carr, Hammersmith, Snavely and Wells, are veterans.  The remainder are this year’s recruits.  Bowers as quarter, generaled the team like a veteran.  The right play was forth coming at the right time and the weak spots were “Hammered” unmercifully.  Burkhart at center, Leahy at tackle, and Richards t end, buckled into the opposing line like old timers.  The game brought out many weak points, however, which will be remedied as soon as possible.  Klar and Benson played the game for Dover.
Snavely kicked off to Benson, who advanced fifteen yards.  Casbeer was thrown for a loss, Benson failed to gain around left end, Klar punted to Hammersmith.  Hammersmith made six yards around right end.  Snavely was thrown without gain.  Dover caught on side kick.  Benson made six yards through right guard.  Dover penalized five yards for holding.  Benson failed to gain. Klar punted to Hammersmith, Snavely failed to gain.  Kickout failed.  Score, Dover 5; Massillon 0.

Snavely kicked off to Peters who fumbled ball and was down by Hammersmith across the line.  Massillon awared a safety.  Score, Dover 5; Massillon 2.

Dover kicked out from twenty-five yard line.  Massillon’s ball.  Hammersmith failed to gain, Snavely fumbled, Hammersmith recovering ball, Snavely punted to Klar who returned fifteen yards, Benson made two yards around left end.  A forward pass failed.  Time called.  Score Dover 5; Massillon 2.
Klar kicked to Hammersmith who returned fifteen yards.  Hammersmith failed to gain, Snavely failed to gain, Casbeer blocked Snavely’s punt, Hammersmith recovering ball, Snavely failed to gain through guard, Hammersmith made seven yards around right end, Hammersmith punted to Klar who returned twenty yards; downed by Carr.  Benson fumbled, Richards recovering the ball, Hammersmith failed to gain.  A forward pass netted twenty yards, Snavely gained three yards through left guard.  Dover was penalized five yards for holding.  Hammersmith gained two yards.  Dover penalized two-yards for holding.  Davis failed to gain around right end.  Hammersmith made a touchdown on right end run for ten yards.  The kickout failed.  Score, Massillon 7; Dover 5.

Snavely kicked off to Benson who returned fifteen yards.  Klar fumbled, giving Massillon the ball.  Davis made three yards through tackle.  Hammersmith failed to gain, on-side kick and failed.  Dover’s ball.  Klar fumbled.  Hammersmith falling on ball.  Davis made two yards, Hammersmith fumbled.  Dover’s ball.  A forward pass netted fifteen yards, Klar made five yards through tackle, Benson made three yards, Casbeer made two yards, Casbeer made seven yards around end, Peters made three yards through left tackle, Klar made three yards through right guard, Casbeer made five yards, Casbeer made three yards, Klar failed to gain, forward pass failed.  Richards falling on ball, Hammersmith punted to Klar who was downed by Richards.  Time up.  Score,

Klar made five yards through right guard, Benson failed to make gain.  Massillon’s ball.  Hammersmith made ten yards around right end.  Davis made two yards around left end, Snavely failed to gain, Hammersmith punted to Klar, thrown by Snavely, Benson thrown for a loss.  A forward pass netted thirty-five yards.  Benson made five yards through right tackle, Klar carried the ball over the line.  Score:  Massillon  7;  Dover 5.

The line-up:

Massillon – 7                 Pos.       Dover – 5
Richards        le            Brister
Erb                 lt             Athey
Moody          lg     A. Godfrey
Burkhart         c              Davis
Carr              rg        Wendling
Leahy             rt             Peters
Wells             re      J. Godfrey
Bowers        qb         Radswell
Hammersmith lh          Casbeer
Davis             rh           Benson
Snavely         fb                Klar

Halves:  20 and 15 minutes.

Umpire – Merwin.
Referee – Dow.
Time keeper – Hall.
Head Linesman – Bloomberg


1905: Massillon 6 Dover 0


As a preliminary to the Tiger game, Massillon High School, won from the Dover High School, the score being 6 to 0.  The game was a very close one and the hardest Massillon has had this season.  Two twenty-five minute halves were played.  The entire Massillon team put up a great game and the line held in great shape.  Merwin’s punts were all of the first class and Dover never realized any gain upon them.  Kline and Jones at the ends got into the game and broke up Dover’s interference repeatedly.  Miller, Burkhart and Thompson made great gains and cut up the line.  Massillon kicked off to Dover, Burkhart making a nice tackle.  Dover was forced to punt and held Massillon, fumbling  directly afterwards. Burkhart circled the end for twenty-five yards but the ball was lost on downs.  Diefenbacher, for Dover, made twenty-five yards on a trick play but fumbled.  The ball was thus kept in the center of the field until the end of the first half, neither team scoring.  Dover then kicked south to Massillon, Scott bringing the ball to the forty yard line.  Merwin went around end for twenty yards; Thompson made fifteen.  Dover was forced to punt, and after line bucks Burkhart carried the ball around end thirty yards, following it by fifteen yards for a touchdown.  Merwin kicked goal.

Massillon kicked to Dover, who was not dangerous in the second half.  It took the hardest kind of work during the remainder of the game but no touchdown resulted.  For the spectators the game was more exciting than the Tiger game.  The Dover team held the heavy New Philadelphia high school team to a 0 to 0 score.  They were slightly outweighed by the Massillon boys.

Line-up and summary:

Massillon High – 6  Position       Dover High – 0

Kline                          LE             E. Schawaker
Fiegenschuh               LT                          Steitz
Beatty                        LG                          Kline
Klotz                           C            M. Schawaker
Grinnell                      RG                         Klarr
Scott                          RT                       Allman
Jones                         RE                          Lund
Merwin (c)                QB             Diefenbacher
Thompson                LHB          Richardson (c)
Burkhart                   RHB                   Waldron
Miller                         FB                        Peters

Minehart, referee.
Coleman, timekeeper.
J. Long, head linesman.

Time – Two 25 minute halves.