DOVER  26                 MASSILLON   0

Nothing was added to the percentage of the Massillon High School football team nor to its unenviable reputation on the gridiron by the game played at Canal Dover, Saturday.  Massillon was defeated by a team weighing much less, and showing much less practice in the playing of the game; and not only this, but by a score much higher than it had any cause whatever to be.  The score was 26 to 0.  The Massillon team was confident perhaps over confident, as to the outcome of the game, but it had reason to be.  Massillon was equal to the task of beating Dover but when weighed in the balance something was lacking.  The local team did not play so badly as it did listlessly and therein lies the cause of defeat.

Massillon weight helped some, and there was some individual playing but not enough.  The snap and vim with which Dover played was almost wholly lacking in the other team.  Dover’s readiness to take advantage of Massillon’s drowsiness and failure to see through trick plays was the most important factor in Massillon’s defeat.  Massillon did not seem to ginger into the game until the second half when its real form was shown to excellent advantage but it was then too late.

Dover made five touchdowns, three in the first and two in the second half.  A little trick which started Massillon up in the air was a short side kick on the kick-off which was recovered by a Dover man.  The first touchdown was made after, twelve minutes of play.  Not more than two of Dover’s touchdowns were forced over on straight football.  Most of the gains were made by tricks and running in the open field, all of which should have been stopped by Massillon players.  At the most a half-hearted attempt was made when a little extra effort would have stopped the play.  Massillon tacklers were staved off with the greatest ease.

In the second half after being stepped on to pretty good advantage, the Massillon players began to get hot under the collar.  In certain spots during this part of the game they showed form which should have won the game for them had it been apparent during the entire game.  At times the ball was carried along for substantial gains, but Dover’s nervy playing usually took the starch out of any attempts at a touchdown.  Once, however, the ball was run straight up the field to within one yard of the goal.  Erb was called back from his tackle to put the ball over the line which he would have done with the greatest case had not Bowers, who was playing quarter, fumbled.  Dover secured the ball and punted out.  The Massillon team lost its last chance to save itself for a whitewash.