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Washington High Scores 41-0 Win Over Dover


The ball was on the 47-yard line. Clendening dropped back as the teams lined up, and with the snap of the ball was off on a run around left end. Dover thought he would whip a lateral pass to Kester, but instead he suddenly cut across the line of scrimmage, and although twice apparently tackled, broke away and raced across the Crimson goal line.

The clouds that occasionally spat raindrops on the fans were no more sullen Saturday afternoon than the Dover football team after that run of Clendening’s. One previous touchdown had been made, on straight football, but whatever hope Dover had of winning after the first score, was crushed to earth with this feature dash of the day. Broken in spirit the Crimson gridders yielded yards easily to the touchdown thirsty Tigers and by the end of the game the score was 41 to 0.

Dover Never Threatened
Forty-one to nothing. That is a new record for the orange and black this season and represents the highest score a Washington high team has made since the middle of the 1926 season when Akron Garfield was defeated by half a hundred points.

Forty-one points tells the strength of the Tigers offense Saturday and it might have been a dozen or so greater had they elected to make it such. “Nothing” bespeaks the power of the forward wall, and even had the Massillon goal been moved up 27 yards for Dover to shoot at a big zero would still have been the visitors score, for never did the Crimson squad get any nearer the Tigers’ goal line than the 27-yard stripe.

Admittedly outweighed by their Tiger opponents, the Dover boys were completely outplayed in every department of the game The Massillon attack flashed brilliantly at the start of the game, and after rolling up four touchdowns in quick succession was at its peak when in the middle of the second period, Coach Elmer McGrew sent in his shock troops, thus putting an end to the scoring and placing the teams on a more even basis in a matter of strength. Two more touchdowns were scored in the second half when the regulars went back into the game.

Team Shows Strength
Clendening made the feature runs of the afternoon, but his play was no more brilliant than the line plunging of Williams, the all around ability of John Kester, and the blocking of Worthington, the fourth member of the backfield. The Tiger line as a whole seldom wrinkled under the thrusts of the Dover backs, and its ability to push back the front ranks of the visitors, gave the Tiger ball carriers a broken field for their running.

Standing head and shoulders above their teammates, Baker, Foutz and Rees were the shining lights on the Dover squad. Followed closely by the orange and black, Baker, groomed as the big threat of the Crimson, failed to make an impressive showing until late in the second period, when with many Massillon substitutes on the field, he reeled off a series of end runs that gave his schoolmates the only thing they had to rejoice over all afternoon. However, his play was marred with slugging on his part and he was ejected from the game in the fourth period by Referee Lobach. Foutz, was the visitors’ chief ground gainer on the plunges while Jimmy Rees was the greatest menace on the Dover line to Tiger ball carriers.

Clendening Shines
Clendening with runs of 47, 30 and 19 yards for touchdowns was the Tigers’ chief scorer for the day. In addition to his long runs he kicked five extra points from placement after touchdowns, giving him a total of 23 points for the day. Williams, Kester and Worthington, each contributed six points to the Massillon collection.

The first touchdown was made by John Kester in the middle of the first period on a straight march of 77 yards. The second came in the closing minutes of the period on Clendening’s 47-yard run.

The second quarter had no more than opened until Worthington bucked through left guard for four yards after a parade of 65 yards up the field. The fourth set of points was another of those scintillating dashes of the colored boy this time from the 30-yard line. The fifth scored in the middle of the third period was the direct result of the terrific line plunging of Glenn Williams during which he carried the ball three out of four times while driving the Dover team backward 55 yards across its goal line. Clendening scored the sixth and final touchdown in the fourth period on a 19-yard wiggle and snake run.

15 First Downs
In a matter of first downs, the local team had 15 to Dover’s six. The Tigers tried two passes and both failed. Dover completed four out of eight throws for a gain of 24 yards, having four incomplete passes. Massillon was penalized 45 yards and Dover the same distance.

If Dover had anything to boast about it was its band, and the generous support of its fans. The Dover band outnumbered and outplayed the Massillon musicians, and drilled on the field between halves. If a count had been made it probably would have been found that Dover had as many fans in the stands as Massillon which means that approximately 1,000 attended the game from the Tuscarawas county city.

To the surprise of many spectators, as well as reporters, the first kickoff was made 12 minutes earlier than the time given to the newspapers for announcement Friday. As a result many of the fans who chose to watch the progress of the World Series baseball game until a few minutes before the start of the football contest found the first period nearly half over when they reached the high school field. Officials fearing that darkness would not permit completion of the game started it ahead of schedule and the late arriving spectators were the losers.

Baker kicked off toe Kester who returned to the 13-yard line. Williams made six yards in two plunges. Kester punted to his own 46-yard line. Riefensnyder and Baker failed to gain and a pass Teglo to Lahmers was good for but three yards. Baker punted to Clendening who returned to his 25-yard line. Williams made a first down in three plays on his own 40-yard line. A lateral pass, Clendening to Williams gained five yards and Clendening reeled off five more for a first down in midfield. Kester ripped off another first down on the Dover 40-yard line and Williams and Worthington plunged for another on the 30-yard line. Williams slipped through for a gain of seven yards and Kester found a hole for eight more and a first down on the 15-yard line. The Tigers were penalized 15 yards but Kester got off to a 23-yard run and Clendening made it a first down on the four-yard stripe, Kester took it over on his second attempt, a run around right end. Clendening place-kicked the extra point.

Kester kicked to Dover on the 35-yard line, and when three plays netted but seven yards Baker punted short to Clendening on the 48-yard line. Worthington made a yard and on the next play Clendening slipped around left end for a run of 47 yards and a touchdown. His place kick was wide of the goal posts. Score: Massillon 13; Dover 0.

Kester was downed with Dover’s kickoff on the 35-yard line. Williams made seven yards and Clendening two, but Massillon was penalized five yards. Williams made up for the loss by hitting center for a first down on his own 45-yard line, as the quarter closed with the local team leading 13-0.

Second Period
Clendening broke away for a run to Dover’s 30-yard line. Williams picked up nine yards and Worthington made it a first down on the 18-yard line. Williams rammed center for five yards and then made a first down on the four-yard line. He fumbled but recovered without gain. Worthington slipped through left guard for the third touchdown and Clenedning place-kicked the extra point. Score: Massillon 20; Dover 0.

Kester kicked to Baker who was downed on Dover’s 26-yard line. Thomas, Baker and Teglo picked up but seven yards and Baker after getting a poor center pass punted quickly, almost laterally and out of bounds on his own 30-yard line. On the next play Clendening broke away for a touchdown, and place kicked the extra point. Coach McGrew then began shooting his subs into the fray. Score: Massillon 27; Dover 0.

Massillon kicked to Dover on the 35-yard line. Thomas made two yards but Baker lost three around right end. When Thomas failed to gain, Baker punted short to his own
42-yard line. Kester got five yards but the Tigers were penalized the same distance. Clendening slipped through for five and Rice made 10 yards but a penalty of 15 yards was inflicted on the locals for failing to halt on a shift play. Kester then punted 55 yards over the Dover goal line. Dover took the ball on the Massillon 20-yard line. Thomas and Foutz each gained three yards and Thomas picked up but one more after which Baker punted out of bounds on his own 45-yard line. The game was delayed frequently through the substitution of players. Kester made four yards, Singer a yard, but Little lost a yard. Mudd punted over the Dover goal line, and Dover was given the ball. Foutz failed to gain, but Baker got away for his team’s first down, carrying the ball to his own 38-yard line. Foutz gained six yards in two attempts and Thomas picked up a yard. Baker slipped through the Massillon line for a first down on the local’s 34-yard line. Foutz made two yards and Baker five more but the ball was called back and Dover penalized 15 yards. Fourtz passed to Smith for a gain of seven yards and Baker was held without gain. Houriet blocked Foutz’s pass and the visitors surrendered the ball on downs. Bordner fumbled on the next play but recovered as the first half ended with the locals leading 27 to 0.

Massillon tried a short kick but Dover covered on its own 45-yard line. Thomas fumbled and the local team recovered on the 49-yard line. Williams and Clendening made eight yards. Kester fumbled but recovered for a loss of two. Kester punted out of bounds on the 18-yard line. Thomas got a yard but Baker lost two. Baker punted short to Kester on the 35-yard line who returned to the 25-yard line. Rice failed to gain and the Tigers were penalized five yards. Two passes were incompleted bringing a five-yard penalty and Kester punted over the goal line. With the ball on the 20-yard line, Foutz and Riefensnyder plunged for a first down on three plays. Three more plays failed to gain more than three yards and Baker punted out of bounds on the Massillon 45-yard line Williams gained nine yards on two plunges and Kester waded through for a first down on the Dover 40-yard line. Rice stumbled and lost three yards but Williams plunged for a first down in two drives at the line, stopping at the 21-yard stripe. He was hurt on the play but continued in the game. Kester made a yard and a cross pass, Kester to Clendening brought a first down on the
10-yard line. Williams took the ball over in four plays, and Clendening added the extra point from placement. Score: Massillon 34, Dover 0.

Kester kicked off to Thomas who returned to the 26-yard line. Foutz carried for eight yards as the quarter ended.

Fourth Quarter
Foutz plunged for a first down on his own 38-yard line. Thomas got a yard, Baker six, Foutz a yard and then Foutz slipped through for another first down in mid-field. Baker failed to gain but Teglo passed 13 yards to Lahmers for a first down on the Massillon 37-yard line. Dover was penalized five yards and a pass was incomplete. A second pass Teglo to Baker gained but two yards and a third pass went for naught. Baker punted to Kester, and was caught slugging a Massillon player who was running interference for Kester. Baker was ejected from the game and Dover penalized half the distance to the goal line, giving the Tigers the ball on the 24-yard line Kester found a hole for four yards and Clendening took the ball from Williams and ran 19 yards for the last touchdown of the game. He kicked goal. Score: Massillon 41, Dover 0.

Kester kicked off to the Dover 34-yard line. Foutz gained but four yards in two plays and Kester returned a Dover punt from his 15-yard line to the 35-yard line. Williams and Rice gained six yards and Clendening was stopped in his tracks. Kester punted out of bounds on Dover’s 28-yard line. Foutz failed to gain and Teglo’s pass was grounded. He gained two yards at center. Kester took the return punt on the Massillon 40 yard line and was held without return. Kester was thrown for a loss of three yards. The game ended soon after.

Line up and summary:
Massillon Position Dover
Toles LE Sauers
Willison LT Rausch
Pfister LG Horn
Lewis C Rees
Herman RG Davis
Blatz RT Schlelper
Houriet RE Lahmers
Kester QB Riefensynder
Clendening LH Baker
Worthington RH Teglo
Williams FB Thomas

Score by periods:
Massillon 13 14 7 7 41

Massillon – Rice, rh; Snodgrass, lg; Getz, le; Price, rg; Mudd, fb; Knowlton, lh; Hoyman, c; Little, lh; Bordner, rh; Hoagland, rt.
Dover – Foutz, rh; Smith, re; Godfrey, lg; D. Godfrey, lt.

Massillon – Kester; Clendening 3; Worthington; Williams.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Clendening 5 (placekick)

Referee – Lobach.
Umpire – Clark.
Head Linesman – Weise.

Time – 12 minute halves.

Alfred Lewis