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Dover Hands Washington High 6-0 Defeat
Fourth Quarter Touchdown Gives Tuscarawas County Lads Victory


Washington high gridders were tossed about on a Crimson wave from Dover Saturday afternoon and submerged 6-0 in as good a game as the local eleven has been seen in this year. The scarlet swell was at high tide in the fourth quarter and flowed over the goal line to score the only touchdown of the game but it was sufficient to give Dover the first victory every recorded over a Washington high school eleven.

The Tigers, fighting hard at times and at intervals showing flashes of the type of offensive power they should be capable of producing, were outplayed more than half the game, however by the visitors.

Though threatening and several times they had the ball within the 20-yard line, the local team could not muster sufficient drive to produce a touchdown. Once in the first half it fell just a yard short of a first down on the 10-yard line and three times in the second half was within striking distance of the last scarlet stripe but could not pierce that scrappy Crimson forward wall for any points.

Dover, boasting the best football team it has placed on the field in years, and incidentally a large portion of that team is composed of sophomores, staged its big attack in the fourth quarter.

Getting the ball on their own 20-yard line, the Crimson forwards pushed back the Massillon line as the Dover backs ripped off yard after yard to carry the ball for a first down on the Tigers’ 13-yard line. A 25-yard run by Foutz and a pass on the fourth down, Godfrey to Kelker were instrumental in advancing the ball. The latter play netted the first down on the 13-yard line.

Dover’s defensive line dominated and its offense gained ground with smash-mouth running in a 1931 victory over Massillon.

The Tigers stopped to talk things over but Dover wasn’t to be stopped. Zuchegno, who has been an in and outer all year plunged through for eight yards, and Foutz went through for a touchdown on the next play. Foutz’s attempted placekick traveled wide of the goal posts.

That ended the scoring but Dover made one more flash that took the ball well into Massillon territory before the gun barked the end of the game.

Washington high again showed lack of interference for ball carriers, and practically no protection was given Clendening when he attempted to pass the ball. Dover out-gained the Tigers on the field, making 13 first downs to the local team’s six.

The big throne in the side of the Tigers Saturday afternoon was Bees, Dover center, who couldn’t be taken out of the play. He made a large percentage of the tackles and possessed an uncanny knack of diagnosing a play. Foutz was the visitors’ big ground gainer.

Clendening picked up most of the yards gathered by the Tigers.

The game Saturday was an N.E.O. league affair, and as a result of the defeat, Washington high, football champion of the Big Ten in 1930 finished the season at the bottom of the standings.

Dover had as many supporters in the stands as the local school, some 1,000 fans accompanying the Crimson here.

Massillon Pos Dover
Getz LE Mason
Schott LT Espenschied
Krug LG Dale Godfrey
Hoyman C Rees
Adams RG Archinol
Price RT Horn
Brunker RE F. Kelker
Knowlton QB Don Godfrey
Kester LH Foutz
Buhecker RH Maurer
Singer FB Zuchegno

Score by periods:
Dover 0 0 0 6 6

Substitutions: Massillon – Clendening for Buhecker; Williams for Singer; Singer for Krug; Heisler for Brunker; Brunker for Hesiler; W. Monore for Price; Gump for Brunker; Ripple for Krug.

Dover – Foutz.

Referee – Zollars (Hiram).
Umpire – Ellis (Springfield, Mass.).
Head Linesman – Ruffini (Otterbein).