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Massillon High made its initial appearance upon the gridiron Saturday afternoon, defeating Dover High by the overwhelming score of 67 to 0. Dover was outclassed in all departments of the game and Massillon’s goal was never in danger.

End runs, forward passes and line plunges were all worked successfully by the varsity. The result of three weeks’ hard practice and scrimmage was shown. Massillon worked like a machine, the rapid teamwork and fast playing of the locals completely bewildered their opponents.

McLaughlin scored the first touchdown of the game after five minutes of play. After that it was easy, Massillon not being forced to punt during the entire game, while the best gain that Dover could make was three first downs in succession. Forward passes were worked to good advantage, Rider registering five touchdowns on forwards received from Hollinger, making four of them in succession. End runs were also good ground gainers.

It would be hard to pick the star of the game. Every player did his level best. At the end Rider and Rogers played a brilliant game. Rider caught one forward pass after another and made large gains. Rogers on the other end continually broke down the defense and nailing the man carrying the ball. Rudy and Theis at tackle stopped all attempts at line plunges. Rudy shifted to halfback during the second half, tore up the Dover line for big gains. Paroz and Houriet at guard were in the game every minute, breaking up plays and opening large holes for the backs to plow through. Spidle at center played the game of his life.

Hollinger ran the team in great style, pulling off the right play at the right time and making several good gains himself. The backfield, composed of McLaughlin, Kester, Smith Rudy and Vogt, tore through the Dover line at will. Kester played the stellar role in tackling, backing up the line in fine style and often downing the man in his tracks. McLaughlin’s specialty was in making end runs, it taking usually half of the opposing team to down him. Smith and Vogt hit the line like men weighing 180 pounds instead of only 130.

With the fine showing made in Saturday’s game, the prospects for a championship team this fall are very bright. A large crowd witnessed the opening game. The high school rooters were out in force and with the assistance of cheerleader Johnny Archibold, kept up a continual line of yells during the contest.

Following is the line-up and summary
M.H.S. Pos. D.H.S.
Rogers le Riley
Theis lt Tressel
Paroz lg Freid
Spidle c Gannon
Houriet rg Forney
Rudy, Kester rt Straub
Rider re Chase
Hollinger qb Jenkins
Smith, Vogt rhb Nugent
McLaughlin lhb Baker
Kester, Rudy (c) fb Swanger (c)

Massillon – Rider; McLaughlin 2; Rudy 1; Smith 1; Hollinger 1.

Massillon – Kester 7 out of 10.

Time of quarters: – 12 and 10 minutes.

Referee – Bast.
Umpire – Pfouts.
Head Linesman – Yingling.