As a preliminary to the Tiger game, Massillon High School, won from the Dover High School, the score being 6 to 0.  The game was a very close one and the hardest Massillon has had this season.  Two twenty-five minute halves were played.  The entire Massillon team put up a great game and the line held in great shape.  Merwin’s punts were all of the first class and Dover never realized any gain upon them.  Kline and Jones at the ends got into the game and broke up Dover’s interference repeatedly.  Miller, Burkhart and Thompson made great gains and cut up the line.  Massillon kicked off to Dover, Burkhart making a nice tackle.  Dover was forced to punt and held Massillon, fumbling  directly afterwards. Burkhart circled the end for twenty-five yards but the ball was lost on downs.  Diefenbacher, for Dover, made twenty-five yards on a trick play but fumbled.  The ball was thus kept in the center of the field until the end of the first half, neither team scoring.  Dover then kicked south to Massillon, Scott bringing the ball to the forty yard line.  Merwin went around end for twenty yards; Thompson made fifteen.  Dover was forced to punt, and after line bucks Burkhart carried the ball around end thirty yards, following it by fifteen yards for a touchdown.  Merwin kicked goal.

Massillon kicked to Dover, who was not dangerous in the second half.  It took the hardest kind of work during the remainder of the game but no touchdown resulted.  For the spectators the game was more exciting than the Tiger game.  The Dover team held the heavy New Philadelphia high school team to a 0 to 0 score.  They were slightly outweighed by the Massillon boys.

Line-up and summary:

Massillon High – 6  Position       Dover High – 0

Kline                          LE             E. Schawaker
Fiegenschuh               LT                          Steitz
Beatty                        LG                          Kline
Klotz                           C            M. Schawaker
Grinnell                      RG                         Klarr
Scott                          RT                       Allman
Jones                         RE                          Lund
Merwin (c)                QB             Diefenbacher
Thompson                LHB          Richardson (c)
Burkhart                   RHB                   Waldron
Miller                         FB                        Peters

Minehart, referee.
Coleman, timekeeper.
J. Long, head linesman.

Time – Two 25 minute halves.