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Booster Club Past Presidents

Booster Club Presidents are elected from the pool of Junior Board members.  After serving a one-year term, each president becomes a member of the Senior Board.

YearNamePresident's Review
2017Steve BerecekPresident's Review
2016Brock HerringPresident's Review
2015Matt KellerPresident's Review
2014Bill BrownPresident's Review
2013Joe StuderPresident's Review
2012Ron ThornberryPresident's Review
2011John MorrisPresident's Review
2010Ron SwartzPresident's Review
2009Nick PribichPresident's Review
2008Jeff BrickerPresident's Review
2007Sigmund OlenzakPresident's Review
2006Ben BradleyPresident's Review
2005Bill DormanPresident's Review
2004Kevin SmithPresident's Review
2003Vince PedroPresident's Review
2002Dale WalterhousePresident's Review
2001Greg KempPresident's Review
2000George MizerPresident's Review
1999Todd SchumacherPresident's Review
1998Ron PribichPresident's Review
1997Jeff BushmanPresident's Review
1996John HauserPresident's Review
1995Bob MarksPresident's Review
1994Clarence RambaudPresident's Review
1993Rollie LayfieldPresident's Review
1992Jeff ThornberryPresident's Review
1991Glen WeirichPresident's Review
1990Don WiltonPresident's Review
1989Gary VogtPresident's Review
1988Phil GlickPresident's Review
1987Ed JordenPresident's Review
1986John CatlinPresident's Review
1985Phil ElumPresident's Review
1984Bob BushmanPresident's Review
1983Ed AnnenPresident's Review
1982Gary WilsonPresident's Review
1981Al RogersPresident's Review
1980Jim WeberPresident's Review
1979Tom ConversePresident's Review
1978Pete SpuhlerPresident's Review
1977Dennis GibsonPresident's Review
1976John MuhlbachPresident's Review
1975Earl O'LearyPresident's Review
1974Jim BryanPresident's Review
1973Gene BoernerPresident's Review
1972Junie StuderPresident's Review
1971Don McFarrenPresident's Review
1970Wilbur ArnoldPresident's Review
1969Ron WrightPresident's Review
1968Duane KnightPresident's Review
1967Jack HillPresident's Review
1966Richard WoolbertPresident's Review
1965John ReusserPresident's Review
1964Chuck GumppPresident's Review
1963Tom StraughnPresident's Review
1962Richard ImmelPresident's Review
1961Harry ShaidnaglePresident's Review
1960Richard ReichelPresident's Review
1959Walt SorgPresident's Review
1958Don AhlstromPresident's Review
1957Jim BucherPresident's Review
1956Robert ImmelPresident's Review
1955Ed BorderPresident's Review
1954Paul PaulsonPresident's Review
1953Emmet GraybillPresident's Review
1952James HessPresident's Review
1951Ellis MyersPresident's Review
1950Bob PietzckerPresident's Review
1949Bill SnyderPresident's Review
1948Robert WillisonPresident's Review
1947Ted RothPresident's Review
1946Herb CroxtonPresident's Review
1945Frank CecklerPresident's Review
1944Lionel AshboltPresident's Review
1943Junie ShaidnaglePresident's Review
1942Bob SmithPresident's Review
1941Harold ShanabrookPresident's Review
1940Charles HessPresident's Review
1939IM EmeryPresident's Review
1938Karl YoungPresident's Review
1937Wen HemperlyPresident's Review
1936CL AlbrechtPresident's Review
1935Alvin WamplerPresident's Review
1934Arvine UlrichPresident's Review