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Six Tigers Announce Their Future Plans On Early Signing Day

The early college commitment signing for high school athletes was held on December 19 across the country.  And Massillon was no exception.  Six athletes, three for football and three for golf, joined their families in this joyful event, all attired in their respective college colors.  The football players are Chase Bond (North Carolina State), Cody Fair (U.S. Naval Academy) and Dorian Pringle (Bowling Green), while the golfers are Brock  Jenkins (Central Methodist University), Trent Lautenschlager (Malone) and Owen Robinson (Shawnee State).

Massillon Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Nate Moore conducted the ceremony.  He opened by citing all the hard work that the players put it in to get to this point.  “It also represents a lot of hard work by all of your parents and guardians, who worked behind the scenes to make sure that you got to fulfill your dreams,” he added.  “So, thank you.  It’s truly appreciated.  The best thing that we can do is share a day like today where the student-athletes are pledging to continue their athletic, but also academic careers at the next level.  I’m very, very proud of these guys.”

Chase Bond – “First and foremost, I would like to thank God and my family.  Without them none of this would be possible.  I would like to give a few words to my teammates and coaches.  You guys helped me to build memories that will last a lifetime.  And the coaches, to develop where I am today.  There are two things I learned about being a Tiger.  Everything earned; nothing really given.  That’s a great life lesson.  Not just football or golf.  That’s everywhere in life.  I will be enrolling in North Carolina State University to continue my athletic and academic career.  The reason why I chose NC State is that it felt like home.  It was the closest thing to Massillon. I love what they’re doing with me on the defensive side of the ball.  It’s very similar to what Coach Leno does.  It was a no-brainer to me.  It felt like nothing else.”

Brock Jenkins – “I would like to thank God and my family for always sticking with me.  It’s been a long run with the golf team.  I’ve been part of this golf team for years now.  Ever since Day 1, I’ve learned at Massillon that it takes a lot of dedication.  It’s been a great couple of years.  It would be great to continue my athletic and academic career at Central Methodist University.  They have a great coach will continue supporting me to continue my golf career.”

Cody Fair – “First, I would like to thank my parents and God.  Without them I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  Next, I would like to thank my teammates for being my brothers to me.  Throughout all the thick and thin.  Throughout all the years.  Next, I would like to thank my coaches for turning me into the player and person I am today.  And I would like to thank the City of Massillon for all the constant support throughout my career.  What I learned from being a Tiger is you can’t just be successful on the field.  You need to also be successful in the classroom and have a presence in the community.  I will be enrolling in the United States Naval Academy.  I chose the Naval Academy because it felt like home and have the opportunity to serve my country.  Go Navy, Beat Army!”

Trey Lautenschleger – “First of all, I would like to thank God, my teammates and my coach.  Without them I wouldn’t be committing to a college and playing college golf.  I would like to thank my parents.  Every day, taking me to a course and taking me home.  Without that I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I would also like to thank my coach.  I know for me and Brock we wouldn’t be able to play in college.   For me being a Tiger means that everything is earned and you need to put the work in to get where you’re at.  I will be enrolling at Malone University to continue my athletic and academic career.  I chose the school because it just screamed my name; it just screamed ‘home.’  And because it’s close to home.”

Dorian Pringle – “First, I would like to thank God and my family for pushing  me to  be the best that I can be every day, on and off the field.  And my dad, especially, for being there every step of the way and showing me that life is hard.  I would like to thank my coaches and my teammates for pushing me at practice every day.  I wouldn’t be this far without them.  What stuck out for me for Bowling Green is that it just felt like home to me.  I went on three visits there and it feels like they support me all the way and all the decisions came from the heart and I just can’t go wrong.”

Owen Robinson was not available the event.

Massillon student-athletes sign their letters-of-intent

Coach Nate Moore with the Massillon Football players

Chase Bond and family

Brock Jenkins and family

Cody Fair and family

Trent Lautenschleger and family

Dorian Pringle and Family