“Perfect” Tigers Celebrate One Final Time with Ring Ceremony

The 2023 Massillon football team was perfect.  They finished the season undefeated, with a record of 16-0.  They captured the Ohio Division II State Championship with a thrilling victory in the playoff finals.  They finished in the Top 25 of several national rankings.  And along the way they won the hearts of the many thousands that define the Tiger Nation.  But on this warm Thursday evening, the players and staff gathered one final time to celebrate their achievements and receive their coveted championship rings.

Superintendent Paul Salvino was beside himself as he addressed the thousand in attendance and specifically the players during the event.  “I can’t tell you how proud everybody is of you guys,” he said.  “Perfection.  That’s your 2023 Tigers.  You all have represented our school at the highest level.  To our coaches, I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to the best high school football program in America.  To the parents, thank you for trusting the process.  Thank you all.  Go Tigers!

Then it was Head Coach Nate Moore’s turn.  First, he thanked whom he referred to as his most important assistant coach, his wife, Becca, who simply sparkled, to the delight of the crowd.  “The senior class, what an unbelievable job you did,” said Moore.  “You saw how hard they played.  They brought the standard back to where it belongs.”  He said that the state championship just didn’t seem real to him, in spite of the big victory, in spite of the trophy presentation, in spite of the town celebration and regardless of any subsequent events.  But tonight was different.  “After you put this beautiful ring on your finger, it will put the final stamp on the 2023 season.”