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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1918: Massillon 82, Uhrichsville 0


Eighty-two to nothing was the score Massillon high’s foot ball team registered against Uhrichsville high Saturday afternoon at the Blues’ field in Clay street here in the first game of the season. The young Tigers had their visitors so badly outclassed that they did not even waste time trying to kick goals in the majority of cases. The home team kicked one goal in the first quarter and three in the third.

Massillon high gained the kick-off in the first quarter, and succeeded in keeping the ball throughout the greater part of the game. Archbold scored the first touchdown during the first three minutes of play, running 20 yards through the stiff interference of the opponents.

The close of the first quarter gave Massillon a score of 25 to 0, with a touchdown to the credit of Thomas and Greenfelder, both back fielders. Archbold crossed the defenders’ line twice in this quarter.

Stuhldreher, substituting for Greenfelder during the second and third quarters, had three touchdowns to his credit, two in the second quarter. Harrison also scored once in this period of play. Here again Archbold carried the ball to a touchdown.

With 49 points against them at the opening of the second half, the Uhrichsville defenders made a desperate effort to hold the victors in check. Massillon crossed their rival’s line three times during this quarter, kicking goal after each touchdown. Hess, freshman substitute backfielder, in the third quarter, showed exceptional skill for so green a player, running 30 yards on an intercepted pass for a touchdown.

Thomas, veteran half back, made the two scores registered in the last few minutes of the game, besides in the third quarter.

Critics and fans alike were impressed with the fast, smooth team work of the local high team. The young Tigers have an exceptionally well balanced team, playing nine letter men. Saturday’s victory was due, in a great part, to this characteristic. Although no lighter than the local grid warriors, Uhrichsville players were outclassed in the matter of team work and balanced play.

Massillon – 82. Pos. Uhrichsville – 0.

Herman le Horn

Oberlin lt Herrick

Tilton lg Anthony

Ertle c Nuddon

Kemp rg Heshleman

Harrison rt Neighbor

Howells re Bazell

Graybill qb Myers

Greenfelder lhb Repler

Thomas rhb Williams

Archbold fb D. Heshleman
Touchdowns: – Stuhldreher 3, Thomas 4, Archbold 3, Harrison 1, Hess 1, Greenfelder 1.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1917: Massillon 38, Uhrichsville 0

Orange and Black Wins First Game, Trouncing Uhrichsville High, 38-0

Massillon high’s orange and black football team is starting out in 1916 form.

Piling up a total of 38 points, while its opponents were held scoreless, the local gridders Saturday afternoon won their first game of the season by defeating Uhrichsville high in the southern city.

Although the score would indicate a rather easy struggle, the Uhrichsville lads gave Coach Snavely’s boys a hard tussle all the way. The local team used nothing but straight football, fearing to uncover any open work because of New Philadelphia onlookers on the sidelines. New Philadelphia opens the local season next Saturday.

On the first play of the game Thomas, orange and black star halfback, plunged off tackle and ran 70 yards for a touchdown. The play took Uhrichsville’s breath away but the down staters rallied gamely and made Massillon fight for every inch of ground. Six touchdowns and two goals were registered by the local tossers.

The local team showed up well and from its playing Saturday should be able to make another brilliant record for the local school.

Following is the lineup and summary:

Massillon – 38. Pos. Uhrichsville – 0.

Meyers le Davis

Cheyney lt Witting

Ertle lg Parks

Graybill c Surby

Harrison rg Eschliman

Oberlin rt Parrish

Howells re Ransberger

Fulton qb Brown

Thomas lhb Willis

Converse rhb Cunning

Archbold fb Naber
Substitutions – Massillon: Miller for Meyers, Kemp for Cheyney, Ertle for Graybill, Taylor for Harrison, Welrich for Oberlin, Edwards for Howells, Graybill for Fulton, Greenfelder for Converse, Wittmann for Archbold.

Touchdowns – Thomas, Archbold, Wittmann, Fulton, Converse, Graybill.

Goals after touchdown – two.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1916: Massillon 35, Uhrichsville 0


Using nothing but straight tackle bucks with an occasional forward pass and end run, Massillon high’s orange and black eleven Saturday afternoon pried the lid off the 1916 scholastic season on the driving park gridiron, east of the city, by trouncing Uhrichsville high 35 to 0.

Massillon received and being instructed by Coach John Snavely to use only straight plays, McLaughlin, at the pivot position, kept sending the backs into the line and the orange and black marched down the field, steadily pushing Uhrichsville within the shadow of its goal posts. After four straight first downs, McLaughlin slipped through tackle and went over the line for the first touchdown. He kicked goal. It required four minutes to make the score.

After this Uhrichsville tightened up and for the rest of the period and during the second period, kept the youthful Tigers from again crossing their goal line.

The alertness of Chester Archbold and Dwight Foust, who entered the game in the third quarter, enabled Massillon to score 21 points in this session and increased its total to 28. Archbold scored the first touchdown in the third quarter when he recovered a blocked punt across the goal line after a Uhrichsville man had been downed on his own three yard line by Bischoff.

A few minutes later Archbold picked up a Uhrichsville fumble on the 28 yard line and scampered through the goal posts for another set of markers. After three forward passes near the end of the quarter had brought the ball from midfield to Uhrichsville’s four yard line, McLaughlin went across the line but fumbled the pigskin. Foust pounced upon it for the third touchdown. McLaughlin kicked all three goals.

The last touchdown came in the fourth quarter when Thomas carried the ball over the line on a tackle buck. McLaughlin added a point by kicking goal.

The work of McLaughlin and Harrold stood out prominently in Saturday’s conflict. McLaughlin proved a steady ground gainer and Harrold showed up well running back punts and receiving forwards.

Uhrichsville placed a heavier team on the field than was expected. The southerners’ line was every bit as heavy as that of Massillon, but the orange and black linemen put up a good game. At times they allowed the Uhrichsville backs to leak through for gains but with more practice their attack should be better. The right side of the line proved stronger than the left. In the backfield Stults, Converse, and Thomas gave McLaughlin good support and ripped through the opposing line for several substantial gains. Taken as a whole the team should develop into a corking good eleven with a week or two more practice.

Latto, Uhrichsville’s big fullback, was the only man to make any gains, and he proved the down stater’s best bet on defense.

Massillon’s open play formations, counted on to make the biggest gains, were not used at all Saturday, Coach Snavely being content to let his gridders win on straight football. The team will use more open play against Akron Central next Saturday. Massillon made 15 first downs to Uhrichsville’s

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1915: Massillon 14, Uhrichsville 0


Playing 11 men and a referee is a hard job, especially when the referee is the biggest part of the team.

Massillon High’s orange and black eleven found this to be true Saturday and as a result brought home only a 14 to 0 victory over Uhrichsville High.

Coach Snavely’s warriors went to Uhrichsville confident of their ability to smother the down staters under a big score and would have done so had they been given fair treatment. Coach Snavely and his gridders returned to this city considerably warm under the collar because of the referee’s alleged faulty decisions.

Massillon scored four touchdowns but only two were declared legal by the official in charge of the game. Early in the fray McLaughlin tore his way through tackle for a touchdown but the referee ruled Archbold was exhibiting fistic skill instead of gridiron knowledge and penalized the orange and black half the distance to the goal. Of course the touchdown didn’t count. Another time Uhrichsville substituted a man and before he took his place on the field the referee called play. Roderick broke through the Uhrichsville team and had a clear field for a touchdown. Then the referee realized Uhrichsville had only 10 men in the game and refused to allow Roderick to make the touchdown.

Finding it impossible to score by straight football under existing conditions, Coach Snavely told his players to open up in the last half and they did. They played rings around Uhrichsville and early in the third quarter McLaughlin took the ball over for the first touchdown allowed by the referee. He kicked goal. The second came late in the game when Houriet snatched a forward pass out of the air behind Uhrichsville’s goal line. McLaughlin kicked goal.

The work of Hollinger, McLaughlin, Zorger, Roderick and Houriet stood out prominently. The team played a great game and the form exhibited was much improved over that shown at Salem a week ago. Fumbles were almost entirely eliminated.

Uhrichsville could not gain through Massillon’s line and made only three first downs, these by the forward pass method.

M. H. S. – 14. Pos. U. H. S. – 0.
Harrold le Burns

Johnson lt McKee, Heck

E. Stultz lg Morris, Anthony

Bischoff c Whiting

Graybill rg Parish, Retzler

Houriet (c) re Brown, Cameron

Hollinger qb Echseld

McLaughlin lhb Hammond

Roderick fb Latto, McKee

Zorger rhb Parks, Baker

Score by quarters:
M. H. S. 0 0 7 7
U. H. S. 0 0 0 0

Substitutions: Massillon – Archbold for Johnson, Stoner for Archbold, Converse for Roderick

Touchdowns – McLaughlin, Houriet
Goals – McLaughlin 2

Referee – McCrea

Time of quarters – 12 minutes

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1914: Massillon 33, Uhrichsville 0

Local High School Gridders
Trounce Uhrichsville 33 to 0,
in Opening Contest of Season
Orange and Black Plays
Good Ball at Times
Players Show Up Well

Massillon high’s gridiron warriors celebrated the opening of the 1914 gridiron season Saturday afternoon by trouncing the pigskin chasers from Uhrichsville by the score of 33 to 0 on the old high school grounds.

The youthful wearers of the orange and black played brilliant ball at times and at others their attack was not so good. The local team did not show up well in tackling and was not able to break up Uhrichsville’s forward passes. The southerners worked nine successful forwards, making three straight twice.

To Captain Smith goes the honor for making the first touchdown of the season. Massillon kicked to Uhrichsville. The local gridders held and forced Uhrichsville to punt but the ball was recovered by Uhrichsville on the ten-yard line. Uhrichsville fumbled the ball and Eckstein fell on it. Massillon was held for downs and forced to punt. Spuhler recovered the kick on the 12-yard line. Eckstein shot through center and placed the ball the one foot from the line where it was carried over by Smith. Hollinger missed goal.

The second touchdown came near the close of the second quarter; Eckstein bucking the ball over. Goal was missed.

In the second half the local team started out with a rush and played the best football of the contest. Soon after the quarter had started Capt. Smith went through for the third touchdown. Hollinger kicked goal.

Hollinger made the last two touchdowns. Near the end of the third quarter he went through the Uhrichsville line for 12 yards and a touchdown. He kicked goal. The last touchdown came when Hollinger grabbed a Uhrichsville forward pass in the last quarter and sprinted 35 yards to the goal. Goal was kicked.

Uhrichsville threatened to score in the last quarter. Four forward passes, in quick succession placed the ball on the three-yard line. The Massillon line tightened and Uhrichsville was forced to give up the ball.

The local team showed up well at times and with another week’s practice should be able to give a good account of itself. Straight line plays was all that was used by the orange and black. Eckstein at full and Zorger at half back played a good game. Massillon’s line, composed of nearly all new players, showed up well and very seldom did the Uhrichsville backs go through for large gains. Many changes in the line up were made by Coach Snavely.

Quimby, white-headed fullback for Uhrichsville, was the star for his team. The two-headed player was mixed up in every play. Blythe, former star quarterback at Mt. Union referred the game.

Following is the summary
M.H.S. – 33 Pos. Uhrichsville –0
Harold le McDonald
Theis lt McKee
Snyder lg Heck
Spuhler c Witting
Graze rg Miller
Stultz rt Edwards (c)
Houriet re Burns
Hollinger qb Eckfeld
H. Smith lhb Gow
Eckstein fb Quimby
R. Smith (c) rhb Marshall

Score by quarter
1 2 3 4
M.H.S. 6 6 14 7 33
Uhrichsville 0 0 0 0 0

Uhrichsville – Heck for McKee; Russell for Heck.
Massillon – Moody for Harold; Archbold for Snyder; Graybill for Graze; Burk for Hollinger; Zorger for H. Smith.

Massillon – Hollinger 2; Smith 2; Eckstein 1.

Massillon – Hollinger 3.

Referee – Blythe (Mt. Union)
Umpire – Parsons.
Head Linesman – Gorrell.

Timers: Kester; Hamilton

Time of periods: 10 minutes.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1913: Massillon 30, Uhrichsville 0


At last the expected has happened.

Massillon high has won a football game away from home.

Uhrichsville, the victim, was defeated Saturday afternoon by the score of 30 to 0. This is the first football game won away from home in two seasons and great was the rejoicing.

Massillon had little trouble in defeating Uhrichsville. The local team depended upon its backfield to bring victory, while Uhrichsville played an open game, using the forward pass frequently. One pass Rider intercepted and ran 30 yards for a touchdown. Massillon was not forced to punt. Houriet, Rogers and Smith played a strong defensive game. Rudy tore through the opposing line at will and one time broke away from the entire team and ran 90 yards, being tackled from behind on Uhrichsville’s two-yard line.

The scoring started soon after the kickoff. Uhrichsville received and fumbled the ball. Massillon took the ball up the field to the five-yard line, where it was lost on a fumble. Uhrichsville then started a march down the field and was not stopped until the ball was on Massillon’s five-yard line, where the local team held for downs. On the first play, Rudy made his spectacular run and Kester took the ball over for the first touchdown. He kicked goal. Rider dropped one over from the forty-yard line. That ended the first quarter.

In the second quarter Rider intercepted a forward and made the second touchdown. Kester kicked goal.

In the second half, McLaughlin scored the third touchdown by a brilliant run through the Uhrichsville line. Goal was missed. Rudy bucked the last touchdown over. Goal was missed. The Massillon team was handled roughly but the referee refused to penalize. The crowd was also threatening and came upon the field on several occasions.

The line up and summary
Massillon Pos. Uhrichsville
Vogt, Rider re Whitting
Kester rt Edwards
Houriet rg Worfil
Spidle, Spuhler c Macadon
Paroz lg Miller
Theis lt McKee
Rogers re Bowers
Hollinger qb Echfield
Smith rhb Quimby
McLaughlin lhb Kennedy
Rudy (c) fb Marshall

Massillon – Kester; Rider; McLaughlin; Rudy.

Goals after touchdown:
Massillon – Kester 3.

Drop kick:
Massillon – Rider.

Referee – Beltz.
Umpire – Yingling.
Head Linesman – Booth

Time of periods – 10 minutes.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1912: Massillon 66, Uhrichsville 0

66 TO 0
Uhrichsville Beaten in One Sided Contest
Local Team Completely Outclasses Visitors
at All Angles of Game
Uhrichsville Makes Required Yards Twice
Score Varies One Point From Last Year

In the first game of the season, Massillon high downed Uhrichsville high on the high school grounds Saturday afternoon by the one-sided score of 66 to 0.

The Massillon aggregation surpassed its opponents in all points of the game. Although the locals were much heavier than the visitors, yet they were much faster and showed superior team work and knowledge. The heavy Massillon backfield tore great gaps in the Uhrichsville line and reeled off gains of ten and twenty yards at a down. Uhrichsville made the required yards several times on forward passes.

Every Massillon player put up a good game and the team work was excellent, considering this was the first game of the season. For the Uhrichsville team, Quarterback Echfeld and Fullback Reese were the shining lights.

The game started with Massillon lined up to receive. Kester got the ball and carried it back to the middle of the field and by line bucks over the line for the first touchdown, after a minute and a half of play. Kester kicked goal.
Score 7 to 0.
Massillon kicked to Uhrichsville who, unable to make the required yards, was forced to punt. Massillon again began a steady march up the field. When near the goal, Limbach received a pretty forward over the line, making the second touchdown. Here the new ruling that a forward pass may be received over the goal line helped Massillon. Under last year’s rules a forward could not be received over the goal line. Kester kicked goal.
Score 14 to 0
Massillon again kicked to Uhrichsville, but they lost the ball on downs and with the ball once more in possession, Massillon crossed the goal line. Goal was missed.
Score 20 to 0.
In the second quarter some of the lighter Massillon men were put in, but still the score continued to pile up and touchdowns by Kester made it 33 to 0 at the end of the first half.

At the beginning of the second half Uhrichsville received, but was soon forced to punt. Again it was the same old story, Massillon carried the ball across for another score. Goal was missed. Score 40 to 0.
On the next kickoff Massillon needed but one down to get the ball across the line and Hollinger ran 30 yards for a touchdown. Goal was missed.
Score 46 to 0.
Massillon began to use forward passes to a good advantage and these coupled with terrific line plunging netted three more touchdowns before the final whistle, making the final score 66 to 0.

Last season the first game of the season was with Uhrichsville and the score was 65 to 0, just one point less than Saturday’s score. A fair sized crowd was out to witness the game and the loyal high school supporters were on hand to cheer their team on to victory.

Line up and summary
Massillon Pos. Uhrichsville
Limbach le Greeley
Wells lt Demuth
Theis, Gates lg Edwards
Rider, Spuhler c Green
Baer rg Fisher
Becker rt Mitchell
Johns, Smith re Ripley
Hollinger, Vogt qb Echfeld
Miller (c) lhb Marshall
Rudy rhb Kennedy
Kester fb Reese

Massillon – Kester 4; Hollinger 3; Rudy 2; Limbach 1.

Referee – Bast.
Umpire – Atwater.
Head Linesman – Fugate.

Timers – Coleman and Ross.

Time of quarters – 10 minutes.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1911: Massillon 63, Uhrichsville 0

Local School Team
Defeated Uhrichsville 65 to 0
Massillon Boys Outweighed Visitors;
but to That the Entire Credit Cannot be Laid
Coach Fugate’s New, Brilliant Passes Worked Without a Hitch

Although Uhrichsville was represented by a team of small boys, it was the general opinion, Saturday afternoon, when Massillon high school defeated the former team by the score of 65 to 0 that Coach Fugate had turned out an almost wonderful team this year. The larger part of the team is of first year material.

The home team outweighed the Uhrichsville players by several pounds and showed much greater skill in their playing due to their training. The new passes, which to spectators would seem complex and almost impossible, worked out as regularly and smoothly as clock work.

Massillon’s backfield, including Kester, Heyman and Miller, together with Arther, quarterback, figured in most of the plays, although several times the linemen broke the rules of football etiquette and made touchdowns on fumbles.

Time and again, Heyman, playing right half, ploughed the line, but his plays were more spectacular as he dodged in and out through the numerous little Uhrichsville boys who were trying to play catch with him. In dodging football players it is doubtful if anyone could have dodged more men than did he.

Kester, fullback, was strong on plunging. Although he was given wonderful support and interference by the line players, when “Jake” could not see the hole where he though it should be, he made on to suit his ideas.

Miller, playing left half, played his first game with Massillon high school and played it well. He worked several times with forward passes and several connections with Uhrichsville boys long enough to make two touchdowns, both as the result of passes.

Captain Arther, also quarterback, came in for his turn time after time. Once, during the first quarter, he saw the ball roaming aimlessly about the field and after sticking it under his arm where the Uhrichsville players would not be likely to see it, walked to the goal line and made a touchdown.

Stoner, Rudy, Wagoner and Arther are the men whom the score keeper credits with making single touchdowns. Heyman leads the list with three. Kester and Miller follow with two each.

The majority of scores were made during the first quarter. Uhrichsville won the toss up and chose to receive. Massillon kicked and from that time, continuing about one minute and a little less than thirty seconds, the ball was kept in play until Heyman got the ball on first down and touched.

Practically the whole game was played in the same way. Massillon usually kicked off and of course it was always a Massillon player who made the touchdown.

All the new material on the team showed up in fine form. Albright, a new player, picked up the ball on a kickoff and carried it past several tacklers for over fifteen yards. It was the first time he had ever been in a football game.

The team will oppose Barberton on the local grounds next Saturday and look for a harder game.

Lineup and summary
Massillon Pos. Uhrichsville
Stoner le McClave
Wagoner lt Demuth
Wells, Weimer lg Reed
Rudy, Ryder c Green
Limbach, Albright rg Ripley
Baltzly rt Hellyer
Stearns, Johns re Dooling
Arther qb Reese
Miller lhf Beltz
Kester fb Exley
Heymen rhb Retzler

Massillon – Heyman; Kester; Miller; Arther; Wagoner; Rudy; Stoner.

Massillon – Heyman 10.

Referee – Bast.


Time of periods – Two 10 minute; Two 12y minute.

Time of game – 3 o’clock.