Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo

Local High School Gridders
Trounce Uhrichsville 33 to 0,
in Opening Contest of Season
Orange and Black Plays
Good Ball at Times
Players Show Up Well

Massillon high’s gridiron warriors celebrated the opening of the 1914 gridiron season Saturday afternoon by trouncing the pigskin chasers from Uhrichsville by the score of 33 to 0 on the old high school grounds.

The youthful wearers of the orange and black played brilliant ball at times and at others their attack was not so good. The local team did not show up well in tackling and was not able to break up Uhrichsville’s forward passes. The southerners worked nine successful forwards, making three straight twice.

To Captain Smith goes the honor for making the first touchdown of the season. Massillon kicked to Uhrichsville. The local gridders held and forced Uhrichsville to punt but the ball was recovered by Uhrichsville on the ten-yard line. Uhrichsville fumbled the ball and Eckstein fell on it. Massillon was held for downs and forced to punt. Spuhler recovered the kick on the 12-yard line. Eckstein shot through center and placed the ball the one foot from the line where it was carried over by Smith. Hollinger missed goal.

The second touchdown came near the close of the second quarter; Eckstein bucking the ball over. Goal was missed.

In the second half the local team started out with a rush and played the best football of the contest. Soon after the quarter had started Capt. Smith went through for the third touchdown. Hollinger kicked goal.

Hollinger made the last two touchdowns. Near the end of the third quarter he went through the Uhrichsville line for 12 yards and a touchdown. He kicked goal. The last touchdown came when Hollinger grabbed a Uhrichsville forward pass in the last quarter and sprinted 35 yards to the goal. Goal was kicked.

Uhrichsville threatened to score in the last quarter. Four forward passes, in quick succession placed the ball on the three-yard line. The Massillon line tightened and Uhrichsville was forced to give up the ball.

The local team showed up well at times and with another week’s practice should be able to give a good account of itself. Straight line plays was all that was used by the orange and black. Eckstein at full and Zorger at half back played a good game. Massillon’s line, composed of nearly all new players, showed up well and very seldom did the Uhrichsville backs go through for large gains. Many changes in the line up were made by Coach Snavely.

Quimby, white-headed fullback for Uhrichsville, was the star for his team. The two-headed player was mixed up in every play. Blythe, former star quarterback at Mt. Union referred the game.

Following is the summary
M.H.S. – 33 Pos. Uhrichsville –0
Harold le McDonald
Theis lt McKee
Snyder lg Heck
Spuhler c Witting
Graze rg Miller
Stultz rt Edwards (c)
Houriet re Burns
Hollinger qb Eckfeld
H. Smith lhb Gow
Eckstein fb Quimby
R. Smith (c) rhb Marshall

Score by quarter
1 2 3 4
M.H.S. 6 6 14 7 33
Uhrichsville 0 0 0 0 0

Uhrichsville – Heck for McKee; Russell for Heck.
Massillon – Moody for Harold; Archbold for Snyder; Graybill for Graze; Burk for Hollinger; Zorger for H. Smith.

Massillon – Hollinger 2; Smith 2; Eckstein 1.

Massillon – Hollinger 3.

Referee – Blythe (Mt. Union)
Umpire – Parsons.
Head Linesman – Gorrell.

Timers: Kester; Hamilton

Time of periods: 10 minutes.