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M. H. S. Back in Winning Column, Defeats Akron West, Saturday, 25 To 0

When Akron West lined up against Massillon high school’s gridiron warriors Saturday afternoon on the Stadium grounds, Akron, the teams looked evenly matched but, as the game progressed the superiority of the orange and black was demonstrated. The 25 to 0 defeat which the orange and black inflicted was a come back from the overwhelming defeat received the week before from Youngstown South.

Playing the same brand of football it did Saturday, the high gridders should win the remaining three games of their schedule. The line was a stone wall on defense, only three first downs being made by the Akron squad. Only once did they appear weak. At the beginning of the second half, after Archbold kicked to Harter, Harter bucked through left tackle for a twelve yard gain, but the line bucked up and after four unsuccessful attempts to pierce the orange and black wall of defense, the West gridders lost the ball on downs.

With the line opening holes for the backfield men, the Massillon backs were able to make twelve first downs and three touchdowns by going through the Akron line, one touchdown resulting from a forward pass, F. Graybill to Fulton, from the fifteen yard line.

“Swig” Thomas, the orange and black’s brilliant halfback, was up to his old tactics of skirting the ends and ripping the line for gains from five to thirty yards. “Swig” scored the first points of the game nine minutes after play began in the first quarter, going through Akron’s left tackle eight yards for a touchdown.

The second touchdown was made when “Swig” skirted around Akron’s right end from Akron’s 15 yard line for the second counter, one minute and ten seconds after resuming play in the second quarter. Fulton, after the ball had been advanced about 45 yards in the third quarter to Akron’s fifteen yard line received a forward from Graybill over the line, bringing the score up to 19 points. The final points came in the fourth quarter when Archbold carried the pigskin over from the four yard line on a line buck.

With Fulton and Wittman on ends, Coach Snavely has finally developed a pair of wing men capable of breaking up interference and also of receiving forwards. Both ends Saturday were in the game up to their necks, smashing Akron’s interference and getting down the field on punts. Time after time Harter and Noals, receivers of the punts for Akron, were nailed in their tracks.

The Massillon line with Chaney and Oberlin on tackles, Harrison and Graybill on guards, and Ertle at center, was impregnable. On several occasions the linemen broke through and nailed Harter who hurled forward passes for Akron, before he had time to pass.

Graybill at quarter, who has been sub-quarter, ran the team in great shape and played a good offensive game, making several long runs. Converse, always a bear on defense, nailed Akron runners time after time, until injuries sustained in the second quarter, when he and Oberlin came together in making a tackle, forced him from the game. He may probably not be able to enter the Rayen contest next Saturday.

Massillon – 25. Pos. Akron West – 0.

Wittman le Holcomb

Chaney lt Madison

C. Graybill lg Enderline

Ertle c E. Harter

Harrison rg Beldon

Oberlin rt Vaughn

Fulton re Disson

E. Graybill qb Noals

Thomas lhb Schutt

Converse rhb A. Harter

Archbold fb Blum

Substitutes: Massillon, Edwards for Wittman, Miller for Edwards, Edwards for C. Graybill, Kemp for Harrison, Weirich for Oberlin, Wittman for Converse. Akron, Captain for Enderline, Smith for Vaughn, Vaughn for Beldon.

Touchdowns – Thomas 2, Archbold, Fulton.
Goal from touchdown, Thomas.

Referee – Palmer, Akron.
Umpire – Crisp, Akron.
Timekeepers – Black and Harrison.

Time of quarters – 12-10-12-10.