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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1944: Massillon 60, Akron West 7

Tigers Smother Akron West 60-7 In Opening Grid Tilt


Kammer’s Lads Flash Speedy, Hard Hitting Offense With Webb, Turkall And Sedjo In Spotlight; 87 Yard Dash Scores For West


A champion gains recognition as a champion because he has a certain something which makes him superior to all challengers – and that goes for football or twiddle winks. And once he gains the throne room he must retain or improve that superiority to withstand the attacks of those who would separate him from his crown. Incidentally the task of subduing a Tiger, king of jungle beasts, it seems, requires far more skill and strength than it does to subdue a steer out in the wide open spaces, so a group of so-called cowboys discovered to their sorrow Friday night.

A year ago the Tigers of Washington high school gained recognition as scholastic football champions of Ohio by emerging victorious over 10 challengers, among them the Cowboys of Akron West high school, subdued 13-6, after a wild and wooly battle.
Tigers in Auspicious Start
This year another group of ambitious Massillon youngsters, eager to defend that hard-won championship, appear determined to do an even better job in fighting to retain the state title, than did the 1943 Tigers in winning it. At least they made a very auspicious start out at Tiger stadium last night when they ran rough shod over a hapless bunch of Akron West Cowboys 60 to 7 in tilting the lid on the 1944 gridiron campaign.

Before a crowd of nearly 15,000 football-hungry spectators and in a colorful setting that only a Massillon gridiron spectacle can produce, Coach Elwood Kammer’s 1944
Tigers – and we mean all 40 of them – romped and smashed their way to one of the most convincing triumphs any orange and black outfit has ever scored in its opening engagement.
Tigers In Scoring Spree
Scoring 2 or more touchdowns in each of the 4 quarters and with substitutes – second and third stringers – being used freely and often the Tigers Friday night did about as they pleased with Coach Chuck Piotter’s invading Akronites.

But while the Massillonians romped to an easy conquest in their initial effort and might have made the score much larger had the regulars remained longer in the contest, the Tigers did not present a flawless exhibition. They made mistakes, which were to be expected. They displayed a mild case of the jitters early in the contest, which soon disappeared once they got the feel of battle. They looked definitely the part of champions most of the time but there still lies ahead of them plenty of hard work to iron out the rough spots and to develop the smooth running machine necessary if they are to sweep through all opposition as did the 1943 aggregation.

Akron West’s Cowboys have been removed from the Tigers path by an avalanche of touchdowns but the orange and black cannot rest on its opening game laurels. Those laurels will not turn back such tough customers still to be faced, formidable opponents such as Cleveland Cathedral Latin, Canton Lincoln, Warren, Steubenville, Mansfield, and lest we forget Canton McKinley where they say the Bulldogs really have something this fall. Only improved team play, which comes from hard and diligent work, will turn the trick. One swallow does not make a drink neither does one victory make a season.

One of the mistakes the Tigers made last night was to let Walter Campbell, rangy Akron West Negro halfback, pick up a kickoff late in the fourth quarter and race 87 yards down the sidelines for the Cowboys, only set of counters. It is doubtful if even a Tiger laid a hand on the galloping Campbell. They can’t do that too of often and stay up on top because points are not always going to come to the Tigers as easy as they did last night.

Either the Cowboys of 1944 are much weaker than the sturdy team of a year ago or the Tigers of 1944 are much better than the Tigers of 1943. A year ago West made the local lads fight for their lives. Last night the visiting Cowboys had practically all the life kicked out of them early, showing just one spark of fire on that long touchdown run late in the game.

Except for that one lapse, the Tigers displayed a fine and hard-to-dent defense. Akron West was never close to scoring at any other stage of the game, in fact its offense was smashed to bits on most every occasion it attempted to advance the ball into Tiger territory. Defensively the Tigers looked good both in stopping ground plays and aerial attempts and found their only trouble in halting Jack Hamm, veteran 185-pound West fullback who was always hard to stop and several times stepped off neat gains.
Tiger Offense Shines
Offensively the orange and black seemed to have everything in the book, with plenty of speed and drive and with sweeping end runs their best stock in trade. Standing out prominently in the Tigers’ offensive performance last night was the blocking. Orange and black teams for years have been noted for their effective blocking but last night’s exhibition was one of the best ever seen here. Tiger blockers mowed down would-be West tacklers like Yankee tanks mowed down Germans in a recent and historic sweep across France.

With the kind of interference Glenn Keller, Bill Gable, Don Sedjo and Junie Pedrotty put on tap last night it was easy for such gallopers as Bert Webb and Vic Turkall to roam afar and wide for handsome gains, particularly the dusky Webb who put on display a nimble pair of ankles, much to the consternation of the visiting Cowboys and to the delight of the rabid fans who thoroughly enjoyed the performance of the fleet-footed little Negro.

Outstanding in Massillon’s offensive performance was Webb’s spectacular running. Turkall’s sweeps around the end and off tackle, Don Sedjo’s hammering drives through the line and general all around ability of the Tiger co-captains, Keller and Gable, the only starting holdovers from the 1943 team.

Figures always tell the best story and the statistics of last night’s encounter prove the superiority the Tigers held over West. Coach Kammer’s lads tallied 15 first downs to West’s 4, gained a total of 330 yards from all types of play to 54 for the visitors and completed 4 passes out of 9 attempts for 43 yards while Akron failed to complete one in 11 tries and had 2 intercepted. Penalties totaling 60 yards were imposed on the Tigers while West lost 15 yards through rule infractions.

Receiving the initial kickoff the Tigers started off like veterans and swept through and around the Akronites right down the field from their 20 to well inside West’s 20 before a mild case of jitters overtook them. Keller took the opening kickoff on his 20 and ran it back to his 33. Turkall rammed off right tackle for 7 and then Webb set his twinkling tootsies into action and reeled off 37 yards in a brilliant sweep around left end. Fine blocking cleared a wide path for him and all he had to do was run – and he can do that quite well.
Mild Case Of Jitters
Turkall picked up another 7 on an off tackle plunge but here the jitters made their appearance and the Tiger march began to stall. Over anxious to nail that first touchdown quickly the Tigers began to run into offside penalties and poor ball handling with the result West stopped the Massillon march and gained the ball on its 14. But the Tigers recovered quickly and stopped the visitors and when Jack Hamm dropped back to punt Keller smashed through the line like a demon and when Hamm’s foot came in contact with the ball there was Keller.

The ball bounced off the Massillon co-captain’s chest and bounded back across the Akron goal line – and you guessed it – right there to pounce on it was this same Keller. He did it eagerly and with convincing emphasis and the Tigers’ had their first touchdown of the 1944 campaign. Turkall’s placekick was right between the uprights and the score was 7-0 Massillon.

Keller’s blocking of Hamm’s punt was the spark needed to touch off a blazing Tiger offensive and from then on Massillon points began to pile up rapidly.

A short time later Hamm succeeded in getting away a punt which Webb took and raced back from his 35 to Akron’s 44 but a Tiger was guilty of clipping and the officials slapped a 15-yard penalty on the local lads, putting the ball back to Massillon’s 36. Keller picked up 3 in a smash at the line but again the Tigers were guilty of doing something they shouldn’t and a 5-yard penalty for offside set them back to their 31. Turkall, taking the ball from Webb on a reverse, made 1 and then Webb, again wheeling around left end, clipped off a first down to the Massillon 46.

Turkall attempted a pass to Wilmer Luke, rangy Negro end, and as Luke sought to snag the ball an Akronite banged into him and the officials ruled interference on the Akron 36. It was a gain of 18 yards and sparked a touchdown drive because on the next play young Mr. Webb, taking the ball from Turkall on a reverse, swept wide around left end and behind fine blocking raced 36 yards for a touchdown. This time Turkall’s attempted place kick was wide and the count stood, Massillon 13, West. 0

Again West received and unable to go anywhere was forced to punt with Hamm booting the leather to Webb who tossed a lateral to Pedrotty as he was about to be tackled with Pedrotty being downed on Akron’s 47. Keller raced wide around Akron’s left end to the 15 but the ball was carried back and Massillon penalized 5 yards for backs in motion. Webb made 2 as the first quarter ended. Then behind a screen of good blocking Webb clipped off 21 yards to Akron’s 28 on the first play of the second quarter. Turkall clipped off 4 and Pedrotty smashed through the line to Akron’s 5 for 12 yards and a first down. Webb, racing wide around left end, dashed over for the third Tiger touchdown and Turkall boosted the Massillon total to 20 with a booming place kick.

What followed was a repetition of what had happened before. Gable kicked off. West failed to go anywhere and Hamm punted out on the Massillon 48. Right off the bat Turkall tossed a neat pass to Like, good for 26 yards, putting the ball on Akrons’ 26. It was Massillon’s first completed aerial. Webb then passed to Turkall but Vic had no molasses on his fingers and dropped the ball with a clear field ahead. One can imagine Vic said things to himself about that time. Webb then clipped off a 12-yard gain on another dash around end to Akron’s 14 and was given a well earned rest by Coach Kammer who sent young Alex Giloff, a sophomore, in to replace him.
Sedjo Rams For Score
Sedjo busted the Akron line wide open and rammed through for an 11-yard gain to the 3. Keller made 1 at the line then Sedjo smashed through for the fourth Tiger touchdown. Again Turkall added the extra point on a place kick.

Kammer took pity on the visitors and rushed in his second team, all the regulars leaving the game with the exception of Sedjo. The second stringers did not operate quite as smoothly as the varsity but they were good enough to chalk up another touchdown before the period ended. After holding the Cowboys and gaining possession of the ball on Massillon’s 43, Don McGuire heaved a pass to Jim Bishop for 15 yards but a Massillon offside nullified the gain and brought a 5 yard penalty. When McGuire again attempted to pass he waited too long to find a receiver, was hit hard by Dick Knowlton and fumbled, Knowlton recovering for West on Massillon’s 31.

The Tigers, however, again bottled up West’s offense and regained the ball on their 31. Again the Tiger march was stalled and Dan Byelene got off a neat punt, Massillon’s first, to Akron’s 31. Hamm then was on the tossing end of an Akron attempted aerial. He heaved it far out to his left with not an Akronite within a city block.
Zeller Snags Pass, Scores
But Jack Zeller, Tiger sophomore end, was there and neatly snagged the ball and leisurely romped 25 yards unmolested for a touchdown. In fact the Cowboys seemed to be off in the next county at the moment, that far away from Zeller did they appear. Byelene carried the ball over for the extra point and when the gun sounded for half time a short time later the Tigers were leading 34-0.

The regulars came back into the ball game at the start of the third period and it was not long before the orange and black scoring machine was again in motion.

West received and Campbell picked up 9 at right end and Hamm plunged for a first down, but on the next play the Akron plunger fumbled and Webb took charge of the leather on Massillon’s 40. Turkall steamed wide around his right end and was run out on Akron’s 45 after a 15-yard gallop. Then Webb again set his fleet dogs into motion and racing wide around left end galloped to Akron’s 27 only to fumble but Pedrotty was right there to fall on it and the gain was good for 18 yards. The Tigers were sweeping the ends like a forest fire sweeping through a pine forest.

Turkall picked up 6 on another wide sweep and Pedrotty sneaked through left tackle for a first down on Akron’s 15. Webb did some more end sweeping and was run out on the 10. Turkall did it around the other end and made it a first down on the 5.

Then to make the picture different Pedrotty hammered through the line to the 4, Turkall picked up half a yard and on a quarterback sneak went over for touchdown No. 6. Vic placekicked, successfully for the extra point, making it 41-0.

Maybe this tale of Massillon scoring is getting monotonous but there’s still more to come.

This time on the kickoff, however, it was a bit different. Gable hoofed the ball down the field and Roland Black fumbled when hit by a flock of Tiger tacklers. Fred bonk covered for Massillon on Akron’s 40. Turkall passed to Pedrotty for 3 but his next attempt to Bob Clark was wide. Webb took a lateral from Pedrotty and tore off a first down to Akron’s 29. Turkall picked up 6 at right end and then Webb on another one of those Tiger sizzling sweeps, raced wide around left end and 23 yards for Massillon’s 7th touchdown. Again Turkall converted via placekick and the scoreboard read Massillon 47, Akron West 0.
Second Stringers Back In
Once again Kammer relented and replaced his regulars with the second team, but still the Massillon scoring did not stop. Near the end of the third period Akron West’s offense backfired when a bad pass from center rolled into the open where Zeller pounced on the ball on Akron’s 28. McGuire and Paul Cary picked up 7 in 2 tries before the quarter ended and on the third play in the fourth period, McGuire tossed a pass to Sedjo who put down his shoulders and rammed through the visitors for 26 yards and touchdown No. 8. This time Cary placekicked successfully for the additional point and it was 54-0 Massillon.

Again a West fumble paved the way for Massillon’s 9th and final touchdown. The Tigers covered the ball on Akron’s 26. With Sedjo and Ted Makowski hammering away at the line the ball soon was deep in Akron territory and Sedjo recorded his third touchdown of the game on a smash from the 3 yard line.

He attempted to placekick but his effort was wide and the score stood 60-0.

Now we finally come to something different. Gene Krisher kicked off and Walt Campbell snagged the leather on his 13. He started off like a house afire down the west sideline and brother he remained ablaze all the way down the field romping by Tiger after Tiger until he had covered 87 yards and cored for his badly battered team. He was given some good interference to help him over a few rather bad spots. Hamm passed to Bob Tinsley for the additional point and West at least had 7 points to show Akron fans today for all their black and blue spots.

After that Akron touchdown Kammer relented some more and cleaned the bench sending in the third team, the sophomore aggregation, which had played a practice game against Lorin Andrews Thursday afternoon. The sophs didn’t score but they didn’t look too bad. Neither did Akron West score any more and the game wound up a short time later with the final count 60-7.

Well not so bad for a starter but looking ahead a bit – its Cleveland Cathedral Latin here next Friday night and the Latins are scholastic champions of Cleveland. No resting on your laurels Tigers!
Going Places?
Tigers – 60 Pos. Akron West –7
Clark LE Dales
Ielsch LT Knowlton
Heltzel LG J. Conn
Bonk C Manos
Gable RG Bevington
Gibson RT Azar
Luke RE Taylor
Keller QH Tinsley
Webb LH R. Black
Turkall RH Campbell
Sedjo FB Hamm

Score by quarters:
MASSILLON 13 21 13 13 60
Akron West 0 0 0 7 7

Massillon – Keller; Webb 3; Sedjo 3; Zeller; Turkall.
Akron West – Campbell.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Turkall (placekick) 4; Byelene (plunge); Cary (placekick).
Akron West – Tinsley (pass from Hamm)

Massillon – Pedrotty, fb; Giloff, rh; Bishop, re; Weekes, lt; Cicchinelli lg; Krisher, c; Brooks, rg; Green, rt; Zeller, re; Edie, qb; Makowski, lh; McGuire, rh; Byelene, rh; Darrah, re; Schumacher, rt; Uliveto, rg; Dowd, c; Piper, lg; Young, lt; Featheringham, le; Yost, qb; Zorger, fb; Schuwagler, rh;Ceckler, rt.
Akron West – Heckt, rg; Howard, qb; Elias, re; Hentz, le; Reichel, qb; Fry, rt.

Referee – Gross.
Umpire – Rupp.
Head Linesman – Grof.
Field Judge – Jenkins.

Mass. West
Total first downs 15 4
Yards gained by rushing 287 54
Yards lost by rushing 0 13
Net yards gained by rushing 287 41
Forward passes attempted 9 11
Forward passes completed 4 0
Yards gained by passing 43 0
Total net yardage
Rushing and passing 330 41
Passes had intercepted 0 2
Number of punts 2 5
Average distance of punts 34 25
Punts blocked 0 1
Number of kickoffs 8 1
Average distance of kickoffs 37 48
Number of fumbles 5 5
Times ball lost on fumbles 1 5
Number of penalties against 8 3
Yards lost by penalties 60 15

Glen Keller
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1943: Massillon 13, Akron West 6

Tigers Fade Badly In Second Half But Trim West 13-6


Henry Mastriann And Romeo Pellegrini Shine Offensively As Local Team Scores Second Victory Of Season Over Rugged Foe

By Fred J. Becker
Independent Sports Editor

Whenever a task looks too easy beware!

That apparently was the case Friday night when the Washington high school Tigers stacked up against Akron West in their second engagement of the 1943 gridiron campaign at Tiger stadium. A crowd of nearly 10,000 saw the orange and black score its second straight victory of the season but the Massillon gridders were decidedly lucky to pull through with flying colors. They had a mighty close shave, one of those shaves that leaves the skin broken in many places and the only reason they are hailed as victors today is due to the fact that they played some real football in the first half when they tallied the points that brought them their margin of triumph.

For years there apparently has been no comparison between the type of scholastic football played in Massillon and that put on display in Akron. For years an Akron school has not been able to find a place on a Tiger schedule. This year because of wartime conditions and travel restrictions two Rubber City schools were given spots on the Massillon schedule and unless the Tigers are very careful they may regret it for a long, long time.

Real Test Comes Next Friday

And because of the narrow margin by which the Tigers conquered the West high Cowboys last night, an Akron school next Friday night will come to Massillon with better than an even chance of taking a fall out of the nationally famous Tiger football machine. That school will be Akron St. Vincent’s.

One of these days the public, in general, and the members of the Tiger team, in particular, are going to believe Coach Elwood Kammer when he makes the statement that his squad is going to face a formidable foe. A week before the opening game of the season against Canton Lincoln, the Massillon mentor declared that the Lions would give his ball club a whale of a fight. They did just that before succumbing to a second half Massillon drive that netted two touchdowns and a safety for a 15-0 triumph.??????

Kammer Calls Turn

All this week Kammer has been warning both fans and players that Akron West’s big, rugged outfit would be hard to beat. And once again he called the turn but this time it seems the Tigers very nearly beat themselves. Plenty of credit must be given the Cowboys for the game and spirited battle they waged against the Tigers but to this sideline observer it looked very much as if Tiger over-confidence in the second half, rather than Akron West ability, nearly proved the undoing of the Massillon gladiators.

Twice in the first half the Tigers smashed their way through the beefy Akronites to touchdowns. In those two periods the Tigers had accomplished what it took Akron St. Vincent’s an entire ball game to do last Saturday night when the Irish whipped the Cowboys 12 to 0. The touchdowns came without too much exertion on the part of the Tigers and when they entered the second half of the ball game they must have figured that they were facing something easy and turned off the steam.

Something happened at any rate for the Tigers put up a rather miserable performance during the last two quarters while Akron West came out fighting mad and displayed a determination that gave them the upper hand and enabled them to decisively outplay the Tigers, giving them the honor of being the first team in 1943 to score on the Massillonians, their touchdown coming on a short forward pass in the fourth period which found the Tigers grimly trying to hang on to the margin they had built up in the early stages of the battle.

The Tigers had an awfully close shave last night and they should learn quite a lesson from their experience. At least they should know now that it never pays to take an opponent too lightly. Over confidence has wrecked many a team on the threshold of victory and the Tigers, unless they profit by last night’s game, are going to lead once too often with their chin – and boom, they won’t have any chin left to lead with anymore.

Kammer all week apparently foresaw just what happened Friday night. His players were none to alert during practice sessions and try as they would, Kammer and his assistants could not snap them out of it. As late as Thursday afternoon the Tiger boss told his charges in no uncertain language what they were likely to face last night. It had some effect on the team in general during the first half for the Tigers looked like a much improved ball club in the opening two periods but the ease with which they gathered their two touchdowns must have done something to their mental attitude because their showing in the last half was just the reverse of the type of ball they had played in the opening chapters.

Watch Our For Irish

On the strength of their showing last night Akron West must have been a way-off form a week ago as Akron St. Vincent’s has a mighty powerful team. Probably a little of both is true and the Tigers had better be convinced right now that they are in for something more than a pink tea party next Friday night when Eddie Wentz leads his fighting Irish to Massillon. They are going to have to fight all the way without any letup, if they hope to conquer the Irish.

Although greatly outweighed, the Tigers possessed enough offensive ability in the first half to run around and through the hefty Cowboys for two touchdowns. Defensively they effectively checked all of Akron West’s offensive thrusts, even though the visitors’ offense was sparked by a pair of pretty fair ball toters – Jim Hamm and Chet Hayth. Sitting on the Akron bench out of the game with a twisted knee, was Wes Wassity, Akron’s ace backfielder, a fine passer and runner. Also out of the lineup was Bill Mohler, 240 pound tackle. One shudders to think what might have happened to the Tigers had Wassity been in the ball game, particularly in the second half when the Cowboys were high and the Tigers coasting along on the laurels they had amassed in the first half.

It required but six plays to register Massillon’s first touchdown in the opening period. The Tigers received and marched right down the field for 65 yards and their first points. It took only four plays to make the second touchdown in the second period after Massillon had gained possession of the ball on Akron’s 23 through a punt. Easy wasn’t it? – yes, almost too easy, thought the Tigers and then the roof fell in on them during the second period.

Fullback Henry Mastriann was the Tiger who scored both Massillon touchdowns. Halfback Romeo Pellegrini was the lad who set the stage for both sets of counters by a continuation of the brilliant open field running he displayed against Canton Lincoln a week ago. Mastriann did a splendid job of battering his way through the big Cowboy line for the two Massillon touchdowns and Pellegrin had just too much speed for the Akronites. But that, however, was in the first half. Neither boy could be shaken loose for any consistent gains in the second half and Pellegini finally was forced to leave the game with a gash under his right eye.

Dick Arrington who had played a whale of a game at tackle, also had to leave the contest when injured and neither Pellegrini or Arrington were in the battle when the Cowboys launched their successful touchdown thrust in the fourth quarter. Had they been, West might not have scored. But that’s wishful thinking now. The fact remains West did score and darn near upset the Massillon applecart because a none too alert Tiger team was not functioning anywhere like it did in the first half.

Pellegini Steps Off 47 Yards

Massillon received and Tom Jasinski took Jim Hamm’s opening kickoff and lugged it back to his 35 yard line before being stopped. Wallace smashed through left tackle for nine and Mastriann cracked open the left side of Akron’s line for five more and a first down in midfield, Wallace fumbled, recovered but lost five yards.

Then Pellegrini on a weak side reverse scampered wide around Akron’s left end and sailed down the east side of the field for 47 yards to the Cowboys’ two yard line before being brought to earth. It was a beautiful run with some fine blocking and interference on the part of Romeo’s teammates. Wallace smashed into the line, being stopped a half yard from pay dirt. On the next play Mastriann lugged the leather through his right tackle and into the promised land for the first Massillon touchdown. Arrington’s place kick was good and the Tiger machine was running in high, seven point to the good in a little over three minutes of play.

That the Cowboys were going to depend a lot on passes became apparent soon after they received the ball on the kickoff. One aerial attempt failed and they were stopped on the ground and Jack Wigley punted but Pellegrini fumbled —another bad trait which the Tigers were guilty of often during the game – and Jim Hamm covered for the Cowboys on Akron’s 46. Hayth tried a pass to Jim Hamm that was incomplete and Wigley made three at the line. In trying to get another aerial under way, Hayth failed to find a receiver open and was tossed for a 16 yard loss by Williams, Arrington and Tonges. Wigley then punted to Willmot who was tackled on his 42. Pellegrini tried a pass to Jasinski which was promptly intercepted by Jim Hamm who ran it back 20 yards to the Massillon 35 before being grounded by Richards and Keller.

Akron completed on pass for no gain and had another knocked down by Jasinski but when Wigley attempted another long heave to Jim Dew, the officials ruled Jasinski guilty of interference and the Cowboys were given the ball on the Tiger 15. West, in position to score, saw its passing attack flutter away along with a chance to tally points when Dew muffed a pretty pass from Hayth that would have given the Cowboys a substantial gain. Instead it cost them the ball on downs and they surrendered it on the Massillon 15. Massillon advanced the ball to its 48 yard line before the quarter ended, making two first downs along with a pretty 17-yard run by Mastriann.

West, however, checked the Massillon advance early in the second quarter and Jasinski punted to Akron’s 14 yard line. Arrington put a damper on West’s ground gaining hopes by crashing through and flooring Wigley for a 12 yard loss and Wigley then punted to his 23 yard line where the ball was downed.

Once again the Tiger offense set out in high gear and in four plays the Tigers had their second touchdown. Mastriann going over from the one yard line. Pellegrini made 17 yards in two thrusts through tackle. Mastriann cracked the line for five and then went over on the next play. Arrington missed the attempted conversion and the Tigers were ahead 13-0, sailing smoothly ahead on a calm and unruffled sea – so they thought! My, but what a storm blew up in the second half.

Tigers First Good Pass

Nothing much happened during the remainder of this quarter, except that it saw the Tigers connect for their first successful forward pass of the season. After Turkall, who had replaced Pellegrini, fumbled and recovered an Akron punt, Mastriann tossed a pass over the line to Willmot that was good for a first down. It was the only one the Tigers completed all evening.

Two fumbles, one by each team marked play early in the third quarter. Akron received and on the second play Jack Hamm, the little Hamm of the Hamm brother combination, fumbled and Arrington covered on Akron’s 38. But on the first Massillon play Mastriann fumbled when tackled, after a gain of 10, and Jim Dew covered on his 31 for Akron. That fumble was costly as it might have halted another Tiger touchdown march and from that point on the Tigers were never very ferocious. Another Massillon thrust was checked a bit later when after taking an Akron punt and reeling off a first down the Tigers were rudely stopped when Pellegrini was tossed for a 17 yard loss while trying to uncork a forward pass. It was on this play that he sustained the gash under his right eye and was forced to leave the battle.

The stage was set for Akron’s lone touchdown late in the third quarter. The Cowboys were forced to punt and Vic Turkall was in the safety spot. The ball struck the ground in front of him and bounced against his leg before he could grab it. Rice, Cowboy end, promply fell on it on Massillon’s 49 and the inspired Cowboys opened the drive that was to bring them their points.

Wallace knocked down a pass from Wigley, intended for Jim Hamm but Hayth connected on one to Jim Dew that was good for a first down, taking the ball to the Tiger 30. It was a short pass over the line but a beauty. Arrington was hurt on this play and was replaced by Belch. Then a series of line smashes gave West another first down when Jim Hamm dove over the center of the line on the fourth play to take the ball to the Massillon 19 as the quarter ended.

Massillon rallied at the start of the fourth and checked the Cowboys, taking the ball on downs on its 13. Jasinski, however, was forced to punt and Akron got the ball on the Tiger 46. A Wigley to Jim Hamm pass was good for nine and again Jim Hamm dove over the Massillon line for another Akron first down on the 34. Hayth had to leave the game a short time later because of a leg injury, being replaced by Prinkey. Wigley finding no Cowboy pass receiver open, tucked the ball under his arm and sailed around Massillon’s right end to the 20 before being nailed by Bob Williams on one of the best and hardest tackles on the game. The big Massillon center came from nowhere like a shot to stop Wigley.

Pass Brings Akron Score

After two line plays a Wigley to Jack Hamm pass filed but then Wigley heaved the ball to Stafford who took it on the Tiger five yard line where he was forced out of bounds. Jim Hamm plunged for two and then Wigley neatly flipped the ball over the Tiger line into Jim Hamm’s arms and Hamm was over for Akron’s touchdown. Wigley’s attempted place kick was blocked.

With the clock running out, Massillon received and this time held on to the ball long enough to make a first down to Akron’s 47. But then Mastriann fumbled but recovered with a loss of two but another Tiger first down to Akron’s 36 was recorded as the ball game ended.

Massillon made nine first downs, Akron seven. The Cowboys held a distinct edge in the second half, registering five first downs to three for the Tigers. Massillon punted four times, Akron kicked seven times.

Massillon completed one pass out of four for 13 yards and had one intercepted. The Cowboys tried 17 aerial heaves, completed five for 47 yards. The rest were incomplete. Massillon gained a total of 214 yards from all types of plays and lost 32 for a net gain of 182 yards. Akron gained 148 yards but had a loss of 55 for a net gain of 83.

Showing well on defense for Massillon were Arrington, who tackled hard until hurt, Richards, the little lad who replaced Bob Gable, benched by illness, Mastriann , Tonges and Williams. Berger also got into his share of plays. F. Azar, McCombs and George played strong defensive games for the Cowboys.

A Close Shave

Massillon Pos. Akron West
Willmot L.E. Dew
Arrington L.T. Knowlton
Tonges L.G. Gustely
Williams C F. Azar
Richards R.G. George
Berger R.T. McCombs
Jasinski R.E. Stafford
Keller Q.B. Jack Hamm
Pellegrini H.B. Wigley
Wallace H.B. Jim Hamm
Mastriann F.B. Hayth

Score by quarters:
Akron 0 0 0 6 – 6
Massillon 7 6 0 0 – 13

Touchdowns: Mastriann 2; Jim Hamm.

Points after: Arrington (place kick).

Referee – Russell Rupp. Umpire – Boone.
Headlinesman – C.J. Graff. Field Judge – C.W. Rupp.

Substitutes: Massillon – Belch, Luke, Turkall, Profant,
Cicchinelli, Webb.
West – Rice, Bivington, Stafford, Prinkey.

Tigers West
Total first downs 9 7
Yards gained by rushing 201 101
Yards lost by rushing 32 55
Net yards gained by rushing 169 46
Forward passes attempted 4 17
Forward passes completed 1 5
Yards gained by passing 18 47
Total net yardage rushing
and passing 182 93
Passes had intercepted 1 0
Number of punts 4 7
Average distance of punts 35 30
Number of kickoffs 3 2
Average distance of kicks 39 37
Number of fumbles 5 2
Times ball lost on fumbles 3 2
Number of penalties against 2 1
Yards lost by penalties 10 5

R.C. Arrington
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1935: Massillon 52, Akron West 7

Visitors Toss Lateral and Forward Passes in 25-yard March to Touchdown but Tigers Win Seventh Straight, 52-7


Though their goal line was crossed for the first time this season Friday evening, the Washington high Tigers looked more like the steam roller football machine they were in their first four games of the season as they leveled Akron West 52-7 for their seventh straight triumph.

The Akron Cowboys in crossing the Tiger goal line in the early minutes of the fourth quarter after a march of 25 yards attained the distinction of being only the second team to score against a Massillon eleven in two years. Last year the Tiger goal line was not crossed until Canton McKinley pushed three touchdowns over in the finale of the season.

West Achieved Ambition
For West, the game was somewhat of a moral victory despite its over whelming defeat. The Cowboys rode into Massillon with the expressed purpose of scoring a touchdown and they left nothing undone to get it.

They tossed laterals, they used the mouse trap, they shot passes and ran spinners and all the other trickery and they even came up with a new fullback, Henry Bergdorf who with but a few quarters of football at his back, stole the show from his teammates. Unfortunately he sustained a minor injury, a cracked rib and had to be removed from the game.

Rain fell shortly before game time and as a result the smallest crowd of the season, 4,000 fans, turned out to see the game, one of the best home attractions of the season.

Tigers Powerful At Start
The Akron Cowboys were caught in a wave of Tiger offense in the opening period and the ground trembled for the second time in as many nights as Massillon backs thundered through their opponents for three touchdowns in nine plays.
It looked like a record high score was in the making, but West braced and the visitors from the first period to the middle of the fourth quarter gave ground stubbornly and resisted all but two efforts of the Tigers to again score.

Then in one grand push the Cowboys obtained possession of the ball on the Massillon
25-yard line and coupled with two aerial pegs and line plays smashed their way across the goal to attain their big objective of the evening.

Massillon Strikes Back
They paid for it a moment later, however, for the Massillon boys aroused at seeing their goal line crossed for the first time this season, lashed back with an attack that produced a touchdown in two plays and two more before the gun sounded the end of the game.

To little 125-pound Ed Herring goes the honor of the most sensational run of the evening a dash of 56 yards through the entire West team on the second play after the Cowboys got their touchdown. Ed twice reversed his field and then sprinted like a frightened hare for the Cowboys’ goal. He was supported by fine blocking as were most of the Tiger ball carriers last night. The forward wall played its usual strong game.

The Tigers were distinctly the better team. They made 20 first downs to West’s eight, which incidentally were more than any other opponent could get this season.

The first three times the Massillon gridders came into possession of the ball, they scored and it took just three plays to get the ball over each time.

They kicked off to West, held the Cowboys without gain and got the ball on a punt on the West 25-yard line. Dutton made 16 yards in two efforts and Jake Gillom romped over for the first score. Glass failed to kick the extra point.

Again Massillon kicked off and again the Tigers held, this time getting the ball on a punt on their own 45-yard line where Jake Gillom was thrown after a five-yard return. Dutton went 25 yards around his left end to the West 20-yard line. Anderson circled his right end to the one-yard line and Jake went over on the next play. Dutton carried the ball across for the extra point.

Poor Punt Starts It Again
Again Morningstar kicked off and this time when West failed to advance the ball beyond the 33-yard line, Stokos punted straight up, the ball being grounded by one of his teammates on the 35-yard stripe. The first shot out of the box, Dutton fired a 20-yard pass to Anderson for a first down on the 15-yard line. Dutton ran to the two and one-half yard line before being tackled and Glass plunged over for the touchdown. Dutton was tackled before he could get across for the extra point.

The quarter ended with the score 19-0 and the game was getting well into the second period when the Massillon eleven managed to slip another over. This time they advanced the ball
largely through the efforts of Bob Glass and Mike Byelene from their own 40-yard line to the West 25. There Buggs, Morningstar and Woods opened a hole a mile wide for Herring to gallop through to a touchdown. The attempt for the extra point failed and the half ended with the score 25-0 in the Tigers favor.

West fought over every inch of ground it gave in the third period but the Tigers managed to launch a sustained march from the kickoff that carried the ball from their own 20-yard line across the visitors’ goal. It went something like this: Gillom three yards right tackle; Dutton five yards at left tackle; Gillom first down on the 38; Dutton’s pass incomplete; Anderson nine yards right end; Dutton first down in midfield; Dutton to Morningstar 20 yard; Dutton five, Dutton 18 and a first down on the seven-yard line; Anderson right end no gain and Glass a touchdown. Dutton carried over for the extra point.

West opened up with its tricks after that and had laterals flying in all directions. With Bergdorf, Longacre and Nichols doing most of the fancy stuff, the Cowboys marched to three straight first downs, carrying the ball to the 15-yard line. Here the Tigers smothered three plays and on fourth down McDew snared Bergdorf’s pass on the goal line and was tackled almost immediately.

Dutton in two plays carried it at least 12 yards up the field, but the Tigers were called for holding and were penalized to their one-yard line.

Dutton dropped deep in the end zone to punt and booted the ball out on the 25. This presented West with a scoring opportunity.

West Scores Touchdown
Nichols put a lateral to Bergdorf for four yards. Nichols sneaked through for five on a spinner and on the first play of the fourth period Bergdorf crashed through to a first down on the 14-yard line.

Nichols made a yard and Longacre a yard and Bergdorf passed to Stokes for six yards. Needing two yards for a first down, Bergdorf took the ball on fourth down and carried it to within a yard of the Tiger goal. He tried to put it over but failed. Then Longacre piled through for the touchdown and Bergdorf swept through for the extra point and West was happy.

That aroused the Tigers. They received and Morningstar lugged the ball back to the 34. Dutton ran the ball around his left end for a gain of 10 yards and on the next play Herring, twice reversing his field, dashed 56 yards for a touchdown. He also carried the extra point across.

West received, could not gain and punted back to its own 44. Dutton hurled an 18-yard pass to Glass for first down on the 26. A pass failed, but Herring scooped up a pass just as it was about to hit the ground and got away for nine yards before being tackled. Dutton ran the remaining 17 yards for the touchdown and Glass carried the extra point over.

Dutton covered Longacre’s fumble on the Akron 45-yard line to put the Tigers in position for their last touchdown. He passed to Herring for a 25-yard gain and on the next play Glass romped through for a touchdown. Dutton failed to carry the extra point across.

The game was played cleanly and few penalties were called. Each team lost 15 yards.

More Praise For Band
The high school band was prepared to stage a spectacular drill between halves and while the wind greatly interfered with the fireworks in connection with the performance, the stands thrilled at the manner in which the young musicians played and executed their steps. All band members had flashlights attached to their caps, which were turned on. At the game time the flood lights of the field were turned off. Those detailed to light fireworks had a hard time touching off the fuses because of the high wind and thus the drill was not as spectacular as it otherwise would have been.

Good For West
Massillon Pos Akron West
Anderson LE Stokos
Held LT Miller
Updegraff LG Grigas
Voss C Abney
Woods RG Mikaloshek
Buggs RT Snyder
Morningstar RE Pender
Dutton QB Nichols
Gillom LH Longacre
Molinski RH Renz
Glass FB Bergdorf

Score by periods:
Massillon 19 6 7 20 52
Akron West 0 0 0 7 7

Massillon – McDew, le; O. Gillom, re; J. Anderson, lt; Moffett, rt; Russ, lg; Miller, rg; Snavely, c; Byelene, qb; Herring, lh; Spillman, rh; Snyder, fb.
West – Matthews, rg; Van Adams, lh; Sattes, lh; Roseman, lg; Weaver, rh; Forzano, rh; Petrow, lg; Field, le; Sours, rt; Evans, lh; Walker, le; Mull, fb; Forney, le.

Massillon – Gillom 2; Glass 3; Herring 2; Dutton.
West – Longacre.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Dutton 2 (carried); Herring (carried); Glass (carried).
West – Bergdorf (carried).

Referee – Jenkins.
Umpire – Gross.
Head Linesman – Rupp.

Massillon Squad
No. Name Pos. Weight
24 A. Morningstar RE 167
22 Charlie Anderson LE 163
32 Neri Buggs RT 181
38 Junior Held LT 187
68 Ralph Updegraff LG 160
34 Walter Woods RG 173
86 Don Voss C 185
44 Howard Dutton QB 143
54 Bob Glass FB 170
52 Jacob Gillom HB 151
88 Ed Molinski HB 175

Average Weight 168 lbs.

82 Jim McDew RE 144
64 Odel Gillom LE 145
26 Junior Anderson LT 170
42 Jack Moffett RT 180
40 Walter Russ LG 158
28 Jim Miller RG 154
20 Don Snavely C 145
50 Michael Byelene Q 150
78 Edgar Herring HB 125
38 Don Spillman HB 142
62 John Snyder FB 150
80 Matthew Carter HB 145
48 Bob Swoger E 150
30 Bill Lee C 132
56 Bob Graybill G 140

Augie Morningstar
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1934: Massillon 33, Akron West 0



A first half assault that produced four touchdowns and then withered under a rejuvenated Akron West team, gave the Washington high Tigers their seventh straight victory of the season Saturday and brought an end to the visiting Cowboys fine record of 20 undefeated games.

In chalking up the 33-0 triumph the Tigers played some of their best and at the same time some of the poorest football of the season.

Unable to Get First Down in Third Quarter
Where the local gridders smashed through the visiting eleven’s defense for four touchdowns in the first and second periods they were stopped without a first down and completely outplayed in the third quarter and showed but on burst of offense in the final frame that produced their fifth and last touchdown.

Even though their two star backs, Van Adams and Mose Allen sat on the bench, the Cowboys showed more offense against the Tigers Saturday than any team has this season. Twice sustained drives carried them up the field to within the 20-yard line. They made nine first downs, four of them in the third quarter.

Coach Belchly, of West high came to Massillon, fully expecting to lose the game. He did not give himself a chance and for that reason did not start Adams and Allen, believing it would be wiser to save them for West’s important Akron city series battle with South high this coming week.

Might Have Score With Aces
As it developed, Belchly had the situation sized up correctly. With Adams and Allen in the game, West could not have stopped the Tigers’ smashing offense the first half. The two ace ball carriers might have added a scoring punch to the Cowboys’ offense in the third period, when they drove to the 20-yard line, but it was evident that West was not strong enough to win and Belchly wasn’t going to take any chances on either being injured. He did put Adams into the game in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter but Allen remained on the wood plank throughout.

It was Henry Krier, who carried the burden of the Tiger attack in the first two periods. He scored three touchdowns before indigestion forced him from the game, early in the second period. He got back into the mix-up in the third period but was unable to do little the last two frames.

The first time the Tigers got their hands on the ball they drove for a touchdown. Lohr returned a punt nine yards to the West 41-yard line and Dutton pegged a pass to Shertzer for a first down on the 24. West was penalized five yards and Krier fought his way through right tackle for 19 yards and a touchdown. McCants went over for the next extra point on a power play.

Wolfe Covers Fumble
Don Wolfe covered Poulos’ fumble on the 22-yard line to place the Tigers in position for their second touchdown. McCants on the first play smashed through to the 12 and Krier in two attempts went the remaining distance. This time he placekicked the extra point and the score was 14-0 at the end of the quarter.

The third touchdown ended in a beautiful 59-yard run by Krier. Parks’ punt was grounded on the Massillon 25-yard line and McCants and Krier alternated in carrying the pigskin to the Massillon 41-yard line. Krier was ordered through his right tackle. He cut over to the sideline where he appeared bottled up by three West players. He sidestepped one, cut back toward midfield, outran the remainder of the secondary and had Shertzer trailing at his heels ready to spill any Wet tackler who might catch up to him. McCants carried the ball over for the extra point.

Morningstar, Wolfe and Molinski blocked Parks’ punt on the fourth down on the 14-yard line to gain position for the fourth touchdown of the half. Shertzer made nine yards around right end on a mousetrap and McCants plunged the remaining distance. An attempted pass for the extra point was wide of Shertzer the receiver.

West Reveals Punch
st came back with its first offense of the game and carried and passed the ball from its own 34 to the Massillon 18-yard line where Lohr intercepted Bertolini’s pass and ran back to his own 40 before being tackled. Though time would not permit West to show again in the half, the Cowboys launched another offensive in the third period that threatened to cross the Tiger goal line for the firs time this season. With Bertolini a second stringer, who has been warming the bench most of the season, carrying the ball, the Cowboys marched from their own 10-yard line to the Tigers’ 20 before losing the pigskin on downs. The Tigers only had the ball three times in the third period and were unable to make headway at anytime.

The Massillon offense began to click again in the fourth period and four plays carried the ball from the 10-yard line across the visitors’ goal. Lohr was downed with a punt and a
15-yard penalty set the local team back to its 10-yard line, McCants made it all and 10 yards to spare and Krier raced for another first down on the West 42-yard line. McCants again tore through for a first down on the 27 and with the visitors secondary sucked in, Byelene hurled a pass to Lohr for the final touchdown of the game. Krier’s kick was wide of the goal posts.

The local team made another bid to score and carried the ball from its own 15-yard line to the five-yard line, where a five-yard penalty and two consecutive fumbles lost the ball on the five-yard line.

In defeating West the Tigers made 20 first downs to the visitors’ nine and completed four of 12 passes for a total of 63 yards. Two were intercepted. West completed six of 10 passes for a total of 70 yards. Two were intercepted.

Massillon lost 55 yards through penalties to West’s 10 yards.

With West out of the way the Tigers prepare this week for another Akron team. East high, an old rival which will be met on Massillon field Saturday afternoon.

Lineup and summary:
Massillon Pos. Akron West
Shertzer LE Boughner
Wolfe LT Mathews
Molinski LG Selby
Morningstar C Abney
Snavely RG Ziruolo
Buggs RT Hoff
Lohr RE Parks
Dutton QB Johnson
Krier LH Poulos
Lange RH Bruniage
McCants FB Bertolini

Score by periods:
Massillon 14 13 0 6 33

Massillon – Byelene, lh, qb; McDew, le; Herring, lh.
West – Miller, rg; Petro, c; Mikaloshek, rg; Adams, lh.

Massillon – Krier 3; McCants; Lohr.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – McCants 2 (carried); Krier (placekick).

Referee – Shafer (Akron).
Umpire – Gross (New Philadelphia).
Head Linesman – Michales (Ohio State).

Cloyd Snavely
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1921: Massillon 21, Akron West 7

M.H.S. WINS 21-7

Orange And Black Opens Season With Victory Over West

It isn’t always the big fellow who wins.

Football warriors of Washington High school proved this Saturday afternoon while defeating West High of Akron, 21 to 7 on the Pearl street gridiron in the opening scholastic combat of the season. Outweighed from 8 to 10 pounds to a man by the beefy Summit county aggregation the Orange and Black lads outplayed the Invaders and practically wore them out by a relentless attack which showed that the coaching ability of David B. Stewart, new athletic tutor, would bring some highly satisfactory results before the curtain is lowered next November.

West, with a veteran lineup that captured the scholastic championship of the Rubber city a year ago, looked decidedly superior to the local team as the two elevens pranced up and down the field before the opening of the battle. But once the fighting spirit of the youthful Tigers was aroused the attack of the visitors was checked and time after time rolled back for a loss.

Although Massillon’s attack was ragged at times and its tackling just a bit off form the youthful Tigers displayed sufficient ability in their initial encounter to encourage the flock of fans who witnessed the duel. It was due to poor tackling that West scored its lone touchdown in the second quarter. This touchdown came from a cleverly executed forward pass and was the only time that the Akronites really threatened the Massillon goal.

It was due to the phenomenal offensive play of Captain “Chuck” Hess that hoisted the Orange and Black colors upon victory’s standard. The Massillon leader scored all of the local team’s points, three times dashing across the Akron goal line and three times annexing points from goal after touchdown.

The Massillon leader brought the crowd to its feet when early in the second quarter he grabbed an Akron punt on his 15-yard line and dashed 85 yards through the visiting eleven for Massillon’s first touchdown. It was a brilliant run, but Hess’ dash would never have been possible had he not been afforded almost perfect interference by this teammates. For just as soon as he received the punt the local lads began to blaze a pathway for him through the West eleven by dumping prospective tacklers until the Orange and Black leader found himself out in a clear field where his speed enabled him to elude the few remaining Akronites who were still on their feet.

But that did not finish his afternoon’s work. Again in the third quarter he plunged through the Akron team from the 10-yard line for Massillon’s second touchdown and early in the fourth quarter skirted Akron’s right end for another 10-yard drive and Massillon’s third set of counters.

But while Hess’ work stood out prominently he did not bask in calsomine rays alone. Sharing honors with him was Rosenberg, his running mate, whose line plunging and sturdy defensive work stood out prominently throughout the entire struggle. Rosenberg plowed through the heavy Akron line time after time for substantial gains and his work on secondary defense broke up many an Akron attempt to gain.

The thing which probably was most impressive was the game fight which the Massillon line put up against the invaders. Although made up practically of green men the Orange and Black line outfought the Akronites and gave them such a drubbing that during the fourth quarter the visiting line was a leaky as a sieve.

Coach Stewart’s lads depended practically upon straight football for their gains. They attempted only one forward pass and this was successful, Hess tossing to Hax for a gain of 30-yards in the fourth quarter. Few end runs were attempted. Off-tackle bucks were largely used and the steady pounding of the Orange and Black had its effect upon the visitors who were forced to send practically all of their reserve players into the fray, but their efforts to half the Orange and Black proved futile.

During the first two quarters it appeared as if the invaders might worry the local team with an aerial attack for the Akronites seemed to have exceptional ability in the aerial game. They worked five successful passes, one of which gave them their touchdown, before Coach Stewart’s lads succeeded in breaking them up and West’s next eight attempts to gain by the air route were frustrated.

Gram, quarterback, was the star for Akron West.

Starting Right

Akron West – 7 Pos. Massillon – 21
Niehaus LE Jamison
Thomas LT Nelson
Henry LG Shaidnagle
B. Smith C Roth
Tripplett RG Rutherford
Brewster RT Snyder
Wallace RE Pflug
Gram QB Rosenberg
H. Smith LH Hess
Marino RB Hax
Gentach FB Potts

Score by quarters:
Massillon 0 7 7 7 – 21
Akron West 0 7 0 0 – 7

Substitutions: Massillon – Lyons for Pflug, Rohr for Lyons,
Lyons for Jamison, Jamison for Lyons, Bishop for Rosenberg,
Ulrich for Potts, Borza for Ulrich, Potts for Borza, Wendling
for Potts.
Akron West – Carney for Henry, Wagner for B. Smith.

Massillon scoring – Touchdowns – Hess 3.

Goals after touchdown – Hess

Akron scoring – Touchdowns – Smith.

Goal after touchdown – Gram.

Referee – Blythe, Mount Union.
Umpire – Blackburn.
Headlinesman – Wilson.

Time of quarters – 14 minutes.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1920: Massillon 0, Akron West 7

Touchdown In Third Quarter Gives Akron West Victory Over High “11”

Scoring a touchdown in the third quarter Akron West, scholastic champions of the rubber city, last Saturday afternoon defeated the orange and black aggregation of Washington high school in a hard fought battle in Akron.

For two periods Massillon played Akron to a standstill; several times threatened to score but was held in check by the Akronites. But in the third period after Massillon had shifted its lineup, quarterback Graham, of the Akron team, broke lose for a 48 yard run that carried the ball to Massillon’s three yard line from where right halfback Myers carried it over for the points that gave West the victory.

The team which trimmed the youthful Tigers 7 to 0 last Saturday was the same one which Canton smothered under a 33 to 0 lacing several weeks ago and this does not help Massillon’s chances any in its coming clash with Canton which will be staged here next Saturday.

During the first two periods Massillon made a very impressive showing. The local eleven held Akron safe and several times carried the ball within scoring distance but each time the West high defense stiffened and the orange and black was unable to score.

The break came in the third quarter when Graham started a dash around end which resulted in a 48-yard gain when he eluded several Massillon tacklers and carried the ball to Massillon’s three yard line before being downed. On the next play Myers plunged through the line for a touchdown.

“Tink” Ulrich, the local team’s midget halfback, was the star of Massillon’s play during the first two periods. Ulrich several times got away for substantial gains and his speedy footwork made him a difficult man for Akron to stop.

The orange and black tried desperately to score in the fourth quarter but its efforts were futile as West with the game practically won, put up a stiff defensive battle.

West 7, Massillon 0

West – 7 Position Massillon – 0
Niehaus LE Graybill
Jentsch LT Harrison
Schauer LG Nelson
Tibbets C Lyons
Clark RG Shaidnagle
Harper RT Snyder
Alvis RE Potts
Graham Q Hess
Marino LH Rosenberg
Sokol RH Ulrich
Shutt FB J. Tilton

Touchdowns – Myers.
Goal – Graham.

Substitutions – Massillon: Howells for Ulrich; Greenfelder for
West – Gene Smith for Alvis; George Smith for Sokol; Myers
for George Smith.

Referee – Martin.
Umpire – Barton.
Head linesman – Waldsmith.

Time of quarters: 12½ minutes.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1919: Massillon 14, Akron West 7




The Washington High-Akron West game was called off this morning on account of rain. Friday’s heavy down-pour and today’s continued rain made the field to wet for play

The biggest local scholastic football game of the season will be played Tuesday afternoon when Massillon high’s crack orange and black eleven tackle Akron West, strongest of the Akron high schools on the Central Steel field.

The game has all the ear marks of a real battle outside of the Toledo Scott dues, probably will be the toughest on the local team’s schedule. The game will commence at 2:30 o’clock.

Orange and Black
Crush Akron West’s Championship Hopes

The orange and black gridiron eleven of the Washington high school celebrated the first anniversary of the signing of the Armistice by shattering the hopes of Akron West’s crack team of warriors winning the interscholastic championship of Ohio.

Displaying their best football of the season the attack of the youthful Tigers was too vigorous for the Summit county lads and the orange and black crew annexed its sixth victory of the season 14 to 7. Only stellar playing on the part of the high school athletes brought victory to the local school.

The defeat handed the gridders of West high was their first reverse of the season and entirely unexpected. Full to the brim of confidence, the visiting eleven expected to take the orange and black varsity into camp, but the vicious onslaught of the Washington high blasted its hopes.

The Akron crew came here true to form and placed on the field the best team seen here this season. The Akron eleven showed it had the right to be ranked as one of the leading high school elevens in the state when in the first few minutes of play it began a fruitful march to the goal.

Akron won the toss and Massillon kicked to the visitors, the runner being downed on his 34-yard line. On the second play Akron punted to Stuldreher. A mix-up in signals on Massillon’s first down caused a fumble which Akron recovered. After making two first downs on line plunges and a forward pass, Jackson fumbled, Massillon recovering on its own 10-yard line.

Greenfelder kicked 30 yards to Ammans. Ammans, the Akron right half, made 10 yards on a cross buck carrying the ball to Massillon’s 20-yard line. A double pass over the goal line fell in J. Smith’s handle for the first set of counters of the game. Shutt kicked goal.

Akron then kicked off to Oberlin who was downed on his 40-yard line. From there the Massillon squad made a march straight through the Akron team for a touchdown. Runs and plunges by Greenfelder and Stuldreher carried the ball to Akron’s one-yard line, from where Archbold bucked it over the goal line. Greenfelder kicked goal.

The final set of counters and winning points came to the orange and black team in the second period. Getting the ball in midfield, with the stellar line of the local eleven tearing big gaps in the visitors’ line, Stuldreher, Hess and Greenfelder carried the ball to the
one-yard line. Greenfelder plodded through left tackle for a touchdown. He also kicked goal.

From then on the play see-sawed back and forth in midfield with neither team enjoying great opportunities to score. Akron tried desperately to tie the count and resorted to open play during the entire final two periods. With the exception of the pass which netted its points, Akron failed to do much with open work.

Hess, who is rapidly developing into the offensive star of the local team, was forced to retire in the second period, when he sustained a bad bump in tackling Shutt. The offensive attack of Greenfelder and Stuldreher were the bright lights in the Massillon offensive, while the defensive playing of Oberlin and Archbold stood out prominently, through the entire line played a stalwart game, the Akron backs being able to gain little ground on plunges. The work of Shutt and Ammans showed best for the Summit county team.

Lineup and summary:
Akron – 7 Pos. Massillon – 14
Myers le Herman
G. Smith lt Taylor
Haas lg Clay
Mason c Angstadt
Clark rg Harrison
Harper rt Oberlin
J. Smith re Howells
Jackson q Stuhldreher
Ritter lh Greenfelder
Ammans rh Hess
Shutt f Archbold

Score by quarters:
Akron 7 0 0 0 7
Massillon 7 7 0 0 14

Tilton for Clay, Clay for Tilton, Hollerboch for Hess, Tilton for Clay, Jameson for Herman. Adams for Harrison, Graber for Taylor.

Touchdowns – Smith, Greenfelder, Archbold.

Goals from touchdowns – Shutt, Greenfelder 2.

Referee – Blythe, Mount Union.
Umpire – Bast.
Head Linesman – Wincek.

Timer – Liggett.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1917: Massillon 25, Akron West 0

M. H. S. Back in Winning Column, Defeats Akron West, Saturday, 25 To 0

When Akron West lined up against Massillon high school’s gridiron warriors Saturday afternoon on the Stadium grounds, Akron, the teams looked evenly matched but, as the game progressed the superiority of the orange and black was demonstrated. The 25 to 0 defeat which the orange and black inflicted was a come back from the overwhelming defeat received the week before from Youngstown South.

Playing the same brand of football it did Saturday, the high gridders should win the remaining three games of their schedule. The line was a stone wall on defense, only three first downs being made by the Akron squad. Only once did they appear weak. At the beginning of the second half, after Archbold kicked to Harter, Harter bucked through left tackle for a twelve yard gain, but the line bucked up and after four unsuccessful attempts to pierce the orange and black wall of defense, the West gridders lost the ball on downs.

With the line opening holes for the backfield men, the Massillon backs were able to make twelve first downs and three touchdowns by going through the Akron line, one touchdown resulting from a forward pass, F. Graybill to Fulton, from the fifteen yard line.

“Swig” Thomas, the orange and black’s brilliant halfback, was up to his old tactics of skirting the ends and ripping the line for gains from five to thirty yards. “Swig” scored the first points of the game nine minutes after play began in the first quarter, going through Akron’s left tackle eight yards for a touchdown.

The second touchdown was made when “Swig” skirted around Akron’s right end from Akron’s 15 yard line for the second counter, one minute and ten seconds after resuming play in the second quarter. Fulton, after the ball had been advanced about 45 yards in the third quarter to Akron’s fifteen yard line received a forward from Graybill over the line, bringing the score up to 19 points. The final points came in the fourth quarter when Archbold carried the pigskin over from the four yard line on a line buck.

With Fulton and Wittman on ends, Coach Snavely has finally developed a pair of wing men capable of breaking up interference and also of receiving forwards. Both ends Saturday were in the game up to their necks, smashing Akron’s interference and getting down the field on punts. Time after time Harter and Noals, receivers of the punts for Akron, were nailed in their tracks.

The Massillon line with Chaney and Oberlin on tackles, Harrison and Graybill on guards, and Ertle at center, was impregnable. On several occasions the linemen broke through and nailed Harter who hurled forward passes for Akron, before he had time to pass.

Graybill at quarter, who has been sub-quarter, ran the team in great shape and played a good offensive game, making several long runs. Converse, always a bear on defense, nailed Akron runners time after time, until injuries sustained in the second quarter, when he and Oberlin came together in making a tackle, forced him from the game. He may probably not be able to enter the Rayen contest next Saturday.

Massillon – 25. Pos. Akron West – 0.

Wittman le Holcomb

Chaney lt Madison

C. Graybill lg Enderline

Ertle c E. Harter

Harrison rg Beldon

Oberlin rt Vaughn

Fulton re Disson

E. Graybill qb Noals

Thomas lhb Schutt

Converse rhb A. Harter

Archbold fb Blum

Substitutes: Massillon, Edwards for Wittman, Miller for Edwards, Edwards for C. Graybill, Kemp for Harrison, Weirich for Oberlin, Wittman for Converse. Akron, Captain for Enderline, Smith for Vaughn, Vaughn for Beldon.

Touchdowns – Thomas 2, Archbold, Fulton.
Goal from touchdown, Thomas.

Referee – Palmer, Akron.
Umpire – Crisp, Akron.
Timekeepers – Black and Harrison.

Time of quarters – 12-10-12-10.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1916: Massillon 16, Akron West 7


The red and black eleven of Akron West was fortunate in three ways Saturday afternoon.

First, it was able to score seven points against Massillon high’s crack eleven; second, the officials were from Akron and did not feel inclined to give the orange and black what it was justly entitled to; and third, it was not beaten by a score of 30 to 0, which would have been the score had officials conducted the contest properly.

But, as it was, Massillon won by a 16 to 7 count, having been robbed of at least two touchdowns by poor officiating. At the start of the game Massillon carried the ball to within one foot of Akron’s goal line. Here Akron held stubbornly for three downs but on the fourth McLaughlin plowed through and placed the leather over the goal line. Referee Crisp, of Akron University, claimed he had been downed before reaching the line.

Again in the second quarter Massillon rushed Akron West off its feet and as the quarter was ending Thomas dashed through right tackle for eight yards and made what seemed to be a perfectly legal touchdown. But again Referee Crisp interposed and said that four yards from the goal Thomas in evading an Akron tackler, had stopped the forward progress of the ball and therefore was down. Massillon only scored two points in the first two quarters, the count coming on a safety in the first period. Stults punted Loeffler missing the ball. It bounded over Massillon’s goal line and Harrold downed Loeffler behind the goal.

Coach Snavely’s gridders scored their first touchdown in the third quarter. Ertle blocked an Akron punt and covered on the 15 yard line. Massillon carried the ball to within two feet of the line and Thomas was sent through. He fumbled but Harrold covered and scored a touchdown. Goal was kicked.

Massillon’s last touchdown came immediately after the fourth quarter opened, Thomas going through outside of left tackle for 23 yards and the score.

Akron West depended upon shift plays and forward passes for its gains and in the fourth quarter a long forward from Loeffler to McConnell placed the ball on Massillon’s seven yard line. Massillon claimed that McConnell in receiving the pass stepped out of bounds but the referee overruled the claim. On the next play Noble shot a forward to McConnell, who received it back of Massillon’s goal for a touchdown, the second score against the orange and black this year.

The game was played on the field at Wooster avenue stadium. It was in very poor shape, being half covered with mud and water.


M. H. S. – 16. Pos. A. W. H. S. – 7.

Harrold c Smith

Chaney lt Knowlton

Ertle lg Clark

Zepp c Wentz

Oberlin rg Greshan

Archbold rt Blum

Bischoff re McConnell

McLaughlin qb Loeffler

Thomas lhb Martin

Wittmann fb Amans

Stults rhb Noble
Score by quarters:
Massillon 2 0 7 7 – 16
Akron West 0 0 0 7 – 7

Touchdowns – Harrold, Thomas, McConnell.
Goals – McLaughlin 2, Loeffler 1.
Safety – Massillon.

Referee – Crisp, Akron.
Umpire – Kline, Michigan University.
Headlinesman – Bahr.

Time of quarters – 12-10-12-10.

Substitutions – Massillon: Johnson for Chaney, Stoner for Oberlin; Underwood for Stoner, Converse for Wittmann, H. Archbold for Converse.