Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo

Shaw Well Versed
in Punt Running and Catching
Cleveland Made material Gains
Through the Local Line
Whenever Yards Were Needed
Few Plays Went Around Stearns or Rudy,
of Massillon’s Ends

After having seen the sights of Cleveland in a forty mile automobile strip, Saturday morning, the high school donned the orange and black suits and almost gave Shaw high school the game without protest.

For some reason Massillon was unable to get into football condition. The greatest mistake made was, according to the majority of the by-standers, Massillon’s determination to play a kicking game when a few minutes of hammering the Shaw line would have broken the road for clear playing.

And when relying on the kicking Massillon lost, for Heyman was not at his best. The ball frequently fell short. Punt recovering was not very noticeable by Massillon players. Time and again a punt was fumbled but if it had been held material gains would have been credited to Massillon.

Shaw did not show up on trick plays to any advantage and the home team was working a great part of the game in Shaw territory. Relying, the latter part of the game on forwards, which occasionally worked out, Massillon spruced up slightly but every opportunity for scoring offered was thrown carelessly away.

Shaw was unable to make any gains on tricks, resorting principally to line bucking. Gains were seldom made around either of the ends.

The plays see-sawed up and down the field but finally the balloon went up near the close of the second quarter when Taylor, Shaw’s fullback, carried the ball through the line for a touchdown. One more point was scored when Shaw kicked goal.

Rudy, Miller and Ryder, for Massillon, are to be commended for their quick work in breaking up forwards for Shaw. Several times the members of this trio made individual attempts to catch the passes and saved Massillon from a much worse defeat.

The attendance at the game was fair, but was not as great as Shaw officials had expected. The Case-Dennison football game and the Cincinnati game at Cleveland drew heavily form the high school game. Weather conditions were the best and the grounds were superior to any Massillon high school has played on this season.

Lineup and summary
Shaw Pos. Massillon
A. Ward le Rudy
McNamara lt Wagoner
Riblet c Ryder
Battenfield rg Wells
Queiser rt Baltzly
Allan (capt.) re Stearns
Ferrier qb Arther (capt.)
Locke lhb Miller
Taylor fb Kester
Gordon rhb Heyman

Shaw 6
Massillon 0

Shaw – Taylor.

Shaw – Taylor.

Referees – Baer (Oberlin).
Umpire – Bast.
Head Linesman – Bowie (Reserve).

Time of periods: 10, 12y, 10, 12y/

Time of game – 2:15