Massillon Stacks Up Against
a Snag and Loses Out.

The Akron Team Took Twenty-nine Points in the First Half,
but Massillon Tightened Up and Held it to Eleven in the Second.

Akron high’s beef, speed and superior team work was too much for the Massillon high school eleven, which met the Akron school at Akron Saturday.  After forty-five minutes of play Massillon retired from the contest forty-four points in the hole and without a score to its credit.  Unlike the score, however, the playing was not all one sided.  Massillon played in general a hard game but it could not prevail against hits heavier opponents.  There was some good individual playing on the part of the Massillon players, but the general team work was loose and afforded Akron, which played well together, a chance to open up the weak spots.  A good sized score was piled up by Akron in spite of the fact that most of the penalties of the game were called against its players.  Off side playing was the offense losing most of the ground.

The only play which Akron was unable to play was its forward pass.  The play called a man far too one side who was to receive the ball and throw it over the line.  Massillon, however, guarded the man well and the ball was never thrown.  Instead the player cut into the line and was downed without gain.  Other forward passes were broken up by Massillon, causing Akron to lose much on penalties.  Akron’s largest gains were made by straight line bucking.  Weak spots were found all along.  Holes were opened and the runner trotted through, for substantial gains each time.  A triple pass from a tandem on tackle also worked well for Akron.

Massillon was usually held for downs and forced to punt.  Snavely did the kicking.  Massillon’s line did not hold well and consequently the backfield was unable to form proper interference.  Considering the odds Massillon put up a tolerable game.  Akron averaged over 150 pounds while Massillon averages nearer 135.  Akron was also much faster and showed excellent team work.  The first touchdown was made on a fumble sidewise pass, but all the rest were put over the line on straight football.  Only one goal was kicked.  A goal from field counted Akron 4.  Massillon did not take an official along but received an eminently square deal in all parts of the game.

Following is the line-up:

Akron        Pos.        Massillon
Hollinger        le          Atwater, Richards
Zimmerman     lt                 Erb
Scheck, Boath                      lg       Blackburn
Franks            c             Reese
Anderson      rg         Burkhart, Leahy and Moody
Criss              rt               Clay
Williams, Ault re              Wells
Quinn           qb          Bowers, Atwater
Baer, Smith, Sigel              lh  Hammersmith
Jackson         rh           Snavely
Zook, Smith  fb              Davis

Time of halves – 20 and 25 minutes.

Akron – Jackson  3; Zook; Zimmerman  2; Hollinger.

Place kick:
Akron – Jackson.

Referee – Cally.
Umpire – Stevens.
Time Keeper – Hall and Moore.
Linesmen – Cass, Blackwood and Leahy.