Massillon – 12      Alliance – 23

It was Massillon’s more or less listless playing in the first half of the game which allowed the Alliance high school team to run up 17 decisive points on the local school at Mt. Union Saturday and thereby win the game.  In the second half Massillon was desperate and determined to win.  Two touchdowns and two goals were made and Massillon seemed on the high road to victory when time was called.  Too much dependence was put into the shortest half.  The final score was 23 to 12.

In the first half before Massillon had properly gingered into the game, Alliance had its own way.  Massillon held stubbornly, but loosely and without vim.  Alliance could usually make its yards, but seldom more.  Only once in the first half did it look as if the tide of battle would turn decisively Massillon found Alliance’s weak spot, and hammered it unmercifully for more than half the length of the field.  Davis gained continually through Alliances right guard, Blackburn opening the hole.  Cross bucks also were good gainers.  But the ball was lost on downs on Alliance’s five yard line, and Massillon was again carried back.

In the second half the worm did turn, and Massillon showed what she really was worth.  Two touchdowns were force over, one on straight football by Snavely, and the other secured by Richards on a fumble.  Both goals were kicked faultlessly by Blackburn.  The Massillon team gingered up with vim, and held Alliance for downs.

Alliance’s plunging full back was its greatest gainer, and all round player.  He was the heaviest man on the team and made practically all of Alliance’s gains.  Massillon’s line was strong but it did not show until the second half.  Blqackburn and Erb opened up the big hole through which Massillon gained the most.  Clay on the other side of the line played the big defensive game.  If anyone lay down in front of him he walked right over him, and if anyone stood in front of him he walked anyway.  More than once he downed the runner behind the line, and was down the field on the kick-off with the best of them.  Snavely and Davis made Massillon’s big gains.  Massillon used the forward pass successfully several times, Snavely receiving the ball.  Alliance however, could not make it work to very good advantage.  Alliance skirted the ends for substantial gains twice on the fake punt, Massillon’s ends being drawn in.

Alliance – 23                   Pos. Massillon – 12
Mummert       le           Moody
Shern              lt             Leahy
Iden               lg               Clay
Tanner            c         Burkhart
Kallenbaugh   lg       Blackburn
Goddard         lt                 Erb
Jones             le         Richards
Davis            qb           Bowers
Wingert         rh              Wells
Alloot            lh           Snavely
Newshutz (c) fb              Davis

Time – 25 and 20 minute halves

Massillon – Snavely; Richards.
Alliance – Newshutz, 2; Wingert; Mummert.

Goal from touchdown:
Massillon – Blackburn.

Referee – Jones.
Timekeeper – Hall.
Linesman – Hammersmith.