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1966: Massillon 16, Canton McKinley 25

Seaman Says ‘Wait Until Next Year’
McKinley Wins; Bengals Have Losing Mark

Independent Sports Editor

Fans of the old Brooklyn baseball Dodgers had the right idea at a time like this: “Wait until next year.”

Washington high Coach Bob Seaman had his own version: “We’ll be back next year and should have a heck of a team.”

The error-pocked and anguish-filled 1966-football season is history. The final chapter was penned Saturday in a bruising 25-16 Tiger stadium loss to Canton McKinley in the 71st annual inter-city classic.

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For the first time since 1931 the Bengals ended below .500 with a 4-5-1 record. There have been only 4 other seasons of 8 or more games since 1894, which have ended below the
Break-even point.

The only consolation for Seaman was that he has a lot of company among first-year coaches who have lost to McKinley. Seven other mentors, including Paul Brown, either lost to or were tied by the Bulldogs in the first or only year those coaches were here.

McKinley ended a 9-year famine in wining and assured itself of a winning season under Ron Chismar with a 6-4 record. The Bulldogs also dropped the defending champion Tigers into a cellar tie in the All-American High School football league at a 1-3 ending.

Niles won the title with a 3-0 record, Steubenville finished 2-1, Warren 2-2.

Massillon’s play, at times Saturday, resembled the zany Dodgers referred to above. Maladies, which have plagued them all-season burst out in full bloom – inability’s to handle kicks and fumbles. Three McKinley touchdowns happened because of miscues on handling kicks. The fourth resulted from an inability to stop a punt return.
* * *

SOME SAY the Pups didn’t deserve the win but they were a good enough team to capitalize on the breaks and reverse the script of the past 2 seasons when the Tigers bounced back to win after half time deficits.
The contest started as if it were to be a high-scoring affair with both teams scoring in the first one minute, 54 seconds of play. McKinley went over on the first play from scrimmage after Bengal sophomore Marc Malinowski attempted unsuccessfully to return George Fronimo’s stocking footed, soccer-style kickoff which rolled pass Malinowski to the 5-yard line. End Henry Lewis recovered a fly ball fumble on the 9.

Quarterback Milford Lucius passed to halfback Leroy Wilder, who was to score twice more, on the 5 with Wilder carrying the rest of the way. Fronimo’s boot made it 7-0 with 11:32 remaining.

Halfback Tommy James got the Obiemen to their 38 with a 29-yard runback of the next kickoff. On second and 4 from the 44, fullback Will Foster cut through the center and back to the right for the Tigertowners’ longest run from scrimmage this season at 11:26. Quarterback Craig Maurer hit James in the right corner of the end zone to make it 8-7 in Massillon’s favor.

Massillon scored again in the first quarter but not before squandering a first and 10 at the Bulldog 18 after a pass interception by Foster with a fumble by James recovered by halfback Ted Bowersox.
* * *

LINEBACKER Hoyt Skelton pilfered again on the Pups’ 40. Four plays later, Maurer took off from 26 yards out on first and 10 and scampered into pay dirt on a counter keeper to the left at 3:55. He hit James with another right corner end zone pass for a 16-7 score that was the Bengal fans’ last cause for joy.

McKinley missed an opportunity after Jim Krenzer’s punt was blocked by one of his own men at the beginning of the second stanza. George Austin recovered on the Massillon 25.

On third down Clayton grabbed a pass on the 25, ran to the 17, was pushed out of bounds and into the east track seats. A 15-yard personal foul infraction was called during the melee and Chismar rushed onto the field to engage in a violent argument with head linesman Joe Romano.

McKinley was set back to the 30. Linebacker Ron Ertle intercepted a pass on the next play to halt the drive.

Massillon was forced to hold on again later in the period when Bulldog linebacker Jerry Hontas recovered Foster’s fumble on the Tigers’ 24.

Fronimo’s bad-snap punt following the first Bulldog series of the second half grazed Tiger junior Trevor Young; subbing for James, who was injured earelier. Pete Coleman’s recovery gave the Bulldogs a life on the Tigers 34.
* * *
EIGHT PLAYS after a 12-yard run by Lucius and an 11-yard scamper by fullback Larry Clayton, who broke tackles numerous times during the afternoon, Wilder scored around the left side on a pitchout at 4:21. Lucius was halted short of conversion territory as the scoreboard showed Massillon with a 16-13 lead.

Massillon got the ball but once in the third quarter going nowhere.

With Fronimo punting on the second play of the final stanza, junior Tiger safetyman Kevin Henderson fumbled on the 5. Coleman recovered again – this time on the half-yard line.
Lucius sneaked through the center at 11:28 for the score. Fronimo tried to run the conversion after a bad snap, fumbled after a tackle. Bowersox recovered and ran over but the ball was ruled dead, giving McKinley a 19-16 lead.

Fronimo kept the Tigers in the hole with long punts in the second half and the Bulldog defense kept the Orange and Black there. On one of these frustrating occasions Krenzer punted to Wilder on the McKinley 42. A touchdown runback along the west-side line resulted at 4:21 with the help of a block by Paul Robinson at the 3.
* * *

FRONIMO MISSED on the PAT. McKinley led 26-15 but the Tigers weren’t dead even though many fans started to exit.

The Bengals got back to the McKinley 4 after the kickoff to 8 and 20-yard passes to sophomore halfback Mark McDew and senior tight end Keith Griffin and 7-yard runs by Foster and Maurer. But the Tigers ran out of downs.

In the last minute of play, Maurer hit McDew for an 8-yarder and interference was called on a 24-yarder. It took several minutes to clear fans off the field in order to run the final play after the penalty, which had occurred as time lapsed. A pass into the end zone was incomplete.

Seaman agreed that the Tigers had been placed behind the 8-ball too many times by errors. “Each week we’ve done something wrong,” he said. “This time the specialty team hurt us.” Then he mused, “McKinley got a negative 3 yards in the last quarter and 3 touchdowns. We evened the battle of statistics.”

Chismar said, ‘It was a real great game. Our linebackers Hontas and John Patterson did as much as anybody to shut off their defense. But it was a team effort.”

The much-hearlded battle of fullbacks was a standoff. Clayton, who left the contest in the final quarter with torn ankle ligaments had 83 yards in 19 tries. Foster had 85 in 14.

Ends – Snell, H. Lewis, Iams.
Tackles – Austin, Adamski, Rushe.
Guards – Robinson, Sweat, Shimek.
Centers – Dowing, Coleman.
Quarterbacks – Lucius, Bowersox, Hontas.
Halfbacks – Wilder, B. Lewis, LeFlore, Fronimo.
Fullbacks – Clayton, Patterson.

Ends – Griffin, Moyer, Smith, Sterling, Richards, Liggett, Gallion.
Tackles – Houser, Campbell, Neago, Sherrett, Ricker.
Guards – Porrini, Russell, White, Hauenstein, Beiter, Ertle.
Centers – Senften, Kraft, Skelton.
Quarterbacks – Maurer, Henderson, Malinowski, Young.
Halfbacks – James, Simon, McDew, Fenton, Hannon, Staples,
McFadden, Muhlbach.
Fullbacks – Foster, Moore.

McKinley 7 0 6 12 25
Massillon 16 0 0 0 16

Massillon – Foster (58-yard run); Maurer (27-yard run).
McKinley – Wilder 3 (9-yard pass run from Lucius, 3-yard run, 58-yard punt return);
Lucius (half-yard run).

Extra points:
Massillon – James 4 (passes from Maurer).
McKinley – Fronimo 1 (kick).

Referee – Tony Pianowski.
Umpire – Harold Rolph.
Head Linesman – Joe Romano.
Field Judge – Brenton Kirk.

Attendance: 20,140

Massillon Opp.
First downs – rushing 5 5
First downs – passing 1 0
First downs – penalties 2 1
Total first downs 8 6
Yards gained rushing 168 124
Yards lost rushing 32 22
Net yards gained rushing 136 102
Net yards gained passing 35 19
Total yards gained 171 121
Passes attempted 11 9
Passes completed 4 2
Passes intercepted by 3 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 24 0
Times kicked off 3 5
Kickoff average (yards) 52.3 51.6
Kickoff returns (yards) 94 63
Times punted 6 5
Punt average (yards) 25.3 36.8
Punt return (yards) 0 85
Had punts blocked 1 0
Fumbles 8 3
Lost fumbled ball 5 1
Penalties 3 3
Yards penalized 32 35
Touchdowns rushing 2 2
Touchdowns passing 0 1
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 1
Total number of plays 50 53

Will Foster
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1966: Massillon 12, Steubenville 0

Season’s Largest Crowd Sees Big Red Fall
Seaman Alters Defense To Half Fast Backs

Independent Sports Editor

It was one of the greatest defensive efforts in Tiger football history. But few – if any of the 17,404 Tiger stadium onlookers Friday night – largest crowd of the season – were aware of the full story.

The tale of Washington high’s 12-0 victory over the top-rated and undefeated Steubenville Big Red started last Sunday following a movie grading session. Bengal Coach Bob Seaman, aware of the tremendous running game of the Big Red, told his coaches that a change in defenses would be necessary.

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Seaman, trying to avert the Tigers’ worst season in 35 years, altered his alignment from an Oklahoma 5-3 “Monster” to an Eagle 5-2-1 “Monster” middle. It gave the Bengals added rushing power and the single “monster” back the chance to jam up the off tackle plays on which Steubenville had been so effective all year.

Tiger team pursuit was terrific, led by tackle Allen Neago and, for a second straight week, by end Russ Fenton. Will Foster and Ron Muhlbach alternated extremely well at the “monster” slot until Muhlbach became exhausted from a week-long bout with the flu.
* * *

SO EFFECTIVE was the Bengals’ defensive play that Steubenville never got out of its own territory – except on a blocked punt recovery in the first quarter and after the Bengals had the contest won and went into a prevent defense during the last minute of play.

Steubenville was held to 11 yards rushing, losing 35; added to a passing total of 28 for 39 yards. The Big Red had only 3 first downs – 2 of them by penalty, the only earned first down coming in the last period.

Meanwhile Steubenville was doing some pretty fine defensive work of its own led by
All-Ohio end Dwight Sims and tackle Jim Corsier. Massillon ended with 165 net yards rushing, 11 passing and 176 total with 9 first downs, but got nowhere except on its scoring drives in the first and last quarter, both times capitalizing on breaks the Tigers manufactured.

Neago recovered a fumble for the Obiemen after a hard tackle on the Steubenville 38 during the latter part of the first quarter. Five plays later Massillon had its first touchdown as “Tailspin Tommy” James went over left tackle on first and 10 from the 13.

His pass catch from quarterback Craig Maurer – the only Tiger completion of the night – plus an 8-yard run took the ball to the 27 for a first down. Two plays later McDew was the second man through right guard for an 8-yard jaunt to set up the score.
* * *

AFTER JAMES’ score with 2 minutes remaining in the initial frame, Maurer failed on a roll out to the right on the conversion try.

Ron Ertle almost blocked a Big Red fourth quarter punt in the end zone after a combination of tough Tiger defense and penalties had put the Steubbers fourth and 44 on their 8. The punt rolled dead on the Steubenville 30.

Ten plays later Massillon had the clincher as Maurer sneaked over the middle on fourth down with the ball inches from pay dirt, the clock showing 52 seconds left in the contest. James dropped Maurer’s attempted conversion pass.

Foster had run the ball 4 times in the drive, picking up 10 yards. James had shot over left tackle for 10 yards for a first down on the 3.

Tiger man-mountain tackle Mike Sherrett recovered a fumble on the Steubenville 24 in the second period but the Bengals couldn’t capitalize. Sims blocked a Jim Krenzer punt in the first quarter with Crozier recovering on the Bengals 27, Sims tried a 46-yard field goal 4 plays later but was off to the left and out of the end zone.
* * *

OUTSIDE of those 2 instances the game was one of 2 teams punting to each other.

“It was the sweetest victory of my coaching career,” Seaman said. “It was one heck of a defensive effort. It was the same kind of game we’ve played all along but we just made too many mistakes before. I said all along this was a good team but Lady Luck hadn’t shown on us. She didn’t really frown on us tonight but she didn’t smile either.”

He added, “Steubenville has a great team and that Palmer (Mike) is as good a back as I’ve seen.”

Bryan mused, “They deserved the win. We were out-coached and out-played. We were not able to handle their new defense, having worked against their other one all week. They hit us well. We never got out of our own territory.”

The power at Tiger stadium was out for one hour before the game when a transformer blew. Start of the contest was delayed for 30 minutes but both coaches felt their opponents did not gain any great advantage by the delay.
* * *

MASSILLON evened its slate at 4-4-1 and kept intact its record of never having lost 5 straight.

By handing Steubenville its first loss in 8 games – all of the Big Red’s other contests being at home – Massillon scrambled the state title ratings. Upper Arlington, a 21-6 victor over the Tigers 2 weeks back, might have the inside track if it can beat Columbus Watterson next week.

Ends – Sims, Spahn, Bruzzese.
Tackles – Crosier, Bass.
Guards – Monroe, Hershey, Cocumelli.
Center – Sarap.
Quarterbacks – Vaccaro, Corsi, Burke.
Halfbacks – Palmer, Booth, Osby, Kerr.
Fullbacks – Horston, Titus.

Ends – Moyer, Snyder, Smith, Sterling, Gallion, Griffin, Liggett.
Tackles – Houser, Campbell, Ricker, Neago.
Guards – Porrini, Russell, Ertle, Beiter, Hauenstein, White, Whitfield.
Centers – Senften, Kraft, Skelton.
Quarterbacks – Maurer, Young, Henderson, Malinowski.
Halfbacks – James, Simon, McDew, Fenton, McFadden, Muhlbach, Staples, Hannon.
Fullback – Foster.

Massillon 6 0 0 6 12

Massillon – James (13-yard run); Maurer (one-yard run).

Referee – Howard Wirtz.
Umpire – Russ Kemper.
Head Linesman – Bill Makepeace.
Field Judge – Jack McLain.

Attendance: 17,404

Massillon Opp.
First downs – rushing 8 1
First downs – passing 1 0
First downs – penalties 0 2
Total first downs 9 23
Yards gained rushing 175 46
Yards lost rushing 10 35
Net yards gained rushing 165 11
Net yards gained passing 11 28
Total yards gained 176 39
Passes attempted 7 8
Passes completed 1 4
Passes intercepted by 1 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 15 0
Times kicked off 3 1
Kickoff average (yards) 37.6 60.0
Kickoff returns (yards) 0 44
Times punted 8 8
Punt average (yards) 24.9 30.0
Punt return (yards) 26 16
Had punts blocked 1 0
Fumbles 0 3
Lost fumbled ball 0 2
Penalties 8 7
Yards penalized 90 47
Touchdowns rushing 2 0
Touchdowns passing 0 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Total number of plays 68 45

Will Foster
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1966: Massillon 6, Warren Harding 17

Tigers Out gain Warren But Lose 17-6

Independent Sports Editor

Where, oh where, has that Tiger luck gone? Like the little dog in the song, its whereabouts are a mystery but its absence has been much more costly.

For 2 years under Earle Bruce, the Washington high eleven could do nothing wrong. But with Bob Seaman at the helm, the Bengals haven’t gotten a break all season.

* * *

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WITH A LITTLE bit of luck the Obiemen might have had their fourth win Friday night instead of their fourth straight defeat. The score was 17-6 at Mollenkopf field, in Warren before a crowd of 15,000 in a battle between fired-up teams.

Not since 1932 had Massillon lost 4 straight when in Paul Brown’s first year, the Orange and Black fought to a scoreless finish in the fifth game and lost the next 4, including one to Warren. They have never lost 5 straight.

With top-ranked Steubenville (8-0) coming in next week, the Tigers are close to setting another wrong way record. The Bengals (3-1-1) are in danger of having their worst season since 1931 when Elmer McGrew’s crew won 2, lost 6 and tied 2.

Great defensive work won the game for Warren, stopping 2 Tiger drives, picking up 2 costly Bengal fumbles and making 3 timely pass interceptions.

“The irony of it all,” said Warren Coach Bill Shunkwiler, “was that we were so badly injured on defense that we had to use a different type tonight. Maybe Massillon was not used to a 4-5 and maybe I just keyed us up.”

* * *
SEAMAN said, “Our boys did a heck of a good job. I’m proud of them. But we gave the ball to Warren in good field position.” He added, “If McDew’s (Mark) knee hadn’t touched the ground on that punt return, it might have been all over. And Dale Gallion had an unfortunate injury just when the clock was going to run out. Warren had no more time outs and wouldn’t have gotten another play off.”

The Tigers won the battle of statistics but couldn’t light up the scoreboard enough. Warren had had this happen to them several times previously this season.

The Tigers moved 72 yards in 12 plays with Foster and McDew doing the bulk of the carrying but Foster just missed at the 8 on fourth down. He had runs of 12 and 14 yards and McDew of 9 and 10 during the drive.

McDew bobbled the following punt on the Tigers’ 42, picked it up and raced all the way down the eastside line but in picking up the pigskin his knee had touched.

Dennis Wright recovered a Massillon fumble 2 plays later and Warren had a score in 5 more after a 32-yard push. Allen Anderson and Tom Perry took turns in gobbling up real estate at about 3 yards per clip.

Perry went over left tackle from the 10 on their third down with 6:27 left in the second quarter. Tony Capers, who did some fine linebacking, kicked twice, the second time from the 14 after an offside penalty, to give Warren a 7-0 lead.

Capers missed a 44-yard field goal later in the period after Dale Hall had intercepted Will Foster’s pass with the pressure on.

Warren came back after a punt was grounded on the Panthers’ 43 to drive for a score in 4 plays with 4 seconds left. A big play was Allen Anderson’s 40-yard off tackle run to the Massillon 17.

ON FIRST and 6 from the 6, with 7 seconds remaining, Gallion suffered a rib injury making a tackle and the clock had to be stopped. Perry scored again on the next play over right tackle. Capers’ boot made it 14-0.

Russ Fenton recovered an on side kick for Massillon on the Warren 38 during the third period kickoff. In 11 plays the Tigers got their only score of the night. Foster, McDew and “Tailspin Tommy” James took turns running the ball.

Quarterback Craig Maurer got key fourth and one yardage on the 15, via a sweep, to keep the drive going. He scored on a keeper left on third and 4 from the 7 with 7:15 left, injuring himself slightly when he ran into a sideline post. Maurer’s option flip to McDew going right failed to pick up the 2 extra points.

Later in the period, the teams took turns intercepting passes. Foster pilfering for the Tigers and Tony Brady for the Panthers. Foster’s steal started Massillon on a 33-yard, 10-play drive to Warren’s 27 where Maurer was snowed under by Dennis Yendrick; playing with a broken thumb, on fourth and five.

McDew almost got away for a 55-yard TD on the drive. He did most of the running at this juncture although Ron Mulhbach, a defensive “monster” back, did his first ball carrying of his career here as well.

* * *
YENDRICK recovered a Massillon fumble on the Tigers’ 23 midway in the fourth quarter. With fourth and 12 on the 25, Capers booted a 41-yard field goal from a slight left angle to finish the scoring at 5:14.

On the next series, Dale Hall intercepted another Tiger aerial to end it all.

Warren, which got its revenge for a last-second loss here in 1965, now has a 5-3 record with the standings in the All-American High School football league unchanged.

Ends – Snyder, Moyer, Liggett, Sterling, Griffin, Gallion, Smith.
Tackles – Houser, Campbell, Neago, Ricker, Sherrett.
Guards – Russell, Porrini, Hauenstein, Beiter, White, Ertle.
Centers – Senften, Kraft, Skelton.
Quarterbacks – Maurer, Henderson, Malinowski.
Halfbacks – James, Simon, McDew, Fenton, Lawrence,
Hannon, Muhlbach, McFadden.
Fullback – Foster.
Punter – Krenzer.

Ends – Brewster, Wright, Tracey, Daily, Speicher, Carroll,
James, Natale.
Tackles – Capers, Yendrick, Kearney, Blank, Peterson,
Henrey, Russell.
Guards – Schumacher, Gray, Herdman, Jenyk, Campbell,
Sierra, Mokodean, Stredney, Parker.
Centes – Toda, Stroup.
Quarterbacks – Robison, Williams, Hall.
Halfbacks – Thomas, Anderson, Perry, Benson, Brady, Elliott,
Turner, Stewart.
Fullbacks – Sericola, Wright.

Massillon 0 0 6 0 6
Warren 0 14 0 3 17

Massillon – Maurer (7-yard run).
Warren – Perry 2 (3 and one-yard runs); Capers (41-yard field goal).

Extra points: Warren – Capers 2 (kicks).

Referee – Paul Hoskins.
Umpire – Clyde Moore.
Head Linesman – Chuck Lorenze.
Field Judge – Andy Piewacki.

Attendance: 15,000

Massillon Opp.
First downs – rushing 11 8
First downs – passing 2 0
First downs – penalties 0 0
Total first downs 13 8
Yards gained rushing 197 181
Yards lost rushing 24 23
Net yards gained rushing 173 158
Net yards gained passing 41 6
Total yards gained 214 164
Passes attempted 11 2
Passes completed 3 1
Passes intercepted by 1 3
Yardage on passes intercepted 15 12
Times kicked off 2 4
Kickoff average (yards) 36.0 50.5
Kickoff returns (yards) 34 24
Times punted 1 4
Punt average (yards) 35.0 43.0
Punt return (yards) 8 8
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 2 2
Lost fumbled ball 2 1
Penalties 3 3
Yards penalized 25 15
Touchdowns rushing 1 2
Touchdowns passing 0 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Field goals 0 1
Total number of plays 60 50

Will Foster
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1966: Massillon 6, Upper Arlington 21

Bengals Beaten For The Third Straight Time
Night of Frustration As Bears Were Too Much

Independent Sports Editor

It was a night of utter frustration for the Massillon Tigers.

The frustration took many forms – inability to spring ball carriers loose, inability to catch the ball, inability to stop a will-o-the-wisp southpaw quarterback and a hard-running fullback.

* * *
THE RESULT was a 21-6 home-coming and “Dad’s Night” loss to one of the finest teams to come out of Central Ohio in a long time. The Tigers fought gamely to the wire before 15,610 at Tiger stadium but went under for the third straight time – the first time since Warren, Cathedral Latin and Barberton managed the trick in 1947.

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The last time Massillon was beaten by 2 touchdowns at home, Cleveland Benedictine was the unwelcome visitor in 1962. This was also the last time the Tigers lost 3 games in one season.

Added to all the Tiger woes of the night were 3 more injuries in a long line this year for the Obiemen who are now 3-3-1. Junior offensive right tackle Bill Snowball was lost for the season with fractures of both bones in the lower left arm. Junior “monster” defensive back Ron Muhlbach suffered a mild concussion, senior defensive back Dale Gallion, a left shoulder strain. Both of the last 2 are co-captains.

The Tigers found themselves what may be a promising sophomore in left halfback Mark McDew. Quarterback Craig Maurer continued to throw reasonably well but Tiger receivers just don’t have those glue fingers this year.

For Arlington, with a 7-0 record this year and 26 successive wins, dating back to 1963, it was a sweet victory for no other Columbus team had beaten the Tigers in 4 previous tries. Senior quarterback Brian Kitchen and sophomore fullback Geoff Schmigt, filling in for injured Co-Captain Dan Love, were the offensive keys for the Golden Bears.

ADDED TO those names must be those of sophomore defensive halfback Ted McNulty, who ran a kick back, which both coaches said was the turning point. Coach Marv Moorhead of Arlington plugged his defensive line of Steve Sikora, Denny Lawrence, Steve Canfield and Tom Kahn and effectively stopped the Tigers’ running game. They got a little help from cornerman Tom Morgan and Co-Captain Tom Franklin, playing his first game as a middle linebacker, in place of Love.

Kitchen ran the Bears’ offense well, calling most of the plays himself and mixing passes effectively with runs. Several times on crucial yardage plays he bailed the Bears out with first downs on rapid roll out running.

Schmidt ran through the Tigers’ line as if he owned it. His specialty was from guard to tackle on both sides.

Massillon was held to 150 total yards while Arlington rolled to 262. The Tigers got out of their own territory only 4 times, once on a fumble recovery.

Arlington scored the second time it got its hands on the ball on a 64-yard, 11-play drive. Kitchen picked up key, third down yardage twice, mixed in 15-yard passes to ends John Fickell and Mike Tharp and called on Schmidt for 14 yards, the last yard being the score over right guard, on second and one from the one-yard line. Kahn’s kick made it 7-0 with 5:52 left in the welcome canto.

THE TIGERS started a 62-yard drive, which fizzled on the one on fourth and one, just before the period ended. On the next series, tackle Mike Sherrett recovered a fumble and Massillon had its only score in 3 plays with 5:07 remaining in the second frame.

Maurer hit split end Tim Moyer in the right corner of the end zone. But sophomore Jim Smith, another split end, had a go-ahead conversion knocked away from him in the same corner by an Arlington secondary, which was very alert all night.

Arlington had a second period drive stopped when Mike Kraft and Kim Hauenstein picked up a fumble on their 42. The Bears went further ahead when McNulty ran a punt back 86 yards up the right side at 8:30 of the third period, sprung lose by Morgan’s block on the Massillon 40. Kahn kicked from the 15, after a delay penalty, for a 14-6 lead.

The Tigers lost scoring opportunities later in the period when Sikora recovered a fumble and McNulty intercepted a pass. Tharp pilfered a pass in the last quarter.

Arlington’s final score came after Sikora’s recovery. The Bears drove form the Tigers’ 35 in 8 plays using the passing and key-play yardage of Kitchen and the running of Schmidt. The important play was a 10-yard pass to the 3, which was off one Bear’s hands and into sophomore end Bruce Johnson’s on a diving catch.

SCHMIDT WENT over left tackle on the next play with 4:10 left. Kahn’s conversion boot was good.

Moorhead classed the victory as “one of the top performances I can recall.” He added, “I don’t know when the electricity and sizzle has been so apparent but yet the boys were relaxed enough to play. Football is a game of the physical and the spirit. They were blended together in high fashion tonight.”

Seaman said, ‘The Tigers didn’t quit. The kids gave everything they had. We were outsized on the line a bit. Arlington was as good or better than any team we have played all season.”

The Tigers hit the road to Warren next Friday.

Ends – Johnson, Secrest, Fickell, Tharp.
Tackles – Gridley, Canfield, Riley, Lawrence, Sikora, Arend.
Guards – Morgan, Kahn.
Center – Franklin.
Quarterbacks – Kitchen, McNulty.
Halfbacks – Moore, Bates, Gordy, Lloyd.
Fullbacks – Schmidt, Chandler, Compton.

Ends – Liggett, Smith, Moyer, Griffin, Sterling, Richards, Gallion.
Tackles – Campbell, Snowball, Ricker, Sherrett, Neago.
Guards – Porrini, Russell, Ertle, Beiter, Hauenstein, White.
Centers – Senften, Kraft, Skelton.
Quarterbacks – Maurer, Henderson, Young, Malinowski.
Halfbacks – James, Simon, McDew, Fenton, Staples, Muhlbach, McFadden.
Fullback – Foster.
Punter – Krenzer.

Arlington 7 0 14 0 21
Massillon 0 6 0 0 6

Massillon – Moyer (16-yard pass from Maurer).
Arlington – Schmidt 2 (one and 3-yard runs); McNulty (85-yard punt return).

Extra points: Arlington – Kahn 3 (kicks).

Referee – Harvey Hodgson, Jr.
Umpire – Harold Rolph.
Head Linesman – Frank Toth.
Field Judge – Joe Yanity.

Attendance: 15,610

Massillon Opp.
First downs – rushing 7 14
First downs – passing 2 5
First downs – penalties 1 0
Total first downs 10 19
Yards gained rushing 138 164
Yards lost rushing 31 8
Net yards gained rushing 107 156
Net yards gained passing 43 102
Total yards gained 150 262
Passes completed 3-14 11-20
Passes intercepted by 0 2
Yardage on passes intercepted 0 20
Times kicked off 2 4
Kickoff average (yards) 59.0 52.2
Kickoff returns (yards) 97 23
Punt average (yards) 6-37.1 1-38
Punt return (yards) 0 114
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 2 3
Lost fumbled ball 1 2
Penalties 2 3
Yards penalized 20 27
Touchdowns rushing 1 3
Touchdowns passing 1 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Total number of plays 61 70

Will Foster
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1966: Massillon 14, Altoona, PA 20

Bengals Lose 2nd Straight 20-14

Independent Sports Editor

It may have gone unnoticed in the wake of the unhappiness at Tiger stadium Saturday night. But the Massillon Tigers’ offensive unit gave its best performance to date.

Defense had been the strong part of the Bengals’ game heretofore. But the WHS gridders were little match for a powerful Altoona, Pa., eleven, falling 20-14.
* * *

Program Cover

IT WAS THE second straight loss for the Bengals and the first home defeat since 1962. The Bengals had also not lost 2 contests or 2 in a row since 1962. Their season slate now reads 3-2-1.

For Altoona, which stretched its slate to 5-1 in administering the first out-of-state loss to the Tigers in 29 years, it meant the continuation of a win streak to 4 games. The Mountain Lions had lost both of the 2 previous games between the Buckeye and Keystone rivals.

Altoona’s success story was written in superior line play and excellent ball-handling and deception in the backfield. The Mountain Lions’ superior weight opened up giant-sized holes in the Tigers’ defensive line. Quarterback Walter Beatty handed off and flipped out with the skill of a Houdini, mixing his plays well to take advantage of all of his backs. The faking of halfbacks Phil Witherspoon and Greg Campbell and fullback Gary Madden was perfect.

Seaman applauded his backs. “I was well pleased with them,” Seaman said. “They ran exceptionally well. Simon (Bill) was 1,000 percent improved and Maurer (Craig) is gaining confidence.”
* * *

SIMON, the left halfback, right half Tommy James and Fullback Will Foster also had some big holes to go through – but not as many as the Altoona backs. This time the Bengal runners found the holes, something they had failed to do with regularity all season.

The Tigers almost threw more passes Saturday night than they had all season, getting a touchdown via that route for the second time this fall. But Maurer also had an unfortunate bit of luck.

With the Tigers driving for what would have been a tying touchdown with just over 2 minutes remaining in the game and third and one on the Altoona 11, he and center Tim Senften miscued and a fumble occurred. Foster was short by inches through the center on the next play and Altoona had its victory, although having to fend off the Tigers following a short punt and pass to split end Jim Smith for 18 yards to the Lions’ 24. For awhile the scene resembled a Chinese fire drill the Bengals out of time outs and trying to get plays off quickly.

It was a game of other close calls, too, with Mountain Lions being stopped by a gnat’s eyelash from scoring in the first quarter after an 18-play, 76-yard drive all on the ground. Ron Ertle put the clincher to the Lions’ plans on the opening series by recovering Campbell’s fumble.

Campbell twice just managed to bring down Tiger ball carriers seemingly on the way to scores. He caught James on the Altoona 7 after a 26-yard run in the third quarter. He tripped up Foster on the Lions’ 20 after a 25-yard romp in the fourth.
* * *

THE TIGERS’ got the first score following a fumble recovery by Ron Muhlbach and Earl Beiter on the Altoona 33 with 1:12 left in the welcome quarter.

A Statue of Liberty play had gone awry. The Bengals got into pay dirt 12 plays later with 8:33 remaining in the second stanza.

Foster, continuing his fine second effort running, went in around right end on third down from the 3. He also got the conversion – one of the few of the season – over right guard.

Altoona came right back after the kickoff, going 68 yards in 10 plays with only the pay off maneuver going overhead. Beatty hit Speacht on the 5 with second down, 16, on the 17. Campbell slipped between left guard and left tackle, a spot the Lions picked on frequently, for the equalizing conversion.

The Tigers got into a big hole on the next kickoff, which came from the Tigers’ 45 following a personal foul stepoff. Safetyman John McFadden slipped in the mud, went down on the one and the Orange and Black had to give up the ball via a punt from the 24.

Both teams scored in the third quarter. Campbell tallied first for Altoona on a left pitchout on fourth down from the 3 following a 72-yard, 9-play drive on the opening series. Campbell missed the conversion on a sweep right. A 24-yard pass to Speacht and 24 and 10-yard runs by Campbell highlighted the push.
* * *

MASSILLON drove back 61 yards in 7 plays featured by a 29-yard kick runback by James, a 22-yard pass to split end Tim Moyer and the 26-yard right side, off tackle slash by James which Campbell just was able to abort. James caught a pass into the right corner of the end zone from Maurer on a fake to Foster. James missed the conversion over left tackle.

Altoona’s winning offensive came after Dale Gallion recovered a fumble on his 23 to halt a 44-yard drive. Maurer had a pass pilfered by Dave McGarth on the next play. Altoona moved in from the 21 in 7 plays. Beatty went through the center on fourth down from the one with 7:45 left in the contest and then fumbled on the conversion attempt.

“This loss was mine,” Seaman said later. “We threw after the fumble recovery. That was a mistake. I got too hoggish. We should have stuffed the ball down their throats like we were able to do all night.”
“This was a team victory,” Altoona Coach Earl Strohm said. “The kids did a job blocking. We had worked against their stack defense all along. We knew they didn’t pass much. I told the boys this was our best chance to beat them. We knew this was their weakest team in the 3 years we had played them, but they rank along with McKeesport and Pennsbury.”

A crowd of 15,810, largest of the season, sat in after a heavy rain had let up one-half hour before game time.

Ends – Conrad, McGrath, Cochran.
Tackles – Clark, Traficante, Askey, Potter, Parsons.
Guards – Carnicella, Kitt, Nedimyer, Turchetta.
Centers – Thompson, Bosso.
Quarterback – Beatty.
Halfbacks – Witherspoon, Campbell, Singer, Speacht.
Fullbacks – Madden, Launchi, Tyler.

Ends – Moyer, Smith, Liggett, Gallion, Richards, Griffin, Sterling.
Tackles – Ricker , Snowball, Campbell, Turley, Sherrett, Neago.
Guards – Ertle, Beiter, Hauenstein, Russell, Porrini.
Centers – Senften, Kraft, Skelton.
Quarterbacks – Maurer, Young, Henderson, Malinowski.
Halfbacks – James, Simon, Fenton, McFadden, Staples, Evans,
McDew, Muhlbach.
Fullback – Foster.
Punter – Krenzer.

Altoona 0 8 6 6 20
Massillon 0 8 6 0 14

Massillon – Foster (3-yard run); James (2-yard pass from Maurer).
Altoona – Speacht (16-yard, pass-run play from Beatty);
Campbell (3-yard run); Beatty (one-yard run).

Extra points:
Massillon – Foster 2 (run).
Altoona – Campbell 2 (run).

Referee – Jack McLain (Columbus).
Umpire – Tony Pianowski (Cleveland).
Head Linesman – Chet DeStefano (Canton).
Field Judge – Ken Newlon (Canton).

Attendance: 15,810

Massillon Opp.
First downs – rushing 7 15
First downs – passing 1 3
First downs – penalties 0 0
Total first downs 8 18
Yards gained rushing 168 250
Yards lost rushing 9 14
Net yards gained rushing 159 236
Net yards gained passing 57 52
Total yards gained 216 288
Passes attempted 7 7
Passes completed 4 4
Passes intercepted by 0 1
Yardage on passes intercepted 0 17
Times kicked off 4 3
Kickoff average (yards) 41.0 48.3
Kick returns (yards) 68 39
Times punted 2 2
Punt average (yards) 35.5 24.5
Punt return (yards) 6 0
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 3 5
Lost fumbled ball 0 3
Penalties 7 2
Yards penalized 75 10
Touchdowns rushing 2 2
Touchdowns passing 0 1
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Total number of plays 45 64

Will Foster
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1966: Massillon 12, Niles McKinley 20

Tigers’ 32-Game Streak Ends


As the sense of feeling returns when the dentist’s shot of Novocain wears off, so the numbness in Tigertown has subsided today. Players and fans are back to reality.

The 32-game unbeaten streak is gone. Any chance for a third straight gridiron title has been considerably dimmed. So have chances for a fourth straight All-American High School league title.
* * *

Program Cover

TIGER GRIDDERS have started their preparation for this Saturday’s invasion by Altoona, Pa., knowing that despite a last quarter breakdown which cost them a 20-12 loss at Niles Saturday night, they played some excellent defensive football. The Bengals also know the REAL Tiger fans are still solidly behind them as they “Carry on for Massillon.”

There is still a lot of football left in 1966. The Washington high eleven still must uphold the honor of Ohio football against Altoona, still has a chance to play spoiler for such
still-undefeated teams as Upper Arlington and Steubenville.

As Coach Bob Seaman put it, “We lost the game but we didn’t deserve to get beat. Massillon is still the No. 1 team as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t want to be the next team to play Massillon.”

The game boiled down to a case of some breaks, some poor officiating mechanics and some short-comings on the part of the Tigers. With the season half over, it has become painfully apparent that the Bengal offense is not getting the job done, thereby putting added pressure on the defense. The Tiger defensive secondary is also having its troubles – with pass coverage.

The Niles McKinley Red Dragons took a page out of the Tigers’ comeback Saturday night before a capacity crowd of 12,500 at Riverside stadium. The Dragons must be given-credit for being a great team to execute the type of comeback they did.
* * *

THERE IS some question as to whether they actually won the game. Junior end John Ziegler made a desperation diving catch of senior quarterback Bob Leonard’s 34-yard down-the-middle pass at the goal line with 38 seconds left.

No official was near the play at the time. From the pressbox, it looked like the catch had been made, but several Tiger players charged field judge John Holzback, hotly debating his ruling of a touchdown.

Niles had taken over the ball on its 31 with 1:36 left. Two passes to Ziegler and an option pitch, which had given the Tigers trouble throughout the night, set up the winning play.

About 5 minutes earlier it had appeared the Obiemen were about to break a 7-year unbeaten home streak for Niles with a 12-0 victory.

Senior linebacker Will Foster and junior halfback Trevor Young had brought Niles senior halfback Martin Henry down on the Massillon one on fourth down after a 53-yard Dragon drive.

But disaster struck with first down on the 12. Tiger Foster fumbled and Niles defensive end Pat Ryan recovered. Leonard passed to senior end Dick Clapp at the goal post with 4:50 remaining. Senior end Lance Cullembine couldn’t catch Leonard’s pass on the conversion attempt.
* * *

NILES EXECUTED a perfect onside kick as Leonard booted instead of Clapp. Junior halfback Larry Trimbitas grabbed the ball out of the air on the Massillon 42.

Four plays later – after good runs off the option pitch and a handoff by Henry and senior halfback Bruce Simeone, senior fullback Gary Bletsch took another option pitch on first and 9 and went in around the left side with 3:48 showing on the clock. Ron Hallock, a senior reserve fullback, failed to convert on another pitch.

The Tigers could get no further than their 39 on the next series. Harley Dickinson punted out and then came the fateful Niles TD drive followed by Leonard’s keeper conversion.

Massillon got another chance on the kickoff but got no further than its 40 as the clock ran out while Bengal players tried frantically to call timeout with 7 seconds left and fans beginning to stream on to the field. The gridiron was the scene of a wild Niles victory celebration at the conclusion of the contest.

It is unfortunate that the Tigers couldn’t have capitalized on all of their 3-fumble recoveries in the first period. Sherrett picked one up on the Niles 20. Junior linebacker Ron Ertle got another on the 19 after which Foster capped a 9-play drive, going in over center on fourth and one but the Bengals were in motion and ran out of downs. Senior quarterback Craig Maurer set up the hoped for TD with a 10-yard pass to Sherrett on the right sideline.
* * *

SENIOR co-captain and “monster” back Ron Muhlbach got another Niles fumble on the 8. On the second play following, Foster went through the middle from the one after taking the ball to the one on a pitch right on first down. There was 1:27 left in the quarter as Maurer was unable to hit tight end Tom Liggett in the left corner of the end zone on the conversion attempt.

The Tigers didn’t get any further than their 31 until the third period when they punted from the Niles 35 on fourth down. Senior guard Greg Russell downed the ball on the Niles 2. Three plays later a Niles punt rolled dead on the Dragons’ 38.

Foster broke through the right side on first down, taking several would-be tacklers with him as he finally got in for the touchdown. Big Will, rapidly becoming one of Massillon’s all-time great backs, missed through the center on the conversion but his running

high-lighted the Tiger attack. The clock showed 2:47 left in the period as Massillon led

The Tiger defense came to the fore several times in the second period, led by senior linebacker Hoyt Sketon. Senior end Jim Sterling picked up a Niles fumble on the Bengal 7 after senior end John Isoldi of Niles had partially blocked a Tiger punt. But Massillon fumbled right back with Ryan giving Niles control.

Senior end Mike Kraft covered a Niles fumble on the Massillon 19 during the second stanza. Foster intercepted a pass in the end zone and might have been off to the races except he slipped in cutting.
* * *

BOB SHAW, Niles coach, summed up his feelings with, “It was a great victory. I’m real proud of the boys. Bob Seaman deserves a lot of credit for bringing a team here that was supposed to get trounced but which played like the Tigers did. It’s a shame what they’re doing to him in Massillon.”

Massillon’s record is 3-1-1, Niles 5-0 and leads the All-American league with Massillon third.

Niles 2 0
Warren 1 0
Massillon 0 1
McKinley 0 2

Ends – Smith, Liggett, Moyer, Gallion, Sterling, Griffin.
Tackles – Sherrett, Houser, Snowball, Ricker, Campbell.
Guards – Neago, Russell, Porrini, Beiter, Hauenstein, Ertle.
Centers – Senften, Kraft, Sketon.
Quarterbacks – Maurer, Young.
Halfbacks – James, Simon, Fenton, McFadden, Muhlbach, McDew.
Fullbacks – Foster, Moore
Punter – Dickinson.

NILES – 20
Ends – Mille, Clapp, Isoldi, Ryan, Cullembine, Ziegler.
Tackles – Rossi, Bottiglieri, McMahon.
Guards – Santangelo, Costarella, Law.
Centers – Johnson, Catlin.
Quarterbacks – Leonard, Kines.
Halfbacks – Simeone, Henry, Gayonski, Mawby, Trimbitas, Lenham.
Fullbacks – Bletsch, Hallock

Massillon 6 0 6 0 12
Niles 0 0 0 20 20

Massillon – Foster 2 (one and 36-yard runs).
Niles – Clapp (13-yard pass); Bletsch (9-yard run); Ziegler (34-yard pass).

Extra points – Niles – Ziegler 2 (run).

Referee – Ted Humphrey (Youngstown).
Umpire – Russ Kemper (Cincinnati).
Head Linesman – Al Wildman (Sharon, Pa.).
Field Judge – John Holzbach (Youngstown).

Attendance: 19,500

Massillon Niles
First downs – rushing 3 8
First downs – passing 1 6
First downs – penalties 0 0
Total first downs 4 14
Yards gained rushing 143 151
Yards lost rushing 12 18
Net yards gained rushing 131 133
Net yards gained passing 13 159
Total yards gained 144 292
Passes attempted 3 15
Passes completed 2 8
Passes intercepted by 1 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 8 0
Times kicked off 3 4
Kickoff average (yards) 58.3 39.5
Kickoff returns (yards) 53 28
Times punted 6 4
Punt average (yards) 24.8 18.0
Punt return (yards) 0 17
Had punts blocked 1 1
Fumbles 2 8
Lost fumbled ball 2 5
Penalties 4 1
Yards penalized 20 5
Touchdowns rushing 2 1
Touchdowns passing 0 2
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Number of plays 48 30

Will Foster
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1966: Massillon 24, Alliance 12

Tigers Have Scare But Beat Alliance 24-12
Pass First Test For Title-Comeback


The most irritating thing to a feline is a thorn in the paw. And for the Massillon Tiger there’s no thorn sharper than a Mel Knowlton-coached Alliance high grid team.

But as their namesake will work incessantly to rid himself of a thorn, so the Massillon Tigers kept at it at rain-soaked Harshorn stadium in Alliance Friday night until they had clawed out a 24-12 victory. The Bengals’ third win in a 4-game slate, marred only by a tie, meant the first step on the road back towards a third straight state title.
* * *

Program Cover

WITH THE MEAT of their schedule coming up in the 6 remaining weeks, the Bengals must not falter now. A loss coupled with the tie would lessen their chances.

Friday’s contest was typical of Knowlton, the former Tiger quarterback. He put the Bengals’ pass defense to a tough test before the 8,000 fans despite the constant rain.

And the Bengal secondary had its troubles against the tricky play-action passes. However, most of the aerials completed were of the short flat variety. None-the-less, they helped Alliance out-gain Massillon 263 yards to 243 and loosened up the Obiemen to help the Aviators’ running game.

However, Massillon had the best of it on the ground 233-79. Co-captains Tommy James, playing both halfback slots, and fullback Will Foster did some great off tackle and trap running with the help of good blocking. The Bengals got only 10 yards in the air to the Aviators’ 184.

The Bengals were helped in their victory by a big break in the fourth quarter. Midway through, punter, Harley Dickinson was roughed on fourth down. That, coupled with another 15-yarder for unsportsmanlike conduct on Knowlton following a hotly debated encroachment penalty on Alliance, gave Massillon first and 10 on the Alliance 30.
* * *

MASSILLON was temporarily set back by a 15-yard illegal use of the hands penalty. Two plays later junior halfback Bill Simon took a pitchout on second and 16, started right, found his way clogged and cut back to the left behind fine blocking and went 35 yards to end the night’s scoring with 2:49 left. A pass to sophomore end Jim Smith on the conversion attempt failed.

“The penalties helped put the icing on the cake,” Tiger Coach Bob Seaman said. “Our kids held-up to a tough challenge well. The roughing penalty hurt us,” Knowlton said. “There was no reason for it. That killed us because they had to punt.”

Alliance opened the scoring at 5:13 of the first quarter. The Tigers had moved from the Aviator 31 to the 24-yard line following a punt snap, but lost the ball on downs.

Five plays later Zupanic faked a handoff and jumped a second and 9 pass from his 35 to end Finis Dailey who scampered 60 yards straight through Massillon’s secondary for the score. Zupanic couldn’t get another jumper off on the conversion try.

Massillon had a drive fizzle at the Alliance 27 after a pass interception by Cliff Banks. Punter Jim Krenzer’s daring 2-yard sneak on fourth down at the Alliance 46 had kept the foray going.
* * *

THE ORANGE and Black got the equalizer with 5:06 left in the first half when Foster went over left guard from the one on third and 5 after an 11-play, 61-yard drive featuring the running of Foster and James. A Craig Maurer to James pitchout failed for the conversion.

The Tigers’ made it 12-6 when safety John McFadden returned the second half kickoff 85 yards up the center and cut it to the left side. James missed the conversion on a pitchout to the left.

A 14-yard runback by Dale Gallion gave Massillon the ball on its 34 after Alliance was stopped on the Massillon 49. The Tigers marched the distance in 8 plays with Foster and James doing most of the advancing. On first down from the 17, Maurer faked inside and handed to James who swept left for the tally at 4:32. Maurer tried to pass to Simon for the conversion with no success.

Alliance used up the remaining time in the third period and a couple of minutes in the fourth getting to the Massillon 3 where the Bengals stiffened and held them. Twice in the series, Zupanic got off fourth down passes on long yardage plays for first downs. One aerial went to halfback Bob Ramsey, the other to end Al Thigpen.

But disaster stuck in the next series. Kenzer had to punt from the end zone with a bad snap. Halfback Ray Muniz fell on the loose ball at the Tigers’ 21.
* * *

FIVE PLAYS later Ramsey went through the middle on second and 7 from the 8 with 6:39 remaining. A pass to end Emerson Young for the conversion backfired.

Then came the last score for the Bengals.

But Alliance wasn’t through. A Tiger fumble on their 40 recovered by junior Tom Ickes gave Alliance the ball on Massillon’s 45. Three plays later the clock ran out.

Knowlton thought his team was getting better each game. Their performance against the Tigers brought Alliance the most yardage gained by the Aviators this season. They had gained only 53 yards in the air previously.

Seaman said there were not drastic changes made at halftime. “We just blocked a little better and ran a little harder in the second half,” he said. “And that run of McFadden’s really kicked us off. He did a real good job. He’s got guts.
* * *

HE CONTINUED “Simon got off a nice run on his touchdown. He cut back beautifully and got by the pursuit.”

Both coaches thought the other had a fine football team.

The Tigers journey to Riverside stadium in Niles next Saturday, where the Red Dragons have been undefeated for 7 years. Massillon puts its 31 game unbeaten streak on the line in an All-American league contest.

Ends – Liggett, Smith, Sterling, Kraft, Gallion, Griffin, Moyer, Richards.
Tackles – Houser, Sherrett, Campbell, Snowball, Ricker, Turley.
Guards – Neago, Russell, Porrini, Beiter, Hauenstein, White, Somogy.
Centers – Senften, Kraft, Skelton.
Quarterbacks – Maurer, Henderson, Young, Malinowski.
Halfbacks – James, Simon, Fenton, McFadden, Muhlbach.
Punters – Krenzer, Dickinson.
Fullback – Foster.

Ends – Dailey, E. Young, Thigpen.
Tackles – R. Young, Johnson, Harshman, Andreani.
Guards –Gaul, Thomas, McCoy.
Center – Koch.
Quarterbacks – Zupanic, Libis, Utterback.
Halfbacks – Ramsey, Lear, Muniz.
Punter – Sucacui.

Massillon 0 6 12 6 24
Alliance 6 0 0 6 12

Massillon – Foster (one-yard run);
McFadden (85-yard second half kickoff return);
James (17-yard run);
Simon (30-yard run).
Alliance – Dailey (65-yard pass-run play from Zupanic); Ramsey (8-yard run).

Referee – Octavio Sirgo (Canton).
Umpire – Carl Spennard (Cuyahoga Falls).
Head Linesman – John Cseh (Akron).
Field Judge – Carl Emmerich (Cuyahoga Falls).

Attendance: 8,000
Massillon Opp.
First downs – rushing 11 8
First downs – passing 1 5
First downs – penalties 2 0
Total first downs 14 13
Yards gained rushing 233 114
Yards lost rushing 0 35
Net yards gained rushing 233 79
Net yards gained passing 10 184
Total yards gained 343 263
Passes attempted 3 18
Passes completed 1 10
Passes intercepted by 0 1
Times kicked off 5 3
Kickoff average (yards) 54.5 42.3
Kickoff returns (yards) 107 160
Times punted 1 3
Punt average (yards) 12.0 32.3
Punt return (yards) 45 0
Fumbles 2 0
Lost fumbled ball 1 0
Penalties 5 8
Yards penalized 45 60
Touchdowns rushing 3 0
Touchdowns passing 0 1
Miscellaneous touchdowns 1 0
Total number of plays 49 59

Will Foster
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1966: Massillon 0, Mansfield 0

Bengals’ Streak Ended But All Isn’t Lost
Mansfield Plays Familiar Role As Massillon Spoiler


The Massillon Tiger is a proud creature by tradition. He is not prone to put his tail between his legs and slink away in the face of adversity. Instead, he bares his fangs and fights back all the harder.

The Bengals have come back 3 times before after having win streaks stopped by Mansfield to win state titles. The scoreless contest Friday night before 10,000 at Arlin field in Mansfield need not be the end. It can be the beginning of another string of Orange and Black conquests.
* * *

Program Cover

THE 30-GAME win streak stretching back to 1963 and starting with a 38-0 win over Mansfield is gone. But the unbeaten skein is still there.

Paul Brown’s 1937 Bengals had a 20-game affair ended via 6-6 entanglement with Mansfield but went on to an 8-1-1 season and a state title. Bud Houghton’s 1941 Obiemen had a 38-game string stopped 6-6 by Mansfield but went on to a 9-0-1 season and a state title, winning 13 more games before bowing in the 1962 finale under Elwood Kammer.

Chuck Mather’s 1948 team won a state championship with a 9-1 record and his 1949 squad, after having a 10-game streak stopped 16-12 by Mansfield, went on to a 9-1 season and a state title. His 1951 team and Tom Harp’s 154 units won crowns with 9-1 records. Leo Strang got one with a 10-1 slate in 1960.

For Mansfield, which will start its league season against Fremont next week, its effort Friday could send the Tygers on to a Buckeye conference title.

“This is the greatest team effort I’ve ever seen from any team in the country,” Gary Prahst, Tyger mentor, said. “We’re real happy. We consider it a win. I thought our team was just an average one going into this game. But this will make us. Massillon is a great team!”
* * *

MASSILLON COACH Bob Seaman said, ‘We had enough yardage to win – 50 more than last week – but 20 less points. We did a good job both offensively and defensively. Mansfield played a good game. They shut us off when they had to. Their pursuit killed us.”

Seaman wasn’t one to offer alibis but when a team has only one first string back in top condition, its attack is somewhat blunted. Quarterback Craig Maurer was on the sidelines with an ankle injury. Halfback Greg Evans is scheduled for surgery on a knee injury Monday in Massillon city hospital. Halfback Tommy James played with his hip still sore from an injury.
* * *

MANSFIELD’S tailback and top scorer, “Butch” Jefferson also was out with an ankle sprain.

“With him we could have gotten outside better,” Prahst said.

The Tigers out-gained Mansfield 190-95. Neither team threw much, missing on 3 passes each. Mansfield intercepted 2 Tiger aerials both late in the game.

“We gained 143 yards the first half and seemed to be moving the ball well so I felt we didn’t have to throw,” Seaman explained.

“We had planned on throwing the ball more but our defense held them. (We didn’t want to take any chances throwing the ball),” said Prahst.
* * *

BECAUSE NEITHER team threw often, a lot of time was used up as the Obiemen’s Will Foster and Mansfield’s Floyd Davis and Mike Swarn took turns pounding the tackles and guards for short yardage. There were almost no long punt returns as Massillon’s Jim Krenzer and Mansfield’s Dave Hallabrin took turns putting their opponents in the hole.

The furthest the Orange and Black got into Mansfield territory was the 29 after a 20-yard run by Foster. But time ran out in the first half.

Mansfield got to the Massillon 28 with 25 seconds left in the game. Swarn’s field goal attempt was wide left.

The Tygers had gotten there largely through the efforts of Shawn Madison, defensive halfback. He intercepted a 32-yard pass by Foster to 6-7 tackle Mike Sherrett on a tackle-eligible play and ran back to the Massillon 37.

Tigertown quarterback Kevin Henderson tried a desperation heave to sophomore halfback Mark McDew, taking Evans’ place, on the game’s final play. But halfback Jeff Koroknay intercepted the 28-yarder.
* * *

THE TIGERS had 2 costly 15-yard penalties. Both came in the second quarter. One set the Tigertowners back to their 42 from the Mansfield 43 when it looked like the Bengals were gaining momentum. The other put them on their own 16 with 1:50 left. Both were clipping infractions and came after good runs.

Twice Mansfield fumbles rolled ahead up to 8 yards and were recovered by the Tygers for first downs. Once, however, tackle Tom Houser picked up a bobble on the Massillon 42 to stop a thrust by Mansfield which got out of its own territory only once in the first half and got no further than the Tiger 37 in the second, except on the pass interception.

Massillon got out of its homeland only once in the second half, but 3 of 4 times it had the ball in the first.

Next stop for the Tigers on the road schedule, which has 2 games remaining, is Hartshorn field in Alliance next Friday.

The Bengals’ record is 2-0-1, Mansfield’s is the same.

Ends – Moyer, Smith, Sterling, Liggett, Gallion.
Tackles – Campbell, Snowball, Houser, Sherrett, Ricker.
Guards – Porrini, Russell, Neago, Hauenstein, Beiter, Ertle.
Centers – Senften, Kraft.
Quarterbacks – Henderson, Young, Malinowski.
Halfbacks – James, Simon, Fenton, McFadden, Evans, Hannon,
Muhlbach, McDew.
Fullbacks – Foster, Moore.
Punter – Krenzer.

Ends – Alexander, Fraley, Blakley.
Tackles – Davis, Socea, Adams.
Guards – King, Shulko, Lowe, Gorrell.
Quarterbacks – Hallabrin, Wright.
Halfbacks – Madison, Koroknay, Johnson, Swarn.
Fullback – Davis.

Massillon 0 0 0 0 0
Mansfield 0 0 0 0 0

Referee – Stan Orzech (Cleveland),
Umpire – Clyde Newell (Westlake).
Head Linesman – Bill Holzwarth (Louisville).
Field Judge – Andy Moran (Berea).

Attendance – 10,000

Massillon Opp.
First downs – rushing 10 7
First downs – passing 0 0
First downs – penalties 0 2
Total first downs 10 7
Yards gained rushing 200 117
Yards lost rushing 10 22
Net yards gained rushing 190 95
Net yards gained passing 0 0
Total yards gained 190 95
Passes attempted 3 3
Passes completed 0 0
Passes intercepted by 0 2
Yardage on passes intercepted 0 18
Times kicked off 1 1
Kickoff average (yards) 32.0 26.0
Kickoff returns (yards) 0 38
Times punted 0 7
Punt average (yards) 31.2 35.0
Punt return (yards) 0 13
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 2 5
Lost fumbled ball 0 1
Penalties 3 1
Yards penalized 35 15
Touchdowns rushing 0 0
Touchdowns passing 0 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Total number of plays 34 32

Will Foster
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1966: Massillon 20, Cleveland Benedictine 6

Tigers Show Determination In Win


“We may have found ourselves a football team!”

Who said those words makes no difference. Someone yelled them amidst the happy scene in the Tiger stadium pressbox after Saturday’s game. That anonymous person put his finger right on the reason why Massillon’s 10-6 victory over Cleveland Benedictine could be of great importance before this season is over.
* * *

IT TAKES A LOT of guts to go out and fight to a victory after being behind 6-0 at halftime to a great team like the Bennies who out-gained the Tigers. Some teams would have fallen apart after battling to a scoreless tie until the last second of the first half only to have the opposition cross the goal line.

The Bengals just never gave up, even in the face of such adversity as having 2 first team backs – senior signal-caller, Craig Maurer and junior scatback Greg Evans – out of action.

The Tigers will meet Mansfield Senior Friday. If they use the inspiration gained from the nod over Benedictine the rest of the year, it could be the lever that will push them into a
22nd and third straight state title.

Field position, one of the most important aspects of the game, was never more graphically shown than Saturday night.

The Tigers never got past their 43-yard line in the first half and therefore, were unable to open up their game.

Meanwhile, the Massillon defense stopped the Bennies in Tiger territory each time Benedictine got the ball.
* * *

LINEBACKER Ron Ertle stopped Jim Betts, Bennie quarterback, on the Massillon 10 on one occasion. On another, junior halfback Trevor Young, one of the Tigers’ “bantam rooster” set, hopped on a Betts fumble on the Orange and Black’s 20 to east the pressure.

Other small men like Earl (Stump) Beiter and Doug White had their nights. Kevin Henderson, considerably more diminutive than Maurer, filled in well for the ailing signal-caller.

Benedictine’s score came after a 10-yard punt return by Larry Zelina, recovering from a shoulder injury but still playing a whale of a game. The Bossumen drove from the Tigers’ 41 in 4 plays with 31 seconds remaining in the half.
On the final play, Jim Betts, a sure bet for many post-season honors, hit 6-4 split end Dave Petschauer in the right corner of the end zone. Petschauer, a senior and a basketball player only until this season, leaped up like a cager getting a lead pass for a tip-in and took the ball away from 2 Tiger defenders. A fumble on the ensuing snap halted the conversion try.

The Tigers came out fired up in the second half and took control of the game, holding Benedictine behind its 30 for the entire second half.

Harley Dickinson, still another of the Tigers’ little set – none stand over 5-9 or weight more than 157 – did some terrific punting to go along with senior fullback Will Foster’s booming kickoff’s. The defense kept Benedictine there, led by senior Co-Captains Dave Gallion and Ron Muhlbach.
* * *

OFFENSIVE Co-Captains Foster and senior halfback Tommy James put the oomph in the offense and Foster also played outstandingly on defense.

Foster drilled through the Benedictine line like an auger boring through the side of a mountain. He averaged about 4 yards a try unofficially, with Bennie players hanging all over him.

Foster, almost single-handedly, accounted for 2 Tiger TD’s. Will ran 8 of 10 plays in a TD drive, blasting over left guard from the one on fourth down with 5:09 left in the third period. Henderson faked to Foster and romped around the left end to put Massillon ahead 8-6.

Bill Simon, junior halfback filling in for Evans, helped the drive considerably when he took a handoff on a fake and circled right end for 16 yards to put the ball on the 6 with first down.

John McFadden, a senior safety, grabbed a Zelina punt 4 plays after the Tigers’ score and returned it 12 yards. Following a personal foul step-off to the Bennie’s 37, James hauled a pitchout to the 23, shaking off a couple of tacklers. Two plays later, on second down from the 10, Simon was all alone in the left corner of the end zone but Henderson overshot the mark.
* * *

ON THE FIRST play of the last stanza, it was “TJ for the TD.” Henderson, who did some fine belly faking during the night, pitched to James who scored from the 7 on third down. The clock showed 11:54 left as junior halfback Russ Fenton subbing for James who pulled a muscle running into the fence on the touchdown scamper, was short to the left with a pitchout on the conversion run.

Junior end Keith Griffin and senior halfback Howard (Skeeter) Hannon – still another diminutive Tiger – tackled Bill Rini on the 20 to keep Benedictine behind the 8 ball. On Massillon’s next punt, Dickinson and junior tackle Bill Snowball hit Zelina on the 14 to keep up the pressure.

Massillon got its final TD when Foster intercepted a pass on the Bennies’ 30 with 1:51 remaining and ran back to the 9 before being bumped out of bounds. Beiter had hit Betts with both senior tackle Mike Sherrett and senior end Mike Kraft tipping the pass.

Foster rammed to the 3 and one on successive plays then went off right tackle and in standing up for the final score with 40 seconds remaining. Fenton caught a pass to the right from Henderson but missed getting the conversion by a gnat’s eyelash.

Bossu summed up the Benedictine situation when he said, “We hurt ourselves in coming up with penalties which kept us from getting into field position in the second half. Massillon had a much harder running game in the second half. They’re a typical tough Tiger team.”
* * *

MASSILLON Coach Bob Seaman said, “We just got beat to the punch in the first half. At halftime I told the team I came here to win. We blocked well in the second half. Our tackles hit out better. We had field position in the second half but not in the first.”

When asked why he didn’t pass in the first half, Seaman explained, “I’m not going to put the ball in the air on our side of the 50.”

Seaman thought his defense did “an outstanding job.” He added, “This game helped us mentally.

Massillon has now won 2 straight this year and 30 in a row since 1963. Benedictine is 1-1 on the season and had a 10-game winning streak stopped.

The Tigers will make the first of 3 straight road trips Friday. The Mansfield trek will be followed by jaunts to Alliance and Niles.

Ends – Petschauer, Strazinsky, Smith, Grimm.
Tackles – Bucci, Forro, Roberson, Palsa, Mauser.
Guards – Bossu, Sejnowski, Czech, Mack, Okonek.
Center – Erlenback.
Quarterbacks – Betts, Ferko.
Halfbacks – Rini, Sadd, Russ, Zelina,
Fullbacks – Siracusa.

Ends – Moyer, Smith, Gallion, Liggett, Griffin, Sterling.
Tackles – Houser, Snowball, Campbell, Ricker, Sherrett, Turley.
Guards – Porrini, Russell, Neago, Ertle, Hauenstein, Beiter, White.
Centers – Senften, Skelton.
Quarterbacks – Henderson, Young.
Halfbacks – James, Simon, Fenton, Hannon, McFadden.
Fullbacks – Foster, Moore.

Benedictine 0 6 0 0 6
Massillon 0 0 8 12 20

Massillon – Foster 2 (both one-yard runs), James (8-yard run).
Benedictine – Petschauer (15-yard pass from Betts).

Extra Points: Henderson 2 (run)

Massillon Opp.
First downs – rushing 7 5
First downs – passing 0 4
First downs – penalties 1 0
Total first downs 8 9
Yards gained rushing 152 103
Yards lost rushing 12 19
Net yards gained rushing 140 84
Net yards gained passing 0 82
Total yards gained 140 166
Passes completed 0-2 8-13
Passes intercepted by 1 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 18 0
Times kicked off 4 1
Kickoff average (yards) 55.5 53.0
Kickoff returns (yards) 14 64
Punt average (yards) 6-33.2 6-37.3
Punt return (yards) 28 29
Fumbles 1 3
Lost fumbled ball 1 1
Penalties 3 6
Yards penalized 15 57
Touchdowns rushing 3 0
Touchdowns passing 0 1
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Total number of plays 52 52

Referee – Octavio Sirgo (Canton).
Umpire – Bobby Brown (Parma).
Head Linesman – Jerry Katheran (Cleveland).
Field Judge – Sam DiBlasi (Canton).


Will Foster
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1966: Massillon 32 vs. Canton Lincoln 14

Tigers Dump Lions 32-14 In Opener


Charles Dickens would have felt right at home at Tiger stadium Friday night. As he once said, ‘It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.”

Massillon’s Tigers got off on the right foot in quest of a third straight state championship even if the step was a little shaky. The Bengals stopped Canton Lincoln’s Lions 32-14 before one of the largest opening night crowds ever, 13,431.
* * *

Program Cover

THE BATTLE of the felines was the second game of the first double bill ever presented at the stadium. Marion Catholic and Dover St. Joseph, 1965 state Class A powers, battled in the opener with Marion winning 8-6.

Massillon played turnabout ball, jumping ahead 20-0 at the half, and was outscored 14-12 in the second. Total yardage also went in the opposite direction: from 228-66 in Massillon’s favor before the intermission to 120-92 in Lincoln’s favor afterwards, as did the number of plays, 30-28 to 26-16.

Tiger Coach Bob Seaman making his debut as the Bengals stretched their win streak to 29, thought complacency might have had a great deal to do with the poor second half. “When you put points on the board with 4 seconds to go in the first half, you’re bound to relax a bit in the second.”

Lou Venditti, who might have his finest team in his 6 years at Lincoln, was “proud of the kids coming back after being down 20-0.”

Venditti thought his team was hurt by 2 bad mental errors and a fumble at the wrong time. There was one mental error and 3 bad breaks which hurt the Tigers, to say nothing of numerous penalties.
* * *

MASSILLON SCORED first when junior halfback Greg Evans went off left tackle from
33 yards out on second and 8 with 9:35remaining in the welcome quarter. The drive covered 74 yards in 5 plays after the opening kickoff. It featured 2 first downs and a big run by Evans over right tackle off a pitch, which carried from the Tiger 29 to the Lincoln 35.

Senior Craig Maurer, quarterback, missed on a rollout for the conversion.

The next time Massillon had the ball a 40-yard run by Evans was nullified by a clipping penalty.

Midway in the first quarter, Lincoln threatened following Jim Krenzer’s punt from the end zone after the Obiemen were put into reverse gear by motion and clipping penalties, 2 of 16 on the night for 115 yards.

On the first play following the punt, Lincoln’s senior signal-caller Tom Smith, who was to have a great second half, rolled out, scampered from the Tigers’ 34 to the 21 and fumbled. Gigantic Mike Sherrett, Massillon’s 6-7, 251-pound senior tackle, recovered, or as Venditti said, the game might have been different.

As the second quarter got underway, it appeared the Orange and Black were on the way for a second score. With second and
(line of copy missing)
Massillon 37 to the Lincoln 47 with the next punt and the Washington high eleven was on the way to its second score. Seven plays and 3 first downs later, senior fullback Will Foster went over left tackle from the 7 with 3:41 left. Foster made it 14-0 on the same play.

The Tigers scored again just as time ran out in the first half. Maurer threw the “bomb” to Evans on second and 5 from the 50 with 4 seconds remaining. The little jackrabbit grabbed the pigskin on the 5 and went in on the first of the Lion mental errors. Foster found the center too tough for the conversion.

Lincoln started on its comeback rampage immediately after the second half kickoff. Smith started to run wild on the keeper, spelled at intervals by junior halfback John Franzone and junior fullback Greg Wentz. The drive started on the Lions’ 33, carried for 67 yards and 5 first downs.

Franzone got the score with 7:17 left in the third canto. He shot off left tackle on first and 10 from the Tigers’ 28. Smith hit junior end Bruce Fowler in the left side of the end zone to make it 20-8.

As the quarter was about to come to an end, Krenzer dropped back from the Tigers’ 19 to punt and found his attempted boot blocked, giving Lincoln the ball on the 14. In 6 plays Bengal fans were starting to squirm.
* * *

WITH FOURTH and 2 on the 6, Smith hit senior end Scott Ricketts in the right section of the end zone with 10:03 ;left in the goodbye chapter. Seaman said a linebacker incorrectly heard the coverage call. Junior linebacker Hoyt Skelton, junior tackle Bill Ricker and senior middle Earle (Stump) Beiter brought Smith crashing to the turf short of the conversion.

A wounded Tiger is dangerous and the Obiemen poured on the steam. Evans ran back 33 yards. Tommy (Scooter) James, senior halfback, rode the wave of excellent blocking on power sweeps off the pitch on almost every play in the ensuing 6-play, 4-first down, 57-yard scoring drive.

“Tailspin Tommy” tallied from the 23 on second and 4. He took 2 steps to the right, shot back over left guard and it was “TJ for the TD.” Evans failed to get the conversion on a pitchout.

A once-in-a-lifetime occurrence cropped up next. Foster kicked off out of bounds on the one. His repeat boot after 5-yard penalty sailed into the end zone. A Lion back forgot to recover the ball and sophomore Marc Malinowski, up from Lorin Andrews junior high, pounced on the swinehide for a score.

Maurer missed the conversion on the keeper for the second time during the night.
* * *

BUT LINCOLN wasn’t through driving from the Massillon 43, after a short kickoff by Mike Gipp, to the Tigers’ 5, a distance of 52 yards.

There junior linebacker Ron Ertle brought Smith down on a fake pass and run on fourth and 6 to halt the scoring attempt. Franzone and Wentz were the big boys on the 3-first down drives.

A freak play cropped up along the way. Fowler caught a pass from Smith after it bounced around off several hands including those of at least 3 Tiger defenders. The play carried from the Lincoln 49 to the Massillon 26.

Massillon will play host to Cleveland Benedictine next Saturday.

Ends – Ricketts, Fowler, Sanderson.
Tackles – Christy, Hastings, Predisik.
Guards – Myers, McVehfl.
Center – Wernecke.
Quarterbacks – Smith, Best.
Halfbacks – Flinn, Franzone, Breslin, McCoul.
Fullbacks – Wentz, Behm.

Ends – Moyer, Smith, Sterling, Gallion, Griffin, Richards.
Tackles – Houser, Snowball, Ricker, Turley, Sherrett, Martin.
Guards – Hausenstein, Russell, Ertle, Beiter, Porrini, White.
Centers – Senften, Skelton, Kraft.
Quarterbacks – Maurer, Young, Henderson, Malinowski.
Halfbacks – James, Evans, Hannon, Fenton, McFadden, Muhlbach.
Fullbacks – Foster, Gipp.
Punter – Krenzer.

Lincoln 0 0 8 6 14
Massillon 6 14 0 12 32

Massillon – Evans (33-yard run and 35- yard pass from Maurer),
Foster (7-yard run),
James (23-yard run),
Malinowski (recovered kickoff in end zone).
Lincoln – Franzone (28-yard run), Smith (6-yard pass from Ricketts).

Extra points:
Massillon – Foster 2 (run).
Lincoln – Fowler 2 (pass from Smith).

Attendance: 13,431.

Referee – Jack McLain (Columbus).
Umpire – Bill Holzwarth (Louisville).
Head Linesman – Bud Shopbell (Canton).
Field Judge – John Dalrymple (Akron).

Massillon Opp.
First downs – rushing 13 6
First downs – passing 1 3
First downs – penalties 0 2
Total first downs 14 11
Yards gained rushing 286 144
Yards lost rushing 1 6
Net yards gained rushing 285 138
Net yards gained passing 35 48
Total yards gained 320 186
Passes attempted 1 12
Passes completed 1 5
Passes intercepted by 0 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 0 0
Times kicked off 5 3
Kickoff average (yards) 47.0 41.0
Kickoff returns (yards) 41 58
Times punted 5 4
Punt average (yards) 26.5 37.5
Punt return (yards) 29 2
Had punts blocked 1 0
Fumbles 1 1
Lost fumbled ball 0 1
Penalties 16 3
Yards penalized 115 18
Touchdowns rushing 3 1
Touchdowns passing 1 1
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Number of plays 46 54

Will Foster