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The Massillon Tiger Football Booster Club is proud to unveil the new and updated We are working very hard to provide a website that is reflective of our support for the Massillon Tiger Football Program. This website is essentially a living document and is expected to be updated at minimum weekly, but most likely daily. While the website is now live, it is not yet in it’s full release form. We are working daily to upload the many, many game stories, photographs, videos, etc. that we have at our disposal in hopes that the site will meet the desires and expectations of the users. We encourage you to browse the site as we build it and hope you will take the time to offer your insight into how we can continue to make your experience better.

Some key features you will notice which will enhance your experience within our media guide are:

  1. Search function. – located at the right of the page directly under Obie is a search box. Type in key words of what you are looking for and click the magnifying glass or Enter. The search will be able to scour the entire site to return results of your key words. This will aid in finding information quickly rather than pouring through many documents. Our goal is to make every document on this site searchable so you can find what you are looking for.
  2. Daily Booster Club happenings. Follow the front page of for updates on booster club events, Massillon Tiger Football events, historical stories, etc.
  3. Integrated video. We will soon be linking video to game stories along with photos and anything else we find pertinent to each story. What is integrated video? see Below

    We continue to work daily to update this site in hopes of having everything updated by August 1st. We welcome you commentary.