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Warren Drubs Washington High Tiger Gridders
Completely Outclassed by Old Rival


A neat lesson in football and a severe and painful beating was administered to Washington high school at Warren last night when Harding high of that city thumped the Tigers 18-0.

The hard hitting Warren team tore the Tiger lines to shreds as it rolled up 19 first downs to Massillon’s three and the hard battering of the red and white backs and the determined charge of their forward wall left many a Tiger on the field at the end of scrimmages.

The Massillon team returned from Warren last night badly crippled and badly used up, for the red and white went to the limit of the rules in roughing up the local players.

Lineup Juggled
The score just about represents how much Massillon was outplayed by the victors, though Warren twice was stopped within the shadow of the locals’ goal posts, once on the
three-yard line.

Coach Elmer McGrew presented a revamped lineup in an effort to stop the red and white last night. Williams was taken from his fullback position and inserted at a tackle. Buhecker held down the end usually handled by Brunker, and Shrake was tossed into the gap in the backfield left vacant by Williams’ removal.

Warren was held scoreless the first half though it twice threatened the Massillon goal line. In the third period, however, it got down to business without delay and with Burkhart, Davis and Romig carrying the ball, the red and white had little difficulty knifing its way through the Massillon line and showed exceptional skill at skirting the Tiger ends. Well developed interference preceded the ball carrier and nearly always cut down would be tacklers to advance the runner beyond the line of scrimmage.

Burkhart Shining Light
Too much Burkhart was the big reason for the Massillon defeat. After grumbling in the first half and pulling another boner or two which seemed to make of him a goat with the Warren fans, he came back in the second period to run at will through the Massillon team. He scored three touchdowns, going over on the first from the three-yard line after a 65-yard march down the field. The second time he ran 15 yards for a score after Romig had recovered Clendening’s fumble on the 34-yard line. The third touchdown, tallied in the last period, was pushed over from the one-yard line by Burkhart who was instrumental in advancing it to that point from the 37-yard line where Warren had gained the ball when Mayberry intercepted Clendening’s pass.

Warren couldn’t get any of the extra points, however. Burkhart and Davis twice tried to carry it over but were brought to earth before they could cross the goal line. Alexander attempted a dropkick after the second touchdown but the ball hit the goal posts.

Massillon never was able to work the ball into Warren territory. Clendening alone appeared capable of advancing the pigskin but he was a marked man last night. In fact the Tigers on every kickoff inserted the Massillon player at some different position on the field hoping that he would receive the ball, but Warren always kicked it to the opposite side of the field.

Warren presented a flashy 85-piece band to the crowd of 3,000 spectators. The musicians drilled between halves forming a large W and the Warren fans roared their approval. They formed an M and then the Massillon fans applauded – both of them.

Lineup and summary:
Alexander le Getz
Koski lt Hoyman
Dixon lg Adams
Hunter c Schott
Sfarro rg Singer
Surby rt Williams
Dowdell re Buhecker
Mayberry qb Kester
Bartlett lh Shrake
Burkhart rh Clendening
Romig fb Foster

Score by periods:
Warren 0 0 12 6 18

Warren – Davis for Burkhart; Fuller for Dowdell; Burkhart for Davis; Davis for Romig; Canzonetta for Davis; Marsh for Alexander; Spahr for Dixon.
Massillon – Knowlton for Shrake; Krug for Williams; Brunker for Buhecker; Amic for Adams; Schimke for Amic; Williams for Krug; W. Monroe for Schott; Heisler for Brunker; Porter for Clendeing; Price for Williams; Gump for Heisler; Ames.

Warren – Burkhart 3.

Referee – Harr (Geneva).
Umpire – Forbes (Geneva).
Field Judge – Van Hill.
Head Linesman – Maurer (Wooster).