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WHEN line bucks and end runs failed to bring score in three quarters, Steubenville took to the air in the fourth period of Saturday’s game with Washington high on Massillon field and scored three touchdowns in rapid succession to win its sixth consecutive victory 19-0.

The highly vaunted running attack of the Big Red clicked and clicked smoothly through out the game but once the Tigers were pushed back into their own territory, they bared their fangs and refused to give little ground to the rushes of the visitors. Three times the Big Red was stopped by the Massillon gridders when scoring possibilities were in sight and twice poor passes from center sent the visitors backward when they threatened.

Steubenville the Superior
There never was a doubt as to which team was the stronger. From the opening minutes of play it was only a question to Massillon fans as to how long the orange and black could hold out against its heavier and hard hitting opponent without being scored upon.

Steubenville appeared to be doing most anything it wanted to in its own section of the field but found the going much harder once Massillon territory was reached. On the other hand the Tiger ball carriers for the most part were smothered in their tracks every time they attempted to run with the ball, while their passes were either intercepted or wide of their mark.

For three periods the game progressed in this situation, but every minute saw the orange and black weakening under the attack of the crimson wave from the Ohio River.

Big Red Scores
Early in the fourth quarter it happened. Steubenville passes which had previously sailed through the air a few inches high of the receiver, now began finding their mark, and before the last period was many minutes old, a 20-yard pass placed the ball on the Tigers’ two-yard line from which point Burgwin, lanky colored halfback carried it across. A pass placed the ball in position for the visitors; second touchdown, August taking the ball across, while another pass of 35 yards, Burgwin to Robinson, brought the third score of the day.

Steubenville, as expected, came to Massillon with a heavy and rangy team supported by 2,500 or more fans and a scholastic band of 63 pieces that added color and fine music to the setting of the day. The visitors had a big weight advantage over the orange and black especially on the tackles where Johnson and Zori, both standing well over six feet, proved almost impassable. The Big Red line out-charged that of the locals and as a result the Massillon ball carriers could hardly get started.

Three First Downs
Only in the second period did the orange and black show any offense and in that quarter their play was on a par with the visiting team. The Tigers only scored three first downs in the entire game and all of these came in succession in the second quarter when the locals made their only bid of the day for a score.

Getting the ball on their own 23-yard line the Massillonians pushed Steubenville back to its own 40-yard line where the Big Red held, forcing Kester to punt out of bounds. From the sidelines it appeared that a Massillon pass, Clendening to Williams was completed inside the playing field, which would have given the Tigers a first down on the 30-yard line, but the referee ruled Williams was out of bounds when he caught the ball and it was declared incomplete.

Kester Saved For Punting
That was the Tiger’s only offensive flash of the day. On several other occasions Williams managed to find a crack in the line where he could slip through for five yards, but these intervals were few and far between.

Kester’s ball carrying ability was not used by the orange and black, for Coach McGrew, electing to play a defensive game, decided it best to save the Massillon back for punting and in this department the locals held their own with the Big Red.

Against Massillon’s three first downs, Steubenville made the required yardage 15 times; three of which came as a result of passes. The visitors gained yard after yard from scrimmage throughout the game slipping away from Massillon tacklers with the elusiveness of a Chicago racketeer. The Tigers did not nail the Big Red ball carriers to the ground as they did when playing Cleveland Heights and apparently failed to slow up any of the Steubenville backfield men with hard tackling. The prettiest tackle of the day was made by John Clendening and had it not been for him, Burgwin probably would have scored earlier in the game. He had passed the line of scrimmage and was coming down the field at a terrific rate when Clendening caught him at the shoe tops and made him bite the dirt.

Pass Moves Ball Up
Steubenville’s first drive for a touchdown started from its own 45-yard line where the Big Red came in possession of the ball on a punt. In two plays Burgwin crossed midfield and carried the pigskin to the 45-yard line, where the ball rested at the end of the quarter. After stepping off another four yards, Burgwin shot a pass to Robinson for a first down on the local’s 25-yard line. Two yards were all the Steubenville colored ace could get at left tackle and an attempted long pass was grounded. He tried to gain on an end run but only managed to rip off two yards when tackled. With fourth down up and a pass the inevitable play, he stepped back and shot the ball to Robinson for a first down on the Tiger’s two-yard line. Wilson was first elected to carry the ball over but he failed. On the next play Burgwin smashed through center for the first score. He failed to kick goal.

Intercept Pass
Massillon had not more than received the ball on the kickoff until Burgwin intercepted Kester’s pass on Steubenville’s 46-yard line. On the next play he twisted and weaved his way to the 25-yard line. When he could not gain through the line, he took a pass from Wilson that netted his team a first down on the 15-yard line. Wilson could gain but two yards in two attempts and Burgwin again took the ball, this time carrying it to the Tiger’s five-yard stripe for a first down. August waded through left guard for a touchdown. Burgwin’s kick was wide of the posts.

After receiving the kickoff the Tiger’s tried another pass and this likewise was intercepted by Steubenville, Wilson grabbing Singer’s pass and carrying the ball back to the Massillon 40-yard line. Burgwin lugged the ball three times for a first down on the 30-yard line. A five-yard penalty set Steubenville backward a bit, but Burgwin shot a long pass perfectly timed to Robinson behind the Massillon goal line for the third touchdown of the game. This time he kicked goal for his team’s 19th point.

Burgwin Outstanding
There was no doubt as to Burgwin being the outstanding star of the game for not only did he lug the ball two out of three times but likewise punted and did most of his team’s passing. Williams was outstanding for the orange and black, an injured ankle forcing him out of the game in the last period.

While Steubenville proved very adept with the forward pass in the last quarter, the Tigers were unable to master the air at anytime. Every pass w as either grounded or intercepted by Steubenville. With the exception of the intercepted passes, Massillon got all the other breaks of the game including two Steubenville fumbles.

The crowd was by far the largest seen here in two years, Steubenville furnishing more than one-half the patronage. The visitors came by auto and a special train which arrived in the city shortly after noon. Long after dark they lingered about the streets, tooting horns and cheering in celebration of their victory.

Line up and summary:
Steubenville Pos. Massillon
Dorosczyk LE Getz
Johnson LT Willison
Henry LG Roderick
Coleman C Schott
Rybalt RG Monroe
Zori RT Price
Reducha RE Hess
Robinson QB Bordner
Wilson LH Singer
Burgwin RH Kester
August FB Williams

Score by periods:
Steubenville 0 0 0 19 19

Steubenville – Karnish for Robinson; Whistle for Rybalt.
Massillon – Worthington for Roderick; Clendening for Singer; Singer for Williams; Snodgrass for Monroe; Foster for Bordner; Shattuck for Hess; Mudd for Snodgrass; Hoyman for Schott.

Steubenville – Burgwin; August; Robinson.

Point after touchdown:
Steubenville – Burgwin (placekick).

Referee – Shafer (Akron).
Umpire – Pfeiffer (Denison).
Head Linesman – Clark (Ohio State).

John Kester