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Warren Takes 48-6 Drubbing

Visiting Eleven Unable to Check Local Grid Stars

Four years ago last Saturday Germany was more than willing to ring down the curtain on its international squabble with the United States, Great Britain, France, and Italy. And last Saturday afternoon football players of Warren high school after 60 minutes of grueling warfare with the orange and black eleven of Washington high school, were more than ready to hoist the white flag of truce and acknowledge that they had had enough.

The Armistice day battle resulted in another victory for Coach David B. Stewart’s great scholastic eleven, the youthful Tigers running rough shod over the Warrenites, piling up 48 points to six for the visitors and chalking up their eighth consecutive victory of the 1922 campaign. With their triumph over Warren the local warriors are now knocking loudly at the door of the scholastic championship strong hold of Ohio.

If the orange and black can trim Akron North next Saturday and then humble Canton McKinley a week later, there should be nothing whatever to stop the youthful Tigers from winning the coveted honor. Although interesting last Saturday’s duel did not compare by far with the thrilling encounter staged on the Pearl gridiron a week ago when Cleveland Shaw was defeated 7 to 6.

The local eleven was at its best Saturday and even though Captain Ulrich, quarterback, and Harry Potts, brilliant end, were out of the entire struggle, the orange and black smashed its way through to another great triumph and continued to show its superiority over scholastic opponents. Seven touchdowns, four points after touchdown and a safety constituted the sum total of Massillon’s scoring efforts.

With “Dutch” Hill tearing up the Warren line and ably assisted by his teammates Coach Stewart and his warriors gained ample revenge for the defeat Warren administered to the orange and black a year ago. Sydney Jones’ eleven fought hard throughout the struggle but it was not able to halt the Massillon steamroller.

Massillon was not long in setting its scoring machine in motion. Only a minute and a half of play had elapsed before the orange and black had registered its first touchdown.

And Bill Edwards, smiling youngster from East Greenville, was the lad to score the points. Bill has a habit of watching the ball with uncanny accuracy and when center Pond of Warren heaved the leather over Gillen’s head as he waited on his five-yard line to punt, Edwards shot through the line and was after the oval in jig time. Gillen also started after it but he tried to pick the ball up behind his goal line while Edwards dived through and flopped on it.

That touchdown sort of took the heart out of Warren but the events which transpired during the rest of the game made the visitors realize that they were not in the same class with the brilliant Massillon aggregation. The local team played heads up football throughout. Its tackling showed an improvement over a week ago. Its offensive strength was better, largely because Hill, its backfield star, once again was in first class shape, having entirely recovered from an attack of stomach trouble which bothered him in the Shaw game.

“Midge” Thomas diminutive halfback, also showed a great improvement. His open field work was spectacular and his 30-yard dash through the Warren team in the fourth quarter for a touchdown was one of the features of the contest.

Warren presented a fairly heavy aggregation and its attack was centered around Norman, fullback, who played a stellar game. The visitors also showed a well-developed forward passing attack with Gillen and Dixon handling the overhead heaves. Warren’s touchdown in the second quarter was due to a forward pass, heaved by Gillen and caught by Dixon who ran eight yards for the score. The score came after a march of 39 yards.

After Edwards had scored the first touchdown Coach Stewart’s lads got down to business. It was near the close of the first quarter that Massillon registered its second touchdown, Hill going over from the one-yard line after the backfield had carried the ball 48-yards in an unbroken march.

The third touchdown in the second quarter resulted from a 50-yard march. As the quarter opened Hill heaved a long pass to Rohr which was good for 18 yards. Hill shot another pass to Boerner good for 10 yards and then Define went off Warren’s left tackle for the touchdown.

It was after the touchdown that Warren showed its greatest offensive strength of the afternoon. After an exchange of punts the visitors secured the ball on Massillon’s 39-yard line and then Norman put on a spectacular dash across the field which netted five yards. Gillen then opened Warren’s aerial attack by heaving two passes to Dixon, which carried the ball to Massillon’s 12-yard line. On the next play he shot another pass to the Warren quarterback who went over the line.

Neither team was able to score in the third quarter but in the final 15 minutes of play, Massillon showed a powerful attack which brushed aside the Warren gridders with ease. Four touchdowns and a safety were recorded by Coach Stewart’s team in the final quarter and this was the team which Warren rooters figured lost its punch after the first half.

Hill and Borza were the lads who smashed the Warren line during the last quarter. Borza displaed quite a few of the battering ran tactics of his stellar teammate Hill and crashed through the visitors for a number of substantial gains. Hill scored three touchdowns in the last 15 minutes of play while the other was registered by Thomas. Play was in Warren’s territory throughout the last period.

The first touchdown in the fourth quarter came when Thomas took a Warren punt on the visitor’s 20-yard line and after pulling loose from several opponents dashed through the remainder of the Warren team for the score. A 15-yard plunge by Borza put the youthful Tigers in position to score again a few minutes later and Hill took the ball over from the four-yard line.

A march from midfield in which Thomas, Borza and Hill carried the ball resulted in another touchdown when Hill dashed his way through the visitors from the 11-yard line. A few minutes later Hill intercepted a Warren pass on Warren’s 20-yard line and a plunge by Borza and two by Hill and the ball was once more over the Warren goal line. Massillon registered a safety when a bad pass from center sent the ball over Gillen’s head and across the line where he fell on it.

Massillon clearly outplayed the visitors making 22 first downs to six for Warren. Eight of Massillon’s first downs were registered in the fourth quarter.

Warren completed eight out of 22 passes for a total gain of 74 yards. Eleven of its overhead heaves were grounded and three were intercepted by Massillon. Coach Stewart’s lads completed four out of eight passes for a total gain of 61 yards.

Still Winning

Massillon – 48 Position Warren – 6
Rohr LE Frost
Edwards LT Perautt
Kallaker LG LoFross
Roth C Pond
Pflug RG Billings
Salberg RT Cope
Jamison RE Anbres
Thomas Q Dixon
Define LH Craig
Boerner RH Gillen
Hill F Norman

Score by quarters:
Massillon 13 7 0 28 – 48
Warren 0 6 0 0 – 6

Substitutions: Massillon – Hax for Boerner, Reis for
Define, Borza for Hill, Brooks for Salberg, Miller for
Kallaker, Hill for Borza, Borza for Reis, Salberg for
Brooks, Kallaker for Pflug, Reis for Thomas, Schrader
for Salberg, Eschliman for Miller.
Warren – Adams for Anbres, Anbres for Frost.

Touchdowns – Hill 4, Edwards, Define, Thomas, Dixon.

Points from drop kick after touchdown – Edwards 4.

Safety – Massillon.

Referee – Maurer, Wooster.
Umpire – Bletzer, Mount Union.
Headlinesman – Boerner.

Time of quarters – 15 minutes.


First Quarter

Pflug kicked off to Dixon who was tackled by Kallaker and Edwards on Warren’s 28-yard line. Norman went around Massillon’s left end for 15, being forced out of bounds. Warren was held and Gillen dropped back to punt. The pass went through his hands and over his head, rolling across the goal line. Gillen attempted to pick up the ball but Edwards fell on it for a touchdown. Edwards drop kicked for the additional poiont.

Warren received and Gillen was downed on his 27-yard line. Norman made 6 through the line but after that Massillon held and Gillen punted to Hill, the kick going straight up. Hill was downed on Warren’s 30. Define made 4 at the line and Hill on two plunges made a first down. Smashes by Thomas, Boerner and Hill made another first down. Define made 2 but Massillon received a 15-yard penalty for holding. Hill attempted a long forward to Thomas which went over the goal line and Warren secured the ball on its 20. Dixon made 5. Edwards stopped Norman without gain and Gillen punted to Thomas who was down in midfield. Define made 4 and Boerner went through the line for 15 and a first down. Hill’s pass was grounded. Define made 3, Thomas 3 and Hill plunged for a first down. Define skirted Warren’s right end for 14 and another first down carrying the ball to the 12-yard line. Hill went through Warren’s left tackle for 10 carrying the ball to the two-yard line and on the next play went over for a touchdown. Edwards missed an attempt to drop kick for goal.

Warren received and was downed on its 20. A pass failed and the visitors punted to Thomas who was tackled in midfield as the quarter ended.
Score, Massillon – 12, Warren – 6.

Second Quarter

Hill passed to Roth for a gain of 18 yards. Thomas made 6 around end. A pass from Hill to Boerner made a first down. Define then went through the Warren team for a touchdown, carrying the ball from the 10-yard line. Edwards made another point on drop kick after the touchdown.

Warren received and carried the ball back to midfield. A pass from Gillen to Dixon made 8 and the visitors then punted to Thomas who was downed on his 25-yard line.

Hill punted back and Warren had the ball on its 24-yard line. Craig made 6, Norman failed to gain. Define batted down a Warren pass and then Gillen’s attempted place kick from the 25-yard line was short and Massillon put the ball in play on its 20-yard line. Hill punted out of bounds on Massillon’s 39. Norman gained 5 yards after a great run in which he dashed back and forth across the field twice before being tackled. Norman was thrown for a loss of 4. Gillen passed to Dixon for a first down. Another Warren pass failed and then Gillen passed to Dixon for 15 taking the ball to Massillon’s 12. Norman was stopped by Hax without gain but Craig hit the line for 6 and then Gillen passed to Dixon for 8 yards and a touchdown. Gillen failed at goal.
Massillon received and Thomas carried the kick off back to Massillon’s 32-yard line. Define fumbled and Warren covered on Massillon’s 35. Norman was thrown for a loss of 20 and then Define intercepted a Warren pass and returned it to midfield. Hax made 5. Reis, substituting for Define, made 5. Reis made a first down as the half ended.
Score, Massillon – 20, Warren – 6.

Third Quarter

Warren received and carried the ball back to its 33-yard line. Hill covered a Warren fumble on Warren’s 31-yard line. Borza made a first down. Hill made 8 at the line and then passed to Jamison for 15. Massillon received a 15-yard penalty and on the next play Hill failed to make the required yards for first down and it was Warren’s ball on Warren’s 12-yard line. Warren punted to Hax who was run out on Massillon’s 35. Hill returned the kick to Gillen who was downed on his 43-yard line. Rohr and Hill broke up Warren’s attempts to forward pass and the visitors punted out of bounds on Massillon’s 30. Hax missed Hill’s pass with a clear field ahead and Hill punted to Dixon who was down on his 44-yard line. Hill intercepted a Warren pass and was downed on the visitors 40. Borza made 3 and Hill made it first down on the next play. Thomas, Hill and Borza made a first down in three plunges. Thomas carried the ball to the five-yard line on the next play but fumbled when tackled and Adams covered for Warren. The visitors punted to Hax who was downed on his 40. Hill’s pass failed and the fullback then went around Warren’s right end for 9 and made a first down on the next play. Thomas went around end for 11. Borza, Hill and Thomas carried the ball to Warren’s 7-yard line as the quarter ended.
Score, Massillon – 20, Warren – 6.

Fourth Quarter

Massillon was penalized 15 for unnecessary roughness taking the ball to the 20-yard line. Hill passed to Jamison for again of 18. Warren gained the ball on its three-yard line when Roth lifted the ball from the ground and then failed to pass it. It was fourth down for Massillon. Gillen dropped back to punt but the pass was bad and he missed the ball, being downed behind his goal line for a safety. Warren put the ball in play on its 30-yard line. Warren received a 15-yard penalty. Two Warren passes failed and then Gillen punted to Thomas who took the ball on Warren’s 30-yard line and by some neat side stepping and dodging ran 30 yards for a touchdown. Edwards added another point by drop kicking for goal.

Warren received and was downed on its 24-yard line. Jamison threw Norman for a loss of 10. Warren passed for 8. Gillen passed to Dixon for 8 more. The next Warren pass failed and Massillon gained the ball on Warren’s 30-yard line. Hill made 2 and Thomas went through for a first down. Borza rammed through for 15 taking the ball to the 4-yard line. Hill went over for a touchdown on the next play. Edward’s attempt to kick for goal failed.

Warren received and was down on its 21-yard line. Norman was thrown for a 6-yard loss by Miller. Gillen punted out of bounds in midfield. Thomas made a first down and then made 8 on the next play. Hill went through for another first down. Borza made 8 and Hill plowed through from the 11-yard line for a touchdown, shaking off several tacklers. Edwards failed to kick goal.

Warren received and on the first play Hill intercepted a pass and carried the ball back to Warren’s 20-yard line. Borza made 8 and Hill made it a first down, carrying the ball to Warren’s 10-yard line. On the next play Hill went off right tackle for a touchdown. Edwards failed at goal. Warren received as the game ended.

Score, Massillon – 48, Warren – 6.

Tink Ulrich