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High School Crew Downs Rayen High, Saturday, 39-6

High school football teams of Youngstown ought to have a healthy respect for the sturdy orange and black eleven of Washington high school. A week ago Youngstown South attempted to put a crimp in the victorious march of Coach John Snavely’s youthful Tigers only to be sent back home with a 2 to 0 defeat hung upon them. On Saturday Rayen high, another Youngstown school sent its gridiron celebrities on a Massillon invasion and the local scholastic combination was the recipient of more gridiron honors for it smothered the Steel Town crew under a 39 to 6 score.

Six touchdowns and three goals followed in the wake of Massillon’s smashing attack, which was illuminated by the brilliant dashes of left halfback Hess, who is rapidly developing into Massillon’s big offensive star. Four of the six touchdowns were the result of Hess’ brilliant work, one coming on a spectacular 60-yard dash through the Rayen eleven and another on a 35-yard sprint around the visiting aggregation. His other two sets of counters came on short plunges.

With Hess skimming around the ends and Stuhldreher and Archbold giving the Rayen line an acid test, it was not long until Massillon had piled up a lead sufficient to clinch the contest. The offensive work of the orange and black stood out prominently in the first half but in the second it did not show so much, with a result that Rayen outplayed coach Snavely’s warriors during the last two quarters.

Rayen had a heavy team but it possessed only one player whose performance was at all noteworthy. Elliott, Captain and husky fullback for the visitors, was Rayen’s best bet but he could not play the entire game himself although he figured in practically all of Rayen’s plays and did most of the defensive work.

Finding Massillon’s line a bit too tough to dent because of the brilliant work of Oberlin and Taylor, who are about as fine a pair of tackles as ever wore the orange and black, Rayen depended largely upon shift plays and forward passes. The visitors attempted 35 overhead plays, completing nine, having four intercepted and 23 astray. In the last quarter it tried desperately to score by the air route, attempting 16 passes, only three of which were successful. Massillon attempted but six passes none being successful.

In making first downs Rayen out-pointed the orange and black, registering 13 to 11 for the local team.

Rayen hardly had time to get warmed up before Massillon scored its first touchdown. The visitors received and punted to Archbold in midfield. Hess and Stuhldreher commenced a march around Rayen’s ends that brought the ball to the six-yard line from where Hess dashed across for a touchdown.

A few minutes later Herman covered a bad Rayen pass on the visitors 11-yard line and Stuhldreher and Hess once more pierced the Youngstown team’s defense. Hess going around left end on a double pass for his second touchdown.
The second quarter had barely started before Hess, on another double pass, swung around Rayen’s right end and on a spectacular run in which he eluded practically the entire Youngstown team, carried the ball 60 yards for his third touchdown. Right end Howells was the next orange and black gridder to electrify the crowd when he snatched a Rayen forward out of the air and scampered 50 yards for a touchdown. Hess before the quarter ended, gathered another set of counters by a 35-yard sprint.

Rayen scored its lone touchdown in the second quarter. Stuhldreher punted out of bounds on his 30-yard line and a pass from Fried to Elliott took the ball to the 20-yard line. Elliott then heaved a pass to Hough who fumbled on Massillon’s two-yard line, the ball rolling over the goal line where Fried fell on it for Rayen’s touchdown.

Massillon’s last touchdown came in the third quarter when left end Herman picked up a Rayen fumble on Rayen’s 40-yard line and scampered across the visitor’s goal line.

Greenfelder, star halfback, did not get into the fray until near the close of the game, a bad hip keeping him on the sidelines. Coach Snavely switched Hess from quarterback to halfback and sent Stuhldreher to the pivot position. Stuhldreher played a good game although he was not able to elude Elliott, Rayen’s star, as successfully as Hess did.

Massillon – 39 Pos. Rayen – 6
Herman LE R. Smith
Oberlin LT Tonsmeier
Clay LG L. Smith
Angstadt C Davies
Harrison RG E. Brown
Taylor RT Reckert
Howells RE Meyer
Stuhldreher QB Fried
Hollerback LHB Carney
Hess RHB Hough
Archbold FB Elliott

Score by quarters:
Massillon 13 20 6 0 39
Rayen 0 6 0 0 6

Substitutions – Massillon: Siffert for herman, Herman for Siffert,
Tilton for Clay, Adams for Angstadt, Graber for Harrison,
Jamison for Howeels, Howells for Jamison, Limbach for Hollerback,
Greenfelder for Archbold.
Rayen: Fitzsimmons for R. Smith, McDonald for E. Brown,
Menninger for Carney, Carney for Menninger, Hameriki for

Touchdowns – Hess 4, Howells 1, Herman 1, Fried 1.

Goals after touchdown – Stuhldreher 3

Referee – Blythe, Mount Union.
Umpire – Bast, Massillon.
Headlinesman – Wilson, Massillon.

Timer – Ligget.

Time of quarters — 12½ m.