High Gridders Give Crack Toledo Scott Eleven Hard Battle

Gridiron warriors of Washington high school didn’t defeat Toledo Scott, one of the strongest scholastic teams in the state, at Toledo Saturday, but they did accomplish a feat which no other team has been able to do this season.

They gave the Toledo school its stiffest battle since it commenced its unbroken string of victories four years ago and made the first points scored against the upstaters this season. Had the breaks not favored the up-state eleven, a different tale might be recorded today. As it was Scott won 21 to 14, scoring the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter when Flues broke away from the local team and ran 40 yards for Scott’s third set of counters.

A fumble by Captain Archbold on Massillon’s 20-yard line in the second quarter gave Scott it’s first chance to score. An injury to Stuhldreher, who had been ripping the Toledo team to shreds by his brilliant offensive work, in this same period, forcing his retirement from the game until the second half hurt Massillon and shifted the offensive power, which had rested with Coach Snavely’s lads until Stuhldreher’s injury, to Scott. These combined breaks gave Toledo a chance to score two touchdowns in the second quarter and wrest the lead from the local team which had plowed through Scott for a set of counters in the first period.

Stuhldreher’s brilliant 45-yard run shortly after the game commenced gave Massillon its opportunity to register the first points scored on Scott this season. Scott held for three downs but on the fourth Stuhldreher bucked it over.

Massillon’s second touchdown came in the third quarter on a long forward from Greenfelder to Herrman, who ran 25 yards after receiving the pass. Scott’s best bet was a reserve play which it made several long gains. Stuhldreher twice went through the Toledo team for gains of 45 yards.

Scott outweighed Massillon but the orange and black fought on even terms with its husky opponents and had not fortune favored the upstaters the result might have been in Massillon’s favor.

Lineup and summary

Scott – 21 Pos. Massillon – 14
Schelling LE E. Herrman
Walker LT Taylor
Kalkhln LG R. Harrison
Schuey C Angstadt
Coombs RG Tilton
Frye RT P. Oberlin
Robb RE Howells
Scharer QB Hess
Vick RHB Stuhldreher
Skinner LHB Greenfelder
Andrews (c) FB Archbold (c)

Touchdowns – Massillon: Stuhldreher and Herrman.
Goals from touchdowns – Greenfelder 2.

Touchdowns – Scott: Skinner, Andrews, and E. Flues.
Goals from touchdowns – Scharer, 3.

Substitutions – Scott: E. Flues for Vick, Edwards for
Schelling, Chapman for Robb, Moll for Frye,
Meyers for Coombs, G. Flues for E. Flues, Reeder for
Andrews, and Andrews for Walker.

Referee – Walter Wright.
Umpire – Harry Selbert.
Headlinesman – Louis Moorehead.