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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1931: Massillon 0, Toledo Scott 27

Brilliant Toledo Football Machine Defeats Tigers 27-0


With a crushing offense stopped only by penalties, Scott high of Toledo, the green mountain of the Maumee valley, rolled along to an easy 27-0 victory over Washington high under the lights of Massillon Field Friday night.

Sixteen cylinders give greater power and smoothness over a six cylinder car, and in this comparison is seen the difference between the Washington high and Toledo teams.

Scott Never Passed
Scott, using the double wing back formation, clicked off a smooth and powerful attack, every man figuring in every play, while the Washington high squad slipped and sputtered against its superior opponent and never even threatened to score.

The ease with which Scott scored its four touchdowns tended to show that the Toledoans might have rolled up an even larger total had they been harder pressed. As it was the Toledo school only punted three times, lost the ball once on a fumble and for the most part was in possession of the pigskin.

A sturdy line, frequently penalized for its eagerness to out charge the forward wall of the Massillon team, was the chief asset to the visitors’ victory.

Stopped Tiger Attacks
On the offensive the first ranks opened large holes in the Massillon front and allowed the Scott backs to come driving through, the ball carrier following a fast blocking interference. On defense the Scott team looked even more powerful, and time and again crashed through the Tigers to smear plays behind the line of scrimmage.

The Toledo school seemed to have everything a good football team could desire. Its attack was well nigh perfect and generaled by a peppy quarterback who was not only an inspiration to his team but a triple threat football player as well. He did all of the kicking and all but three of his bullet like passes reached their mark.

Jubilant as they were over their victory, the Toledo fans never-the-less left Massillon last night somewhat downcast for their star left end, Southard, suffered a broken left shoulder in the fourth quarter after catching at 25-yard pass, which had put Scott in a position to strike the line for its fourth touchdown.

Southard caught all but two of the passes during the night’s fray. Burkhart snaring one of the others and it resulted in a touchdown.

Tigers Threaten But Once
Washington high’s only real threat came in the first period when Williams recovered Chambers’ fumble on the Scott 40-yard line. Scott was penalized five yards on the first play for offside and Clendening and Foster carried through for a first down on the 29-yard line. From that point the orange and black traveled backwards. Knowlton lost a yard. So did Williams and Clendening lost four yards. Clendening, attempting to pass on the fourth down, was smothered by a flock of green and white jerseys and the Toledoans gained possession of the ball on their own 40-yard line.

Scott toward the end of the first period began an offensive which placed the ball in position for a score early in the second period. The Toledoans came into possession of the ball through a punt on the Massillon 36-yard line. Burkhart, who has the reputation of being the best scholastic ball carrier in Toledo ripped off five yards. Brymer and Chambers made it first down on the Massillon 21-yard line. Brymer hit left tackle for seven yards and Florence made it first down on the seven-yard line. Rozinski in two plays carried to the two-yard line and Chambers plunged across. Forence’s attempted placekick hit the east goal post and was grounded.

Forward passes figured in the second score of the period, Rozinski took Kester’s punt to his 30 and carried back 15 yards. Kester tossed Florence for a one-yard loss and the latter on another attempt gained but two yards. Stopped momentarily on the line of scrimmage, Florence snapped a pass to Southard for a first down on the Massillon 36-yard line. His next pass was slightly high for Schlaffer to snag and was grounded. Chambers plunged for four yards and Florence snapped another pass to Southard for a first down on the 20-yard line. Another pass, Florence to Rozinski, gained a first down on the six-yard line from where Chambers plunged across. This time a pass, Florence to Southard, gained the extra point.

Score After Kickoff
Toledo took the kickoff at the start of the third period and began a drive that did not stop until the Massillon goal line had been crossed. Clendening kicked off to Schlaffer, who ran the ball out on the 27-yard line. Brymer and Burkhart made a first down on the 40. Chambers reeled off 12 yards for a first down on the 48-yard line. Brymer made five yards and Chambers in two plays made a first down on the 33-yard line. Burkhart was tossed for a loss of five yards, but Florence stepped back, hurled a 15-yard pass to Burkhart, who scampered 25 yards along the east sideline for a touchdown.

Florence placekicked the extra point.

Scott scored its last touchdown in the fourth quarter, gaining the ball in midfield on a punt. A pass, Florence to Southard, gave the Toledoans a first down, on the Massillon 35-yard line. Southard suffered a broken shoulder on the play. Burkhart in two plays made it first down on the 24-yard line. Brymer was held with gain, but Chambers carried the ball in three plays for a first down on the 12-yard line. Rozinski made five yards and Florence three more. Brymer nearly stopped once, slipped through for a first down on the one-yard line. Chambers was stopped without gain but Florence plunged through for the touchdown and placekicked the extra point.

The leading ground gainer of the Massillon team was Foster, who likewise got away for the second longest run of the game, a 29-yard dash early in the third quarter. Kester, also slipped away once for a long gain in the second period.

In the first half Singer barked the signals from a guard position. Clendening called the plays in the second half.

The Toledo team made 17 first downs to Massillon’s six, and lost 80 yards in penalties. The local team was not penalized once. Being penalized is nothing new for Scott, however the Toledo school having been set back a total of 124 yards in penalties a week ago.

The game was witnessed by a large crowd, several thousand fans filling the stands and standing along the sidelines.

Massillon Pos Scott
Brunker LE Southard
Price LT E. Smith
Singer LG Snyder
Hoyman C Gerwick
Mudd RG Seyfang
Adams RT Lane
Heisler RE Schlaffer
Knowlton QB Florence
Clendening LH Burkhart
Foster RH Brymer
Williams FB Chambers

Score by periods:
Scott 0 13 7 7 27

Scott – Rozinski, hb; Hadad, rg; Tallman, c; Ruby, le; Davis, re.
Massillon – Kester, hb; Monroe, rg; Schimke, lg; Getz, le; Krug, rt.

Touchdowns: Scott – Chambers 2; Burkhart; Florence.

Points after touchdown:
Scott – Florence 2 (placekick); Southard (pass).

Referee – Jenkins (Akron).
Umpire – Lobach (F. & M.).
Head Linesman – Mackey (Wooster).
Field Judge – Shaffer (Akron).


1919: Massillon 14, Toledo Scott 21

High Gridders Give Crack Toledo Scott Eleven Hard Battle

Gridiron warriors of Washington high school didn’t defeat Toledo Scott, one of the strongest scholastic teams in the state, at Toledo Saturday, but they did accomplish a feat which no other team has been able to do this season.

They gave the Toledo school its stiffest battle since it commenced its unbroken string of victories four years ago and made the first points scored against the upstaters this season. Had the breaks not favored the up-state eleven, a different tale might be recorded today. As it was Scott won 21 to 14, scoring the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter when Flues broke away from the local team and ran 40 yards for Scott’s third set of counters.

A fumble by Captain Archbold on Massillon’s 20-yard line in the second quarter gave Scott it’s first chance to score. An injury to Stuhldreher, who had been ripping the Toledo team to shreds by his brilliant offensive work, in this same period, forcing his retirement from the game until the second half hurt Massillon and shifted the offensive power, which had rested with Coach Snavely’s lads until Stuhldreher’s injury, to Scott. These combined breaks gave Toledo a chance to score two touchdowns in the second quarter and wrest the lead from the local team which had plowed through Scott for a set of counters in the first period.

Stuhldreher’s brilliant 45-yard run shortly after the game commenced gave Massillon its opportunity to register the first points scored on Scott this season. Scott held for three downs but on the fourth Stuhldreher bucked it over.

Massillon’s second touchdown came in the third quarter on a long forward from Greenfelder to Herrman, who ran 25 yards after receiving the pass. Scott’s best bet was a reserve play which it made several long gains. Stuhldreher twice went through the Toledo team for gains of 45 yards.

Scott outweighed Massillon but the orange and black fought on even terms with its husky opponents and had not fortune favored the upstaters the result might have been in Massillon’s favor.

Lineup and summary

Scott – 21 Pos. Massillon – 14
Schelling LE E. Herrman
Walker LT Taylor
Kalkhln LG R. Harrison
Schuey C Angstadt
Coombs RG Tilton
Frye RT P. Oberlin
Robb RE Howells
Scharer QB Hess
Vick RHB Stuhldreher
Skinner LHB Greenfelder
Andrews (c) FB Archbold (c)

Touchdowns – Massillon: Stuhldreher and Herrman.
Goals from touchdowns – Greenfelder 2.

Touchdowns – Scott: Skinner, Andrews, and E. Flues.
Goals from touchdowns – Scharer, 3.

Substitutions – Scott: E. Flues for Vick, Edwards for
Schelling, Chapman for Robb, Moll for Frye,
Meyers for Coombs, G. Flues for E. Flues, Reeder for
Andrews, and Andrews for Walker.

Referee – Walter Wright.
Umpire – Harry Selbert.
Headlinesman – Louis Moorehead.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1918: Massillon 7, Toledo Scott 35


Massillon high school, which plays Toledo Scott high school this afternoon at Toledo, promises to bring back the Scott scalp. The lifting of the flu ban in Toledo permitted Coach Jack Snavely to take on a team which is known as the strongest aggregation in the northwest conference.

The local football team left for Toledo Friday afternoon and though few rooters accompanied it they claim to have more than enough spirit to down Scott high.

Captain Oberlin took to Toledo a remarkably smooth and well organized team and is depending on the young Tigers’ lightning-like team work to counteract any superior weight which (end of article)

Compliment Handed Local Team by Toledo

“Neither Massillon nor Bryan (who played Waite at Toledo the same day) are in the so-called “fish” class and both furnished plenty of opposition.”

“Scott stuck to straight football to defeat Massillon, and the line bucking and running gack for punts was good. Efforts to circle the ends were frequently stopped by the visiting wing men,” says George Pulford, leading sport writer in Toledo about Massillon after the game of last Saturday.

The Toledo Scott team holds our Massillon boys in high esteem for clean playing and sportsmanship and arrangements are being made now to have the Toledo aggregation visit Massillon next fall. The words of praise coming from the Toledo man are greatly appreciated by local boys when he continued by saying:

“Scott started with a rush and ran up 27 points, but in the after period the visitors braced and held Dwyer’s (Scott coach) team well, at times outplaying it. The game proved Scott had a real football team which under the circumstances played remarkable football. The eleven is splendidly drilled. Undoubtedly Saturday’s contest will prove of value in shaking down the team.”