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Greatly Outweighed,
Local Team Fights Every Inch of the Way and Holds Akron’s Star Team
to Four Touchdowns


Big Fullback Plays Best Game of His Career
Jackson Stars for Akron
Massillon’s Line Plays Well But Could Not Stop Battering

Beef! Beef! Beef!

Beef alone won for Akron Central its 25 to 0 victory over M.H.S. Saturday on the high school grounds. Had the two teams been of equal weight, Massillon would have won the game by a comfortable margin, but as it was, the heavy Akron team would batter down the defense of their lighter opponents and stop the plays.

The local team went into the game determined to fight their hardest and fight they did. Greatly outweighed, they held the hard hitting Akronites to four touchdowns. Massillon played an open game. Several attempts to pierce the Akron line were tried, but in most cases no gains were made. Akron was forced to punt often and in the second quarter they were held for three downs on the one-yard line, on the fourth down Rabe went around right end for a touchdown.

A great improvement was shown by the varsity in Saturday’s game. It seemed line a different team; the players were in the game fighting every step. The line played low and the backfield hit its hardest. Akron, confident of winning by a record score, soon found that it would take its best playing to defeat Massillon.

Massillon won the toss and chose to defend the east goal. Hollinger received and advanced the ball to midfield. Kester went through for 8 yards. Rider went around end for 30 yards. Akron took a brace and held Massillon for downs. The ball was kept moving through the middle of the field; Massillon playing a kicking game.

In the second quarter Akron bucked the ball to the three-yard line and Jackson went through for the first touchdown. Goal was missed. Toward the end of the quarter Rabe went around and for the second touchdown.

Jones made the third touchdown in the third quarter. Carderilla kicked goal. Rabe made the fourth.

Massillon’s team work excelled that of Akron and many forward passes were made.

The varsity had a chance to score in the first quarter, with the ball on the 30 yard line. Rider dropped back for a drop kick, but a poor pass by Spuhler caused a fumble.

Fullback Jake was Saturday’s star. Kester put up the game of his life, hitting the line with terrific force. On defense he was everywhere, breaking through and throwing the heavy Akron backs with a thud. He out punted his opponent easily, his kicks averaging 60 yards. Rider, Hollinger, Rogers and all the rest of the team put up a good game.

For Akron, Jackson played the best game, being the hardest player on the team to tackle, it usually taking five or six players to stop him.

Following is the line up and summary
Massillon – 0 Pos. Akron – 25
Rogers le Bahr
Theis lt Flower
Paroz-Albright lg Freeman
Spuhler c Carderalli – Jones
Hollinger re Knight
Rider qb Rabe
Rudy (c) rhb Jackson (c)
McLaughlin lhb Bevington
Kester fb Goodyear

Akron – Jackson 1; Jones 1; Rabe 2.

Goal after touchdown:
Akron – Carderalli.

Referee – Bast (Massillon)
Umpire – Owens (Buchtel).
Head Linesman – Snavely.

Time of quarters – 15 minutes and 12 minutes.