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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1950: Massillon 49, Akron Central 0

Tigers Show Power In Defeating Akron Central 49-0

44 Massillon Players Given Chance To Show In Opening Grid Game


Chuck Mather could have named his score and made it Friday evening when the Washington high Tigers defeated Akron Central 49-0, but he chose to substitute freely and thus kept from doubling that figure.

Because of the liberal substitutions, 44 wearers of orange and black had an opportunity to perform before the nose counted crowd of 11,103 fans in the opening game of the 1950 scholastic season here.

A big, rugged line, faster than one would expect for its size, and enjoying a weighty advantage over its Rubber City opponent, blasted holes for the Tiger backs to romp through at will and with safety.
* * *
THE MASSILLON gridders smashed to three touchdowns the first period, and added two more the second quarter to lead 35-0 going into the second half. They grabbed two more T.D.’s in the first three minutes of the third quarter, and from there on in the parade to and from the bench was under way. One had a fairly good idea who was playing the first two periods but after that the changes came so rapid boys were in and out of the game before you awoke to the fact that they were even in uniform.

It is too early to say how good the 1950 edition of Tigertown is, and until a stronger team than Akron Central comes along, it will be hard to judge the potential strength of the eleven, but the squad showed sufficient last night to convince most fans that it will take a lot of football to upset the Bengals this season.
* * *
MATHER tried to brush off the score as “one of those things” but underneath his remarks one could discern that he was pretty well satisfied with the performance.

“We still need a lot of smoothing up,” he said, “But I liked the way some of the boys worked.” He said the game was considerably rougher than it appeared from the stands, and there were quite a few split lips and scratches when the boys hit the showers, and rinsed off the dirt and perspiration. There were no serious injuries however. Leg cramps caused the removal of two players, Ernie Russell and Bob Grier.

Mather used a partial double platoon system, keeping three of his offensive players in the lineup for defense, and sending eight substitutes in to make up the remainder of the team.

The game was uninteresting from a standpoint of a contest for there was no doubt from the opening gun but that the local team would make a run-away of the score.

Some sensational passing and running plays sparked the interest of fans. There was a surprising lateral from Fred Close to Bob Howe followed by the latter’s long pass to Cliff Streeter, good for 53 yards and the first touchdown. There was a 56-yard punt return by Bill Stoner for the second score and a 47-yard jaunt off the trap by Howe for the third set of points. There was a 22-yard run by Fred Waikem in which he threaded his way through a broken field for a touchdown, a 32-yard peg from Close to Streeter for another and a 50-yard run by Ray Lane for still another.

In fact all of the touchdowns came on plays from way out in the ball park with the exception of one which Waikem made from the nine-yard line.

The other points of the game were five scored after touchdowns, four of them by Jerry Krisher and one by Howe and a safety in the last five seconds which resulted from Central’s Lalo Biazeff being tossed behind his goal while attempting to punt.

The Tigers rolled up 499 yards from scrimmage, 345 by rushing and 154 by passing and registered 13 first downs to Central’s five.
* * *
THE VISITORS only once reached the 20-yard line, that in the fourth quarter when Tiger fourth stringers composed most of the local team’s line-up. The youngsters held for downs and then marched back to come within a yard of scoring a touchdown.

The work of Guards Glenn Tunning and Jim Reichenbach stood out for the Tigers offensively, while the play of Chuck Vliet, Jim Geiser and Joe Gleason was something to watch from a defensive point of view.

Jim Schumacher and Frank Gibson did well at the tackles as did Wilfred Brenner and Streeter on the ends.

Lee Nussbaum, sophomore fullback, had some trouble holding on the to ball, but this was a case of first night jitters, and his hard running when he did retain possession gave promise of a good future for him.
* * *
THE TIGERS headed for the oats bin the first time they got the ball, but their drive, which began from the 30 where they brought the kickoff, petered out on a fumble which Central recovered on its 18 to end the threat. This opening burst of offense, however, was sufficient to spell the doom of the visitors because the next time the Tigers got the pigskin, Howe on the first play passed to Streeter who grabbed the sphere and went over. It was a 53-yard gain.

Central was stopped after the following kickoff and when Blazeff punted, Stoner grabbed the ball on his own 46-yard line, headed to his right then suddenly reversed his field and went 56 yards to score. The Tigers’ third score of the opening period came after Blazeff’s punt rolled out of bounds on his 47-yard line. One the next play, Howe was fired through on a trap play for a touchdown. Krisher kicked the extra point after each of the first three touchdowns.

A blocked punt recovered by Paul Martin on the Central 15-yard line started the locals to another score early in the second period. Waikem twice crossed the Central goal, only to have the ball called back and the Tigers penalized for rule infractions. But he tried it again and the third time was legal. Howe booted the extra point to put the Tigers in front 28-0.

Central received the kickoff but on the first series Stoner intercepted Tom Barber’s pass and came back 24 yards before the visitors downed him on their 31. Waikem did a fancy bit of running for the last 22 yards and six points. A high pass from center on the try for the extra point was dropped but Krisher scooped up the ball and bulled his way over for the marker to bring the halftime count to 35-0.
* * *
THE THIRD PERIOD was hardly under way until the Tigers had another touchdown. Blazeff fumbled on the first play after the kickoff and Brenner got on the ball. Close immediately rifled it to Streeter who made a brilliant catch to score his second touchdown of the game. Krisher missed the uprights on his attempted kick for the extra point.

The Tigers scored the next time they came into possession of the leather. They got it on their own 38 and a 12-yard peg. Close to Streeter put the ball in midfield where Lane got loose for a touchdown gallop. Krisher again tried to run the ball over after a high pass from center but this time was thrown before he got to the goal.

Central made its only serious touchdown bid in the last period when it got the ball through a fumble on the Tiger 46. A 10-yard pass, Barber to Dick Ekstedt and a 10-yard run by Mike Shill put the ball on the 25. Three passes failed and on fourth down, Barber’s toss to Ekstedt failed to make the necessary yardage and the Tigers took over on their 20. They were dropped back to their 15 on a five-yard penalty for being off side but launched a march with Nussbaum, Grier, Tom Straugh and Bobby Jo Johnson carrying the ball that got them to the two-yard line where they lost it on downs. They got two points when Blazeff dropped back of his goal line to kick. He never did get the punt away as he was swarmed over by a flock of Tigers who chalked up a safety to hoist their score to 49 points. It was the last play of the game.

The line-ups and summary:

ENDS – W. Brenner, Streeter, Allison, B. Brenner, Corbett, Murray, Tasseff, Woolbert, Zeller.
TACKLES – Gibson, Schumacher, Geiser, Grunder, Mitchell, Strobel, Younker.
GUARDS – Tunning, Reichenbach, Gleason, J. Howe, Laps, Moyer, Roderick, Sapia.
CENTERS – Krisher, Dowd, Martin.
QUARTERBACKS – Close, Francisco, Khoenle, Sweasey, Misere.
HALFBACKS – Waikem, Lane, Russell, Stoner, Johnson, Milncek, Straughn.
FULLBACKS – Howe, Nussbaum, Stewart, Vliet, Grier.

ENDS – Carr, Ekstedt, Seay.
TACKLES – Mathews, Harris, Shill, Boak.
GUARDS – Carter, Dawson, Manos, Mohavics.
CENTERS – McDonald, Bland.
QUARTERBACKS – Barber, Quattrocchi, Lytle.
HALFBACKS – Bennett, Topalu, Hudson, Jeter.
FULLBACK — Blazeff.

Score by periods:
Massillon 21 14 12 2 49

Massillon – Streeter 2; Waikem 2; Howe; Stoner; Lane.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Krisher four (3 placekicks, 1 carry); Howe 1, (placekick).

Massillon – Blazeff.

Referee – McPhee.
Umpire – Peabody.
Head Linesman – Calhoun.
Field Judge – Lobach.

Mass. Akron
First downs 13 5
Passes attempted 11 21
Passes completed 5 5
Had passes intercepted 0 3
Yards gained passing 154 61
Yards gained rushing 345 71
Total yards gained 409 132
Yards lost 25 33
Net yards gained 474 99
Times kicked off 8 1
Average kickoff (yards) 47.5 55
Yards kickoffs returned by 23 134
Times punted 1 8
Average punt (yards) 33 24.6
Yards punts returned by 56 17
Had punt blocked 0 1
Times penalized 7 6
Yards penalized 55 42
Times fumbled 7 3
Lost ball on fumbles 5 1

Jim Reichenbach
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1944: Massillon 13, Akron Central 7

Tigers Turn Back Akron Central 13-7 In Muddy Battle


Don McGuire Does Good Job Of Tossing Aerials As 16,000 Brave Rain To See Rubber Bowl Clash; Wildcats Tally On Pass Late In Game


Mired in the mud and set back on their haunches by a determined and plucky foe when within sight of pay dirt in the first half, the Washington high school Tigers Friday night unleashed sufficient power in the last 2 periods to tally twice to conquer the Akron Central Wildcats in a rain-soaked battle in the Akron Rubber Bowl. And it’s a good thing Coach Elwood Kammer’s warriors managed to smash into the Promised Land twice because the never-say-die Rubber City lads uncorked a spectacular aerial attack in the dying minutes of the combat to score. The final count was 13 to 7 in favor of the orange and black.

Playing in the rain and on a muddy, slippery field for the first time this season, the Tigers, by dint of hard plugging, emerged triumphant in their ninth combat of the 1944 campaign and come up to their final battle of the season with Canton McKinley here next Saturday with a record of 7 wins against 2 losses.
Second Tiger Teams to Play In Bowl
A crowd of more than 17,000 persons braved threatening weather and then sat through a hard downpour during the second period and part of the halftime intermission to watch the Tigers and Wildcats stage their ding-dong battle and to cheer the Akronites for the determined and plucky fight they waged against the Massillon invaders.

It was the second time a Washington high school team has played in Akron’s spacious Rubber Bowl. In 1940 the Tigers walloped Alliance’s Aviators on the Rubber City battleground before more than 26,000 spectators.
Wildcats Prove Tough
Although they out-gained their opponents by a wide margin and held command of the battle at all stages with the exception of the brief point-producing flurry the Wildcats uncorked near the close of the game, the Tigers found it mighty hard to cover ground once inside Akron Central’s 20 yard line and not until the third quarter were they able to carry the ball across the Wildcats’ goal line.

Twice Co-Captain Glenn Keller planted the ball behind the Wildcats’ goal line once in the third period and again early in the fourth quarter. Both times he negotiated the scores on wide sweeps around his left end.

Akron Central’s touchdown came late in the game on a forward pass from Drumm to Liddle from the 1-yard line after 2 brilliantly executed aerials had taken the ball from Massillon’s 42 to the 5 with the Akronites uncorking the touchdown pass on fourth down with a yard to go.

The crowd was the largest ever to see an Akron high school football team perform in Akron and the fans, particularly those from the Rubber City, had plenty to cheer about as the Wildcats turned back all Tiger scoring attempts in the first half and then came back with a drive of their own in the closing minutes that produced Central’s lone touchdown and made the duel a much more closely contested affair than most of the fans thought they would see when they braved last night’s inclement weather to journey to the Rubber Bowl.

Rolling up 11 first downs to 4 for the Akronites, Coach Kammer’s lads held a wide edge on the Wildcats in ground gained. The Tigers had a gross yardage of 226 with a loss of 14 for a net of 212 yards. They rolled up 148 yards in the first half but never got nearer to scoring than the 12 yard line. Akron Central had a gross yardage of 107, with a loss of 24 for a net of 83 yards.

In forward passing the Wildcats amassed more yardage than the Tigers, completing 6 tosses out of 11 for 72 yards. The Massillonians tried 8 aerials, completed 5 for 58 yards and had on intercepted.

Despite the muddy field and wet ball, fumbles were not numerous, the Tigers dropping the leather 4 times and recovering 3 of their bobbles, while Akron fumbled but once, the Tigers recovering.
Darrah Replaces Bonk
A last-minute switch in the Tiger lineup because of the inability of Fred Bonk, regular orange and black center to play, forced Coach Kammer to send Merle Darrah, a sophomore, in at center and the youngster turned in a fine job after a rather wobbly start. He played a bang up defensive game and his passing from center improved steadily throughout the combat.

The Tiger line outplayed the Akron Central forward wall consistently, particularly when the local team was on defense, halting most of Akron’s ground gaining attempts but on offense the orange and black forwards were bothered quite a lot by the determined fight put up by the Wildcats.

Offensively Glenn Keller and Bert Webb carried the mail for the Tigers with the big Massillon co-captain doing an exceedingly good job of advancing the ball for long gains on wide sweeps around the Akron flanks. Webb also flashed to some good yardage on end sweeps. Don McGuire showed improvement in tossing forward passes and was on the starting end of several well executed Massillon aerials.

Charles Drumm, Akron Central’s All-Akron halfback and one of the team’s veteran backfield aces, was the standout performer for the Wildcats. He did a good job of plowing through the mud and was on the pitching end of Central’s aerial attack that gave the Wildcats their lone touchdown.

The Tigers twice were turned back in the first half when it seemed they were bound for touchdowns. In the first quarter Keller punted to Drumm who fumbled and Bill Gable and Bob Heltzel pounced on the ball on Akron’s 35. Keller and Webb lugged the ball to the Akron 12, Keller making 20 on an end sweep but there the Massillon attack bogged down and the Tigers surrendered the ball.
Tigers Checked On 12
Getting the ball on the Akron 46 after Joe Bearer had punted for Central, the Tigers started another march late in the first quarter and early in the second period were again on the Akron 12 but once again they were destined to lose the ball when the Wildcats dug in and stopped Keller inches short of a first down.

Then Bearer got away a beautiful quick kick which sent the ball back to Massillon’s 28 but once again the Tiger offense functioned and the Bengals moved back deep into Akron territory. This advance was featured by a 20 yard dash by Webb and a 19-yard Cary to Gable pass that put the ball on Central’s 22. Don Sedjo clipped off 5 to the 16 but time expired before the Tigers could get any farther.

It did not take the Massillonians long to smash into the scoring column in the third period. After an exchange of punts the Tigers took the ball on their 43 yard line. Webb skirted left end for 7 and the Tigers picked up 15 additional yards when Central drew a penalty for unnecessary roughness, putting the ball on Akron’s 36. From here Coach Kammer’s lads began an unbroken march that was to produce their first touchdown in 10 plays.

McGuire dashed around right end for 3 and then tossed a pass to Sedjo for 11 yards. Keller and Sedjo picked up 8 yards in 3 plays and then Webb breezed around left end for a first down to Akron’s 12. Sedjo made a yard on a line plunge but was injured and replaced by Junie Pedrotty. A McGuire to Keller pass picked up 6 yards and put the leather on the Akron 5. Pedrotty went off left tackle for a yard and Keller, running wide at left end, steamed across the goal line for Massillon’s first points. A McGuire to Pedrotty pass brought the additional point.
Keller Scores Again
The second Massillon touchdown came much more quickly, only 2 plays being required to carry the ball across from the 20 yard line. Bearer punted from behind his goal line and Webb took the ball on Akron’s 40 and lugged it back to the 20 on a neat return. McGuire again unlimbered his pitching arm and tossed a pass to Webb, good for 9 yards and on the next play Keller tucked the ball under his arm and sprinting wide around left end never stopped until he had battered his way across the Wildcat goal line. Keller’s attempted placekick failed.

Thirteen points behind and with time running out fast, the Wildcats continued to battle with all they had and their plucky fight finally was rewarded with a touchdown.

When Jim Widican intercepted a McGuire pass on the Massillon 42 the stage was set for Central’s touchdown drive. Drumm flipped a pass to left end Jim Dyer for 8 yards and Bearer smashed through the line for a first down. Then the Wildcats who had flashed tricky offensive formations several times during the game, uncorked their best scoring threat of the contest. Drumm took the ball from center and fading back, very cleverly pulled the entire Tiger team to one side of the field. While this was going on quarterback John Stierl slipped far out into the open on the opposite side of the gridiron and Drumm heaved a long aerial that nestled in his arms. With a clear field ahead of him Stierl set out for the Massillon goal line but was finally overhauled on the 5 yard stripe. The aerial was good for a 25 yard gain and put the Wildcats in scoring position for the first time during the battle.

Three plunges into the line took the ball to the 1 yard line and then Drumm uncorked a nigty pass which Liddle snared behind the Tiger goal line for Central’s set of counters. Drumm added the extra point on a successful placekick.

The game ended a few seconds later with Massillon in possession of the ball on the Tiger 45.
Bulldogs Next
Massillon, 13 Pos. Central, 7
Gable LE Dyer
Ielsch LT Simpson
Heltzel LG Buehrle
Darrah C Jacquet
Cicchinelli RG Fletcher
Krisher RT Warren
Luke RE Liddle
Keller QB Stierl
Cary LH Drumm
Webb RH Haury
Sedjo FB Bearer

Score by quarters:
Massillon 0 0 7 6 13
Central 0 0 0 7 7

Massillon – Keller 2.
Central – Liddle.

Points after touchdowns:
Massillon – Pedrotty (pass).
Central – Drumm (placekick).

Massillon – Pedrotty, fb; Brooks, rg; Gibson, rt; McGuire, lh; Green, lt; Edie, qb; Waltz, rg.
Central – Widican, re; Theurerkauf, le; Fahrer, re; Weber, c.

Referee – Boone.
Umpire – Long.
Head Linesman – Rupp.
Umpire – Graff.
Mass. Cen.
Total first downs 11 4
Yards gained by rushing 168 35
Yards lost by rushing 14 24
Net yards gained rushing 154 11
Forward passes attempted 8 11
Forward passes completed 5 6
Yards gained by passing 58 72
Total net yardage,
rushing and passing 212 82
Passes had intercepted 1 0
Number of punts 3 8
Average distance of punts 39 29
Number of kickoffs 3 2
Average distance kickoffs 35 26
Number of fumbles 4 1
Times ball lost on fumbles 1 1
Number penalties against 4 3
Yards lost by penalties 20 25

Game A Sellout

Here’s a bit of information for football fans who would like to see next Saturday’s Tiger-Canton McKinley Bulldog game at Tiger stadium and as yet have no ticket.

It will do you no good to go to Tiger stadium next Saturday. The ticket windows will not be opened because there will be no tickets to sell. All ducats for the game were sold 2 weeks ago and every available inch of seating space is gone. The only chance you have to see the game is to pick up a ticket from someone who, at the last minute, will be unable to attend.

All service men and women in uniform will be admitted free. They are to enter the stadium at gate 2.

Incidentally, Faculty Athletic Manager E.S. Ackley and Faculty Ticket Manager Russell B. Zepp are going to have pretty much of a holiday next Saturday for the first time this fall. With no tickets to sell they will have the afternoon to themselves and hope to be able to see a game from start to finish, something that happens only once in a long time.

Glen Keller
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1924: Massillon 34, Akron Central 0


The orange and black colors of Washington high school waved in victory Saturday afternoon on the Central Steel field when the gridders of the South Mill street institution in their first test of the 1924 season administered a 34 to 0 whitewash to Akron Central, an ancient foe of the local school.

The decision attained by the orange and black standard bearers was clean cut and it was by thoroughly outplaying the Summit county eleven that Coach David B. Stewart’s squad made possible the piling up of 34 points on an eleven which but the week previous had lost to the highly touted Warren outfit by a 14 to 0 score.

As in teams of other years flaws in team play of the orange and black cropped out, but results of the Saturday fray were gratifying and indicated that the 1924 varsity when the season is brought to a close in November with McKinley high of Canton, will have attained a record in keeping with those garnered by squads of previous years and which have placed teams of the local school on a high plane in the Ohio scholastic ranks.

The orange and black veteran backfield showed it had the ability to play the part of a steam roller in crushing through its opponents line and skirting the ends. It also presented an aerial attack which in future games should prove an important factor in orange and black scoring. The entire backfield is exceptionally fast, faster than any the local school has had in recent years.

Although far from the form he displayed last season, Vincent Define , the Navarre lad, showed sufficient ground gaining ability against the Akronites to warrant the belief that he will be the same star of a year ago. Define, a dangerous triple threat man, was playing under a handicap Saturday, his leg injured in pre-season practice having kept him out of uniform for several weeks.

Probably more outstanding in the backfield than Define, was the work of Jimmy Price, orange and black field general and King, dusky warrior playing his first game for the local team although in the two previous seasons, he starred against local elevens for Wooster high. The Brewster youth used good judgment in running the team in addition to making several pretty runs in a broken field, one resulting in a touchdown. King’s speed gave him numerous gains around the ends, while he also proved to be a strong defensive player.

Borza and Kammer, the latter playing his first game as a regular, showed decided power in plunging the line. The play of Grant, alternating with Price at quarterback, was equally as good as in 1923, which proved him a brainy field general.

Massillon’s green line came through the test with colors flying. With Captain Bill Edwards and McCarthy as the only veteran linemen, the forward wall withstood the onslaught of the Akron plungers in a worthy manner, although at times it broke sufficiently long for an Akron attack to ring a first down or two. Of the linemen the work of Captain Edwards stood out above the others, the orange and black leader especially proving himself a bulwark of strength on defense.

That Ries, shifted from a backfield position, and Halco and Hise will earn their letters at guard positions was evidenced when on numerous occasions they broke through the visitors’ line to throw the runner for a loss. Weidman, a Navarre husky, playing his first scholastic game, showed well at tackle while McCarthy distinguished himself at the other tackle position. With more experience under fire Bill Price, brother of Jimmy, and Thomas should develop into two sturdy ends. J. Smith and Gump, linemen and P. Smith and Brown backfield candidates, also gave good accounts of themselves.

Standing head and shoulders above all others of the Akron eleven, was Captain Warren, big fullback. The wearer of the red and white was the only consistent ground gainer for the visitors and his defensive play was of high quality. Coach Blair’s eleven had a well-laid aerial attack with Harris serving as an excellent pivot. Several of Harris’ passes were good for substantial gains although they never brought the Summit County eleven to within scoring distance.

Penalties were frequent with the local eleven bearing the brunt of the penalties. In the first period, the only one in which the visitors held the orange and black scoring machine in check, a penalty prevented a score. With the ball on the 15-yard line Captain Edwards tried for a place kick. The oval went hurling through the air and over the crossbar but the score was not allowed as Ries was guilty of a mis-play and instead of Massillon gaining three points it was given a 15-yard penalty. This was the only instance in which a penalty served directly to prevent a score but a total of 145 yards which the orange and black was penalized proved a big difficulty to overcome. Four penalties were chalked up against the visitors for a total of 60 yards.

Massillon and the Centralites battled on even terms in the first period, although it was in this 15 minutes that Edwards booted a field goal only to lose credit for it when a local player received a penalty. The visitors opened their attack with a rush and after the initial kickoff Warren plunged through Massillon’s left side of the line for a first down. The two elevens battled in Akron’s territory most of the period but the orange and black was never able to advance the oval beyond the 15-yard line.

It was late in the second period that the orange and black sent across its first set of counters, a pass from Define to King bringing the marker. The march of Coach Stewart’s squad began on the Akron 34-yard line after Define had made a 23-yard return of one of McGowan’s punts. Plunges by King, Kammer and Define, netted a first down. Three more plays gave Massillon another first and ten with the ball on Akron’s 12-yard line. Define made a short pass over the line of scrimmage and King grabbed the oval and scampered eight yards for a touchdown.

A forward pass again reaped fruit in the third period, this time with Define on the receiving end. Massillon gained possession of the ball on the 33-yard line after the Akron safety man fumbled a local punt when tackled by Edwards. King ripped off a 13-yard gain and on the next play Massillon was given a 15-yard penalty. Then King stepped back and hurled a pass on a direct line into the waiting arms of Define and another orange and black touchdown was chalked up. Edwards kicked goal.

Touchdowns came more rapidly in the fourth period. On the first play, a double pass, Price aided by excellent interference skirted Akron’s left end for a 26-yard gain and a touchdown. The kick for the extra point was blocked. Shortly after a pass from Define to Price advanced the oval to the five-yard line from where Borza plunged across. Edwards booted for the seventh point. The same play that brought the orange and black the first touchdown of the period netted them their final, Define registering the points from the 21-yard line. Edwards kicked goal.

Although Akron failed to threaten the Massillon goal line 12 first downs were scored to the visitors’ credit against 16 for the locals. Massillon gained more consistently with the overhead attack than did the visitors, working six passes out of 20 tries for a total gain of 112 yards. The visitors were successful in five tries out of 14 attempts, gaining a total of 70 yards.

Starting Right
W. Price le Frye
McCarthy lt Bee
Halco lg Rhulin
Edwards c Berry
Ries rg Gleasnes
Weidman rt Ferguson
Thomas re Cockan
J. Price q Pilakin
Borza lh McGowan
Krammer rh Sparks
Define f Warren

Score by periods:
Massillon 0 7 7 20 34

Touchdowns – Define 2, J. Price, King, Borza.

Points after touchdown – Edwards 4.

Massillon – Grant for J. Price, J. Smith for Ries, Brown for Grant, P. Smith for Define, Ries for J. Smith, J. Price for Brown, Borza for Kammer, Hise for Halco, Kammer for Borza, Grant for Kammer, Gump for W. Price.

Akron – Harris for Sparks, Bittner for Bee, Miller for McGowan, Bee for Bittner, Berry for Spletser, Bittner for Bee, McGowan for Miller

Referee – Maurer.
Umpire – Thompkinson.
Head Linesman – Bast

Time of periods – 15 minutes.

Bill Edwards
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1923: Massillon 46, Akron Central 0


That football steam roller at Washington High school, which in 1922 ran rough shod over 10 straight opponents and started off this fall in the same manner by crushing its first two foes only to be struck amidships by a pair of unexpected defeats, is once more oiled up to a fine degree of efficiency and plunging forward in high gear in a manner that seems to indicate that it does not intend to be stopped any more during the present scholastic gridiron campaign. The orange and black showed all of its old time ability last Saturday when it demolished Akron Central’s highly touted eleven and buried it under a decisive 46 to 0 defeat upon the Pearl street gridiron.

And what a change that orange and black aggregation of Coach David B. Stewart’s made in the space of one short week. A week ago last Saturday the high school gridders looked like fit candidates to win a bunch of concrete crowns for dumbness while losing 19 to 6 to Youngstown South, their first defeat by an Ohio opponent in two years. But last Saturday they were just as smart as they were dumb a week ago. They didn’t look like the same team and had they played against the Mahoning county school as they did against the Summit county warriors Massillon would have pitied instead of praised the Youngstown eleven.

With Jimmy Price, Brewster flash, working the levers on the orange and black steam roller Stewart’s huskies just simply smashed Akron Central to pieces in the middle and on both sides. That Youngstown South defeat might not have been such a bad thing after all for it made the local team get down to business and show what kind of stuff it was made of. There’s little danger that the team will slump back into the form it showed against the Youngstown eleven. The players know now that they can play football, no matter if the other team does have a forward passing attack and they should improve steadily.

What against Youngstown South was a slow moving, groggy and mis-directed outfit last Saturday was a fast moving, charging and spirited attacking machine that swept aside all opposition while rolling up seven touchdowns again the rubber city eleven which came here heralded as a stiff outfit and which had all the appearances of being able to live up to advance information – until it went into combat with the local team. Akron Central never had a chance. Not once did it get inside of Massillon’s 20 yard line. It showed but one spurt of driving power and that was completely squashed by the rampant Massillon warriors after it had succeeded in making three-first downs through a side of the orange and black line that weakened for just a bit and then strengthened to such an extent that it turned back the Akron attack and squelched it so suddenly that it never more became dangerous.
First Quarter
Massillon won the toss and choose to receive, defending the west goal. Akron kicked off to Schrader who was tackled on his 30-yard line. Price went off of right tackle for 50 yards being downed on Akron’s 20-yard line. Boerner hit through the same hole for 20 and Massillon’s first touchdown 42 seconds after play had started. Price failed to drop kick for goal.
Score: Massillon 6, Akron Central 0.

Central received and Edwards kicked off to Baysinger who was tackled on his 19-yard line. Williams made five on a quarterback buck through center. Welch went through for a first down, Fletcher and Brooks nailed Baysinger for a loss of 10. Baysinger punted to Price who was downed in midfield. Schrader made a first down in two plunges. After two line plays had failed Massillon drew a 15-yard penalty for holding. V. Define punted, the ball bounding over the goal line. Central put the ball in play on its 20-yard line. Three line smashes failed and Baysinger punted to Edwards in midfield. Schrader went off left tackle for six. V. Define passed to Price for 15, taking the ball to the 20-yard line. Taking a pass from Schrader, Price skirted Central’s right end for 20 yards and a touchdown. Price drop kicked for the additional point.
Score: Massillon 13, Central 0.

Central received and Edwards’ kick-off went over the goal line, the visitors putting the ball in play on their 20-yard line. Baysinger passed to Welch for a gain of three, Schrader downing Welch. A pass failed and Fletcher nailed Welch on a cross buck after a gain of three, Baysinger then punting out of bounds in midfield. Price and Schrader made a first down in three plays. Boerner made three. V. Define’s pass went over Price’s head but Schrader hit the line for four and V. Define went through right tackle for a first down. Boerner plunged for nine and on another double pass formation Price went around Akron’s left end for the third touchdown. He failed in an attempt to drop kick for goal.
Score: Massillon 19, Central 0.
Second Quarter
V. Define was thrown for a two-yard loss on an end run while Price failed to gain and Define then punted to B. Williams who was downed in midfield by Schrader. On the next play Fletcher scooped up an Akron fumble and raced 50 yards to the goal line but the touchdown was not allowed. Referee Maurer ruling a Massillon man had been guilty of clipping an Akron man from behind on the 10-yard line and Massillon was penalized 15 yards, placing the ball on Akron’s 25-yard line. After Schrader had made five in a plunge through the line V. Define fumbled and Central covered on its 22-yard line. Baysinger was thrown for a loss of 12 on a bad pass and then Boerner intercepted an Akron forward on the visitors’ 20-yard line. Price, Boerner and Schrader took the ball the to nine-yard line in three downs. Schrader made five in two plunges. V. Define failed to gain and on fourth down with goal to gain Boerner was stopped on the one-foot mark, Central gaining possession of the ball.

Akron punted out of bounds on its 30-yard line. Schrader, Price and V. Define made nine in three downs but on the fourth play Schrader fumbled and Central covered on its
22-yard line. Baysinger passed to Fontaine for eight. His next pass failed and he then punted to V. Define who was tackled on his 48-yard line. Plunges by Price, Boerner, V. Define and Schrader made a first down. With one yard to go for a first down, Grant attempted a pass to Price which failed and Akron gained the ball on its 35-yard line. Two Akron passes failed, Fontaine just missing a long thrown from Baysinger and Akron punted to Grant who was tackled on his 38-yard line. Grant punted to midfield. Edwards batted down an Akron pass. Another pass failed but Massillon was penalized 15 yards, giving Central a first down. Edwards intercepted an Akron pass in midfield as the quarter ended.
Score: Massillon 19, Akron 0.
Third Quarter
Akron received and Edwards kicked off to Williams who was thrown on his 28-yard line. Baysinger made 10 and a first down on a cross buck through Massillon’s left tackle. Boerner tackled Williams after he had gone through Massillon’s left side for 11 and another first down. Baysinger made two on a cross buck and Williams hit through Massillon’s left side for nine, being stopped by Borza. It was Akron’s third straight down. McCarthy and Potts spilled Williams after a gain of three. On the next play Williams fumbled and Price picked up the ball and ran 62 yards for a touchdown. He drop-kicked goal.
Score: Massillon 26, Akron 0.

Williams took Edwards’ kick-off and was downed on his 23-yard line. Price intercepted a pass from Baysinger and ran 32 yards for Massillon’s fifth touchdown. He drop-kicked goal. Score: Massillon 33, Akron 0.

Borza ran Akron’s kick-off back to the 37-yard line. A pass failed and after a five-yard penalty V. Define punted to Akron, the ball being downed on the 45-yard line. Gilliland made a first down in two plunges but was stopped on his next try by McCarthy. McCarthy and Miller smothered Williams without gain and after a pass had been broken up Baysinger punted to V. Define who was tackled on his 15-yard line. On the second down Massillon was penalized 15 yards and V. define punted from back of his goal line to Massillon’s 25-yard line. Fletcher dropped Williams after a gain of one yard and then batted down an Akron pass. Borza intercepted a pass on his 25-yard line. Fletcher’s long pass went astray, Borza failed to gain and Define punted to midfield. Fletcher threw Williams for a loss of four. Price batted down a pass. McCarthy and Fletcher tossed Gilliland for a loss of 10 and Baysinger punted to Define who returned 30 yards before being tackled.

V. Define punted to midfield and then intercepted Baysinger’s long pass on his 20-yard line. Boerner made five at the line and V. Define passed to Price for seven and a first down. Boerner again hit for give and on a double pass V. Define went around left end for 25 as the quarter ended.
Score: Massillon 33, Akron 0.
Fourth Quarter
Define’s pass to Price was wide and Welch intercepted the next one on his 30-yard line. Boerner batted down an Akron pass and Price intercepted the next one, returning the ball 15 yards to Akron’s 30-yard line. After Boerner and Borza failed to gain Price went around left end for a first down. V. Define made eight through the line and Boerner followed him through the same hole for 12 and a touchdown. Price drop kicked goal.
Score: Massillon 40, Akron 0.

Edwards kicked off to Baysinger who was tackled by Borza and Harris on his 20-yard line. Boerner spoiled an Akron pass. Price intercepted an Akron forward and ran 22 yards for the seventh touchdown. He failed at a try for goal.
Score: Massillon 46, Akron 0.

Massillon received and Price ran the kick-off back to midfield. V. Define punted to Baysinger who was tackled by Price on Akron’s 20-yard line. Central failed to gain and Baysinger punted out of bounds on his 40-yard line. Price fumbled and Central covered the ball. Schrader batted down Baysinger’s pass but on the next play he sent the ball to Welch for a gain of 20 yards. Three other passes failed and Baysinger punted out on Massillon’s 29-yard line. Fletcher threw a long pass to Boerner for a gain of 35 yards. Fontaine threw V. Define for a loss of five. Define was hurt and retired in favor of Grant. Schrader fumbled and Akron covered the ball on the 48-yard line. Baysinger passed to Fontaine for eight. Two plunges netted a first down. Boerner intercepted an Akron pass on his 30-yard line.

Fletcher’s long throw was wide and Grant punted, Baysinger being tackled in midfield by Brooks. Fontaine dropped a pass from Baysinger and Boerner intercepted the next one on his 40-yard line. Edwards grabbed a pass from Price but Massillon was penalized 15 yards for ineligible man receiving forward. Grant’s pass was batted down and he then punted to midfield. Boerner was injured and J. Define replaced him. Baysinger passed to Welch for six but Schrader intercepted the next one and was run out on Akron’s 35-yard line. Akron intercepted Fletcher’s pass on its 24-yard line . Two Akron passes failed but just as the game ended Baysinger passed to Welch for 20 yards.
Score: Massillon 46, Akron 0.

The Old Form
Massillon – 46 Pos. Akron Central – 0
Potts L.E. Fontaine
McCarthy L.T. Warren
Miller L.G. Hoffman
Edwards C Berry
Harris R.G. Ruhlin
Brooks R.T. Schultz
Fletcher R.E. J. Williams
Price Q.B. B. Williams
V. Define L.H. Gilliland
Boerner R.H. Baysinger
Schrader F.B. Welch

Score by quarters:
Massillon 19 0 14 13 46

Massillon – Grant for V. Define, Borza for Schrader; V. Define for Grant, Bloomfield for Miller, Schrader for Borza, Grant for V. Define, J. Define for Boerner, Quigley
for Fletcher.

Akron Central – Wright for Welch, Adams for Hoffman, Fry for J. Williams, Black for Gilliland, Gilliland for Black, Miller for Gilliland, Welch for Wright, Miller for B. Williams.

Touchdowns – Price 5, Boerner 2.

Goals after touchdowns – Price 4.

Referee – Maurer, Wooster.
Umpire – Tompkinson, Penn State.
Head Linesman – Wilson, Massillon.

Time of quarters – 15 minutes.

Carl “Ducky” Schroeder
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1919: Massillon 7, Akron Central 0


The First foe for the scholastic title has been vanquished.

The orange and black-clad warriors of the Washington high school, Saturday afternoon carried off honor Number 1, when they defeated 7 to 0, in a hard fought contest the strong touted eleven of Central high school of Akron at the Akron high school stadium

Evenly matched in weight, the youthful Tigers immediately brought joy to the several hundred Massillon rooters, when after the first kickoff they began a march for a touchdown. Zimmerman, the stellar halfback of the Rubber City crew booted the ball on the kickoff to Graybill, who was only downed after he had returned the kick 10 yards. Line plunges and end runs carried the ball within Akron’s 20-yard zone where the Washington high gridders lost the ball on downs.

Howells then broke through the Akron line and threw Zimmerman for a 20-yard loss. The Akron halfback punted 30-yards to Greenfelder. Hitting the Akron line with the persistency of a British tank, the varsity crew of the Washington high school carried the ball to Akron’s two-yard line whence Greenfelder scored the only touchdown of the contest. He also kicked goal bringing Massillon’s total of points to 7.

Though the orange and black eleven, under the direction of Coach Snavely annexed the first scholastic victory from Akron central the cost was most costly to Washington high gridders. Emmett Graybill, quarter-back and field general of the varsity sustained a broken left leg within the first six minutes of play, taking him out of the game and the remainder of the season. With Graybill gone the locals will lose one of their most dependable players. Playing his third season on the first team he had learned the fine points of the game and would have been a valuable asset to the eleven this year. Both bones were broken and he was taken to the Peoples hospital in Akron where the fracture was reduced. He was brought to his home in Wooster street Sunday afternoon.

The accident occurred in the first six minutes of play when the orange and black pivot man was carrying the ball around left end. Sloate made a clean tackle on the play but in falling Graybill’s leg snapped.

Hess, whom Coach Snavely moved from end to quarterback ran the team in great style and proceeded to lead the local eleven to the only score of the game, which came two minutes after Graybill was injured.

Greenfelder and Stuhldreher were the bright lights in the orange and black offense. The two orange and black halfbacks consistently gained through the Akron line and around ends. On defense the entire line showed up well and only few gains during the entire 40 minutes of play did the Akronites make by playing the line. The work of Oberlin and Taylor out shone that of the other linemen. The two tackles repeatedly broke through the line and threw the runners for losses while on offense they had big holes for the backfield men.

Beginning the second half the local eleven played mostly a defensive game and more ground was gained by the opponents than by locals. The Akron team opened up in the final half using the forward pass to advantage, successfully carrying out five passes, but failed to carry the pigskin within 25 yards of Massillon’s goal.

Only twice during the entire game was Zimmerman, the flash of the Akron school able to make decided gains, both of these were for about 30 yards around the ends.

Akron Pos. Massillon
Hrasky lt Taylor
K. Miller le Hess
Po each lg Clay
Davis c Angstadt
Schackner rg Harrison
Kinney rt Oberlin
Anderson re Howells
Baysinger q Graybill
Zimmerman lh Greenfelder
Sloate rh Stuhldreher
Spessard f Archbold

Hess for Graybill,
Fasnacht for Hess,
Tilton for Clay,
Graber for Taylor,
Taylor for Garber,
Siffert for Fasnacht,
Limback for Greenfelder,
Jameson for Howells.
Forco for Davis,
C. Miller for H. Miller,
McKnight for Keach,
Martin for Baysinger,
Carroll for Sloate.


Goal from Touchdown:

Time of periods:
10 minutes.

Referee – Geltz, Mount Union
Umpire – Bechtel
Headlinesman – Daily

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1917: Massillon 6, Akron Central 0


A dash around right end for 15 yards by “Swig” Thomas, star halfback netting a touchdown, gave Massillon high its only points in a stiff encounter Saturday afternoon with Akron Central on the M. B. A. C. field, Clay street. The score was 6 to 0, Thomas placing the ball behind Akron’s goal line late in the third quarter.

The Akronites presented a stiff defense but did not threaten to score, until near the end of the game when a forward pass from G. Zimmerman to Daum gave the Akron captain a chance to dash away for a 40 yard gain, before being downed by Oberlin on Massillon’s 13 yard line. This was the only time that the rubber city tossers penetrated within Massillon’s 20 yard zone.

The visitors had only an opportunity to make one play before the game ended. It was a nip and tuck battle for the most part with both teams being evenly matched. Captain Daum, sorrel topped leader of the Akron eleven, was the biggest ground gainer for the rubber city lads while “Swig” Thomas, the orange and black’s clever halfback, was the big factor for Massillon on offense.

On defense Converse was the shining light for Coach Snavely’s crew. The stocky halfback backed up the right side of the line in splendid shape, making a number of spectacular tackles.

Although Massillon did not carry the ball within Akron’s 20 yard line until the third quarter when Thomas scored the only touchdown, the orange and black lost two chances to score by fumbling. The youthful Tigers carried the ball to Akron’s 22 yard line in the second quarter but a bad pass, causing a fumble, which was covered by Akron robbed Coach Snavely’s boys of a chance to score. Again in the third quarter with the ball on Akron’s 24 yard line, Fulton fumbled the pigskin when tackled and Daum covered for the rubber city eleven.

It was on the next play after this fumble that Archbold intercepted an Akron pass on Akron’s 34 yard line and Massillon then marched across the visitor’s goal, Thomas making the distance in three plays.

“Swig” proved a very consistent ground gainer Saturday and very seldom failed to make a few yards when called upon to carry the ball.

The orange and black line played a hard game and although outweighed by the Central’s linemen, stopped most of the visitors attempts to gain ground through the line.

Lineup and summary:

Massillon – 6. Pos. Akron – 0.

Miller le Slater

Cheyney lt Porosky

C. Graybill lg C. Zimmerman

Ertle c Bertle

Harrison rg Ellis

Oberlin rt Tisdale

Meyers re Evans

Fulton qb G. Zimmerman

Thomas lhb Daum

Converse rhb Bevington

Archbold fb Spessard
Touchdowns – Thomas.

Referee – Maurer, Wooster
Umpire – Miller, Massillon
Timers – Copenhaver, Britton.
Time of quarters – 10 and 12 min.

Substitutions – Kemp for C. Graybill, E. Graybill for Conv

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1916: Massillon 20, Akron Central 7

Orange and Black Takes Measure of Akron Team In Hard Fought Battle

Massillon high’s chances of surpassing the football record of 1915 were blasted Saturday afternoon in the Akron stadium when Akron Central’s beefy eleven scored a touchdown. The best it can do is to tie it.

But that is of minor importance. The big thing is that Massillon won and handed the Summit county gridders a decisive beating even though it did enter sacred territory and cross the orange and black’s goal line. The final score was 20 to 7.

Although outweighed several pounds to the man, Massillon played rings around the up staters and had it not been for two long end runs in the second quarter, Akron Central would have never been in position to score.

The Akronites succeeded in eluding Massillon’s defense long enough in the second period to bring the ball within striking distance and then by hammering the line succeeded in bucking it over, Evans, Central’s star pivot man, making the touchdown.

Massillon scored first blood though, annexing a touchdown in the first quarter when a pass from McLaughlin to Thomas allowed Thomas to leak through Akron’s defense for a set of counters. McLaughlin kicked goal. In the third quarter the youthful Tigers carried the ball down the field on line plunges, Thomas again carrying the oval across. McLaughlin boosted Massillon’s total to 14 by kicking goal.

The last touchdown, the star play of the game, came within the last 10 seconds of play. With the ball on Akron’s 40 yard line, McLaughlin heaved a long pass to Captain Harrold who sped down the field and across the line.

The entire Massillon team put up a great game, fighting every inch of the way, but the work of McLaughlin, Thomas and Harrold on the offensive and Bischoff on the defensive stood out prominently. Bischoff at right end was a bear on defense, the stocky wingman broke up Akron’s defense and nailed the man time after time. McLaughlin directed the team in fine shape while Thomas and Harrold showed up well at carrying the ball.

Akron’s team was in splendid condition even though stories had been circulated that several stars would be out of the contest because of injuries. The rubber city gridders tried hard to win and atone for that 40 to 0 hammering here last fall but they were unable to pierce Massillon’s defense. Only once did they make any big show against the orange and black and that was in the second quarter when they scored their lone touchdown. After that they were kept busy watching Massillon.

Following is the lineup and summary:

Massillon – 20. Pos. Akron – 7.
Harrold le Daum

Johnson lt Koerber

Stoner lg Armstrong

Zepp c Woodring

Oberlin rg Peterson

Archbold rt Harter

Bischoff re Daum

McLaughlin qb Evans

Thomas lhb Rich

Stults fb Zimmerman

Converse rhb Lancaster
Score by quarters:
Massillon 7 0 7 6
Akron Centrals 0 7 0 0

Touchdowns – Thomas 2, Harrold, Evans.
Goals – McLaughlin 2.

Massillon – Chaney for Johnston, Underwood for Stoner, Ertle for Oberlin;
Akron – Wise for Daum, Atwood for Lancaster.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1915: Massillon 40, Akron Central 0


Victory over a foe is always relished but never before has victory been received with such open arms as Saturday when the orange and black eleven of Massillon high school defeated Akron Central high school on the driving park gridiron by the score of 40 to 0.

Massillon and Akron Central have met annually upon the football field and always has the Akron eleven departed with the lion’s share of the glory but this year things were different.

Uncorking a brand of football baffling to the Summit county gridders, the undefeated orange and black warriors smothered their ancient foe under a 40 to 0 score.

After being held to a 7 to 0 score in the first half the local eleven opened wide the throttle of a machine whose every cog was in perfect working order and traveling with the speed of the wind, the orange and black rolled up 33 points in the second half, completely outclassed the red and white aggregation.

Failing in the first half to pierce Akron’s line successfully, Coach Snavely’s pupils resorted to open play in the second half and working forward passes and end runs for big gains, soon revealed their superiority over the Akron eleven.

Akron was simply outclassed. With the exception of Cardarelli, the red and white quarterback, the rubber city gridders were downed without a gain and Massillon watched Cardarelli so effectually that he made very few gains. Akron tried to gain by the forward pass but one of the alert orange and black players usually snatched the pig skin out of the air and raced many yards toward Akron’s goal before being downed.

Every man on the local team played his best Saturday but the brilliant offensive work of McLaughlin was easily the brightest spot in the game. The shifty halfback time after time carried the ball through the Akron team, dodging and throwing off tacklers. The work of Captain Houriet and Roderick also stood out prominently.

Massillon’s first score came in the second quarter. McLaughlin received an Akron punt on Akron’s 40 yard line and by clever dodging and running, brought the ball up to within one foot of the line. Two attempts to pierce the Akron line failed. Quarterback Hollinger then forwarded the ball to Houriet, who received it back of the goal line, making the first touchdown. McLaughlin kicked goal.

McLaughlin made the first touchdown in the third quarter, going through tackle for 10 yards after the ball had been brought from the 30 yard line by a forward from McLaughlin to Houriet. Goal was missed. Akron received and a minute later Roderick intercepted an Akron forward and scampered 40 yards to the goal for the second touchdown in the quarter. McLaughlin kicked goal. Akron received again and fumbled on the 30 yard line with Massillon securing the ball. Gains by Zorger, Hollinger, and Roderick brought the ball in the shadows of Akron’s goal post and a forward from Hollinger to Harrold made the last touchdown in the quarter. Goal was missed.

After an exchange of punts in the fourth quarter Roderick intercepted an Akron forward on Akron’s 25 yard line. Two successful forwards, the last one traveling from McLaughlin to Roderick, brought another touchdown. Goal was kicked. Akron received and fumbled on its 28 yard line. Massillon recovering. A long forward from McLaughlin to Houriet who carried the ball over the line, brought the last touchdown. McLaughlin kicked goal.


Massillon – 13. Pos. Akron Central – 0.
Harrold le Knowlton

Johnson lt Spicer

E. Stultz lg Armstrong

Bischoff c Youtz (c)

Graybill rg Tisdale

H. Stultz rt Toon

Houriet (c) re Wise

Hollinger qb Cardarelli

Zorger lhb Evans

Roderick rhb Daum

McLaughlin fb Helmick
Score by quarters:
Massillon 0 7 19 14
Akron Central 0 0 0 0

Touchdowns – Houriet 2, Roderick 2, Harrold 1, McLaughlin 1
Goals after touchdown – McLaughlin 4

Referee – Plott, of Otterbein.
Umpire – Grimm, of Akron University.
Head linesman – Boerner, of Massillon
Timers – Copenhaver, Rubright.

Time of quarters – 12 minutes

Massillon – Zepp for E. Stultz, E. Stultz for Zepp, Archbold for Johnson, Johnson for Archbold, Hess for Graybill.
Akron – Harter for Armstrong, Slater for Wise, La

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1914: Massillon 0, Akron Central 6

Heavy Akron Central Team
Defeats Massillon High 6 to 0
on Field of Mud and Water
Local Team Greatly Outweighed,
Outplays Its Opponents Throughout
Most of the Contest

Akron Central, Saturday afternoon, in the Wooster Avenue stadium, Akron, handed Massillon high its first defeat of the season by the score of 6 to 0.

The entire game was played in a steady downpour. The field soon became a quagmire and the mud several inches deep. It was the rain rather than Akron Central that spelled defeat for the orange and black. Had Old Sol continued to shine as he did earlier in the day, it is more than likely the locals would have handed Akron Central a decisive beating for even in the mud and mire it outplayed its opponent throughout the greater part of the game.

Massillon kicked off to Akron, who brought the ball to the 15-yard line by steady line plunging. The orange and black took a brace and held Akron for downs. Stultz immediately kicked out of danger. Akron’s backs now started to ram the line and by steady plunging brought the ball up to within a foot of Massillon’s goal line from where Carderilli bucked it over. Goal was missed. Akron’s score had been made five minutes after play started.

The orange and black fought desperately to keep Akron from scoring but all that the Summit county boys had to do was to stamp their feet in the mud, lunge at the Massillon line and the impact would push the light team back several yards. It was unable to get a foothold in the mud.

After this Massillon fought the rubber city team to a standstill. Akron several times carried the ball to the shadow of the orange and black goal posts but each time the local boys held and Akron was forced to give up the oval.

Massillon’s only chance to score came in the third quarter, when Akron fumbled the ball. Harold scooped it up and had a clear field but he slipped and was downed. Had the field been dry and solid the local boys would have scampered away to a touchdown.

The orange and black showed up well in the mud. The defensive playing of Houriet, Theis and Hollinger stood out prominently.

Following the line up and summary
M.H.S. – 0 Pos. A.C.H.S. – 6
Harold le Spaulding
Theis lt Flowers (c)
Snyder, E. Stultz lg Wright
Spuhler c Youtz
Graybil, Graze rg Benedict
Stultz rt Shaw
Houriet re Harter
Hollinger qb Jenkins
H. Smith, Zorger lhb Carderhill
Eckstein fb Rook
R. Smith (c) rhb Hillibush

Score by quarters:
Akron 6 0 0 0 6
Massillon 0 0 0 0 0

Akron Central – Carderilli 1.

Referee – Owens (Akron).
Umpires – Kester (Massillon).
Rudy (Massillon).
Head Linesman – Smith.

Time of periods – 12 and 15 minutes.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1913: Massillon 0, Akron Central 25

Greatly Outweighed,
Local Team Fights Every Inch of the Way and Holds Akron’s Star Team
to Four Touchdowns


Big Fullback Plays Best Game of His Career
Jackson Stars for Akron
Massillon’s Line Plays Well But Could Not Stop Battering

Beef! Beef! Beef!

Beef alone won for Akron Central its 25 to 0 victory over M.H.S. Saturday on the high school grounds. Had the two teams been of equal weight, Massillon would have won the game by a comfortable margin, but as it was, the heavy Akron team would batter down the defense of their lighter opponents and stop the plays.

The local team went into the game determined to fight their hardest and fight they did. Greatly outweighed, they held the hard hitting Akronites to four touchdowns. Massillon played an open game. Several attempts to pierce the Akron line were tried, but in most cases no gains were made. Akron was forced to punt often and in the second quarter they were held for three downs on the one-yard line, on the fourth down Rabe went around right end for a touchdown.

A great improvement was shown by the varsity in Saturday’s game. It seemed line a different team; the players were in the game fighting every step. The line played low and the backfield hit its hardest. Akron, confident of winning by a record score, soon found that it would take its best playing to defeat Massillon.

Massillon won the toss and chose to defend the east goal. Hollinger received and advanced the ball to midfield. Kester went through for 8 yards. Rider went around end for 30 yards. Akron took a brace and held Massillon for downs. The ball was kept moving through the middle of the field; Massillon playing a kicking game.

In the second quarter Akron bucked the ball to the three-yard line and Jackson went through for the first touchdown. Goal was missed. Toward the end of the quarter Rabe went around and for the second touchdown.

Jones made the third touchdown in the third quarter. Carderilla kicked goal. Rabe made the fourth.

Massillon’s team work excelled that of Akron and many forward passes were made.

The varsity had a chance to score in the first quarter, with the ball on the 30 yard line. Rider dropped back for a drop kick, but a poor pass by Spuhler caused a fumble.

Fullback Jake was Saturday’s star. Kester put up the game of his life, hitting the line with terrific force. On defense he was everywhere, breaking through and throwing the heavy Akron backs with a thud. He out punted his opponent easily, his kicks averaging 60 yards. Rider, Hollinger, Rogers and all the rest of the team put up a good game.

For Akron, Jackson played the best game, being the hardest player on the team to tackle, it usually taking five or six players to stop him.

Following is the line up and summary
Massillon – 0 Pos. Akron – 25
Rogers le Bahr
Theis lt Flower
Paroz-Albright lg Freeman
Spuhler c Carderalli – Jones
Hollinger re Knight
Rider qb Rabe
Rudy (c) rhb Jackson (c)
McLaughlin lhb Bevington
Kester fb Goodyear

Akron – Jackson 1; Jones 1; Rabe 2.

Goal after touchdown:
Akron – Carderalli.

Referee – Bast (Massillon)
Umpire – Owens (Buchtel).
Head Linesman – Snavely.

Time of quarters – 15 minutes and 12 minutes.