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SCORE 34 TO 12
Game Was Somewhat Slow
and Loosely Played
Alliance Scores on
Straight Line Bucks and Clever Forward Pass
Massillon Backfield Plays Good Game
Getz, Miller and Stern Stars

In a somewhat slow and loosely played game, Massillon high defeated Alliance high, Saturday afternoon, on the high school grounds, by a score of 34 to 12.

The Massillon team did not show the snap and aggressiveness so characteristic in previous games. The line especially was rather loose and did not display the dash that in former games has opened big holes in the opposing line. The backfield, however, played its usual fast game. The Alliance team scored twice on the locals, once by straight line bucks and again by a clever forward pass. Miller, as usual, carried the ball for some of Massillon’s longest gains.

Kester played probably the best game he has put up this season. He tore up the Alliance line time after time for gains of 10 and 15 yards. Stern, who was out of last Saturday’s game, was again at his position at end and this speedy little player put up a great game. For Alliance, Geltz and Dennison were the bright spots. Geltz carried the ball for good gains and he is a past master at hurling the forward pass. Dennison received a long forward and scored a touchdown and he made several good gains by receiving passes. Both teams used the forward pass with good results.
Massillon received and on the first down Limbach received a pretty forward. Massillon was held for downs and Kester booted the ball far down the field and it rolled over the line where an Alliance player recovered it, but he was tackled in his tracks, Massillon scoring a safety. Alliance punted from the 20-yard line but, on the first down, the ball was fumbled and Alliance regained possession of it. Alliance was forced to punt and Massillon with the ball in its possession started a march down the field by bucking the line, Hollinger crossing for a touchdown. Kester kicked goal.
Score 9 to 0.
Massillon received but lost the ball on a forward pass. Alliance pulled off a pretty forward and then by hitting the line the ball was finally pushed over. The kick out failed.
Score 9 to 6.

Massillon received and Miller returned the ball 45 yards. Alliance got the ball on downs and was soon forced to punt. Massillon started up the field and the quarter ended with the ball on Alliance’s 8-yard line. At the beginning of the second quarter Kester went through the line for a touchdown. Kester missed goal.
Score 15 to 6.
Massillon received and Rudy returned the ball 20 yards and Stern tore off 30 more on a forward pass. Alliance got the ball on a fumble. Geltz pulled off a long run to the middle of the field but a minute later Alliance was forced to punt. Massillon tried a goal from placement which failed. Alliance was forced to punt and Massillon did the same. The half ended with the ball in the middle of the field.
Limbach replaced Rudy at right half, Johns taking Limbach’s end. Alliance received. They worked several forwards and finally a long forward to Dennison who was playing near the right edge of the field scored another touchdown. This was one of the cleverest plays pulled off on the local grounds this year. Goal was missed.
Score 15 to 12.
Massillon received but lost the ball on a fumble. Alliance punted and Limbach received. Massillon now began to plunge through the Alliance line and finally Hollinger went through left guard for a touchdown. Attempt at goal failed.
Score 21 to 13.
Massillon received and Stern returned the ball 20 yards before being downed. Again the locals began a steady march up the field, the backfield tearing big holes in the Alliance line. The ball was finally placed on the three-yard line and Kester put it over. Kester kicked goal.
Score 28 to 12.
Alliance received and the player was tackled behind the line for a touchdown. Alliance put the ball in the play on the 20-yard line and on the first down. Hollinger got an Alliance forward. The third quarter ended with the ball on Alliance’s 13-yard line. Miller went through the Alliance line on the first play for a touchdown. The kick out failed.
Score 34 to 12.
Alliance received and was forced to punt. Massillon also punted but regained possession of the ball on downs. The local backs again carried the ball down the field to the 3-yard line, but the Alliance team took a decided brace and held Massillon for downs. Alliance punted the ball out of danger and regained it when Hollinger fumbled. Alliance again punted and Johns fumbled the ball, Limbach failing on it. Alliance held Massillon for downs when the final whistle blew, ending the game.

The line up and summary
Massillon Pos. Alliance
Limbach, Johns le Kirk
Wells lt Sheehan
Theis lg Ort
Rider c Clarke
Baer rg Stratton
Becker rt Grimes
Stern re Dennison
Hollinger qb Geltz
Miller lhb Pennell
Rudy, Limbach rhb Baugh
Kester fb Roach

Massillon – Miller; Hollinger 2; Kester 2.
Alliance – Geltz; Dennison.

Referee and umpire alternating – Blackburn and Clarke.
Head Linesman – Yingling.

Timer – Coleman.

Time of quarters: 12 minutes.