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Game Was Fiercely Contested At All Times 55 YARD RUN BY MILLER
Massillon Captain Shakes Off Five Tacklers and Goes For a Touchdown Teams Were Evenly Matched and Neither Line Was In Danger

In one of the fastest and most hotly contested games ever played on the local grounds, Massillon high took Shaw high, of Cleveland, into camp, Saturday afternoon by a score of 6 to 0.
The only touchdown of the game was made when Miller, the speedy Massillon captain and half back, went through right tackle, shaking off five Shaw tacklers by his great twisting, and dodging and raced 55 yards to the goal line. His run was undoubtedly one of the greatest ever pulled off in the history of the school and Miller’s name will go down in the annuals of high school athletics as the man who scored a victory against Shaw.

Not only did Miller put up the greatest game of his career, but the entire team played as it never had played before. Had there been one weak spot in the local line-up, the game would probably have been lost. The line played hard and low and when Shaw had rushed the ball to the 10 yard line it held the heavy Shaw backs for three successive downs and Wells got the ball on the next down on a fumble. The backfield played a great game and Miller, Rudy and Kester kept ramming the opposite line like battering rams. Hollinger ran the team like a veteran and handled punts in good shape.
The two teams were about as evenly matched as two teams could be. Neither time was either goal line in immediate danger and the leather was kept moving to and fro across the middle of the field. Both teams tried forwards a number of times only to have them broken up by the opposing team. Each got away successfully with about two. For Shaw, Goss played the star game and this stocky end pulled off some good gains besides breaking up many Massillon formations and spilling the man with the ball.
The students were out in full force and under the direction of their leaders, Henrich and Becker, they supported the team to the full capacity of their lungs, which was by no means small. When Miller cut loose for a touchdown bedlam broke loose among the local supporters and the air was full of pennants, hats and noise. Old men forgot their age and danced up and down in their glee. The game was clean and very little time was taken out for injured players.
Massillon received and Stern returned the ball 20 yards. Massillon started down the field with the ball, but after a 30-yard march they were forced to kick. Shaw advanced the ball to the 40-yard line and kicked. Massillon lost the ball on downs but soon after Miller regained it by intercepting a forward pass. Massillon was forced to punt. Shaw advanced the ball to the middle of the field and the quarter ended.

Shaw punted and after a forward pass failed Kester booted the ball 40 yards. Shaw made 12 yards on a fumble and advanced steadily down the field but Massillon held and Shaw punted 35 yards. Massillon began hammering the left side of the line and after making several good gains were forced to punt, Danforth returning the ball 25 yards before being downed. Shaw was held and kicked when the first half ended with the ball on Massillon’s eight yard line and in possession of the locals.
Shaw received and after making 15 yards, punted. On the next down Miller ripped through right tackle for a run of 55 yards and a touchdown. Kester missed goal.

Shaw received. They advanced the ball 35 yards and punted the ball over the line. The ball was put in play on the 20 yard line and after making their yards in the first four downs, Massillon was forced to punt. Shaw returned the ball 15 yards and lost it on downs and Massillon did the same. Shaw advanced the ball to the 22 yard line when the third quarter ended.

Shaw was held and forced to kick the ball going over the line. Massillon lined up for scrimmage on the 20 yard line. Massillon advanced the ball nine yards and was forced to kick and Kester lifted the pigskin 35 yards. With the ball in their possession the Shaw players began to advance the ball regularly, making their distance in the required downs. Steadily the ball was carried toward the Massillon goal line, the local team disputing every inch of the way. Finally the ball was worked up to the 10-yard line when the Massillon team took a decided brace. On the first down they were held in their tracks. The second down gained nothing for them, and on the third they met with the same fate. On the fourth the ball was fumbled and Wells pounced upon it. Massillon started down the field but the final whistle blew ending the game.

In Saturday’s game one Massillon man played his last game for the school and another played his first. Wells wound up his football career with Massillon in a blaze of glory. Never did he play a better game and it was a fitting end to the work of so good a player. Wells will leave the city this week for Loranin. Eckstine was the player who played his first game for the school. He is a big fellow and although his first game was the hardest, yet he handled his position in great shape and showed that he was made of the proper stuff.

The line up and summary
Massillon Pos. Shaw
Limbach le Gross
Wells lt Kaull
Eckstine lg Bean
Rider c Henn
Baer rg Zeman
Backer rt Butner
Stern re Randall
Hollinger qb Danforth
Miller lhb Boley
Rudy rhb Husband
Kester fb Loche