Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo

Varsity Again Lost to Visiting Team
by Small Score
Neither Team Had Much Opportunity to Make a Goal
Visits in the Danger Zone Were Few
Ashbaugh, Rayen End,
Guided Both Place Kicks Over the Bar

Massillon high lost to Rayen high, of Youngstown, Saturday afternoon by the score of 6 to 3, in the hardest game played by the orange and black this season.

Rayen players arrived over the Pennsylvania railroad early Saturday morning and were taken to the gymnasium, later going to the high school at 2:30 o’clock to be greeted by a chilly crowd of loyal enthusiasts. The fans, however, were all of the paying class and financially the Massillon team was benefited. Rooting was slightly on the wane, a strong, chilly wind keeping the rooters’ spirits on ice.

Rayen had a little the best of it throughout the game, the heavy linemen ploughing holes through the local defense that were unprecedented. Shields, Smith and Smith in the back positions, were almost invincible, seeming to have the power to make gains in their own control.

The Massillon back, too, came in for their share of gains, but the team was greatly handicapped by the heavy opponents. Heyman and Miller worked like clock work, but never got the ball in the danger zone. Kester was good at tackling but seemed unable to get his usual game through the opposing line. Time after time he was called back but always dropped before the Rayen onslaught.

Ashbaugh played the winning part for the Rayen team, kicking two place kicks over the posts. Heyman scored for Massillon during the first quarter and tried later in the game to drop the ball over but it was carried away by the wind. Heyman’s kick was out of the ordinary, being dropped over when he was just a few yards in front of the posts. He lifted it lightly and the wind carried it high in the air, but true to his guidance it sailed directly between the two uprights.

Arther recovered a forward in the center of the field and carried it down the entire distance but was called back, the referee deciding a pass had been left incompleted.

The lineup and summary
Rayen Pos Massillon
Finton, Griffith le Wells
Swanton lt Baltzly
Walton, G. Smith lg Weymer; Limbach
McQuinston c Rider
Humes rg Baer
Robinson (capt). rt Wagner
Ashbaugh; Taylor re Stearns
Sliman qb Arther
Shields lhb Miller
J. Smith fb Kester
E. Smith; Lustig rhb Heyman

Place kick
Rayen – Ashbaugh 2.

Drop kick:
Massillon – Heyman.

Referees – Smith (Oberlin).
Bast; alternating
Head Linesman – Atwater.

Timers: McPhate; Coleman.

Time of periods: 12y minutes.