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The Team, Although Weakened,
Puts Up a Great Game

Undaunted by the fact that it was facing a stiff proposition, handicapped by the loss of several of the regulars, the Massillon high school football team went to Mansfield Saturday and defeated the team of that place by the score of 8 to 5. The Massillon team excelled in all the finer points of the game, but Mansfield presented a strong defense and during the first half neither side could score.

The spell was broken, however, in the third quarter when Heyman plunged through Mansfield’s line for a touchdown, following a sensational run by Miller, the speedy half back. Goal was missed but three more points were added to Massillon’s total in the last quarter when Heyman booted the ball across the bar for a field goal.

Mansfield’s touchdown was due to a rank oversight of the referee. Heyman standing behind his own goal line punted but the kick was blocked and the ball rolled back over the goal. Heyman fell on the ball and several opponents fell on him. One of them snatched the ball from Heyman’s grasp in plain sight of the referee. The latter worthy, however, allowed the play to go through as a touchdown.

Miller and Heyman starred for the locals, the former pulling off several long end runs, while the latter made all of Massillon’s points. The line, composed largely of substitutes, was very strong on the defense. This is Mansfield’s third straight defeat at the hands of the Massillon boys and this is the first time they have ever succeeded in scoring on the local team.