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Teams took Turns Hammering
One Another’s Line
The Senior Half-Back Gathered in the Yards Every Time,
Never Losing the Ball to Akron
Thro’ Failure to Make Yards in Given Downs

The same old story was told in a different way Saturday when the high school went down on the score sheet as being defeated by Akron by a lone touchdown and goal. For the first time this year the line gave way and let Palmer, Akron halfback through for the score. It was not much of a gain he made at that but it counted the entire game.

Heyman played rings around every man crossing his tracks and on fine bucks never played better. Of the eleven men on the team he was generally the last man to touch the ground after being called to carry the ball.

Interference for Massillon was at its best, the line holding for plays on nearly every occasion during the offensive playing, but on the defensive everything went to pieces.

Massillon kicked to Akron, the ball being put in play on the forty yard line. Massillon’s line was weak during the first few minutes of play and Akron hammered at will for heavy gains, the home team losing ground constantly. Palmer, Akron’s left halfback, broke through a large hole and scored. W. Crisp kicked goal.

Massillon again kicked, the ball being started near the center of the field. Massillon worked to the ten-yard line and fumbled, recovering a few minutes later. Heyman worked around the ends as the team neared the goal. Miller on the thirty yard line followed up the strong interference offered on a line shift and gained twenty yards putting the ball down on the ten-yard line. Massillon again lost the scoring chance when the center made a bad pass, the ball rolling down the field several yards, untouched by any of the players. Akron recovered the ball, later punting to Massillon; Arther making a pretty and unusual catch. The quarter closed with the score in Akron’s favor.
Akron 6
Massillon 0.
The ball was put in play in the opposite end of the field. Heyman from the very first getting the best of all bargains. Massillon frequently resorted to tackle-back bucks and played the entire quarter in Akron territory. This quarter passed off without any additional scores.
Akron 6
Massillon 0
Massillon was considerably strengthened after the intermission but scoring was impossible by either team. Both played close with a few exceptions. Rider, local center saved the team from a larger score several times by making tackles which stopped gains likely to result in touchdowns. The orange and black hammered the visiting line during this period and while on the ten-yard line lost the ball through a bad pass, Akron later putting the ball in play. The quarter closed with the ball on the fifteen-yard line and in Massillon’s possession.
Akron 6
Massillon 0
From the fifteen yard line Massillon attempted a forward pass on the third down but lost the ball on failing to make the required yards. Akron refused to take chances on scrimmaging the ball so close to Massillon’s goal and punted on the first down. Heyman received the ball and carried it back close to the spot from which it had been kicked. Miller was called for a line buck when the ball was only a few inches from being out of bounds. He carried the ball to the 12-yard line. Scoring again seemed impossible and the quarter closed with the game to the credit of the visitors.
Akron 6
Massillon 0

Lineup and Summary
Akron Pos. Massillon
R. Palmer le Rudy
Haag lt Wagoner
Swinehart lg Baer
W. Crisp c Rider
McIntoch rg Wells
Baab, W. Crisp rt Baltzly
Smith re Stearns
Mains qb Arther
C. Palmer lh Miller
Abrogasi fb Kester
Jackson rh Heyman

Score by quarters:
Akron 6 0 0 0 6
Massillon 0 0 0 0 0

Akron – Palmer.

Akron – W. Crisp.

Referee – Bast; Stevens.

Timers: Coleman; Smith.

Time of Periods: 10, 12y.