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Game was Fast and Exciting Throughout


Oberlin Made a Touchdown and a Goal from Field
Massillon Scored Safety and Touchdown
Locals Played a Fine Game Individually and in Team Work

In a game of slipping and sliding the Massillon high school and Oberlin Academy played a time game of football Saturday afternoon, the score being 8 to 8.

Oberlin came to the city early Saturday afternoon with about as husky a bunch of pigskin chasers as ever bumped against the local high school team. The Oberlin team expected to win and thought Fugates’ aggregation nice eating, but alas, it thought in the wrong direction.

On the other hand the local boys made up their minds to hold the Oberlin team down or “bust,” and they did not “bust.” The team has had hard luck throughout the season, and a great many persons were pessimistic about the outcome of Saturday’s game. Coach Fugate remarked on Saturday morning that if the team did not hold Oberlin he would miss his guess, and happily “Happy” did not miss it.

Before the game a moving van appeared upon the field and sawdust was scattered over the muddiest places. It was agreed before the game that instead of having the time divided into quarters it would be divided into two twenty-five minute halves, on account of the cloudy condition of the weather, and the expected early darkness.

At 2:30 the whistle blew and the game was on. Massillon kicked to Oberlin and the runner was downed after a short gain. Then the visitors started to pound the line, but without result and they were forced to punt. The ball was passed high and the punter fumbled it. Immediately an orange and black player pounced upon it. Massillon advanced the ball within five yards of Oberlin’s goal and was held for downs. Oberlin punted out of danger. The ball kept changing hands and going up and down the field. When on Massillon’s thirty yard line, McMillan received the ball just as the whistle blew and immediately all the players stopped but McMillan, who kept on going. No effort was made to stop him as it was thought the ball would be brought back and one of the teams penalized, but instead the touchdown was declared legal. Goal failed and the score stood 5 to 0 in favor of Oberlin.

A few minutes before the close of the half Kelner was called on to try a goal from field and dropped one from the thirty yard line that hit the post but passed between the bars. In the next few minutes the ball was kept in the middle of the field, when the whistle blew for the end of the first half.

In the second half the Massillon team started in on the jump and kept the ball moving up the field. Kester and Heyman tore the Oberlin line to shreds and maintained a steady advance. Massillon was held and punted. Heyman sent a long spiral over the heads of the waiting Oberlin players and the ball was downed behind the line, making a safety and scoring two points for Massillon.

Massillon got the ball again in its own territory toward the end of the game and once more the steady march was started up the field till the locals were within striking distance of the goal. Twice the Massillon team was held but on the third down a forward pass was made to Zintsmaster, who, escaping any opposing tackles, crossed the line for a touchdown.

The Massillon fans went almost frantic with joy, which increased when Heyman kicked goal, tying the score. During the remaining few minutes of play nothing of consequence was done.

By holding and outplaying a team that had defeated some fast teams and some that outweighed it heavily, the members of the Massillon team have brought much credit upon themselves.

On the ends Miller and Zintsmaster were there with all kinds of speed and tackling ability, and many an Oberlin runner felt a sore spot where he was tackled by them. Reinoehl and Keeton held down the tackles in great shape, breaking through and smashing up plays and opening holes for the Massillon backs. Wagner and Portmann were like two telephone posts when it came to defense, but like two battering rams when they landed into the opposing line. “Bill Arthur,” was in the game over his head and has the distinction of being the first man this season in front of whom the Oberlin center had to lie down.

Huffman at quarter, was here and there and everywhere, making things every disagreeable for the visitors and never losing his smile. On the halves, Heyman and Custer played the game of their lives, circling the ends for good gains and smashing the line. Heyman showed up his great punting ability. Last, but not least, came “Jake” Kester, the star of the game. When Kester with his 170 pounds of bone and muscle hit the line there was always something doing and he pulled off gains of five and ten yards at times when they were needed. Whenever the team was in need of several yards, “Jake” was there poking his head through the line.

The Oberlin team played a good, clean game and Mr. Millan probably played the star game for the visitors.

The line-up:

Massillon Pos. Oberlin
Miller le Shirtliff
Keeton lt Ferret
Wagner lg Baxter
Arthur c Neill
Portmann rg Brown
Reinoehl rt Heron
Zintsmaster re Graham
Huffman qb Kaley
Custer lh Smith
Heyman rh Boise
Kester fb McMillan

Massillon – Zintsmaster.
Oberlin – McMillan.

Goal from the field – Kelner.

Referee – Bast.
Umpire – Houghton.
Field Judge – Grinnell.

Time of halves – 25 minutes.