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High School Beaten 6 to 0
by Ashland High, Saturday


New Eagle Team Will Play
the Baker Athletic Club, of Canal Fulton, on Election Day
Eagle Juniors Tie Eclipse Team 0 to 0

With every fan waiting for the news of victory from Ashland Saturday evening, the disappointment was hard to bear, for the high school got it in the neck by a score of 6 to 0.

The game was the same old story. The ball kept zig-zagging back and forth across the field and twice when Ashland got the ball within striking distance, Spreng’s trusty toe booted it between the bars, scoring six points.

Once Massillon was on Ashland’s fifteen yard line, but was held and could not score. Massillon gained most of her yards on forward passes and trick plays. In the fourth period Massillon started playing in her old time form and marched rapidly up the field, but was held for downs near the danger line. The teams were about evenly matched in weight, but Massillon’s light line was at a disadvantage as the field was slippery from the light snowfall in the morning. The team reports good treatment.

Massillon Pos. Ashland
K. Miller le G. Miller
Keeton lt Egger
Portmann lg Kosht
Arthur c Lamprecht
Wagner rg C. Miller
Reinoehl rt Pifer
Zintsmaster re Winlinger
Huffman qb Moore (c)
Custer lh McDowell
Helman (c) rh Spreng
Kester fb Ganyard

Goals from field: Ashland – Spreng 2.
Referee – Matthews, of Ashland high school
Field Judge—Kempler, of Ashland college.
Head Linesman – Brindle, of O.S.U.