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Locals Outweighed About 12 Pounds to Man


Line Could Not Hold Heavy Men Playing Against Them
Locals Went Into the Game Without Practice
Akron Forced to Fight for Every Yard

In one of the hardest fought battles of the year the Massillon high school team met its second defeat of the season at Akron, Saturday, by the score of 16 to 0.

The local boys did not lose out because of their playing ability, as they outplayed Akron, but the game was won by Akron’s weight. The Akron team outweighed the local team by at least twelve pounds to the man and with the heavy backs pounding at Massillon’s light line substantial gains were made. A few end runs were tried by the Akron team but these being quickly broken up, they would start on the line again.

The Massillon line played hard but were forced back on account of the weight of their opponents, fighting hard for every yard that was lost. The Massillon backfield played a great game, stopping the bucks that came through and carrying the ball for good gains at times.

The game began about 1:30, as soon as the Massillon team arrived on the field. The local team was handicapped on account of having no practice before the game as they did not get to the grounds until a half hour after the game was scheduled.

At the start Akron kicked to Massillon, Kester fumbled the ball, Sonnhalter regaining it. Massillon was held for downs and Heyman punted. Akron started down the field with their heavy backs tearing up Massillon’s light line and finally shoved Williams over for the first touchdown.

Massillon pitched to Akron and they again started down the field, when the Massillon line took a determined stand and Akron was forced to punt. Heyman received the ball and returned it a short distance. Massillon tried a forward but an Akron player got the ball and advanced it to the ten yard line, when the period closed.

At the beginning of the second period Massillon held Akron for downs and Massillon took the ball. Heyman punted and Barber recovered. Massillon again lost the ball on a forward pass. Akron got the ball within striking distance of the goal then tried for a drop kick that failed. Massillon got the ball and Heyman punted to the middle of the field. Time was called for the first half. Score 5 to 0.
The second half was a repetition of the first. In the third period, Palmer got a Massillon forward pass and made the second touchdown. Goal was kicked. Score 11 to 0.

In the fourth period, Doyle was pushed over the line for the last touchdown of the game. Goal was again kicked. Score 16 to 0. Several minutes afterward, the whistle blew for the end of the game.

A dozen or more of Massillon rooters who saw the game were satisfied with Massillon’s playing if the weight had been equal on both sides, the score might have been different.

The line-up:

Massillon Pos. Akron
Miller le Palmer
Keeton lt Saalfield
Wagner lg Swinehart
Arthur c Woldsmith
Hoffman rg Haag
Reinoehl rt Crisp
Zintsmaster re Smith
Kester qb Marshall
Custer, Barber lh Williams
Sonnhalter rh Foltz
Heyman fb Doyle

Akron – Palmer and Doyle.

Referee and umpire – Bast and Snyder.

Time of periods – 10 minutes.