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Game was Hotly Contested Throughout


Alliance Puts Up a Good Game, but Locals Put Up a Better
Both Touchdowns Made in First Half
Custer and Sonnhalter Make the Touchdowns

Fourteen to nothing tells the tale of the Alliance-Massillon football game Saturday afternoon. The weather was ideal for football , the air was cool and the field was in good condition, except in several spots where it was too soft. At 3 o’clock the teams lined up for the kickoff.

Massillon kicked to Alliance and the ball was returned a short distance. Alliance was held and forced to punt. With the ball in its possession the Massillon team started a series of runs and bucks that carried the ball within striking distance, but was held for downs. Alliance punted out of danger and Massillon duplicated her feat by carrying the ball to the twenty yard line and losing it on downs. Alliance tried a forward pass, but Custer was quicker than the Alliance man and securing the ball he ran for the first touchdown of the game. Heyman kicked goal. Score 6 to 0.

Massillon again kicked to Alliance but after a few minutes play the period ended.

In the second period the ball was carried back and forth and on the thirty yard line Heyman tried for a drop kick. The ball sailed swift and true for the goal, but the wind drove it over and it passed about two inches on the outside of the post. Alliance lined up for scrimmage but was forced to punt. Massillon now started it machine going and Sonnhalter was sent over the line for another touchdown and Heyman kicked goal. Score 12 to 0. Soon afterward the whistle blew for the end of the first half.

At the beginning of the second half Alliance kicked to Massillon. In this half the Alliance team took a brace and started to pull off some good runs that netted it the necessary number of yards, but it did not long continue, for Massillon promptly put a stop to it. The Massillon team got the ball and advanced it to the ten yard line, where it was held for downs. Alliance punted. Massillon got the ball and after several downs Heyman tried for another drop but failed. A few minutes later he made a long punt and the Alliance man was downed behind the line, adding two more points to the score, making it fourteen. No more scoring was done and the game ended with the score 14 to 0.

The Alliance team put up a straight, clean game. The two teams were matched about evenly in weight, the Alliance team having averaged 150 pounds at the beginning of the season.

Fugate’s aggregation put up a fine game and made an excellent showing. The line was like a wall and the backs were on the job with all kinds of steam and used it also. Many times the Massillon men got through the line and broke up the plays before they were started. Heyman showed up in especially fine shape on his punts. He averaged over 50 yards on all that were made during the game and many went much farther.

The rooters were out in force Saturday and made things lively. The boys were out and with Rudy at their head, kept up with the girls who have here-to-fore done most of the noise making.

The line-up:

Massillon Pos. Alliance
Huffman le Geltz
Keeton lt T. Tanner
Reinoehl lg G. Tanner
Portmann c Jones
Wagner rg Scott
Kester rt Wingert (capt.)
Zintsmaster re Schultz
Miller qb Davis
Custer lh Kallenbaugh
Sonnhalter (capt.) rh Stahl
Heyman fb Beck

Massillon – Custer and Sonnhalter.

Referee and Umpire, alternating – Bast and Friend.
Head Lineman – Merwin.

Length of periods – 10 minutes.