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And They Got All the Game They Wanted.


Through “Mud, Blood, Slush,” the Knights of the Gridiron
Chase the Pigskin Over Line for Two Touchdowns
Sonnhalter Makes First Touchdown

Barberton wanted to play Saturday. Rain or no rain, they had come to Massillon with the intention of playing football, and they were not to be disappointed. So, while the heavens wept for them, they were walloped about the field to the tune of 11 to 0.

The team from Barberton arrived on the 2:30 o’clock interurban car, and were escorted by Managers Gorrell and Moody to the gymnasium to change their habiliment for something better fitted for the gridiron. They had not been in the gymnasium very long when the rain began to fall, and once it had begun it didn’t seem to know when to stop. The lightning flashed and the thunder roared while the wind blew a tornado from the west, and the players lounged on the door mats at the gym and wished that it would dry up.

After a half hour or more of steady downpour it let up sufficiently for Coach Fugate to make an examination trip to the high school grounds. Upon returning he said that the field was in no condition at all to play and that he would not take the team on the field. The Barberton aggregation showed their evident displeasure at this. They had come here to play and they wanted a game. Finally Massillon was prevailed upon, and after a council of war it was decided to give them a game. They got all the game they wanted, it is to be hoped.

Under rows of dripping trees the two teams trooped from the gym to the grounds, where
they found a generous crowd of loyal supporters waiting for them under the welcome protection of umbrellas. Here and there the field resembled a miniature lake, and one lad of tender years was seen behind the sidelines with a fishing pole over one shoulder, though he did not say what use he intended to make of it.

Massillon kicked off to Barberton. After vainly attempting to make their ten yards, Barberton punted, allowing Massillon to recover the ball. Massillon gained steadily, and was soon within several yards of the goal. Barberton’s coach, who was getting somewhat excited, forgot where he belonged and had to be ordered off the field of play. Massillon needed but a few yards for a touchdown. The ball was given to Captain Sonnhalter, who came tearing through right tackle and the biggest mud puddle on the field, and made the first touchdown of the season within less than ten minutes of play. Portmann attempted goal but failed.

Barberton kicked off to Massillon who recovered. The ball was given to Custer, left half, who made a long gain around right end. Again and again Custer made this play, resulting with long gains almost every time. Sonnhalter and Heyman both carried the ball for gains. Barber caught a pretty forward. Time was called for the end of the first period, Massillon’s ball, second down, and a yard and a half to gain.

After the three minute intermission the teams again faced each other on the slippery field. Several plays were called, and the ball neared the goal. When within a few feet of the line, Massillon fumbled the ball and Barberton recovered it. Barberton made a long punt, and Miller fell on the ball.

Massillon returned the punt and Barberton repeated, Miller making a fair catch. Massillon lost the ball to Barberton on downs. On Barberton’s first play, Heyman got through and tackled his man behind the line. Barberton punted; Sonnhalter catching. Time was called for the first half. Score 5 to 0.

During the ten minute intermission Thompson and his worthy rooters made the field ring with songs and yells that could chill the blood of an Apache Indian.

At the beginning of the second half Barberton kicked off to Massillon, Sonnhalter catching. Up and down the field slipped and splashed the pigskin chasers, Sonnhalter, Heyman and Custer handling the ball for long gains time and again. Keeton, who only handled the ball once, made a big gain around right end. When within about three yards of the goal, Heyman took the ball for an off tackle buck, making the second and last touchdown of the game. Heyman kicked goal.

During the remainder of the game but little of interest happened. Barberton had to be penalized several times for pushing, obviously because they were not acquainted with the new rules.

As the clouds were gathering for another shower and the darkness was becoming “visible,” the timekeeper blew his horn and the game came to an end.

The line-up:

Massillon Pos. Barberton
Barber le Brooks
Keeton lt Lamiell
Rudy lg A. Yachee
Portmann c G. Eberhard
Huffman rg Barnett
Kester rt Hollinger
Zintsmaster re L. Eberhard
Miller qb McCleary
Custer lh Foust
Heyman fb B. Yachee
Sonnhalter, captain rh Ayres

Massillon – Sonnhalter; Heyman.

Massillon – Heyman.

Referee – Cranz and Bast.
Umpire – Bast and Cranz.
Field judge and timekeeper – Manke.
Head Linesman – Dalsky.

Time of periods – 10 minutes.