High School Succumbs to the Business College.

The Hard but Rather Loose Game
Resulted in the Score of 11 to 0 in Favor of M.A.B.C.
A Massive Line Buck by the College Made the Yards.

It was Yocum’s Consolidated Beef Trust that sat down on the high school football team Wednesday afternoon on the high school grounds and tried to smother the life out of it to the tune of 11 to 0.  But the high school refused to smother.  In spite of the flying wedges, and through guard bucks of the business college, the smaller high school players stuck to their posts through it all and were holding the line plunges better in the last five minutes of play than at any time before.  The business college could usually make its yards through the line, and usually did it, but the high school players were undismayed at any stage of the game.  Time and again they threw themselves into the breaches in the line and checked progress by the dead weight of their bodies.  A few times the plucky playing held the college for downs.

In the open playing where speed and skill is necessary, the high school easily excelled.  At one time near the end of the first half the high school gaining continually on end runs and threatened to put the ball over the line.  In running back punts the high school was more accurate, the business college fumbling often and losing rather than gaining.  In the first half the ball was fumbled and driven back of the line by the player who should have received it.  He was tackled behind the line.  It was called a touch back, but no appeal was made from the decision.  Shoemaker and Mouse, the two massive guards for the business college, were the ones who tore the holes in the high school’s line.  Ellis at right end, played a fast game, and did some good work in carrying the ball.  The biggest gainer for the college was a play in which one of the big guards was called back and sent through the line in a mass tandem on tackle.  The college’s three backs played hard and fast game.

Most of the high school’s playing was defensive.  The team played hard and blocked the holes to the best of its ability.  Only once in a while did the college make anything around end, but when she once broke away it was for a substantial gain.  On offensive the high school made her best gains on a line shift end run, Snavely carrying the ball.  The business college bucked the ball over the line on straight football, once in the first and once in the second half.  Goal was kicked the first time by Bury.

The line up follows:

M.H.S. – 0                 Pos. Bus. College – 11
Richards        le          Allander
Erb                 lt              Stark
Black             lg            Mouse
Burkhart         c            Young
Shoemaker    rg               Carr
Burry             rt             Leahy
Ellis               re           Moody
Bowers        qb    F. Swanson
C. Swanson   lh              Wells
Downy          rh           Snavely
Schnierle       fb              Davis

Time:  15 minutes halves

Referee – Miller.
Umpire – Bloomberg.
Timekeeper – Hall.